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17 august 2022

Discounted sales 

Discounted sales (sales or settlements)

Discounted commercial practices in Portugal are regulated by Decree-Law.

In these terms, if the merchant intends to carry out sales in sale or liquidation, to be carried out in a physical unit, remotely or by other means, or through online commerce, he is subject to the obligation to notify ASAE to the Address '' with at least 5 working days before (in the case of sales) or 15 working days, for liquidations.

The communication to ASAE of balances and/or liquidations, according to the diploma in force, must be done exclusively through the "e.Portugal" Portal. 

No other form of communication will be taken into account, the economic operator assuming non-compliance with the applicable legislation, in the case of final sales or liquidations .

In case of access difficulties due to lifetime DAMAGE, it is necessary to contact the AMA to resolve the situation, i.e. obtain a CMD (mobile digital key), which can only be generated in a face-to-face service in Citizen.For more information, the economic operator must consult the network of city premises and choose the closest one.

Modification of communications of balances or settlements previously transmitted on the regulation of the "e.Portugal" platform

regarding "e. Portugal", includes a functionality where it is necessary to change the communication of balances or settlements that have been submitted previously. In this sense, in exceptional and justified cases, the "Modification" Service can be used, which assumes that the economic operator has already made a prior communication of sale with a price reduction (for which a number and a procedure number are required) carried out on the platform "e.Portogallo" and that you want to change it, for unforeseen reasons.

Use of this functionality is allowed only if the previous assumption is met. If it is a new communication, you will need to use the "communication" service.

An amendment replaces the previous communication, for the years or the URL/site indicated in the submission form, so that the start and end dates of the sales period included in the amendment request become those declared by the economic operator (applicable to the periods). not fulfilled, with reference to the date of submission of the change).

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