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21 februarie 2021

Earrings history

Why Women Wear Earrings


 why it is that women wear earrings the Mythic ins the spiritual sense and also really in the sense of reality the spiritual world is borne out by the physical world and at the end I'll also touch on why men at times wear earrings from what that means whether that is good or bad for men but for the time being let's talk about the subject at hand is to why women wear earrings and to answer that question. We'll look at the creation of man in Genesis chapter 1 Genesis 1:27 says and God created man in his own image in the image of God. He created him male and female he created them. So if you look at this. Mankind on through Poland in Greek the word here in the Hebrew is Adam is comprised of both male and female. The word here for mail and Greek is audison, which means to be robust or course the word here for female is FEI Liu with a loose which means delicate or Tender and also has a deeper meaning from the Greek word, which means basically to suckle children. It's a reference to woman's breasts and her ability to nourish. But what I am interested in here is the Hebrew words because these are very telling now typically when reading the Old Testament it's better to read it in the Greek because the text is more reliable accurate and the master reads had a tendency of cutting things out of the text as far as content is concerned but where the content is the same as the Greek. In my opinion it is safe to glean meaning from the words in the Hebrew text. So long as the content is equal to that of the Greek and here it's basically the same. So let's look at the Hebrew words for male and female. The Hebrew word for male here is a car which means to remember to commemorate but the essential meaning in that is to impress or to pierce in the active. The word here for female in Hebrew is not cough basically means to to be pierced to be bored through now the meaning here with these two words male and female is a card from male to pierce and the cough or female to be pierced. I think the implications are fairly obvious, so I'm not going to go into detail with that. But that really sets up what relationship is between man and woman mailing. Email we have the active male in the passive female. So, of course the piercing here is a reference to the sexual relationship between a man and a woman and if you're interested in a deeper explanation of that, I have a good talk on my other video on the culture of virgins women and rape and I go into great detail there on what actually transpires during the sexual act so I won't go into detail here with that. So male means the peers female means to be pierced now before going on further along to talk about the basic structure of the human body for either male or female and to point out the obvious our bodies come in pairs. So we have two eyes two nostrils who have two ears all our teeth come in pairs. We have two hands two feet two arms two legs and the corresponding male and female reproductive organs. Also come in pairs. If you consider the ovaries of woman the testicles of a man those also go in pairs. So in that sense men and women are the same they are you could say human assembly to translate they are on through upon man is how the word appears in Greek. It is masculine, but the main difference between man and woman in regards to this guess I could how quality duality of the body and I don't mean that in any Gnostic sense. I mean thats that everything comes in pairs. Is that the mail is active everything in his body culminates to a single point? Whereas in the woman everything begins at a single point and then spreads out to the two sides of her body. So you have the outward Motion in the male body culminating in a single point. You have the inward motion the female body beginning from a single point. And of course at that point is where the male and female unite where the Two Become One flesh. So in a very literal sense, you could call the male essentially extroverted. That is to say turned outward or and you can call the female introverted that is to say inward turning and the to complement each other and just for fun. We can look at nature and see where this manifest subconsciously in men and women who have probably never read this passage of scripture never thought about it never considered it, but look at the way a woman Styles her hair in pigtails, right? You have the hair pulled apart in two different directions.


That feels right. It looks right on a woman because it corresponds to her nature. And if you consider in men what we call the hairstyle Mohawk or Mohican pattered off of a hairstyle of a group of Native Americans called The Mohicans who shave their heads to produce a mohawk or a single strand of hair going over through the center of the head and also more widely known is the crest the horsehair Crest on top of the Greek and Roman helmets that correspond to this male temperament or this male instinct. Of culminating in a single point and let me read a passage from Homer out of The Iliad showing this. So this is Robert fagles translation, which is a decent translation. And this is The Iliad book 16 beginning in line 164 quote and over his powerful head. He set the well forged helmet the horsehair Crest to top it tossing bristling Terror. So these are just two simple examples of where you see this awareness of the the male and female body. Demonstrated being expressed by individuals and cultures who have no idea that this verse written by Moses in Genesis chapter one existing yet. They still play it out if you will. So when talking about piercing the ears, I have to make mention of a microcosm and the macrocosm and basically what that means is that the reality that is born out on the large scale. Is mimicked or mirrored on the little scale? So for example? During sexual Union between a man and woman. There is the active piercer and the passive pierced the male and the female you could say, that is the map. cosm this argument But when you have the woman piercing her ears that is a microcosm. You have the same idea you have an active agent. You have the needle piercing the lobe of the ear, right? You have the active in you have the passive but it's a reality that's actually happening to the person on a smaller scale which mimics and correspond and it's meant to correspond and to signify the greater truth the greater reality. So there is continuity in the person pain. Pressing in their physical body what happens to them on the essential level? Which also includes your body? Of course. So it's significant that women Pierce both ears almost without fail. I don't think I've ever seen a woman with only one ear pierced. Now there are many men who Pierce both ears and I'll explain what that means in my view at the end. But let me go forward from that with women piercing both their ears. So when Adam knew Eve she can see a divorce son in the likeness and image of Adam. So when Adam knew Eve it's not that he accumulated facts about her. He knew her on the ontological level which is to say he knew her and her Essence the two became one flesh. That is to say Yves physical body became an extension of Adam. So the two were one flesh the two bodies became one body. And so just as Adam has knowledge of his hand and a very essential way the blood courses through his hand and you can say Adam knows his hand he feels that he's aware of it the same way. He knows his wife Eve because they are now one flesh through sexual Union and through that Union through that impressing Adam upon Eve the piercing of Adam Vaughan Eve. Get the idea of remembrance, which I stated earlier which is tied up in the meaning for as a car and you get that through his son. So memory is not just a recollection of the past. It's a it is a commemoration, right? So you have atoms face and you have the face of a son which looks just like Adam. It's in His image and likeness right? So through the piercing process. Adam now is now commemorated himself has made a name for himself. So to speak and he does this through his wife through Eve who was a willing participant. Because she has the capacity to be impressed upon right to bear that image for Adam to be pierced if you will. And it's at this time that Adam names or calls his wife Heath prior to this. She was just being given the generic name woman. And so of course when Eve here's this name-calling if you will she hears it with her ears obviously and so it is appropriate the symbol of her Union with Adam also happens in her ears the place where she hears her name her identity which she shares without him and when she is born in having a child with Adam and remembering his likeness through her own body. So she Pierce's her ears to signify that right? So Adam is her husband her head and he speaks to respond.


They have a son they bear a child together. So she Pierce's her ears the place where the words of Adam the logos of Adam comes in and resonates with her and reproduces or commemorates his own image and likeness through the birthing of his son another child another human being if you will. The song is born of Eve's body and a very similar way that Eve was born of Adams body at the beginning. Eve was taken from you could say a hole and out of side God cut a hole on the side of Adam took his rib out and formed Eve out Body and their own out men are born of the female body from mothers right and not from the father like Eve had been. However, the fact that Eve was taken out of the cut or whole from Adams body helps us to understand exactly What union means between a husband and wife? And that brings up the word covenant. So if we look at Genesis chapter 15 verses 17 through 18, we have a ideal example of the word covenant being used again in the Hebrew language, which is very telling so the story basically is is that Abram God commands him to take these animals and cut them in half and a set the left side the animal on the left side the right side on the right side. And of course if you remember the human body is also comes in a left side and a right side. And of course in Union between a husband and wife are split down the middle. And so Abram does this with these animals and then Abram falls asleep and he sees a smoking oven passed between the pieces and then he sees the flaming torch passed between the pieces. And it says that God makes a covenant with Abram. So in English, we say God made a covenant with Abraham wrote with Abram. So we use the preposition with the expression in Hebrew is God cut Abram the Covenant there is no proposition. There is God who is the subject? And then there is Abram who is the object? So God is cutting Abraham. And then Cuts Abraham the Covenant the Covenant is also the object. So you have a double object there. You have Abraham and you have the Covenant and you have the cutter Covenant maker choose God the subject and then you have the cutting so God Cuts Abraham. So Abraham and spread these animals out like this. as proxies for himself to make this Covenant with God And God passes through them and of course the flame passing through the pieces is a prophecy concerning Christ the Incarnation. So my point is that God is becoming becoming one flesh with Abraham. So just says Adam Pierce's Eve. And splits the left from the right. So God with mankind becomes incarnate and to show this to Abraham. He Compares in likened it to a marriage of God piercing Abraham and much the same way as Adam Pierce's Eve. And it's metaphor. Yes, but metaphors are real and actual. So we see this actually fulfilled and played out when Christ becomes flesh becomes a man like us that is God becomes one flesh with Mankind and he does that through the virgin woman through Mary and literally as God passed through the pieces of the animals the left and right when Christ is born of Mary. He passes through Mary. And become one flesh with the human race. So not only do we see this in the Incarnation in the birthing of Christ as God passing through the left and the right sides of Mary the pieces of humanity if you will and making a covenant with us cutting us if you will a covenant when he's been crucified. He's also pierced in the side with a lance. Which corresponds to the creation of Eve? Adams body when God pierced the side of Adam and took a rib out and fashioned a bride for Adam. So in the same way Christ is pierced and what happens blood and water flow out so we know that the church is the body of Christ and there again, we have a picture of the macrocosm and the microcosm. So we have the essential person of Christ to Nature's fully God fully man. His body is pierced, but it is also the foundation Ian Stone of the body of the church, who is the bride of Christ The Bride of God and so God Pierce's his own body.

United to himself in much the same way that a man pierce his wife and unites her to him and she signifies this by piercing her ears. Which is the beginning place of where she first heard his words like the Virgin Mary heard the words of Christ the logos of Christ in her ear and conceived and bore a son and the exact likeness of God. So we have there the double meaning of the car to pierce but also to remember to hear to be impressed and therefore reproduce an icon of God in the person of Christ. And of course Christ is not merely a likeness. He is God In the Flesh so he is a perfect icon. He is God. No, I'm saying all this. I just want to be clear that of course the Virgin Mary. Is ever virgin most holy ever-virgin Mary Mother of God, so she was not pierced in the same way that a normal woman is pierced earring marriage. I'm not saying that at all Mary conceived the logos the word God through her ear. But it is very telling to us for women who are not the mothers of God normal women. If you will why they pierce their ears with a signifies a whites good and how it corresponds to their nature as God created them. So having covered basically the essential meaning of what it means for a woman to pierce your ears. You can tell. Something about a particular individual and how she Pierce's her ears and what that might mean and just one example I will give is what I've noticed is that when girls get excessive piercings running up the side of the rear. I've noticed that basically on girls who associate with effeminate men is that they're trying to maintain their passive position by out womaning these effeminate men. So you have these effeminate men. Act like women and the women around them want to be more womanly than these womanly meant and they try to do that by getting excessive piercings in their ears to outdo the men's so to speak and being women. But now going on to why men Pierce through years. In the Old Testament, the only reason a man would pierce his ear you notice I said their singular here is when he was going to become a slave for life and we have this law written in Exodus 21 and verse 6 where Moses describes if a man if a slave wants to be a slave her life his owner basically takes him to the door of his home and pierces the love of his ear through with an awl. And that hole in his ear than signifies that this man his self agency. He has yielded that to another person in much the same way that a woman does to her husband, which is natural. But with a man it is going Beyond his natural proclivity, but it is still possible in some sense to yield his own will to Man, and he signifies that with his ear and very similar way as a woman does by piercing both her ears. So I've heard the expression that either Pirates we earrings or men who are homosexual wear earrings. And essentially this is true and let me explain why so we have the understanding that a slave what we're hearing. We have that in Antiquity and it still indicates that today. But Pirates are men driven by their passions that is they are men without agency of their own and they answer to the dictates of someone else or rather something else that is their own passions. They give themselves away to their passion. So excessively they're driven from with outside and innocence have no control and therefore you have a stereotype of a pirate with earrings in his ear and again still singular most of the time. And I have noticed a trend moving on to men piercing their ears both ears. And I thought about this a lot. And the only thing that I could think of is that typically the men that I see with excessive piercings is either they're gay and trying to behave as women, which is Unbecoming to them. Or they are extremely promiscuous men. That is they have sex with a lot of women and I would say to the extent that they lose their sense of initiative as men that they're no longer initiate. They're no longer the piercers, even though technically they are but on a psychological level they are driven completely by the Allure of a woman's sexuality because they've been with so many different women. And so I've noticed that that men were either slaves. Criminals Pirates men who are driven by passions will wear earrings again is of course wear earrings trying to be women and then men who though even though they may be masculine and appearance have yielded there? Point of initiation to their own passions by being promiscuous and that we're earrings because they have yielded up their will to their own sins.


So in these instances with men earrings are typically bad. Because it doesn't correspond to how God made them. However with women earrings are quite attractive, they're beautiful and quite appropriate and I believe that women should wear earrings that they like they don't have to but if they like to I believe they're appropriate to the feminine Instinct and temperament nature. So we have their Zohar is the Hebrew word for male, which means to Pierce her to memorialize to remember the main lead appears and then you have the keyboard in a cough or female which means to be pierced. And so this indicates how a man and woman become one flesh how they know each other through sexual Union. How a covenant is made by two people becoming one flesh one blood and we see how God uses this type of Covenant to join himself to the human race. Through the Incarnation through his passion on the cross and ultimately through the church. Who is his bride as he was the bride to Adam? And one more thing to keep in mind is when we use these metaphors which are real actual metaphors. They're not empty metaphors, but they actually correspond to reality when we use these metaphors. We have to understand. That using them to describe God God existed before the metaphor. So God made man in his own image and likeness made him male and female. That is to say then that we can use the male and female analogy to describe God because it was out of God's image that the male and female reality was given to us. So it's not that we go and find a random metaphor nature and use it to describe God as closely as we can. We were giving the metaphor of male and female out of God himself as a likeness and the creation of man and the image and likeness of God and God making us male and female. So I hope that helps in understanding why women wear earrings and what it signifies and that nature is consistent and beautiful as God.










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