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26 April 2021

 The young entrepreneurs running successful businesses

  The big day is before us. It was agreed to close the construction companies, and the most important thing is to close other companies. You will earn money for the new range of BMW cars. He's probably not a millionaire, but that's not how smart entrepreneurs work. he goes to school. Jack Bloomfield (Jack Bloomfield) is a 17-year-old boy. Where is this child going? I'm not the school captain. He is neither the governor nor any special person. She is preparing to start a lifelong business. He is just a dream child. Start working, working and earning money. He is alone without the help of his parents and without the help of his parents. No, Jack is not Australian, just a millionaire in his yard. He is part of a new generation that he dares to move. Make a book about your mother's employee rules. Yes, that's right, do you own it? I agree. Age does not matter when you create wealth. And it will never be an obstacle to dream. Some people will say that even when you leave the classroom, you enter the classroom and declare that you want to start a business. The answer you will receive is excellent. can we help you No, you have to laugh about it, otherwise you're not too smart. You have enough money, you have no rights, you wait for university and everything else, for everyone, when you turn 15 and you have to prepare to start a business Trying, you say you can't, just go on it, there is nothing behind it who can stand on his own two feet. No, I want to start now. For many children, they are just shot. They did not begin to express very strong opinions based on the great achievements they have made in the education system. But first you can see a video made by Jack Bloomfield of his father for business training. Everything is fine, we are the railway managers at Jack Bromfield. Jack is 8 years old, wearing his imaginary boss suit. His transport is very small and he wants to bring his business to me, which is a very successful business. A lot of money burned in my heart, nothing more. He took out an old room, put on a suit and tie, sat down on a large chair, and asked her a few questions. What is your profit forecast for 2010? All I can follow is obvious, just get rid of him. This system thought it would make me laugh today, but now, if everyone looks back, I'll see it. Is he an eight-year-old devil? Yes, this is Yang. Young and very young. At eight, I don't even know how amazing it would be, yes, amazing. Yes and yes yes, it is very real. You've had surgery since childhood. Yeah, that sounds like crap to me, it looks like Jane Ant. very. We wish you all a successful career and success in the future. You already know where this is going. Yeah, you know, he wants to go where Mark and Melissa Bloomfield run the former Melissa Bloomfield tennis club. Jack was when he was younger and learned his first business lessons and quickly started mowing the lawn every 15 years. We will have nothing without money. Okay, okay, if my neighbor paid me $ 20 to mow the lawn, how can I make money? My dad will pay me $ 7, so how do we get started? In fact, each time is about a millimeter longer than the initial time. You cut things, you try to make money, you know, you sell lollipops. The suitcases of the mother and father from the tennis center try their best to go home and earn money. In my opinion, reinvestment can be more beneficial. Why are you so interested in youth? I think there has always been a desire to do more because I knew from the age of 15 that after hours I started thinking about what I should do. You know, the problem is gone. What do we want to do after the 12th grade? So after that, I looked at the school and thought, what is it? Go to college and start a paid job. It takes 20 years to turn 40 or 50 and you have a good life and you don't want to wait that long. Now what I should do is really scare me, he's scared, Jack is enough to start playing. The first online business to sell gift cards. When he was 13, he created a website that put all his health information in one place and earned the most money from the five online stores. Buy and sell almost anything that can be successful. You have a license. China iPhone Case Five e-commerce stores made in Korea. Now you are, yes, it's different. It's always dynamic, it's always changing. We mainly offer products regardless of sales or hot sales. Come on, there's always a ball. If you are looking for a gift, what will be the next step, what is the future and show that you will become a Christian? Therefore, our sales should exceed one million dollars. I don't understand her now. If the stock is closed for a year, how many months do you know? Yes, two years ago I was only 17 years old and I never thought about reaching the current level and we can coordinate carefully for entrepreneurship and reach the top of 12 years. Many people work from home at school, and you work from school, but many. Yes, because I'm eight or three years old here. So I run the business from the bedroom to class and then go back to work. It is a difficult war. I tried to adopt school, homework, sports and everything else and at the same time I tried to be 17 years old. It can be printed so far. For Jack, the usual words are inappropriate. And his parents couldn't be proud of him. People saw us walking. Oh, you have to be part of this business. You can drive, but we are not. It is very important for people. Yes Yes. This child has to be his manager and he wants her. His supportive parents also played a key role in the success of the leak. At the age of 15, Tennis started a skin care store that could use coffee. It is ground on the face and exfoliating the body. How did you come up with the idea? I made a cup of coffee as a gift for my friends and used the coffee powder I had at home. So I'm kidding. I also know that a lot of people go to cafes and ask me if we can use your mill wheels to make them at home. Wait a minute, you're only 15 years old. What's your head Let me tell you that this is a good idea and that you can make money from it. I think when I grow up I'm always told what I want to do. I can do that and, you know, my mom and dad support me there and help me understand the contents of the glass frame, and now I'm working with it. Ali is the star of his rented mother. Working with a turbulent mother is fun and you can certainly get enough money to hire a mother who is still waiting for a salary, right? I told him I was done. Now, from the boat house, I board the boat to guide the dog on the water. No, Boat House, but Ali is very confident about that. Would it be weird what you think about Monday's exam? He learned a lot about writing articles. So, I'm a little tense, but balancing the lives of entrepreneurs and 12-year-old students is much more difficult than Ali had imagined. Jessie has a lot of time pressure, but you know I use it to know what can be done after the course, what can be done in the future and what new directions can be formed, or the institutional school is new in venture capital. . You know, I live in the real world and it's become part of my routine. Girl's independence. And you're only 18 years old. Yes, it's like a studio that's only 50 years old. Am I one of the youngest directors in Australia? I do not know. I know I'm not well, yes, I'm not doing that, you should be very proud. Sper. very happy. Many extras, I am very happy to see which way she is following, as well as other young women who are following her. They are a generation of children who play by their own rules and develop their business from the playground. They all have one thing in common, that they fight for their own interests. I've wanted a lot of restaurants since I was seven. This is my dream 7. Yes, that's right. For 18-year-old Morgan, it should be noted that the food is like a special dessert. In fact, I started watching TV shows when I was 7 years old. And I was, you know? If I can do it, I will. So we make three meals every weekend. I love my family and friends, I cook in 10 dishes, I print cars with a complete menu and ... it lasts about two or three years every weekend. After the age of 10, I started making cakes and other good things for my family and friends. Every weekend I love my birthday and I take 10 cakes and 5 biscuits, which is delicious. Morgan's family and friends like to try the young chef. His latest creation provides a list of things he needs every week. He decided it was a challenge. He can cook this meal. I know Mark, the neighbor, was invited to dinner. We know he's getting older. I was invited and went to the local cafe on time. 13. When we pay the bills, we make a mess, like eating, and then they look for a new cake maker. Maybe you won't bring it, we can sell it. I do not know. Is that, yes, why not? This is very good. Before I knew it, I used to serve them all the cakes in this cafe every day. So before I met you, there were still orders for a hundred, two hundred and three hundred dollars for Morgan to go to school, cook in the evening and on the weekend. He knew if he would succeed, so he would have to step back and open a bakery. Then he thought we knew and we booked a store across the street, he went to Windsor School and he was at lunch with his iPad, all the agents investigated and contacted and they thought I was talking to him, he's 30, he's a few years and then u9. It's Morgan's first independent store. The so-called pop-up store because it is open only 8 days. I spent about پ 6 to make the whole pop-up window accessible for use. When I remember opening that door and wanting to look like someone, eight days later I saw 10,000 donuts and it was a dick. Most nights we sleep at four in the morning and two at night. In the eight days I had a cousin, I helped my aunt who helped me. It's awful that Morgan is on the road and other kids may have used the advantage to buy new skateboards or boards. Morgan wants to buy. I want to know what happened to this store after I left. I think, I think, no one else is in my store, this is my store. Therefore, Morgan proposed. A few months later, Bistro Morgan opened. This countertop is usually filled with donuts. When she was only a year away from him, she looked very naked. Ten started with six new businesses, and the school quickly became more serious. I remember thinking of an area that hadn't been in the busiest for two years. I will try to launch this store soon. back to school. I went to school. He opens a store. Would it have been weird if I hadn't been there? Yes, it's very good. Have you ever been to school? What do you mean, is it a waste of time? Almost every day. We remember that when we were at school, we were very sad. For my situation, why am I here? it's useless. I don't want to be 11 or 12, but I think I finished 10 years of school. What else is there to get HSC and complete it? Throughout my life, Morgan's parents worried that he would burn or fall. "Look, I'm not sure I'll be twelve," he said, and I said, "Mom and Dad, look, we hope we'll do our best to support you rather than financially." So we have some decorations. I make pudding. If you can sample the cake, please. He is still one of his son's 20 employees. What about your 18-year-old son who becomes boss? Yes, we had a good time and overall I'm fine. She is happy. His mother is very light. Your mother is employed. Yes, does that mean you own it? I don't think we like the way it works? So, yes, he has his ups and downs, I don't say much, but you know all the time and you spend so much time with someone. But technically, I think he's the boss of the store and he's trying to get me to kill him. Wait, this is my store. Remember, yes. Morgan Store is very liquid. He supplies donuts to 20 cafes near Melbourne, and currently earns around $ 1 million a year. I finished my course last year. I have my own business, I can choose my watch. Therefore, at this stage I fulfill my wish. I'm just waiting for the next thing and I think you learned the textbook at school or at work (especially at work). I can't say that at school I was told how to make donuts. do not do. In addition, Morgan has other achievements that provide a complete perspective on how frustrating and innovative the education system is. Some teachers continue to do this, they stop and work, you don't know, it's not worth it. You will fail. You know that if you lose that number, you know that four out of five companies go bankrupt in the first year or whatever, the data is great. Swimming skills in athletics, something similar. It is often accepted by the school and they like it. However, the cases and other cases will be unusual. So I think some schools don't know how to solve this problem. In my opinion, this is the only very practical school curriculum. Accounting in English is also very useful. Yes, history, no, the population is not good. No, she's not a donut, how about business? He didn't. This is probably the most useless thing ever. This is very unrealistic. I learned from business management that we will never use it. very. Thanks Ali. Are there other Christian leaders in the south? Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Okay, I think I've learned a lot of skills through entrepreneurship. It is more useful. In addition, if they participate in the training, they will help young people. He dropped out of school and was unaware of what he was doing. What's next? The next step is entrepreneurship in the global school system. It didn't go well together. It was never said that they were not together. They are understood as two very different things. If you come to class and say, "Hey, I want to start a business," I can assure you you'll be laughed at and interviewed. Founded by Gary Wenerchock, one of the most outspoken and popular entrepreneurs in the world. I'm a mother and I am. best-selling author. Social media planners believe that the education system is already known, especially for entrepreneurs, which is no longer important. It is obsolete all over the world. The Internet is outdated, the Internet is outdated because information is a commodity, and the school system is based on information retention. Oh, a lot of people are watching. They say, wait. What do you need in college to study? Yes, any business that can work without the largest business in the world, Amazon no longer requires a Google degree. Why are you getting older? How many times have you said you don't talk 98% of the time? I'm not a good student. I'm not very good. I've been trying to sell things for six years and it's a great game in just three sciences. Therefore, it is not a framework. My life. No, entrepreneurs are best friends. Gary found a way to say "yes" by selling lemonade on a street corner, then hired other children and opened seven lemonade stalls. Support the main crowd because you know what I mean when I grow up. He opened an online wine library and started an exhibition about wine. Hello everyone, welcome to the first episode of The TV Vine Clarale. Gary then set up an international social network and an advertising agency. Please put your arms around each other and welcome on stage. Gary Wenerchock, Chairman of the Board of Vineermedia. Their commercial value today is close to $ 200 million, and their commercial value is over $ 600,000. Instagram follower, what do you call this young entrepreneur? Who's at school He doesn't like that he wants to leave. As you call it Enjoy your vacation because you will never be a hypocrite in life. If you are a stable boy or girl, don't keep your parents' money with you. If you are such an entrepreneur, please buy your iPhone. Start practicing now. Children receive their parents' salary as soon as possible. If they are given money to love, they will probably live a happy life. For any young entrepreneur, this is probably the best measure of success. If you can only live on a basic salary and do what you want to do, then how interesting is it for others? I like it, I like it and I think I can do what I don't like. Honestly, it's not meant to do anything. When you go to work you don't like to hate him every day. or something else? Yes, it's too late