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29 noiembrie 2022

discount coupon

 Coupons and Gift Ideas for Small Business Coupons

Discounts and offers.

There comes a time when most online stores have to decide whether to offer a discount or not, when to offer a discount and how much the discount should be.

Offering discounts can be a powerful weapon in our store arsenal to increase customer loyalty. However, if you use them haphazardly, you can seriously damage your brand or, worse, become useless.

In this article, we share discount code ideas to increase customer loyalty and business, and of course, how to use them more effectively.

18 Coupon And Discount Code Ideas For Online Shopping

There are a hundred and one ways to use sales, deals, discounts and offers to increase customer loyalty, purchases and business. Let's take a look at some of the most popular options below, along with examples of each.

1. Weekly/Monthly

Sales These are traditional sales used to increase results. Often these sales at the end of the month or quarter are used to increase sales to meet business goals. Weekly or monthly sales work well at the end of a quarter or season, especially when you're selling seasonal inventory and making room for new products.

Tips and Best Practices: 

Use countdown programs to give the impression that supplies are running low quickly

. Get to know the contract with LOGO and package

. Of course, last chance offers require


and interest to convert new customers into loyal customers. Pre-launches are great for building brand awareness ahead of a store opening or new product launch.

Tips & Best Practices: 

Keep in touch with customers by collecting email addresses so you can update them as your products launch

. Use the pre-order app to give the first group of customers early access to the new product 

. 3. Holiday and Seasonal Deals The holiday season

, including Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday, is the world's biggest shopping spree. Year. Holiday specials are great for boosting average total value when customers are the pickiest. 

Tips and Best Practices: 

At this point, people are more likely to buy for others. So even if you're selling to a target audience (e.g. children's toys), you still want to sell to buyers (parents in this case)

. and new products benefit the most from this type of sale as customers


Abandoned cart emails can be a great way to win back lost sales, especially if they come with discount codes or special offers. 

Tips & Best Practices: 


Abandoned Cart


GetBy offering offers in exchange for visitors' email addresses, you increase your chances of conversion. You'll also get their email, giving you an opportunity to build relationships, retain customers, and market to them in the future.

Tips and Best Practices: 

Tell customers what to expect in our newsletter; For example, you can say something like "Get an exclusive offer and be the first to know about our newest products

.. Add sending options to the newsletter so recipients will spread the word about your brand and products on social media and email


How to Create a Newsletter That Drives Your Business



Tips and Best Practices for Target Recommendations: 

– Word Mouth -App to encourage customers who bought something to share it with their social media followers to get extra discount on future orders

7. Match promo code to

you buyer from you if your friend or Family member ordered it for you. Use it to your advantage and benefit from referral offers. You can manage a referral, a referral, or both

. A 

marketing plan that encourages customers to share your products Recommendations .Business discounts


first offer can be an and at special times an incentive to convert customers who pay in fy first time 

tips and best practices: 

First impressions matter. So make sure the customer's order matches quickly after purchase. A good first experience is essential to get the most out of this type of discount. 

9. Minimum discount at purchase

. Total value pricing is an effective up-selling and cross-selling strategy that encourages customers to spend more, thereby increasing average order size. A strategic way to incorporate this into your online store is to calculate the average value of the order over the last few months and offer a discount or free shipping on all orders that are 10-20% over the best value.

You can also give a minimal discount on the purchase of certain collections and products. If you want to focus on a specific collection, try to attract the audience by adding a minimal discount on purchases.

Tips and Best Practices: 

Use the Limits app to automatically apply discounts to orders that exceed certain thresholds.

Downloadable or downloadable products benefit the most from this type of discount as customers want to act quickly to claim the discount. which may later become unavailable

. 10. Special Offers Special offers on

your social media can be a great way to keep your followers. Plus, this method gives new people a reason to sit down and engage with social media so you can market to them in the future.

Tips & Best Practices: 

Consider increasing your business' reach by sharing your discount through paid

social media

. Spotify allows you to easily create discount codes for specific content only.

Tips and Best Practices: 

This can be as simple as sending a personalized email with a rebate or rebate to your best customers using an automated email marketing program like Keyboard to send an email offer send when someone makes a certain number of purchases

. You can also create a loyalty program with a loyalty program like Loyalty Lion.

Sometimes all it takes is a last-minute offer to turn a visitor into a customer before they leave. Exit: The offer appears as soon as the visitor leaves the page or closes the tab and makes a final purchase offer.

Tips and Best Practices: 

Walk-in offers should convey a bold and simple message that encourages visitors to complete their purchase before they

leave. Disable pop-ups in Shopify


. That means you already know who you are. The advertising reminds you of the return and the offer encourages you to buy.

Tips and Best Practices: 

Retargeting discounts work best when they're relevant to your customer journey. So try to segment your audience and create retargeting campaigns specifically for those segments

. 14. Offer Influencers (bloggers, celebrities, etc.)

Working with influencers who have a large following is a great way to grow your brand. By offering exclusive deals to influencer networks, you stand a better chance of converting fans into customers.

Tips and Best Practices: 

Create a custom discount code for your influencer group so that your followers can easily remember and use the discount code.

Make sure you work with influencers who have a similar audience to the brand

. 15. Online Store Campaigns

If you want to increase online sales, you should consider promoting online stores. Whether you want to use an ecommerce site to supplement traditional selling or you want to build a customer base outside of Amazon, you can generate business online by offering something in return.

Tips and Best Practices: 

Send visitors as soon as they

enter your website

. This can be done at your home if you have one, or at in-person events such as festivals, trade shows, exhibitions, shows, etc.

Tips and Best Practices: 

is a great way to increase brand awareness and loyalty as customers are becoming more and more face meetings

or Facebook ads targeting online store visitors who

live near your location Google

. You can get this discount during or after the event. This helps maintain relationships with loyal customers and increase their loyalty. Plus, it's likely to increase attendance at your next event.

Tips & Best Practices: 

Engage your audience in the days leading up to the event by promoting the event on social media and email marketing

, as opt-outs can play an important role in attracting attendees to your event win so make sure you offer exclusivity and scare the crowd


This milestone can be personal to the customer e.g. B. a birthday or an anniversary. Other milestones can mark the relationships they have formed with each other. This includes the anniversary of a customer's first purchase or the date they joined your loyalty program, spent a certain amount of money, made a certain number of purchases, or otherwise interacted with your brand.

Tips and Best Practices: 

Thank your customers for their loyalty when promoting this type of discount. Showing your appreciation goes a long way in building brand loyalty

. Types of offers, coupons and discounts

There are various discounts and offers. Let's take a look at some of the most common ones:


Dollars Shipping

You can offer an automatic

free gift

on Spotify with two different discounts:




have a percentage discount. This can include smaller incentive percentages like a 5% or 10% discount, larger discounts on actual sales like 20% and 25%, or large percentages like 50% or more to eliminate old or worn out items. You can also easily use this discount. Offer across multiple Shopify collections, products, and locations, or based on a specific purchase, e.g. B. "Buy two sneakers and get 50% off all shirts."

Discount offers 

in USD can be placed as a credit. It makes people feel like they are wasting money if they don't use it. Combine one of these with a minimum purchase amount to increase performance, for example "Spend 200 euros, get 20 euros off".

When choosing between a percentage or a flat discount on a certain product, you should consider the "rule of 100". If your item is less than $100.00, use the discount percentage; if higher, use the fixed discount amount. This is the psychological trigger that leads to the highest value for the customer.

Shipping costs 

are one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. Offering free shipping is a great way to reduce this and increase business.

Use free shipping combined with minimal time requirements to increase the average value you can offer as Shopify shipping rates. You can even combine the free shipping offer with other seasonal offers, e.g. B. A 20% discount code for email subscribers to increase the value of the offer.

Read more: Build your own online store with a website builder.

Free Gift A 

a free gift with purchase can be a great way to offer customers value. When used strategically, it can also be used to increase average farm size and/or remove solid produce. You can set a minimum purchase requirement or quantity requirement with Spotify's Buy X Get I Sale to give a free gift for orders over $200 or when someone buys 5 items. 


The automatic discount applies to all eligible shopping carts and customers will see it on the shopping cart page before the checkout process begins. This is a great way to run an in-store promotion on a product category or all products without requiring customers to enter a discount code.

Omitting the code can increase the number of orders and also speed up the purchase. In September 2019, US customers who started a Shopify signup with a discount were 1.8 times more likely to complete their order than without a discount, and they went 25% thanks to automatic discount comparison and code reduction Checkout seconds faster.

Also, since the discount is already in the cart, customers don't have to check out to look for a discount code or email you because they couldn't find the code you sent. All of this leads to a happier user experience for your customers and potentially higher conversion rates.


are codes that your customers enter at checkout to participate in a specific offer. It's a proven way to offer discounts to the right people, whether it's everyone on your email list or a specific segment like new subscribers or repeat customers. 

Using discount codes can help you track the success of your marketing efforts. If you run multiple campaigns, you can create a separate discount code for each to see the relative impact on sales. 

Take advantage of offers, coupons and discounts.

Offers and discounts are not suitable for all online businesses. By starting with a clear goal, a good understanding of the brand, and testing readiness, you can use promotions more effectively to meet goals, retain customers, and increase profits.

How do I enter a discount code?

In Shopify, you can create a discount code in the store admin by selecting Discounts from the menu on the left. From there, select Create discount and follow the instructions for the type of discount you want to create. Click here for more information.

What discounts are there?

There are two types of discounts you can use on Spotify: unique discount codes and automatic discounts. You can create unique discount codes in the Shopify admin and distribute them to the customer. Automatic discounts are automatically applied at checkout to carts that meet certain code criteria.

How do you use unique codes?

Once your code has been sent to the customer, they can complete their purchase by entering it in the Coupon Codes box on your website. If your order meets the discount conditions, this will be taken into account before payment. If it doesn't meet these criteria, you'll get an error message.

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