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04 June 2021

  I lose thousands of euros per second


 I lose thousands of euros per second”: Jean-Christophe M., bitcoin hobbyist.

Cryptocurrency trader, a historic fall in price on May 19. Jean-Christophe M., 39, computer scientist and virtual stockbroker who died there, explains that his How Pass had seen the event live.

That day my balance went up by another $130,000, and then I saw that $5,000 fall. Me and I invested in this market in August 2020, when there was a price of 10,000 bitcoins. One day on May 12, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that it was still over $100,000. Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin payments due to the contamination of the cryptocurrency. After some time the price, from USD 58,000 to USD.

48000 I lost $15,000 that night. Everything would be fine as he promised the next day, everything was slow and I didn't sell anything. I told myself it stalled and crashed and was quickly forgotten, but I didn't get $40,000 a week. It doesn't smell good, so I have an exhaust plan to limit the damage.

 China announced on May 19 that its financial institutions would be barred from providing cryptocurrency services. Bitcoin fell to $30,000. We're currently losing 25% of the day, but "It all happened in a matter of minutes. I'm losing thousands of dollars per second. I'm not going to look. They called their" badmanagement.

timeAt least not checked the situation and there is no need to disturb the balance. I hung up the phone and thought I would see him later. In the deal he said, "No sale, no loss," so I didn't sell anything. After recovering, I paid over $40,000. Everyone was happy, but this disappointing growth gave me a gift.

Over the weekend, China announced that it was trying to withdraw (an activity that clears transactions and produces new accepted bitcoins), bitcoin transactions are impressive, we are buying $33,000 very quickly. I can't imagine the amount of input that turns into price so quickly. Mobile

We are in a fraudulent market with a huge investment. This is a trap to sell the young man. Many people enter this market to earn quick money.

  I fundamentally believe in blockchain technology, whether my wallet is worth $5 or $5,000. This reduction does not mean that the quad has shown weakness of the traditional economy at the end of the crisis. National currencies always lose their value. If the downside is confirmed in the long term, I will sell some of my assets, but not all. So, if everything starts again in three years, I am ready to do it. "