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Make money online watching videos
04 noiembrie 2021

Earn money with The best manual traffic exchange sites 2021.


   Our guide and directory examines not only the best automatic traffic exchange sites, but also the best manual traffic exchange sites. They allow you to get a lot of real visitors to your website, forum, blog or referral link. Moreover, you can even make money.

 Here are some examples of manual traffic exchange. If you want to exchange traffic faster you can access our site with a list of "manual traffic exchange" sites and use the semi-automatic traffic exchange system, opening 10 or more sites in different windows and click on row to each. This way you will gain time and many views about 2000 per hour. For several unique viewing results you can use one at a time. The first ten a session and later ten other session sites. You can also earn money if you do not have a website. You can put a promotional link on these sites and you will earn money. You will be able to see details on

EasyHits4U leader over 12 years

0.30 USD / 1000 page views

0.10 USD / Registeragain

40% of affiliate programs

 - Traffic exchange service:

StartXchange is also included in the main traffic exchange sites. These sites offer three types of subscription. Free subscription when all are free, but you must visit at least three sites to receive a visitor. They allow users to post only five banners and ten websites. They also make good profits through recommendations from friends.

Gold membership offers a 30% referral fee to your member if your referral buys traffic from these sites. Each month you receive a bonus of 250 credits and 20 banner impressions. Here you can advertise for thirty banners and fifty websites. If you visit two sites, you will receive a visitor from your sites. For this subscription, you only have to pay 6 USD per month.

Platinum membership has a minimum browsing speed, you just need to visit a website and get a visitor to your sites. This subscription also allows you to advertise for up to 30 banners and 50 sites. web sites and earn a 30% referral fee. Earn a bonus of 500 credits and 30,000 banner impressions per month.  

WebmasterQuest Online Since 2000

Navigation fee1: 1


Members Unlimited sites to promote

Earn up to 50%

commission money in

10 seconds, browsing

5affiliate levels

 SocialSurf4u online for 2011,

more 20,000 members

up to 30%


5- 6 seconds navigation

TrafficSwirl   50,000 members

browsing ratio: 0.4-1

credit per click

Browse 6 to

8 seconds

PTC ads

Earn more with


TrafficG founded in 2001








SmileyTraffic - Best  

Approximately 197,175 members. this site can thus quickly produce a wider audience. This site allows you to promote your referral URL. Automatic resale of credits, for free members the payment is 20.00 USD, users can withdraw the payment between 1 and 72 hours. A single pop-up window is allowed for manual and automatic navigation.


social traffic exchange


Other websites with Manual traffic exchange can find here.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages and benefits of a manual traffic exchange site?

Increase your sales and traffic with real visitors to your site.

Increase your Alexa ranking and, consequently, the popularity of your site.

Increase the value of your site. More traffic = more value

Increasing pageviews

Can help build links and partnerships with other users

Earning potential (for most of them)

What is a manual traffic exchange site?

Unlike Autosurfing, a manual traffic exchange site is not automatic. It takes human action every time you want to visit another website, for example to solve a captcha. So you can get less free traffic, but you will definitely get real visitors visiting your site. They can become your new customers or contact you to create a partnership.

How can I attract more visitors to my site?

Whether you're starting a new website or want more unique visitors and pageviews, a manual traffic exchange may be the answer. You will need to visit other sites to earn points to get free visitors, but you can also buy points directly if you are impatient.

Where can I promote my affiliate links?

One of the best places to promote your affiliate link is to use manual traffic exchange sites. Your links will open in your browser window and will be seen by real visitors who can become your new customers. Some sites also allow you to use banners or text ads to get even more leads. Depending on the functionality of the site, you may be able to send messages to other users to promote your affiliate links.

Can I increase my Google page rank with a manual traffic exchange?

Good question. Not all SEO professionals agree with this statement, there is controversy. Some think it has an impact, and others think not. Google uses many different factors when it comes to the rank and position of your site. No one knows them all and everyone is trying to guess them. But you can be sure that traffic plays an important role in SEO. To use manual traffic exchange correctly, you should find the best site to customize your settings. For example, a longer visit is better than a 10-second visit, and the more pageviews per visit, the better.

With our ranking algorithm based on our innovative new technology, we can list legitimate and serious manual traffic exchange sites without scams. Allows you to sort the data using a filter and sort it alphabetically to find the right site for you.

Keep an eye on our site as we update the content and regularly add new manual exchange sites. quality traffic.

Feel free to post constructive comments on manual traffic exchange sites. 

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