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06 mai 2022

About Inna.

What you didn't know about Inna.

          Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, known by the stage name Inna, is a Romanian composer.

   Born in Mangalia and raised in Neptune, she studied political science at Ovidius University before meeting the Romanian trio Play & Win and pursuing a career in music. It took the stage name "Alessandra" in 2008 and adopted a pop-rock style; In the same year, she changed her stage name to "Inna" and started releasing house music. "Hot", her debut single, was a worldwide commercial success and occupied, among others, the Hot Dance Airplay and Billboard charts in Romania. Inna's self-titled debut studio album was released in August 2009 and was awarded. It contained several other successful singles in Europe, including "Amazing", her second number one single in Romania. Inna's second album, I Am the Club Rocker, brought the worldwide success of her single "Sun Is Up". The song won the Eurodanceweb award, making Inna the first and only Romanian artist to win the award.

Born Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, October 16, 1986, Mangalia, Romania

Education Ovidius University

Occupation Singer, Composer

Years in Business 2008 - present

About Inna.

"Hot", "Love", "Sun is Up" and "Déjà Vu" are some of the titles of the Romanian dance and pop singer. Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu is her real name.

Inna before fame.

He traveled to Paris to spend time with his family after posting his song "Hot" on YouTube. A week later, she was returning and was detained when her song "Hot" began playing on the immigration officer's phone.

She has received, among other awards, an NRJ Music Award, an MTV Europe Music Award and a European Border Breakers Award.

  familly life.

Both her mother and grandmother sang locally at parties and nightclubs, and her family encouraged her to continue singing.

Partnerships with Inna.

Pitbull rapper, Flo-Rida rapper, Reggaeton Singer Daddy Yankee and DJ Juan Magan are among the artists he has collaborated with.

What you didn't know about Inna.

Inna's catalog. Roman dancer. Romanian electronic musician. Ultra Records artists. Roc Nation Artists. Romanian singer. Child rights activists. Eurodance musician

Millions of singles sold worldwide, over 6 million fans on Facebook, a fortune of over 8 million euros ... At only 26 years old, Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, alias Inna, is the Romanian with the largest box office produced in the history of the music industry.

Following the success of her debut album Hot, released in 2009, the Mangalia singer was on a world tour to promote her second opera entitled "I Am The Club Rocker". But if the new queen of dance music became famous abroad due to her songs in English and Spanish (and partly due to her images ...), she is even less popular in Romania ...

So far, she has rarely sung in her language mother, but she's trying to catch up with a hit called "You and Me."

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