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Alabama the making and the history
03 ianuarie 2021

Dark web

How big is dark web

when I grew up I read 1984 and it was like in one way he was a visionary but in other ways he was very optimistic because he couldn't foresee the technological developments we are having so from a technology perspective it's much worse already and that leads to a society which is the total surveillance state 1984 I was born in 1984 yep that's me right there it was the year that Orwell had envisioned as the beginning of the end of our privacy now world in which big brother was constantly watching but no one paid that too much mind after all it was the same year happy families were bringing the first Macintosh computer into their homes a decade later my generation would already be firmly planted in front of a screen we installed the internet on our computer just a short time ago and I haven't been able to get the kids off it ever since little by little we became addicted to it so I guess this is a story of how it changed our lives it started with games chats email even movies my taste develop right alongside the Internet my first love my second love my third ICQ than Facebook Google Twitter by the time I was all grown up I'd spent so much time online it never occurred to me that there could be another side of it to explore the so-called deep way in fact I had no idea how to find it in the first place so I started out like anyone would with a Google search what lurks beneath the surface of the Internet what is it exactly well it's like it's kind of a vague term because it's comprised of anything that's just not indexed by search engines all right an index so Google wouldn't take me very far if we want to compare the size than one great analogy that is that the surface Internet the Sun is like what would be sort of like the tip of an iceberg the tip of the iceberg the majority of users can only access 1% of all the information the world wide web has to offer the rest deep beneath the surface is known as the Deep Web so the Deep Web is like an inaccessible data dump filled by banks government's corporations and then there's the invisible corner of it there's the regular internet and then there's something called the dark net an underground system of anonymous web sites that are untraceable mother about it dr. Burton I've been watching him in table myself she called me she would say Lysaght musubi still leaked not Sammy dick knots cog Nova a little better note the Acacia elevator poleramma witty the bottom are materially bushnell mujer shinobis it's over Christopher from the blue mayo male ala dark net lettuce on the women still at Makaha - on sugar - oh do tell us the hood Shana Kony Sheila Mostel V gamma kesef lady mu Sturm Nicholas Daniel a short on the condition for selling Nutella on Asia all over the vodka you can find ways to launder money hire a hitman get guns the Deep Web is used by many to buy fake identities websites offer green cards driver's licenses and passports some use it for more sinister reasons such as human trafficking or drug exportation okay to wear sewed market the fellowship huh kidding no windows no from the vowel signals that Falacci didn't even tell me gosh she's potential hugging okay l'viv is a hub for cybersecurity types so it wasn't hard to find the North Cohen a white hat hacker who dabbled in the gray zones of the internet for the good guys the first thing the north showed me is how vulnerable and exposed anyone using  the open net is oh right in this is my solution what do you see small Bank Facebook or Tokyo Joker I call it yourself Amaka shoot me like tuna circling the block the nor could enter into practically anyone's computer within a hundred meter range and just as a hacker could intercept my information on the open net so to the police could use similar tools to monitor crime arrests Angela Bennett am a Scott surname yesh mashter infinitely matamata turistas OT n bastard Quokka damn double as Misaki Amira but nothing ensuring the ratio that's all better than in the speaks man Minnesota mantacorn militias the inaudible mother duck a Tibetan tequila the subject of Nash's she must still I bet him at the pedo just on well you're going to need some software one of the most popular is called torkoal Turin which originally stood for The Onion Router the Onion Router Onion Router it was made by the US Navy how does tor do it well it takes your data and it bounces it around the world over several different data knows that way no person or agency can figure out where the data came from or where the data is going if you want to keep yourself invisible online there is absolutely nothing better than tour it seemed unbelievable under cover of complete anonymity sitting in the living room between episodes of your favorite show on Netflix anyone could be pulling off the perfect crime with no one the wiser it took seconds to download and tours on my desktop the door to the darknet was wide open goodness this is quite extraordinary such a large rabbit-hole I'll just take a look inside the question was where to my first stop was the hidden wiki it didn't look so different than a normal Wikipedia page only the content was a little more well I don't know see for yourselves drugs lots of drugs weed cocaine heroin crystal meth cashaaron immutable of notice a la saga aadmi hydra saga told that about the freakin [ __ ] coming with that one it made its classic mushroom Loki is Alberto and the list goes on killers for hire offers to take out politicians 65,000 stake at a journalist what that's harm worth asking me 14 and shroom DiMaggio Teleca and Hawkins edit any part in Klum family Webber told me Suzanne no drugs and guns were just the shallow end of the darknet pool though there were plenty of groups and community forums to satisfy humanity's darker desires neo-nazis obviously they'd carved out their own niche then there were the guys into animal torture snuffed kids pedophilia the most bizarre place I stumbled upon though that would be the cannibal cafe serving humanity I mean seriously Holly she would surely missing him she devours episode sealed a modern-day virtual Sodom and Gomorrah it sure looked like a nightmare if the rules of the game were changing then what were the police doing to catch up and did they even stand a chance okay sure money on attila dot F in box ran and dark machine add my butter pesha la patria a pesha she night for now I am at away your television shop a Chevelle Maremma fizzy Lala makovan Vellamo velu big lollipop suitable makovan a machine not image of him economy Oh to tell anime meme jealous or availability' fest the Knesset offer document elimination asta Oh toilet Oh Hannibal Adam hotel your gosh it's why you said Lubov Azria material costs are so low logic vassula McCallum Co in the Samim in the neck in the toy of a select inning Angelica not she won't tell me at Bokashi Michelle rent a hockey Liberata the list of cyber threats went on and on I kept wondering it's hiding your identity online a crime in and of itself unionization an anemia mohammed emwazi davara dava UV automatic shameless that of Kitsilano zeliha's hook Misha Kavya at a nobody Illuminati signs and hoe cake Manila is a mahkum Celia be at the I'm Adam unknown in your law and the Kanekalon much ammonia a little OneNote and Adam soft she myself are always very thoughtful so was assuming that we could hide anything at all online just wishful thinking then could the police really find anyone and everyone hiding in the dark net it took a considerable amount of digging and awkward questions before I found someone from the digital underworld who was willing to meet in person where could we meet in real life though maybe I'd seen too many movies but somehow an abandoned warehouse seemed appropriate for me for burial area begin system so this is the affair record my song pornography Alisa mean the songs of Nadia's mother across Oklahoma subsequently some amino acid valine vanilla deimata name and I cannot aha ot not insulin shot Eddie Trotta pornography avail of a bloody moon came imagining our little swim student the old cast is a sheer loyalty look not official at Sycamore thousand City not octopi info at the moment of the Phantom until next mastery same like Italy Lamia tech but of cash machine even suspected yes other socialism okay there's ago an all-female team elite I mean this must look okay I'm okay  I was at the course and Hema thinking it no good them of course Lily was hardly who I had imagined that be meeting with she looked more like one of my mom's friends and someone who used the darknet there's obviously mostly true of myself in NZ it's all assaulting civilians and home without the fish smoke normally I tend to be skeptical of people who tell me there's nothing to fear was the darknet really just a black-market equivalent of eBay technology has always been two-sided depends how you use it take for instance the 3d printer late zuzana dues one to print a 3d gun whose model he downloaded from the darknet and snuck it into a campus rally with one of Israel's biggest politicians the funny thing about it he said everyone just stood around and watched odometer great social Zuma he loved it so is she Marshall carbon with rapid manufacturing in there well you know me as remarkable if I lay a knock in a hoe not sure what million nails all of him I wish I owned a better coal bin Adam yeah holla has a commercial game Cairo but by shallow but Pacific miniature Charlotte visible Delta Ikeda yes should learn ship by bite as a local band Adam you hold on to be sick DeCosta it's no weed at or she may for sure we may form a dozen makea now darkness carbon atom sure movie detector holistically loved often filled to a leaf from a sir your whole elite Laviolette up in LaPorte so Lahan village so exactly shubao this is called the lower receiver this doesn't have a serial number it doesn't require a background check the Megillah Shuba metal side rocket out of oh yes sir we  are leftover house of allah oh [ __ ] this is a ghost car Marlon Williams Omega Marshall deaths killing a Futaba mio monotony - eat less forgot matter Havasu unit yeah towards Ellison terabyte home ahem crimsoning there Holloway de totora she must bill la mota pass it is a homodimer viaje de la vela to behemoth well it so no fee value marijuana or Avex Wafaa what see a need it can ya said that smoke the byte alcoholic evolution II have autofocus motsi ought to thought very loot astronomy they column lovely Machado Tom that's mom a machine she Ashley meet a Hornet LaMichael La Veta Shamim shall see it's a lot to foot the bite yet Harouna so today visage 9 makovan it happen joke masha chimera ha would pass in it foolish aperto elephant kolben are done each developer hug do la Sol de la jolla fatima de vivre ushuaia not Hashim a darknet Yahoo la Liotta macomb Shabak Cola a youngish on little baby Academy SHINee mahabhava Matt Ridley very much hi Nadia so sex the hottie machinee they yell do you not have the shrimp in flame result no metal sheet the daughter stood at Amidala Gila me Kevin Harvick in McDowell in bayonet the meat dog Shem Harris its IATI the Canada Arabians and it's a Hoshi virtual a darknet shamea share a tentative novel made memy dozen before no well Makaha revolutions brewing in secret wasn't that exactly the type of thing that those in power generally wanted to prevent the darknet had already attracted the US government's attention the FBI has effectively smashed the hornet's nest and we are in the process of rounding up and charging the Hornets and the Pentagon had brought on a team to catalogue illegal activity there including these two Alejandro in a minute in a sense be hackers for hire our job is to sort of get around a lot of the hard stuff on the dark bug and sort of bring it to light so we could find the pedophiles we can find the communicating this stuff with the Tor project and communicating some of this stuff to law enforcement because but you know the creators of the Tor project don't don't want to facilitate child exploitation right let's clear about that do you think that that some things deserve to stay in the dark or does everything need to be in the light yeah that's a great question I mean on some level I think anonymity is extremely important I think there's certain things that I mean there's bad people out there there there's there's bad people that you want to be from and then there's bad people that are using the anonymity for the truck for the wrong purposes I do think an annuity is important I would not like to be anonymized absolutely everything but why why why is anonymity important it's all about you know it's the principle of privacy and for what purpose why do we need it the classic example that the Tor project always kind of uses out there is oppressive regimes theoretical argument you can look back through history and whenever you have a revolutionary progress you know that it always starts underground I think about it and you know if let's say in some way futuristic apocalyptic scenario my government turns on me and I want to be part of the rebellion or something like you know I would want something like this to exist that was about the last thing I expected to hear from anyone employed by the US government but even in the back of their minds was a big brother like scenario the kind of idea you'd sooner expect to hear from anarchists instead of privacy we have  permission it's about control isn't it it's about the incremental eradication that's Julian's self-proclaimed anti-state propaganda and my love affair with freedom privacy control freedom this is an art cast these were buzzwords for a small group advocating for a new alternative to a broken system people get afraid of new things very easily and these are new ideas hacker anarchist darknet they sound foreign these were the crypto anarchists an offshoot of a small group of techno files that came together at the dawn of the Internet age the cypherpunks it was the cypher punks who had been responsible for the very first instance of a darkness was they'd called the black net Americans are not prepared to  face the fact that there have they're living in an electronic police state if anyone could tell me what it was I was missing about the darknet it had to be them and they were all gathering at the Institute of crypto Anarchy in downtown Prague purple is reticence tools and ways how to protect our freedoms against our rate of dependencies in political and social institutions I'm sorry is limited really we cannot we cannot take stepping into the hackers Congress I had felt entirely unsure about what I was about to enter so unsure in fact that I had circled the block before actually going in and when I finally found a few participants who would speak on camera it came with certain conditions ok let's go inside so when you're all set you can have a seat so what's with the mess what's do they get well you know I think it's very important dead are you you keep your privacy today and you have a lot of you know facial-recognition outsized we're living in at the time and age where automatic computer algorithms are searching all media for faces and I don't really want my face to be everywhere I am if you want to meet me if you want to see me come and meet me in person so I'm not the media guy so how do you identify yourself well in this context call me smuggler what is your lovely dad I won't tell you ask my mom the reason we want privacy fundamentally is it because it allows free human action according to our own will humans develop when they use their own mind and make their own choices good or bad and they deal with their own consequences that's how we grow you have to be able to screw up without getting slammed and when there's somebody looking down at you when you have to be afraid when you have to lower your voice to talk about certain things you are squeezing out human development human evolution I think nowadays is a much more subtle way of totalitarianism on the outside you have all these freedoms you can wear whatever you want you can do whatever you want you can be gay it's all fine you know like we have three people earlier totalitarian systems it was much clearer to people like that you're not free and I was like you you this happy consumer who can you know  watch all the movies on Netflix but as soon as you really trying to push a little bit to change the system you're being attacked and all the other ones say or what problem you know just like me on Facebook when we're sitting in front of the computer in our own homes we're in the environment that we usually associate with privacy but what we're actually doing is we're shouting things from the rooftops without protecting ourselves if just open our private living space to the whole world and that is why I say be careful what you're doing right there is something you wouldn't do if you would really understand what you're doing because you're not doing it in any other way of your life I've never been particularly privacy minded when I open an app on my phone I'm not exactly thinking about where that data might end up Facebook Google there's surveillance systems anytime you use a product that's free somehow that company has to pay its employees so that means you're not really the customer you're not paying them and that means you're the product I'm not gonna stop using Facebook I'm not gonna stop using Google until they start hunting people down and killing them the idea that my generation would suddenly stop using social media seems a little crazy which is more or less how my friend saw - I mean it is [ __ ] up that you can just like say whatever you want I guess I've accepted the fact that I'm being tracked I'm not doing anything illegal not on the Internet if I have nothing to hide why should I be afraid I'm think if I have anything to hide your privacy is not violated in the moment that somebody takes your pictures and posts them online privacy is violated in the moment somebody is interested in your pictures of stores that is where the violation happens somebody grabbing your data and just  storing it because he might want to use it it's this threat of a night that we are all subconsciously aware everybody does something wrong you know maybe a cheat on your wife or you were drunk at this party and you have this you know ridiculous picture of you and and then they can use that information to either you're like enforce the law which I didn't enforce before or they just you know blackmail in public when you're in a state where you have no privacy where you have no anonymity you're always worried about somebody looking in somebody who's going to either physically punish you or say bad things about you behind your back or shame you shame among humans is like the weapons of mass destruction so what is it that we need to do to preserve our freedom start wearing masks throughout this 3d printed Fashion Show I kept thinking about how paradoxical it is to believe we could only really be free in hiding especially in the West where we're so used to exposing everything I'd been in Cairo during the Arab Spring at the same time that sheera Frenkel was writing about the dramatic events there yeah now she was writing for BuzzFeed about encryption technologies like tor in the West we have this idea that the dark web is dark and evil and all things nefarious we're in the rest of the world it's not called the dark net and it's not thought of as this evil eating ground it's thought of as a place for them to exchange information in a free and safe way I've met with LGBT activists and countries in Africa and in the Middle East who consider it their one of their only remaining safe havens and when I say to them that you know in the u.s. we call it the dark net that's what our politicians call it they laugh and they think that's insane idea I think oh but this is this is where we're saved this is where we talk this is where you know as I can be myself in a safe way so there are large parts of the world with just being yourself online is enough to get you arrested so for those people who know that they aren't safe online that they aren't safe to just send emails or be part of Facebook groups um encrypted technologies could mean sort of Satan can be a lifesaver actually I could understand the need for the darknet while living under a dictatorial regime but freedom is a fundamental part of democratic societies isn't it [Applause] Anna horn and say my own the mist gosh been States Washington meet halt sushi bar AHA doll who's the shaman a little family dinner limited ishani sultana moon in a shift on mansell after katakana is muhib beta beta home shallow at smoke Kadena so today oh hi EV lot so Etta you Sheikh Tamim lo has even a table wasting her national team focusing on the whole valley firming demolishing what similar photo shoot on Navajo shall I shoot on the whole lot so it Tara wasting weight pushing belief gorg and officer Dibble Vera shell Azad in a dying to Vltava Matos Jehovah halogen al-madinah that away sure you call Caudill atomic mass hysteria but a metal lock oh i called the valve a call had him a filter with the HUD oval bina Hawaii ba ba da Tijuca a today shy young shoot two men called kakaka door shut Aloha long shot lots Mahajan one terrorist was enough to make us hysterical 19 of them was enough to set the world on fire within months of 9/11 the US Congress would pass the Patriot Act and the NSA would begin the mass surveillance programs it had sought to enact for years I take the threat of terrorism seriously and I think we all do it would be over a decade before Snowden revealed that the NSA hadn't just been tracking terrorists they've been following millions of innocent Americans as well I think it's really disingenuous for the government to justify programs that have never been shown to keep us safe but cost us liberties and freedoms that we don't need to give up when I came back to the u.s. and I spoke to people about  the Snowden vows law doesn't sort of shrug their shoulders like what would you expect of course big government is doing this of course the government's monitoring us in these you know x y&z waves and so I thought that was interesting that on the one hand here were these files is cache of documents that was going to reveal in an unprecedented way what the government was doing spy on us and at the same time humor Americans freaking their shoulders and being like man so why they say they want the information because it's good for you well there's a problem with that number one is that they just collect everything they can and get everything they can because they can and because to be honest if you're in government if you're doing that type of work the odds are very high that you have sort of a control bias psychologically they like control they want to thank everything if something Oh something bad could happen if this if we don't control that well something bad could always happen so when you take that as a standard there's no end the team salty neotelha NSA another holy my heart sure she'll turn over NSA collected are you miss my company mean by name Shem Elam Demeter's of nimshi Lane maja a new yacht lotion turbo wasting sanity famous lemhi shoshone tone my mapper Monica dr. Bosman philomene Matt's bill Hodgman vermelha who Yeshua Abu Lahab a porno by Internet victim losev Tanishq Oh God The Hobbit it Manik team beta some hoot shall call this a coal burner dong-chul or shoe low or if it Marcia Julio trigonometry mahashiv inverted on Martin Luther King Jacques Piccard bestow alia means L small region Bhavan Sidoti the virtue is still not support comes I hold my own vomit really to Tama Baja sure that's who yacht lash remember America shootin a hobo toto because of the Kalu's inshallah so totally cold hard lands Aloka Hatton Adina she had the author support longish marked she endemic Katya me teeth she Holly gonna shoot unless you're not given well if not let me come out you tell between the militant Lynn Akimoto amount that was the case then where would the next Martin Luther King be able to spread his message for the crypto anarchists gathered in Prague the answer was clear places like the darknet only for them spreading the message was just step one the next step was how to build systems that exist outside of government control altogether crypto anarchists our anarchists who believe in using cryptography to create a free zone a from Terranova a free territory with walls of cryptography around it and they can converse with cryptography they can use cryptographic currencies they can create to a very considerable extent a separate realm in which they can live how would this separate realm operate though for still completely dependent on the state what state provides is lots of bureaucracy a senseless work that I have to do every day like to go to offices and to undergo  all these taxes and so but States also provide basic needs we have like the safety security roads and everything but all of these things can be provided privately by means of decentralized tools so everything can be provided by by global providers or or provider from totally different countries national borders are not making sense in this in  this surrounding because you know only but it's totally doesn't matter where you join from so then the alternative to the state systems growing in the deep web was a call for revolution with that thought in mind I finally managed to catch up with Julia Tyrion Suki was flashy YouTube clips have brought me to Prague but you cry prove anarchy works and we say welcome to Anarchy pot everyone could it be that our anarchistic ideas sounded a little more grounded in person you know I think I think people need guidance people need governance in some degree but the difference is that governments is enough to be forced upon people as long as you can opt out and leave then that's morally it's morally in line with an anarchist philosophy so yeah I'm not naive I I don't think I don't think there's gonna be some grand collapse and we're gonna have a beautiful in Turkey I think it's about creating those little communities for yourself and finding locations where you are able to opt out which are becoming more diverse and more dispersed and more available one of the systems that the crypto anarchist community was already using to up doubt was Bitcoin cryptocurrency that allows you to conduct anonymous transactions online and has already gained an international following once you've got virtual currency it's not too far of a leap to start creating virtual states yesterday there was a lecture about bit nation which is a project that shows that blockchain technology can be used for services that are usually provided only by governments and states big nation is creating a new world with thousands of million actually compete for customers by offering better services it's a world where everyone can choose bethe nation is a nation which means connecting people who share familiar similar values etc together without a state-owned right and so I will call the nation of stateless States if you dissociate covenants with territory you don't need to fear for your own governance principles alongside the stateless state would come online crypto markets for everyday goods essentially the family friendly version of what I'd already seen on the darknet there will be decentralized anon emails crypto market that will be technically impossible to shadow these markers by by the government financial and social system will collapse there is no rational approach how social social system we can survive especially if you have if you have so many old people and all the few young productive people so I think the governments of the system to applaud so this can be a good point to switch to something like the new government collapse parallel systems to replace them the crypto anarchists traced it all back to the cypherpunks and what they'd written in 1988 you look at the cypherpunks and the things they were writing before the technology was there and now the technology is here  I mean how happy are they like they were right reading their writings felt like reading some sort of sci-fi prophecy privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age everything that they said would happen almost 30 years ago was actually happening in the here and now Bitcoin building anonymous systems with electronic money WikiLeaks crypto anarchy will allow national secrets to be traded freely the darknet systems which allow anonymous transactions to take a place crypto markets an anonymous computerized market will allow illicit and stolen materials to be traded they even predicted the way that governments would respond to these developments the state will try to slow the spread of this technology citing national security concerns whenever somebody does something that protects the privacy of an individual sooner or later the government and the government media will take out one of those cards and say this is bad because terrorists or this is bad because drugs those things are actually bad you know yeah it is bad to be a terrorist but what the government really does there or the opponents of privacy really do there they play on our emotional piano okay let's see WikiLeaks US government the United States strongly condemns the illegal disclosure of classified information it threatens our national security if this becomes a standard currency it could radically and dramatically transform the role of central banks a few years ago we learned of an underground web site called Silk Road I'll push for increased funding aimed at fighting cyber drug dealers the Silk Road had been synonymous with the darkness until the US government shut it down it had been the largest market of its kind moving one point two billion dollars in product mostly drugs the biggest criminal trial in the history of the Internet is over this morning the mastermind of the Silk Road website was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the crypto anarchists I met in Prague Ross Ulbricht wasn't some sort  of drug kingpin instead he was the most visible victim of the government's efforts to kill off the darknet crypto markets by making an example out of it if you look at the history of cyberpunk crypto Anarchy that's actually one of the first real-world examples for counter economy in operation and it was hugely successful you had a darknet  market he had some form of an animation he had some form of digital anonymous currency had become very big very quickly and that's basically where the explosive power of something like secret lies and I think what that's why the state realized it is actually threatening sir grote was threatening the status quo it was threatening the power of the state now imagine that would exist not just for drugs but it would exist for food it would exist for energy if every good on the planet is reasonably priced available on a black market the state loses most of his income most of his ability to regulate most of his ability to actually favor certain companies and then what would happen it will lose his power I want governments to be away if that's my option if I had the red button that says all governments all states all in voluntary organizations disappear right now I would hit the button right now those states no central governments are banks what would happen if we push the red but absolute chaos on new beginning I left proud feeling like I was coming back from the future only a rude awakening was waiting for me in the president who attacks in Paris one in the US downed plane in Egypt do we need stronger protections against these guys even if it meant sacrificing some privacy you can't have a hundred percent security and also then have a hundred percent privacy and zero inconvenience we're gonna have to make some choices I was just in Washington a couple months ago and I was speaking to a lot of politicians and this is just following the horrific attacks that happened in Paris and just before the attacks that happened in San Bernardino in California and a lot of the politicians were saying you know the darknets to blame tours to blame encrypted technologies that are blame there had been that very week a lot of reports in the press about how the attackers in that were involved in Paris that communicated with one another and with with Isis leadership back in Iraq and Syria through towards the u.s. believes Isis and others are now using the most covert part of the online world to recruit fighters share intelligence and potentially plan real-world attacks and in the weeks that emerged it turned out that not only had they not used encrypted technology they they've been sending SMS messages to one another I think that for politicians often time blaming things on the dark web is a really easy way to sort of wash their hands of an intelligence failure why say we missed an SMS call we missed I mean AM SMS SMS text message why say we missed a phone call when you can say oh no no this was on the dark web we couldn't possibly have found this the scary thing that was happening it's a car wash to say we didn't miss anything it's easy to scapegoat the darknet to say that if it weren't there our lives would be safer more secure but the darknet has always existed in one form or another didn't sapele mahogany the darknet originally 80 been a Alba they are initially called pump solution have in ma shoe Emma for a darknet be a dish I decided that my children they begin al-banna Heidemann [ __ ] Theresa thought parrisha tapioca be freed the bruschetta a dish shall call it a Targa shot quality time at the team corletta August at Marshall's Aloha Oliver wins in span so then the Dark Knight isn't just the place it's a representation of a basic need we all have graduated to amazing revolutions motifs to be human Frankie malgal it's an evangelist for the movement integrate humans and technology we are going to program mankind a very way of thinking needed a reset a document of Wilma come on Maude Mannion Misha metres Eckert darknet wish upon a dark net ID listing shimmer schema document am an Egyptian mummy Nemo odd odd Cali bamboo supported by Chaudhary patoot near kadesha a voxel annual la Petite additional pathetic pathetic Kim is Manav Sadhna toe salad epidemic adagiamo some mystical el Palomar knot with a multi-parameter hearted attaboy shaman inertia columnist an ovarian seuk cheul slim or nod nod enough no macabre Matata from the lager beer located below beyond electronica we limit that diminishes kadosh min-soo measure clarity Oberoi Hotel Anaheim low climate and a shank individually macabre mortem lamassu Gedaliah [Music] with schemata Hippolyta in shiatsu a turbine Adam reach over at m7 imatra a trillion sheltering Shivani Matra at Emily be to Tapatio chillin at the email acute individual you chillin Avenue Silvana dambisa for she-devil but Ashley Reaume and Mark IV me termination culo Caterham lamassu Gordo Liotta vegetable namazu Kaduri devotion even a Meshuga Dorio tell a supporter on same old mood Mannion catered a meme team rip latina mahir Bey patoot the Gopher Adam at a moussaka named ceratin privacy isn't just dead it's cancerous maybe so many crazies running around world order seems too fragile to entrust to the vision of the cypherpunks and crypto anarchists especially those unwilling to show their faces no I was ready to end my piece there but then smuggler came back out of the shadows in a private IRC chat he took a fairly big leap for privacy extremists told me I should come for a visit [Music] [Music] hiding around the streets of Berlin with two guys in masks made me a little uncomfortable even if we'd already met once before I must have been going through the taxi don't think about it like psychologically why you nervous but fear can be a misleading emotion what was I supposed to be afraid of really the cancerous cells or giving up our privacy and individuality to become one big organism you can't make all people work the same ways and we see that in nature as well it's harming for example you know if you're using all the same methods all the same crop all the same all the time sooner or later your farming operation will break down because reality depends on diversity to become stable [Music] cut off camera here privacy is two ideas what evolution is to biology you know to have a healthy ecosystem you need local images and you need evolution you need different organisms who are like mutating who are evolving and some of them will die and some of them will prosper and then the whole it's a very resilient structure and the same for healthy society you need many different ideas and the good ones will actually survive and if you if you think about this future of all humanity being one organism going one direction one bug kills the whole thing right and it's game over and that is actually that would be worse than our fears of nuclear war have ever been I mean imagine what we had with the Third Reich in Germany imagine the Third Reich globally no other countries stopping it what the [ __ ] you know all our forward progress all the benefits of our interconnected world is history truly just bound to repeat  itself we're entering the future that our parents couldn't imagine what will be the result of that is is up to science fiction now I don't want to live in the future where the control over everything every bit of technology every bit of information how to build things what to think is is so big that you know George although it's rotating in this grave you know because I don't think that such a future will be very sustainable so then what is your work done never yeah never I mean some people who work for surveillance and we were to increase privacy we will never get there it's an ideal and ideal to strive for plus even if we work for more privacy it doesn't mean that anybody will stop working for surveillance so as long as they're working for surveillance we have got to do but some people would say I don't know maybe you're paranoid I mean you're not outright criminals also drugs you know and I mean there are many I think the whole discussion is weird how the discussion got so we framed that we are actually the ones who have to do the defending you know why do you have curtains in your flat why do you lock your door and there are many old historical incidents where people got killed because of data collected of them you know that's what happened in the survived the thing that happened in the years before the circus even existed is that a lot of nation states required registration of citizens and one of the things that many states like the Netherlands Belgium France Germany required was to write down new religion  the Nazis came in and took those registries to search them so when Germany invaded other countries they would just have to register the people with the wrong religion right you know they didn't know that might be problem in 10 years most ever believed it [Music] one should realize that you cannot actually know what the future brings you cannot even make up the [ __ ] that's happening on the world today let alone in five years [Music] leaving the container I turned my phone back on and found my way to the train via Google Maps pulled up Gmail to send off the article to my editor I wondered how I could sum it all up where did the rabbit-hole lead me to the dark net wasn't the great evil I'd been led to believe if anything it seemed it might be the only place left for us to escape the increasingly watchful eyes Big Brother a place where we could shed our old identities and begin to create new ones even new worlds a place where we could no real freedom only here I kept returning to smugglers words as I left the container most people don't want real freedom at all they just want enough freedom to be comfortable 

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