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12 noiembrie 2022

Discount to a Gift Card

Adding a Discount to a Gift Card

You can create coupon codes or automatic discounts that apply to specific products or gift card variants. Discounts that apply to collections do not apply to collection coupons.

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types of

for a percentage of the gift card.

Create a discount. Buy X then Y discount for a free gift

card discounts


With a certain percentage, e.g. B. 20% of the face value of the gift card

With a certain amount, eg. $20 off card face value - Gift

. A discount may require a specific purchase before it is applied, such as: B. A “Buy X Get You” discount, which offers a discount with no minimum order value.

The following restrictions apply to automatic discounts:

You can only have one active automatic discount at a time.

Automatic discounts take precedence over discount codes and cannot be used at the same time.

Customers cannot use multiple discounts on the same order.

Discount codes are not available for customers who receive an automatic discount at checkout.

Customers must add all items to their cart before the discount can be applied. This includes any items they need to purchase to receive the discount, as well as the proceeds from the gift card.

Creating a percentage discount for a gift card

You can create a percentage discount for a specific product or variant of a gift card, e.g. B. "Get a €100 voucher for €80". The value of the product or gift card variant is the amount that can be used towards a future purchase.

You can create a discount code or an automatic discount for a percentage of the gift certificate.

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