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09 ianuarie 2022

A web banner: what is it?

    A web banner or advertisement is an animated image that is placed on a website to promote a brand, product, or offer during an online advertising campaign. They're usually at the top of the page, at the bottom of the page, or on the side of a website - in short, anywhere but the middle! Create free banner

Its aim is simple: to get the surfer to click on it to be redirected to another page of their choice with more details about the related advertising campaign. You can find more information about the elements of a banner here: banners 

What are the dimensions of the Internet?

Banner sizes are defined in pixels (px) and vary depending on the device used by the internet user (computer, mobile phone or tablet). There are different standard formats for banners, in particular: 

vertical banners (eg 160 x 600 px)

horizontal banners (eg 1000 x 90 px)

square banners (eg 250 x 250 px)

How do we distribute web banners?

After these banners have been created by the web design company, they can be distributed in 2 different ways: Self-promotion

1-: The banners are integrated directly on your website by your service provider (not design). - Spider web!). Usually, self-promotion is used for promotional offers or to promote a new product.

2- External advertising: The aim here is different. If you want your banners to appear on websites other than your own, you need to hire companies that specialize in promoting online advertising campaigns. They are referred to as traders (e.g. Google Ads, not web design!).

Some Tips You Should Know

There are 2 types of banners or advertisements on the Internet:

Static Banners: These are static images.

Animated banners: are animated images in GIF or HTML5 format. To understand the difference between these two formats, here is the difference between animated GIF and HTML5.

The animation of a banner guarantees its visibility on the website and therefore encourages the internet user to click on it, knowing that the more clicks there are on the banner, the more potential customers there are. So you prefer animated banners.

As with all ads, if you want to get the most clicks from customers, it is important that both your graphics (not including the entire product catalog) and your message (not including an article) be simple and accurate. The more you limit your banner to the number of images and words, the more effective it is and will attract internet users.

Animated GIF or HTML5 banner, which format should you choose?

What are the differences between animated GIF banners and banners? HTML5

animated GIF banner

benefits to optimize GIF compression.

GIF manages transparency, which is very useful on websites.

GIF allows you to scroll through different images, this is known as an animated GIF. This allows you to view multiple messages or pictures.

GIF is compatible with all browsers, tablets and smartphones.

Its limits.

It's important to note that GIF is limited to 256 colors. This is not a problem with simple logos or images. On the other hand, complex images (such as landscape images) tend to deteriorate.

The scrolling between images is often interrupted (flicker effect). Scrolling images increase

 rapidly with the number of, which can limit the duration of the animation.

Banner HTML5- This is an example of a banner.


HTML5 allows you to develop complex, original and artistic animation. His animations are often produced in Adobe Animate.

The use of vector elements in animations makes their weight very light. 

The quality of the final rendering is great because we are using as many vector elements as possible.


Any control room requires the inclusion of a line of code to include the redirect link and for traceability, so you will need a developer (or HTML expert) on hand to make changes to the HTML file.

Some websites don't tolerate HTML5, so an animated GIF backup is required to display the banner.

The development time of an HTML5 animation is longer than that of an animated GIF and therefore the price is higher.

Banner: Definition

In web marketing, the banner has the same meaning as banner advertising; this banner contains a link that redirects the user to the website on which the advertiser wants to collect as many visits as possible.

Defined by the IAB

There are many banner formats, all defined by the IAB International Advertising Bureau, which are eager to model and standardize their dimensions to simplify the work of advertisers, advertisers and ad tracking tools regarding online media purchase. In addition to the classic rectangular band, you can distinguish the square appearance, the ideal button for a C2A (Call to Action) or even skyscrapers, which, as the name suggests, are all tall.

Consistency with the support site The

banner is often used by retargeting tools that use it to display an advertisement based on the Internet user's interest in a product or service. Therefore, a visitor who has visited a website that sells airline tickets for a Paris - New York flight will automatically be presented with similar advertising banners for a few days after the purchase is completed.

Pros: Improved conversion rate

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