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09 mai 2022

About Frédéric Chopin

         What (maybe) you don't know about Frédéric Chopin?
  7 things you (maybe) don't know about Frédéric Chopin.

Frédéric Chopin is the quintessential representative of romantic music. He had a tumultuous relationship with novelist George Sand.

The composer, capricious, often anxious, lived the whole second part of his life away from his native Poland. However, he is recognized as one of the greatest composers of the Romantic period. His music, still one of the most sung, is an important part of the universal piano repertoire. A contemporary of Franz Liszt, he is the father of modern piano technique and has influenced many composers. Among them: Gabriel Fauré, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Alexander Scriabin, Sergei Rachmaninov or Olivier Messiaen Dark, before he died of tuberculosis on October 17, 1849. He was only 39 years old. George Sand was not the only woman in his life, but the most famous idyll of the famous composer is the one with the novelist George Sand, which lasted nine years. The meeting took place in 1838 in the presence of Franz Liszt and Marie d'Agoult. The composer of the famous "Nocturne" was still engaged to Maria Wodzińska a few months earlier. The marriage was rejected by the girl's parents. He pays homage to Valsul in E flat no. 1 opus 69, entitled Adio Frédéric Chopin. A very shy romantic musician, Chopin has given very few concerts. He even had a paralyzing fear of the scene. He was intimidated by the public and that scared him. "I'm not suitable for concerts, the audience intimidates me" Letter from Chopin to Franz Liszt, his friend and confidant. Frédéric Chopin: A contemporary of Chopin and an admirer of Paganini, he first attended a Niccolò Paganini concert in 1829 in Warsaw. Astonished by the virtuosity of the violinist, he takes as an example the one who is called the "devil's violinist" because his virtuosity is extraordinary. This performance will probably be a source of inspiration for the pianist for his famous (and formidable) studies ... A crazy passion for his piano. Chopin's power was his independence! He is one of the few artists of the time who composed mainly for piano. He explained this choice because he wanted above all to keep the musical independence he had made. It was neither classical nor lyrical, it was Frédéric Chopin. He only played the piano and that started as soon as he entered the Warsaw Conservatory. Chopin, a real star of the Paris salons. Paris was truly his heartfelt city and, thanks to the many salons he attended, he became the favorite pianist of the Rothschild family. He lived a worldly life giving performances to aristocrats or piano lessons to children from good families. He later became the favorite pianist of the Rothschild family. Live a worldly life by offering aristocratic performances or piano lessons to children from good families. He and his family were almost expelled from Mallorca. Suffering from poor health, Chopin decided to spend the winter with George Sand and their two children in the Balearic Islands, Mallorca . Unfortunately, it does not suit the composer. The alternation of torrential rains and heat causes a very strong cough, so much so that the population fears that it is contagious. Doomed to end his life in an old monastery, the life of this composer was made up of travels, meetings and, above all, music. His short life was dedicated to musical composition. Chopin demanded that his heart be transported to Warsaw after his death. The son of a French father and a Polish mother, Chopin has always been attached to his homeland. After his death, his heart was transported to Warsaw and is still sealed in the Holy Cross Cathedral in Warsaw. 

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