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Bad Putin
03 martie 2022

Bad Putin

      With Russia in an economic crisis and tensions with Ukraine. The world watches Vladimir Putin when he's around. Then he's dangerous tonight. The story of the Russian President's rise to power. He's got 70 guilty secrets, that's how much money is earmarked. He doesn't really trust anyone to protect him. The allegations against Putin were a series of credible investigations. If it's propaganda, it's sort of an investigation. Don't fall for propaganda. If you take these people to the United States and look at what they did. Criminals are on the frontline tonight. Instead of seeing Russia as a failed democracy. It should be seen as an authoritarian system in the success process. Putin's way. In the spring of 2012, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin entered the Kremlin to begin his third term as President of Russia. It was a remarkable rise in a good 20 years, a spy journey of the unemployed into the modern age. This rise to power was witnessed by Rosie Cough, a former police investigator who once sought to arrest Putin. He says his rise was expensive. Prince Ben's group. Well, of course, corruption has always existed in Russia, but including it in such a precise system was few. Mr. Putin managed to get her to speak even more stinky. Navona toy basket or good food. Responsible for criminal liability based on evidence already collected. Certainly. Yes, business will not died in 2010. He spat out evidence. He collected research on Putin's early years in the St. Petersburg city government. He posted it on YouTube. mysterious. Efforts were made to remove it from the web, but only before it was uploaded by Russian expert and author Karen Dawisha. And in its essence, what is this series that he published? What did that mean? What was the sum? The summary was a detailed description of the criminal activities in which he believed Putin was involved, abuse of power, abuse of office, involvement in the fight against organized crime. knowing money, money laundering. I mean, a whole range of white-collar crimes, as palatable as these car allegations, are part of a larger culture of corruption in Putin's Russia. She has amassed extensive material for a new book on what Putin calls kleptocracy. how he and his entourage formed the state. I started thinking instead of seeing Russia as a failing democracy. We must view this as an authoritarian system that encourages them not to be incapable of being democrats. They don't want to be democrats. What about it? Let's work on this thesis and if it's correct, when did it start? And that's what brought me to TS because they've been flying from the start. In 1990 the old Soviet system collapsed, but it was not clear what exactly it would replace. The uncertainty shook the entire nation. Among them was a young KGB officer named Vladimir Putin. From his service in Dresden, East Germany, he returned to his hometown of St. Petersburg and in search of work. In the end he finds it in St. Petersburg City Hall. His former law professor Anatoly Sobchak has just been elected mayor. The issues with which the widow made millionaires are reminiscent of her husband's response when her former student insisted that he tell her he worked for the KGB. We will surprise you. That my husband was shot by Candor and what his job was and he said he works in the GDR in East Germany and he said well I happened to be looking for people who know Europe, who know languages, to work as foreigners. economic relations. They wouldn't hire an idiot to recon. So I hope you get there, but get to work and it has to be said. According to my husband, he regretted it. Putin was soon to become the city's deputy mayor and, most importantly, chairman of the Commission on Foreign Economic Relations. He was king. It oversaw which foreign companies could still register their offices and obtain offices. Remember that all of this property belonged to the Soviets. The Soviet Union fell again. So how is the company going to access the property to set up a branch in St. Louis? Petersburg Putin? Putin should credit that. Even when his star rose, it was an early example of his ambition. He has commissioned a documentary about himself. It was called Power made by Igor Shotgun. No, the fools have put a wooden table on the agenda here. She wanted to admit that he was a KGB agent in 400, now. Without Gmail to Neurons with Putin. It was an effective way for you to gain publicity as a reluctant ex-KGB member. But for mayors from Chuck Putin's past, it would come in handy. After all, he was running a town with a notorious criminal past. According to noted political scientist Stanislav Belt, Koski needed someone who could work in his shadow. St. Petersburg has arrested the Bandit Capital of Russia, a version of Gangstar Capital, right now, and the mayor's office may somehow communicate with those who fall. Of course, Chuck wasn't the only one who couldn't stop. Such contacts and was responsible for the ecstatic video, I assume the priest goes before the man. I guess when I got to the recordings his whole hall was full of strangers. This includes completed Germans and there was some agreement. They all came to India. Now the business revolved mainly around food aid for St. Steinberg. Oh, Peter Curtain had his job for him, the collapse of the Soviet Union caused a terrible food shortage in St. Louis. petersburg. The agricultural system was chaotic and there was little foreign exchange to buy food abroad. To stock the program's shelves, companies were given commodities, such as oil and minerals, to sell abroad, and the money was then used to buy groceries in his film. The deputy mayor assured the hungry residents that food would arrive soon, Melaka's security situation. You need to get away from the fun to avoid recreational opportunities. No it is. The problem was that most of the promised food never arrived, desperation turned to anger and then protest. Location. A saint named Marina, Sally. He was responsible for investigating what happened? Disappointed, Charles J finally leaves politics and retires to the country, but keeps all his documents. He says they show what happened to St. Petersburg in the 90s and who is to blame, she said, without going into all the details, I'll tell you from this document signed by Putin, a whole 124 million. No trace No trace. Because according to this list of materials that I listed, not a single gram of food, king, you do not know, grandmother, brother, and it happened that night flight companies were formed, many of his friends who were still there today. We stand behind these companies, the goods are out and the shipments are incomplete or nonexistent. Income. So millions were won in that episode alone. In the East. The St. Petersburg City Council upheld Sally's recommendation that the case be referred to the prosecutor's office. General. We decided that Putin and his aide should be fired. Act. Mr. Subject dismisses the investigation as political revenge on her husband. Once you understand that all investigations are cited without the allegations made, MPs will complete the onslaught of this fifth. This is the total cost of edible products, Post. It was just a way to trick her husband into being molested. get rid of emotions The Bible says price, but the subject is protected. His deputy was never prosecuted for missing food. Putin would deny the allegations and blame the corporations and other bureaucrats. A six-hour drive west of St. Petersburg is an ancient Piatigorsky Monastery. Andrej Žirkov says he often comes here to find. Peace. He is being prosecuted in case 144128. It was an investigation into a construction company called the 20th Trust, registered by Putin's Committee on Economic Relations. Lieutenant, the Colonel's room was the best. Daughter, investigator at St. Petersburg and made sure crimes had been committed. Garganta registered, according to the theory, so that two and a half billion rubles were transferred to the company's account. The way it worked was that the fans were designed for specific building projects, but ended up being used for entirely different purposes. Isn't it? Wait, this is the solution. The investigation has found how the city paid 20 trustees to do the work when the work was never done, and how much money went missing in one case? According to See Cough, money was diverted from Putin and his friends to build holiday villas in Spain. silent change. Theft was an issue. With a little scrutiny, Putin should be jailed and imprisoned. Definitely Putin. probably. Mainly because most of the documents and orders he signed were nice, but Putin didn't have to go to jail. He went to Moscow. In 1996 he began his ascent in the Kremlin and was soon able to help his mentor. Back to St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak had a problem. He just lost the election and was the subject of it again. A new investigation into corruption. He even lost the system. Godot sometime in 1996, when subjects stopped being mayors, as is often the case among the Russian elite. Lots of people right away. Turn your back on him. can you see lolly Mural was almost the only one who didn't. This time prosecutors will be questioned on this issue. But suddenly he suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized. He has a TV sometimes and when my husband had a heart attack it was difficult to treat because people called the chief cardiologist in the town where he was being treated to tell him. Don't bother with the topic. let him die So I decided to take her abroad for treatment. It was an orchestrated escape that began over the weekend of Statehood Day. on a private plane apparently worked over by Vladimir Putin weeks later. He appeared in Paris, surprisingly in good health. Vladimir Putin, help me organize and risk everything. In the Kremlin, Putin's commitment to the issue in 1999 was appropriately documented as sick wood. Yeltsin was nearing the end of his presidency and was looking for a savior himself. His ministry was the subject of a wide-ranging corruption investigation. because he shared much of Russia's wealth with a group of oligarchs and allowed AIDS and family members to get rich. In the process. Yeltsin's camp feared what might happen if his successor showed less understanding. Before Vladimir Putin's anointing, he had already been hired and fired by the prime minister. Well I think they saw in him that he added something that is protected under chalk and like they said he hasn't given up chalk and he won't leave us. How endangered were you then? very vulnerable, but there was a problem. Putin was faceless. A bureaucrat unknown to the public would have to win the election if he wanted to become president and protector of the Yeltsin family. as in st. Petersburg and clip. was ordered. Natalia Kevorkian was part of the writing team. He now lives in Paris. What story do you want to tell? Just everything. I mean where is it from ? Who is he? Why wasn't it the KGB? It was him, that was the main thing with him. He's a KGB man. That's all. So what they wanted to tell him was that he was a normal person? He had parents. He had a biography. Act. His biography tells the story of an only child living in the slums of St. Petersburg, an unusual boy who at the age of 16 went to the local KGB office and asked to apply. We told him to come back later. Seven years later. He did this with a law degree. After the KGB training he was sent to the KGB in the GDR. Can you explain that to a Western audience? What does that mean? These are people who prefer to operate and shadow. People are primarily like a state and people are. He has all these things inside him and he can, I don't think he can change that. You know, that's immutable. He was such a man from the KGB that a year before his appointment as prime minister he would in turn lead her successor to the FSB. Then a month after his new job in the fall of 1999. These bombs destroyed apartment buildings in Moscow and other cities, all exploding at night while people slept; Hundreds died. That was in Russia. Russian historian Yuri Ki has written a book about apartment bombings, but you have to understand that the whole country is very nervous. So the feeling is that the building will explode every day or once a week. Suddenly our prime minister. A few Russians heard about it everywhere. To swear vengeance. Putin pointed the finger at the rebels in Chechnya, where the separatist movement persisted. Russian officials said the attacks on the apartments were Chechen tracks, not evidence of Chechen involvement but Chechen tracks. What that meant was not clear, but it was used to justify a new invasion of Chechnya. And Putin's invasion would be brutal. This man who won? He was a new national hero who, even before the bombings, was quickly becoming the most popular Russian politician. He was considered to have no chance of succeeding Yeltsin as president. They needed a range of situations where they could. He postponed the election altogether and made it difficult for the opposition to focus on unimportant issues like the corruption of the Oleson family. Ironically, the first Chechen war also began. The first Chechen war. Initiated and challenged in 95 to create a situation that would allow the government to call elections or postpone elections, claiming that they could not be held during the war. And exactly the same thing was done in 99. So there was real interest in Yeltsin, but there was also interest in Putin because he wanted to be president. And It worked. Three months into the new millennium, Russia has a new president. He looked like a modern man. The man of the future. Future. All Russians hoped it would be better than in the past. But 15 years later Shadows of the Past. Follow this place. It is a memorial to those who died in these bombings. Since that day, books, newspaper articles and documentaries have raised disturbing questions about what really happened here, who was really responsible. Among the interrogators was Mikhail Trepashkin, who spent two years uncovering a crime on behalf of one of the families, a former KGB officer. And lawyer Pashkin still doubted the official story. Chechen connection. His doubts were reinforced when his former security colleagues responded to his investigations. There was even a word with the stricter Tony Capasso. They told me not to dig. Otherwise you will be imprisoned yourself. And then they said exactly that to me directly. Just go. If you don't want to get in trouble, and I said so, well, I'm a former investigator and I can help you. I can conduct my own investigation through your Australian if you do, but there would be many obstacles to the investigation, the Russian government has destroyed all evidence in previous bombings. As the shelling took place, bulldozers emerged and removed the debris, including human remains, thereby destroying the crime scene. But the troubling questions about the bombings were really fueled by what happened here. A few days later out in town. Moscow is called Re Asin. A fifth bomb was discovered in the basement of a building in Rias Adia, residents of this building are awake. And this bomb was deactivated, and it turns out that the people who planted this bomb in the basement are not Chechen terrorists. They turned out to be FSB agents. Tests by Russian security services showed the bags contained a proprietary military explosive called Hexagon. The fuse was military. I think the evidence that the FSB operation that planted the explosives in The Rice building was indisputable. At that time, according to the FSB, Operation Ryazan was part of the exercise. But the broader assertion that security services could kill their people in other homes has been dismissed by the government. Putin in his biography called it complete nonsense, complete nonsense. No Chechen has ever been charged. Other detainees were convicted of secret acts. And others in court processes hampered by allegations of violence. confessions. But from the beginning it was very dangerous to examine too closely. People trying to investigate bombings in many cases. Finally dead. Chicken Jurij Šaka. Sergei. You know Alexander Litvinenko. Anna Politkovskaya. Sergei Markov is a political scientist and often speaks on behalf of Vladimir Putin. A number of credible investigations have been conducted which have shown that this is the work of the FSB and without Mr. Putin. This was the usual credible investigation showing it was conducted by FS Bear. All this is almost a propaganda investigation, only with tricks. etc. I heard this story about the demolition of an actual building in Moscow Male and all these people who would know better than prison know it. Don't fall for propaganda. That is very dangerous. There were also three attempts in the Russian Duma. Be sure to explore the events of Rio. They were opposed by the ruling Putin-controlled party, which voted unanimously not to conduct an investigation or questioning. Ricardo was invited to participate in one of these studies a week before reporting his findings. He was stopped by cops like The Aston so they stopped me at the police checkpoint where twice there was a crowd amidst this physical ID and searched the car and found nothing. And when I approached one of the police officers, I threw my bag away and told him it wasn't mine. Why are you putting that in my car? Yes the handsome group opened your bag and said here is the gun here is the gun and they arrested me immediately. Trepashkin was sent to prison for two years. He came out and spoke again about his investigation into the apartment bombing and was arrested and imprisoned for another two years. Well, the bombings saved Yeltsin's system. They solved the corrupt division of wealth after the collapse of the Soviet Union. With the start of the new war, thousands of innocent people, both Russians and Chechens, were killed. Someone from the security services was put in power and that was Putin, who of course had no interest in democracy. His first term as President was by his predecessor Grant. Boris Yeltsin immunity from prosecution. But the Putin administration would also be quick to take care of its own safety. Cases Nos. 144, 128, those investigations into corruption in St. Petersburg, quietly disappeared, but an arbitrary Basava Prosecutor General ordered the criminal case to be dropped. As you explain to us, there are no criminal investigations being conducted against the president of the national president or the girl of Nvidia. Eco-investigators are still wondering how things could have turned out differently. If he were allowed to continue his fall. Listen, it would be different with us. People respect civil law because anyone would understand that if the president can be sued then basically he can. Our officials would understand that the law as it stands must be protected. Russia has no love. In the early years of his presidency. There was hope that Putin would fulfill his bill and set Russia on a path closer to Western liberals and democratic capitalists. In 2003 he called the country's oligarchs to a meeting in St. Petersburg. Catherine Hall in the Kremlin. Under Yelena, under Putin, they became billionaires. They hoped for even more business and new legitimacy on the left. He was awarded the richest of all, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Oh, I felt like a person of our generation. Creepy in Nashville Colleen. What do you mean by our generation? But Colinas Credit Union should give Gloria to our parent generation. You are totalitarian. Even if they are against it, unlike our generation, we are closer to the West. Khodorkovsky was concerned about a new US anti-corruption law that would affect Russian companies doing business in America. The little cobblestone company isn't part of that force, business leaders who wanted to market their shares sign up. Warning that they do not allow corrupt practices in their companies. At the same time, as early as 2003, there was corruption. Key Methodists, whose management was being used by bureaucrats and bureaucrats, began demanding money that was impossible. Why did they allow this? They decided. Open and list open companies or do business the Russian way. In other words, PHA bribes receive privileges but remain in a closed system. We have decided that this topic is worth discussing. What causes Scooter? No, go to college. He asked if he could speak frankly, arguing that it was time for Russia to change its ways. First, with the groups seen by Rossi, Amy's damage-to-your-organization expert, visit Nagino the Cobra for fat-like units. Anyway, it's a dollar as I understand it. What you did to the TV cameras was basically accusatory. The Russian President leads a corrupt country. Favorite. Yes, he carried a legion of computers, he didn't personally accuse him of corruption, and he didn't take it that way. tell the story of the leper. Yes, I have accused him and his entourage of creating a model that uses corruption as its backbone. So, and he told me he worked his teeth to create this model, Putin reminded him that his Yukos oil company is facing tax problems. It doesn't work now. I was in the company of a glomerulus student. Now look and watch me play the Louis Blues. Primula looks pretty simple. The main problem is your problem. Look at the problem of nuclear energy. It was a covert threat. I haven't dealt with him. I said we may have started it but we have to be the ones to finish it. I am aware that this would provoke Putin's resentment. Of course it is. But I thought he would choose the European model and I wasn't the only one who thought so because it's obviously more beneficial for the country. There will be further achievements in astronomy. Cora Koski was also considered a political threat. He funded opposition parties. By spending money to promote democracy, the Kremlin meeting sealed his fate. His oil company arrested him, dismantled him and divided him up under Putin. royalists. The richest man in Russia served 10 years in a Siberian prison camp. Today he lives in exile in Switzerland and has no doubts about the existing system. When you told Stone's Mozart, the first one he spoke of, you could build some sort of democratic model that you could control, such a model doesn't exist. So he began to slide against Arianism, which was at first, I call it, soft totalitarianism and then increasingly sharp. If the situation develops further, you will come to the fool to tell him the Aryan model, no , all other river systems are actually endowed with okra. See you later, break down the main critics. Some early evidence of this kleptocracy and how it works was found in 2003 when police raided the offices of a small company called spag in a German suburb of Frankfurt. Author and journalist Jürgen Roth has written extensively about the attack, which aimed to launder money in several countries. Allegedly after St. Petersburg time. Mafia group Vizcaya. In that report, she mentioned this package as a company closely linked to criminal gangs. The so-called Tom Biscaia Mafia in St. Petersburg and Mr. Putin. And they were, money was being laundered in Germany. Learning German with investment. In real estate, Putin has served on the course's advisory board since 1992 and maintains close ties with one of its directors. He only retired when he became president, but when the German moved to Spanish offices. You discovered him. We had a problem. It was a political matter. You must therefore inform Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. That's when I think for the first time of a normal public prosecutor's investigation in a small town in Germany. Mr. Schröder, find out if you want to be informed about this investigation, why I want to be informed about this, because it has been On a high level so far, Gerhard Schröder and Vladimir Putin are close friends celebrating birthdays together, what happened in the investigation , at the end. it's over No results? Schröder never spoke publicly about the affair, but their friendship caused a scandal in Germany in 2005, just two weeks before their defeat in the federal election. Schroders has signed a €1 billion loan guarantee for a Russian gas pipeline to Europe. After retiring, Schröder got a new job as president of the One God Pipeline Consortium, which embodies and started the scandal in Germany. Narahlo. He didn't seem overly concerned about avoiding external irregularities in the early days of his Putin rule. No charm. Offensive against the President of the West. Bush. She looked Putin in the eye and saw his soul. He believed he had an obligation to his country when he taught Putin how to deceive the KGB. Foreigners. He has a very keen eye for human weaknesses. He's good at persuading people and that intimidates them, and that's what he's done with Western leaders. Sometimes with charm, sometimes with threats, but boy did he do that from the start as British Prime Minister? Tony Blair was fascinated by him. And just like Germany , there are two economies that would get even more complicated. Financial center London was a city fascinated by Russian money. These were years of high oil prices, and Putin's Russia was thriving like never before. This fueled mass corruption and much of that money flowed to London. City of London that earned a lot. I have laundered Russian money over the years and I have said that it ended up being the largest in the UK economy and that it was run on Russian money. Valerie Morozov is a Russian construction magnate now living in exile. In London. His company was recently working on projects for the Kremlin over a scandal at the Sochi Olympics. But in the end, he says, corruption under Putin was beyond what he could live with. If you take these people to the US or Canada and check what they did, they are criminals. Yeltsin was run and supported by criminals. Putin came to power in the 1990s, he had his own group, and it was cold when he came to Moscow and became prime minister and president. He called himself. Peter's group. So he immediately changed the whole system, but it didn't change. He made a difference. He did it little by little. It is everywhere. It's a system. The system is therefore a system of mutual support and respect. It is a paid system. If you are on the list of people to contact to become a member of the Duma. For example, you have to pay for your seat. Once there, you can turn around and bill businessmen for having positions on a budget. The same in all sectors. Sergei Kalashnikov, is he another Russian tycoon? Who lives in exile? He fled to Tallinn, Estonia. He knows very well how the system works and how he says corruption goes all the way to the top. Slap your hand, loot, Russian stuff, it all depends on CPU protection, you need protection. It means to have a roof or in Russian. Krisha. So it goes through the creature. Your business will be more successful. So, every businessman dreams of gifts and protection. And when you give the President a gift, it's as if God Himself has your back. Enter creative options, video, mastani, choose the right gospel bow. Kalashnikov says he hosted one of Putin's sweepstakes and explained how it worked. The company may donate money to charity. In this case, full of hope. Kolesnikov company. Petra. Mad took the money to buy medical equipment purchased from Siemens. But the profit margin was huge, about 40%. That money was funneled through countless other companies, eventually culminating in something called Ross Invest. Kalashnikov contained 2% rosin. But he says 94% belonged to Vladimir Putin. She's stupid, that's the category. With shipwrecks, all investments, all rank projects, investments were made by themselves. If Putin had said yes. Yes. Being Bucho, no activity would have been possible without his recognition . 3. It's really happening. Kalashnikov said first. The money was selected for a $20 million retirement home for the President. But then the president decided not to retire at that time. Kolesnik tells him to embezzle even more money, and the nursing home quickly turns into a palace. Built on state land. That's a $250 million Italian extravagance. Overlooking the Black Sea near Sochi. I am not sure. Which natural beauties? She declined. What do you think? I started saying that. I'm not happy with all the current finances. For this palace. They told me to put on Lazarus and you are his surf. Puchen said: I think Loop Putin has denied having any connection with the palace. It was supposed to be sold to a wealthy businessman, but that remains a closely guarded secret. Kalashnikov believes his plan was just one of many ways to use proxies to hide money from Putin. How much is speculation and learned guesswork? So I stopped. Incentives more than seven years ago and in late 2007 I published my real estate appraisal which is in a sense a person's personal control. It was $40 billion. $40 billion would be confirmed by the CIA in 2014. If true, the Russian president would have become one of the richest people in the world in 2008 as he neared the end of his second term. This wealth was a constitutional issue. Before he could run again, he would have to leave office for at least one term. Diplomatic cables revealed. He worried about how the new president might manage his wealth. He solved the problem by swapping places with his outgoing Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev. It was an arrangement that worked for a while. I think it has been improved by many sources and the Kremlin and the Kremlin in 2010. And in the first half of 2011. He wanted to allow Medvedev to go into a second term in 2012, but a chain of revolutions in the Arab world. I made two big impressions on my brother. The Arab Spring erupted in Tunisia in Tahrir Square. And in Tripoli, for Putin, those mass protests that overthrew powerful dictators must have been uncanny. It was the first step for Andressa to understand that he could never leave the post because there might be a Condor nest waiting for him. When Vladimir Putin announced this, he will again run for the presidency of Russia. The response was mass protests on the streets of Moscow. Protests that the police had to suppress. There has never been a good successor model in the Soviet Union or in Russia. And he is very worried about how he will leave the cake. He refuses to live in baptism. He doesn't want to go to the jail cell. He has so many debt secrets and so much money has been stolen. So many people have been killed, but he doesn't really trust anyone to protect him. When he leaves Palma. It's kinda. So he is the master of the Kremlin and was also present there. In 2012, Putin ousted Medvedev in a Kremlin-controlled election and took over the presidency. Recently, the presidential term has been extended to two six-year terms, with Vladimir Putin is set to remain in power until 2024. But the country he leads is in growing trouble. In Russian cities, the veneer of prosperity has remained from the early days of high oil prices, but the economy has been plundered. And in the expanses where most Russians live, there is deep poverty, Cushing stubbornly asserts himself. He fears the Russians will realize his modernization project has failed. He came to power with a promise to transform Russia into a modern Western state, but it is still essentially a backward, corrupt state. The point is just set it up with two numbers. Two numbers is all we have. The median or median wealth for the average Russian is $871. According to a very neutral Credit Suisse report, $871 means half the population has more than that wealth, half the population has below-average wealth, and India has more than a thousand dollars. Thus, the average Russian is poorer than the average. Indian. So that's a number, 871, another number 110, 110 people own 35% of Russia's wealth. It is by far the most equal country in the world. Don't distract from it. Very powerful tool. He blames himself and Westerners associate the West with a very powerful propaganda machine where all mass media is under the control of the Kremlin and is in a very good position. He has a very strong sense of justification. That Russia stopped taking it from him during the collapse of the Soviet Union and that Russia has a right to get it back. Bruton has invaded Crimea and is transforming. Map of the candidate for Ukraine. He protects. Russians. According to the spokesman, this is a legitimate response to Western intervention in the areas that the Soviet Union once had. The fanaticism of Luca, who became a full member for or for the European Union and NATO, but are not independent technical Russians, is clearly discriminated against in these countries and looks like an event that supports the USA with Ukraine throughout the year Reciprocity. If you're Russian, they can kill you, if you're Russian, your silk rights. I would not be protected if Ukraine changed ultranationalists. That's fine, you'll be in parliament. You become President. Everything will be for you, but you know if you are an artery of Russian bombs, the massacres will be the answer. This apology answers us louder. No, it's a sentiment proven on the streets at home, where it had been satiated just two years earlier. Now they sang his praises. Meanwhile, the US is pushing for tough sanctions on Russia, but there has been resistance in European capitals to keep trying to bring these up to Putin. We invite him to our summit meetings. We try to take care of ourselves. Russia has a northern state. And we think we're trying to calm things down. But really, what we're doing is setting things up so that Mr Putin gives the impression that they won't take him seriously and he's putting more and more pressure on us and getting stronger and that's extremely dangerous. But in July 2014, an act of violence changed the political landscape. Malaysian plane. Mh17 was shot down over the east. Ukraine with weapons to be supplied by Russia. 298 people were killed. Suddenly, the West was emboldened that Russia should get involved in the investigation into the 17/17 bombing. was fully involved. It should be made clear that things will not continue as usual. We reject Russian aggression against Ukraine. What a threat to the world. As we saw in the horrifying shooting at 5:17 p.m. November. Putin arrived at the G20 in Australia and found himself on the fringes of the photography class. Obama and other leaders. Once its own laundry, gas and oil are now on the decline. At lunch, Putin looked like a lonely figure. He left the summit prematurely. He returned to a country in crisis. An economy plagued by falling oil prices, a sharp decline in the ruble and new tough sanctions. The question is what will he do next? I haven't seen any evidence that he's ready to retire and that's not his style at all. He doesn't back down. In his biography there is a story that Putin tells about himself. It happened in this apartment building where he shared a one-bedroom apartment with his parents, with a rat in the corner. He said I learned very well. I've been studying forever. Don't try to back someone into a corner. You will jump because when you have nothing to lose, just attack. I think that totally applies to him when he's around. That's why it's dangerous. 

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