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How to get first   bulk  Instagram followers
21 ianuarie 2021

Earn money  with top URL shorteners  First of all what are you URL shorteners  and then how do you make money from it actually this article is mainly about highest-paying URL shortener so the bigger part of this video is based on highest-paying URL shorteners that's why I gotta tell you some short summary on what are you URL shorteners are how do you earn money from it so what is a URL shortener.   URL you would like it to be but here you will learn that how you can make money from it so you must be thinking how can you make money by shorting the links so there are vast variety of URL shorteners that will let you short your link and they also put ads on your link and when somebody will open your link he or she has to see some ads before they get redirected to the original link so there will be a ad revenue some of it is sent to URL shortener and the rest will be granted to you this is just simple you have to create a link and then you can post it anywhere somewhere you think it will get more and more clicks and that's how you make money so let's move to the top five URL shorteners that our highest paying URL shorteners and our best because also there is a lot of URL shorteners lots of them are a scam and lots of them are paying too but we gonna see which ones are legit and trusted and paying the highest all of them are based on reviews before getting started subscribe to this channel and turn on the bell icon so you won't miss any articlefrom me . trustworthiness is the key if you want to effectively use and make money from URL shortening service shortest qualifies as it is one of the most trusted URL shortener out there shortest is also one of the high paying URL shortener around the web for a u.s. audience shortest offers one of the highest payout rates at 14 dollars and four cents besides offering one of the best payout rates shortest also sets a minimum withdrawal limit of five dollars for PayPal and web money whereas sets the withdraw a limit at $20 for Payoneer you can withdraw your earnings on tenth of every month automatically if the payment threshold is reached for the set payment method shortest also lets you earn on referrals you can earn 20% of all the earnings made by your referrals with shortest so more quality referrals can help you earn more money in the long run without even using the URL shortening service I personally was recently using shortest so that's why I consider it adding to this list but I have moved to the other one the only reason is it is not paying the highest the CPM is makes you shorten and track your links in addition it rewards you for every single link at the same time is a link shortener that started in 2016 it was called cut URL first but its domain and name have changed to recently is an excellent shortener compared to other shorteners because of its high CPMs that have a minimum of three dollars and fifty cents which is a very high rate another great feature about is their support they are very quick and they will usually help you with any problem within less than 24 hours in addition they support a variety of payment method so users can request payments via PayPal Bitcoin pay here and Western Union with a minimum withdrawal amount of only $3.00 exe IO referral program is a great way to earn extra money by sharing exe io with your friends refer new users and receive 10% of their earnings for life it lets you know your audience analyze in detail what brings you the most  income and what strategies you should adapt rancor and dot-com is one of the fastest-growing URL shortener site  it pays to shorten any URL links and share anywhere online currently they offer up to 20 dollars per 1000 visits  with lowest rate of $3 this is the most highest paying URL in this top 5 list so what's the reason I added it to number 3 because the visitor has to see so many ads and pop-ups before getting redirected to the original link and it really irritates your visitor and a lot of ads is the only reason which makes it the highest paying URL shortener so if you know your visitor intention like if you think if your visitor will click on the link and will see those lot of ads because they really want to access the original link so in this way this is the best shortener but if you care about your visitor so you don't have to use this shortener because if the link is not very important to your visitor he is not going to see all those ads and that click will not be counted currently they offer 6 payment methods to pay all their users which are PayPal pay here web moly Skrill and bank transfer you can withdraw your earning when reaches $5 also any publishers can earn extra 25% to refer other publishers they process payments on daily basis to all their publishers also they offer some other good features like offering multiple tools high CPM rates good customer support good referral commission for life low withdrawal limit many more if you're looking for a trust and veteran service in the URL shortening industry then go for a DFL Wyatt is one of the highest paying URL shortener on the web right now given its existence since the advent of URL shortening services that pay a DFL why is also more reliable than its peers offers the highest payout rate of twenty two dollars and 18 cents for every 1,000 unique impressions from US origin you can make a lot of money with if you can attract tons of traffic originating from the United States other productive countries include UK Germany Canada Belgium Finland Australia and France automatic withdrawal is set on 10th of each month on platform for each publisher with a minimum threshold of $5 for PayPal and $20 for Payoneer besides making money on short links you can also earn via referrals on ADF ly platform you will receive 20% of the total earnings made by your referrals is a free URL shortener service where you can create short links and get paid for every click the payout rate is between four to twelve dollars per 1000 visits this is my favorite and I personally currently using it the reason is if you want a highest rate without irritating your visitor with lot of ads then is the best highest paying URL shortener with draws generate automatically every Monday if he reaches the minimum amount minimum withdrawal is $5 pay via their PayPal Bitcoin web money pay here this is the only URL shortener that also pays for proxy traffic none of the others pay for the proxy traffic and in today world lot of people use VPN and proxies when surfing the web to maximize their security there are a lot of other tools like mass shrinker and micro jobs you can share your micro job link to anywhere and when somebody clicks on it he or she has to do a survey and you will be paid a good price for it for each invited user as your referral you will receive 10% of their earnings for life 

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