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How to get 40K Instagram followers with good content
27 decembrie 2020

40000 instagram followers in 24 hours

Instagram followers

today we're gonna do a little experiment we're gonna see how many followers we can gain on a personal Instagram account in the next 24 hours so it's a personal Instagram account a personal is basically one person's account

Good page 

 it's not a brand Instagram account it's on a curation account it is an individual's account who is a content creator and who posts their own content that they produce so the account we're gonna go for today is my girlfriend's account from India the lion she's at fifty eight point eight thousand followers our goal is to at least get that over 100k we'll see exactly where that lands in the next 24 hours right now 

Good content

 is we're gonna stop and we're gonna see what we got first things first when doing Instagram campaign like this you want to make sure that the account that you're working with is actually got good content we did a previous video where we did this with a curation account a lot of people are asking how do I do with my personal account we want to do with your personal account awesome do you have good content you have to make sure your content is actually something that's appealing I'd like to think that Minnie's content is pretty good I think it should stick I think people will like it I think people should follow it but you know just use your own judgement it's easy to be so attached to your own personal account and think oh this is really good content whether it is or isn't do you think this is good do you think people will actually want to follow it how is it different how does it stand out what's appealing about it number one make sure your content in the account is good 

Good ad

that's just baseline number two you have to make an ad because now you're making a commercial that's going to be posted on other Instagram accounts with the sole purpose of getting their followers to follow you or in our case Mindy's account I've whipped up a little edit entirely off of Minnie's content let me just play this back for you Oh   so this is content from her travels I've actually got another ad here just in case but I have more than less   now that's the format essentially it's good track a bunch of her best content pieced together into a little show reel and then it's got a call to action at the end saying follow the other line and it's got a watermark throughout the whole video so as you're watching it you see who's content you're watching so that's the idea this is the ad that's now going to go get posted on other accounts ideally relevant accounts essentially shoutouts asking their Instagram followers to follow this account which is Mindy's so the way you go about getting yourself posted on these accounts is you either pay them or you provide some sort of leverage in our case we have leverage to provide you enough to spend any money we have other accounts that we can offer them in exchange for posting our ad we can post their ad so basically cross promote each other if you are starting out with nothing no leverage there are other things you could do there's a whole video about this if you're interested in learning more and how to find these large pages how to get in touch with them how to get posted . we're gonna start reaching onto these pages we're gonna start getting the ad posted all right so it's almost 10:00 a.m. we've got the ad running on a bunch of pages I'm just gonna go have a look here and see where we're at we are up on cool DIY bit 3mil it's probably gonna be a female type of DIY audience which will probably vibe with with Mindy's page we are up on calligraphy video also sounds like it could be a female DIY audience we are up on how it looks this is a 8.4 million page we are up on puberty hits 4.6 million dollar page we are up on amazing videos 5.3 million page we are up on random videos one point five point five mil and we're up on epic daily jokes 4 million page so we've got a pretty good lineup here her ad is being posted on a lot of very large pages a lot of people are seeing her ads right now and being exposed to it so hopefully the ad works hopefully it converts you know hopefully it's enticing people to actually go follow Mindy and I'll check in with you in a couple hours to see where the followings at alright welcome back 

 we're gonna check in on the progress here so the account is now 40 thousand Instagram followers so we just got just over ten thousand followers in the past three and a half hours the views are converting pretty well you know we got the ad posting on a lot of big pages that is pretty good the page is pretty good a lot of things is sort of coming together into one thing and not a lot of people have a personal account and they've asked how do I grow my own photography or my own content or my own personal brand so anyhow this is the three-and-a-half hour campaign update we are over 10k Instagram followers so far we're gonna keep it going I'll update you in a couple more hours okay update time. we started this project at about 9:30 a.m.   we are currently at eighty eight point one thousand followers we were at fifty eight point nine I think when we started so we almost got 30k since starting this project just goes to show that it definitely is possible whether you do it on a personal account or whether you do it on a curation account so long as you have good content good ad and you get nice big juicy pages to post you there's a couple other elements go into it like time of day relevance of pages etc but essentially it really just comes out these three things good page good content good ad sorry for things good page good content good hat and getting posted on large relevant accounts now I know you might think that the last part is the most important part is getting post on large relevant accounts is what's gonna grow it for you not the case you know if this was some shitty ad or some shitty page this would just not work you would be throwing all your money all the energy to the wind because nothing would stick and I know this because I've test this before if you don't have the first two things dialed it doesn't matter who's posting you doesn't matter what ads are going up doesn't matter how much money you're spending all this it just won't stick so good page good intent large network and you get results like this just by following this formula and yeah I hope this is helpful I will check in with you later probably at some point again tonight and we'll see where we're at at that point 

in the evening it's been about 12 hours since we've been at this so Mindy's account is that 94.1 the thousand followers so things are looking good that's how it's done with a personal account it's not much different than doing it with the curation account as long as you have your good content as long as you have a good ad the strategy is exactly the same the engagements going up when they count everything the numbers are going up I mean you can check all this out on social blade later hope you're enjoying it and I'll check in with you tomorrow morning 

 we have   rolled over 50k the Instagrams accounts at 109 so it took a little bit longer than 24 hours to get 50k I'm still gonna call this video 50k in 24 hours because it's pretty damn close it's like just over half an hour longer the engagements gone way up very geismer wasn't too high before is about two thousand likes now it's at about six seven plus so that's good you know when when you work with brands as an influencer what they look for is engagement not just number hundred   is a good threshold for somebody's an influencer to work with brands a 7% or more engagement is usually what they look for so I mean he's got all of those bases covered I understand this might seem like a lot of followers really quickly if you have your doubts I encourage you to check out the social blade check it out see for yourself now social blade hasn't updated yet for some reason but anyways when they do update by the time you're watching this video I'm sure it's already updated and you will see exactly how many followers she got I just wanted to show you that it can be done you know 

I made a tutorial previously showing you how this can be done with a curation account if you're not a content creator you don't know how to do content you can do this as well and there's a video that we did 100k in 48 hours you can check that out a lot of people were asking ok what I'm a you know personal I want to go to my personal account I want to grow my photography so I just wanted to show you that you can do the exact same thing you know the same principles applying nothing is different you still need a good ad you still need the page to just have good content on it and then you once you have those two things dialed and I have to stress those two things are way more important than the actual pages who post you a lot of people in the last video we're asking you know how do I get posted in these big pages that's the most important thing nothing else matters nothing sort of them the truth you need to get your content and your ad dialed otherwise no matter who's posting it it's just not gonna stick you have any questions definitely leave them in comments and before we go let's let's have a few words for Mindy are you stoked download okay yeah I'm super pumped everyone seems to be really engaged and they're all good people I'm getting a lot of really interesting questions like about my background as well as how I managed to travel so much and everyone seems to be pretty excited about the content they've discovered and everything like that so yeah it feels good you got any creepers I know no creepers I did have one gentleman asked me to send nudes so I just had to give him the old block and yeah block and delete so you mentioned to me that 100k is a good threshold for brands working with people I know you were talking to some brands and they were looking for you know numbers and engagement yeah I had a couple friends that have been blowing up on Instagram recently like one of my friends Kristina's at about a hundred and fifty K now and I remember when she was in sort of the 50 80k range she was looking for brand deals she had a PR background so she knew there was potential there but she couldn't actually land any feels and it was like overnight as soon as she crossed over that hunger K threshold it was like every post has something that she was doing with someone and the door just opened right up as soon as that happened so he's really cool to see and it was quite motivating actually to see the amount of success that she had and and then you feel like okay like I'm pretty close to you know I want to do it you're success

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