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How to get first   bulk  Instagram followers
07 ianuarie 2021

Earn money listening music

 I want to say this video is gonna be open to a lot more people if you haven't checked out that video yet  feel free to check it out here it is a way to make thousands of dollars every month becoming a voice-over artist online so today we're getting into how you can make money at listening to music and I'm not talking about slice the pie where you're making pennies per song I'm talking about a website where you can make up to 12 dollars per song so yeah let's get into the video so this is something and that I have never really heard of honestly I never really wanted to expand upon listening to music because I thought pretty much all of it was just pennies per song which isn't enough to really make a proper side hustle but I found this new for me website where they will pay you up to twelve dollars per song that you listen to so essentially if you want to listen to ten songs a day while you're working out or right before you go to bed or just on your commute to work that could be up to a hundred and twenty dollars a day just listening to music so if you're somebody who loves music and you are music not this be a really great option for you and also just a lot of fun what you're going to be doing is not only listening to music but you're gonna be helping local artists review their music so when there is a music artist that comes up and they're new and they're kind of fine they're tuned and kind of the style that they want to go for we ask the community as an audience can really help them decide what that can be so criticism what we thought about their song etc so what they have is songs on this website after you listen a song you review it so it's pretty self-explanatory pretty simple and that most people around the world can do this I did make sure that this is not just in the United States biggest comment I get all day long every day is more options for people not outside the US well this one is it okay so the website is called playlist push pretty much what the website is about is pushing playlists on to new listeners to get their reviews about how the song is and their advice about it so before we get into it there's a few different steps before you can get up to $12 song doing this so I'm gonna get into that right now first you need a Spotify or Apple music account there I think there's one other I'm gonna put it here somewhere but we're gonna be talking more about Spotify because that's what I use so you do need to have an active account so just make an account it's free and you need to make a playlist on it or a couple of playlists so if you already have playlists on there great so pick your favorite artists add some songs in there add some different things and you have a playlist there you go the next thing you need to do to be able to make this money with playlists push is you need to have at least four hundred followers wait I know what you're thinking but I don't have 100 followers to do this well I'm gonna help you right now I do not recommend you buy followers like a lot of other people are talking about doing because if you buy followers and their ghost accounts and they're not active that's not gonna help you and they're smarter than that that anybody can do that you need to have active four hundred followers on your Spotify account so what you can do is we can help each other so if you're not already part of the side hustle and family gang gang-bang go ahead and subscribe to the family and comment down below what your Spotify account is and we can follow each other this is gonna be a lot better than buying followers because we all have playlists and we all have songs that we're all have accounts that we're listening to the music we are active users so we can help each other we can follow each other we can follow each other's playlists and then if we all get to 400 subscribers followers we are winning okay we are all winning and I'm all about all of us winning together so  we can help each other out so yeah put in the comments your Spotify account and you could be making $12 per song up to up to okay we clarify that up to 12 dollars per song with playlist push all right let's get into the tutorial alright so here is the website playlist push just go to playlist push calm and you can see here they are connecting artists to playlist curators so you're gonna be a curator that's pretty much yeah you make content and stuff so you're gonna be one people that owns music playlists you own playlist that's the ones you create for charities that's what you want to do so that's what we're gonna be looking at so it says discover some of the best up-and-coming indie artists and help them launch their career get paid to listen and review songs so right here get rewarded earned money by listening and reviewing songs and like I said this is up to $12 a song the range is $1 to $12 a song just so you can get an idea how much you think you can make but like I said if you want to listen to only ten songs a day while you're running or in the car or before you go to bed you know you can make up to $120 a day if you listen to ten songs from what I see there's no cap to per song so you can earn more than that okay so first you're gonna sign up as a curator and you're gonna choose where you live to know where you're gonna pay out so I'm gonna just choose Nigeria because a lot of people ask me from Nigeria what works for them but this one does okay so Nigeria and then how many followers does your Spotify playlist have like I said you need at least 400 and I told you earlier if you don't have 400 followers on your account put your name in the comment and we can help each other and get there you can help each other so we're gonna put four hundred to five hundred five thousand because that's how much you need and then look great looks like you qualify to become a curator on playlist push continue by connecting your Spotify account so that you can verify your playlists so you're gonna connect your account once you get to four hundred and then after that are gonna preview and you can start earning up to twelve dollars per song up listening to them and then reviewing them so I'm now on the tab for curators and I just wanted to review everything else that you might have some more questions so like I said you're getting paid to review songs that's exactly what it's saying we pay to listen and review songs if you like it you can consider adding it to one of your playlists so have your playlist already set up create a few with your favorite artists and favorite songs to qualify as a curator you need to own your own playlist with real followers on Spotify YouTube music or Apple music this is important why I told you don't just buy a list people will tell you like oh just buy a list of a thousand people and for you know like 40 bucks or whatever don't do that because those are ghost accounts and they're not real followers they know that they're not stupid like they're they know that you need real people but if we're all real people and we're helping each other we're all using it we're all listening you know we're all real followers so I feel like that's okay okay so you get paid per review qualified playlist carriers can earn up to $12 per song reviewed okay so you're also supporting your community support in the artists help new and upcoming artists by providing feedback on their music and then you also get instant payouts request a payout at any time we pay directly to your bank account so as long as have a bank account this should be fine discover a new music so if you're a music rat and you love music discover new music from independent artists for your playlist so yeah guys that's pretty much it there's nothing more to talk about the website is playlists push you can get paid up to $12 a song reviewed once you have 400 followers a lot of people are also gonna say you should go on reading King Quora to promote it don't do that don't do that just put it in the comments we'll help each other we'll get you to 400 and you can start doing this .

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