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Warrior forum is a great forum . Some bad reviews .
22 December 2020 scam or legit

Here on I'm going to be showing you guys how you can get 1000 free forum or blog backlinks that you can use to rocket your search engine results with your website or blog or your page rank so let me show you how this is done I'll just go ahead and open up your web browser in this case I'm going to be using Firefox um that's my what I prefer it's up to you in go to two four seven backlinks dot info on two four seven backlinks that info that'll be linked will be in the description just in case you don't know something I don't know and I'll once you're there just click sign up here type in your email address and click sign up and then go login to your email address there will be a email from them sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to get there they got sometimes a slow email service and just click in and I'll have a verify link in it or your pet with your password and you'll get your password and then you can just close that angle to login and in the username type the email you signed up with and then the password you can use too so just input your password in let's click login' any Rigo as you can see I already have a campaign my website iPad 3 for free comm order by the way helps you get a free iPad 3 he didn't check it out and I did 200 I set my settings so I could do 200 links at a time and I did five sets of 200 forum backlinks so I'll show you proof of this as you can see Tex [Music] all day that it's confusing but I'll try and do that again for you guys alright so here's just two they after you all get the backlinks they send you a text document full of proof of all your backlinks so these are a bunch of forums where they post in my backlinks he really would kind of work out pretty great I'll show you an example here's one of the forum backlinks and you set a certain number of keywords when you do a project ID you set the keywords you want for the project and as you can see it's right here all my keywords were like free I've had three Steve Jobs autopsy iPad new Sankara and third-gen all that and what it really does is it randomly selects a keyword put its it posts a thread on a random forum post the keyword you chose as the thread title notice to check out this easy where L and then it generates a random another random keyword and post that and then makes a link on it to your website and this helps your SEO a ton in this hat I got this on 1,000 different forums and I got it for free so once you are join you'll have 1000 backlinks with and if you don't just wait a sec in it o come up um so once you've done that and then what you want to go to do go already here.  May be it's scam Scam , but actually you want to go to he where is it alright you're going to have no projects and you want to go to click here to create your next backlink project this is going to pop up type in your project name the project name is only used for identification um just so you can just type ASD or you can type I pad or just do whatever you want and then enter um just if you have more than one select them all you know randomly do a back link for each random one it'll just select a random one but do your website um and I'm going to put iPad and the keywords do free iPad 3 iPad 3 I pad new don't pay cheap iPad 3 for free iPad 3 and just do one keyword but do it in a variety of ways and that will help you out and then for this I did 200 at a time but just do 1000 it'll give you all the way at once and then you can go to here go to forum post backlinks or you can do this but this is more that only it's 820 so you won't be able to use more going to forum posts backlinks daily and then just select Monday and click create project once you credit your projects and go back home this will come up and go to promote immediately promote and it will say you've used 1,000 backlinks from  and in a sec you'll be a refresh page going on here and it will say the day and then your project name the URL and the keywords and let's say 1000 if you chose 1000 links and then you can click view and go up here to the action window and I'll show you all of your backlinks that you ordered and that they set to you so it really is cool it's an easy way to get a lot of foreign backlinks which helped a lot get your page rank up.  scam or not?????