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01 noiembrie 2022


discounts and discount codes to offer to your customers.

    You may want to use discounts to promote sales, special offers, or reward customer loyalty. Discount codes are codes that you can create and share individually, and automatic discounts are automatically applied at checkout and in your shopping cart in

There are different classes of discounts and discount types that you can create. Discount classes are like discount categories.


The classes you can create are order discounts, product discounts, and shipping discounts.

Discount types are more specific, e.g. B. Buy X, then Y, discounts for free shipping and discount posts.

These automatic can discount coupon codes.

 Coupon Codes offer customers a discount amount or shipping discount for your store's products, collections or variants. If you sell online, you can offer discounts on purchases of X and Y to entice customers to buy products.

When you create a new discount code, it appears on the talk page in your Shopify admin. If you want to distribute this discount code, you can email it to your customers or display it in your online store. Your customers must enter the code at checkout to receive the discount.

If you create a discount code:

Date the code is valid

, how many times the code can be used,

minimum order value before the code can be used

, which products, collections or versions of the discount can be used for

Your customers can redeem codes for a discount in your online shop. In addition to the Buy X Get Y discounts, your customers can also personally use the discount codes when using Shopify POS.

All Shopify plans come with discount codes.

Once you've set up your discount codes, you can use the discount sales report to see how often your discount codes are being used.


You can double an existing discount on your mobile device by tapping the discount and then tapping ... > Discount doubled.

Considerations for creating discount codes

Before creating a discount code, consider the following:

A discount code can be valid for up to 100 specific customers, products, and variants.

There is a limit of 20,000,000 unique discount codes per store.

Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with automatic discounts.

Avoid using special characters in coupon code names to ensure coupon code names are correctly added to your store's checkout address.

Collections should not contain individual versions. If you add a product version to the discounted collection, the discount applies to each product version.

When you create a discount with a start and end time, the time is based on the time zone you've selected in your Shopify admin. For example, if your store's time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST) and you select November 26 as your start date, your discount will begin on November 26 at 12:00 PM EST.

Automatic discounts

You can offer your customers discounts that are automatically applied at checkout and in the shopping cart. You can create a discount amount or buy X and get Y automatic discounts.

In order to apply the automatic discount correctly, your customers must add all eligible items to their shopping cart before checking out. This includes items they must purchase to receive the discount and items they receive as part of a promotion.

You can only activate one automatic discount at a time. Automatic discounts take precedence over discount codes and customers cannot use multiple discounts on a single order. Discount codes are not available for customers who receive an automatic discount at checkout.

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