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08 septembrie 2021   scam or legit?


   You seem to be getting confirmation from just for fun. You should know that this is a well known and well known website. However, the following is worth reading. Here are some details to look out for about the website and its marketing industry.

The fraud detection algorithm gives the company the following rankings:

100.0 / 100


Domain creation, July.


Site popularity

3517 (excellent)


The blacklisted domain status

is not recognized by any blacklisted engine has become related to the popular marketing industry. We tried to remove a short paragraph from their website to see if it was a dynamic website or expressing an active topic:

this website is trending and they have multilingual extensions or ids. Hence, you may already know it so you can safely keep using it.

Let's see why gets the best rated. Overview When

it comes to getting the highest score, nothing to be said for it. Therefore, the reviews on are short but important. As a well-known website that has long made a name for itself on the Internet, it is not surprising that our tool scores 100points. It means that this business is really safe and secure.


But some people are always challenged, even for big brands. On the website, all 53 factors of our algorithm work well across the board. The situation here is always ironic, however: the more popular a company is, whether it is in the same market or not, the more complaints it receives online. Think PayPal, cellular networks or eBay. They are 100% legitimate companies, but you can always complain about things they don't like or feel cheated on. Sometimes it's not about the platform, but about the user - you have to be careful. Maybe it's the same as scam or not?

Rest assured that is not a scam website. However, it is your responsibility to read the possible signs every time you start an online business. Finally, remember that even the best companies in the world sometimes face consumer complaints and dissatisfaction.


to Report a Scam If you want to know how to report a scam, regardless of the same niche market as, you can officially report it to the Federal Trade Commission. You can also type the name of the suspicious company in the comments section below. 


Jessica Adams


This site is definitely a scam. I had about 15 subscribers on Youtube and then after a few days they were gone. I exchanged money points for 100 subscribers.

I also took other things with me.

This site is a waste of time.

I contacted support, but it didn't work.



Robert L.


I call it a scam site. Great program, but no customer service. One day I logged in and a very active account denied me access. I write to them every day to try to get my account back. Customer service seems like a well thought out answer and is not helping me with my problem.

I still cannot access the account and I can never restore the 65,000 points. I will change someone else.

Mike Cavanagh


If you want to raise your profile on social media, this isn't a bad website. The only problem to worry about is finding followers on every social media platform to add and then quickly leave, which means you will lose the points you paid for. is still a great website would you recommend it? Yes :)

Frank haha


Please help me, I cannot register. It seems to me to be stuck.

Shan luck


Great website. from now on



Edward C.


I also had a bad experience with this site. One day when I logged into the site I was disappointed, a page with the title in capital letters hit me in the face and my account was banned. I was shocked to see it. I do not understand why. The reason is given. I have to come up with a long list of reasons. Big shit. I said it was a waste of time and I think they are looking for reasons not to pay me. The same goes for any website that promises to make you money. I don't recommend this, such a big scam.

Deepak Biste


It's a shame because

I asked the postman to change my address. They changed my address to my new address, but now I can no longer log into my account. I created a ticket 25 days ago and the problem is still not resolved.

Vincent Davis


The website is definitely the worst, don't believe anything they have. It can cause a virus in your computer. They will steal all of your hard-earned points as well. If you try to redeem them they will lock your account for whatever reason and they will never reply to you. Please don't waste your time on this page, I am giving 10 negative stars, hope you lose your eldest son


I received a warning that it was a scam website



Jay Sommerra


If the score is zero, it is rated zero. If you don't buy their package, they will stop you for no reason. I have lots of points and lots of sleepless nights to earn those points but they stopped me because of what I didn't do. Not recommended, just a waste of time ...

Xu Depa


Big 0,

they suddenly banned my account and said "I may have violated their terms" which is not true. I lost all hard earned points and have 0 customer service to



A terrible experience! I log in and use Addmefast to collect points every month. While I've got around 50,000, I got an email telling me that Addmefast had suspended my account so I lost it for no reason because I wasn't doing anything wrong. The worst experience so far

is not


are very bad websites, they

These Prohibit you from accessing content for

no reason and lock your account



Jedlin candy


Your Payment Wall Support team did a great job! ! !

The wall payments support team responded quickly. My problem was resolved quickly and I am very happy with it. Thank you very much: D



On the plus side, but I am suggesting something.

It's a good website to share favorites from social celebrities.

Make it work.

However, I suggest that the auto painters on the site score points which are good and efficient.

Reply by Addmefast

May 7, 2021

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

It is important that we do not use an automated system, all content on the page must be natural and manual.

Mohamed Abbas



A good site for exchanging traffic.

I think addmefast is not



the best! !

Very easy to use. I think the best social media management website.



Juarez Antin


Maximum Social Media Sharing Largest Social Media Sharing

This is a great service as well as a service via Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram and other platforms.

it's good.

Kaka Juliancia


Great app for liking, tracking and sharing.

Rio Jeff.


It's very useful

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