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18 June 2021

5 essential methods to increase your site traffic.

Podcast    Blocking a website with too many visitors is not an ideal situation. But, as a site traffic manager, you can't help but feel a little proud! This is really a sign that the current strategy is working and it is time to move to larger servers to support the influx of visitors! But for this it is necessary to work with the methodology. Discover the 5 solutions to increase your website traffic. Data analysis. Before you start implementing elaborate strategies, you need to take stock of your website. How many visitors does the current traffic have? Who are the internet users who visit your site? Where are you from? What pages do they view? Answering these questions will help you discover the strengths and weaknesses of your site. There are two free tools available to analyze your website traffic: Google Search Console - a Google tool that allows you to monitor the performance of your website. It lets you know how your search engine analyzes your site or what keywords you are ranked on. You can also find out who is connecting or which pages are not working. Google Analytics is another tool for measuring audience. It allows you to analyze very accurately the traffic of your website, as well as other values. This way you can see which pages are read (and in what order) by each visitor to your site, you can know the most visited pages, page exits, etc. By regularly analyzing this data, you will be able to edit error pages, review the internal network of your website, increase the best traffic sources, review the capacity of your action buttons. In short, you have a site ready. you receive an avalanche of visitors. Natural reference is a long-term job, but it is particularly profitable. It allows through a series of optimizations to improve the visibility of your website. The purpose of SEO is to bring your website to the front page of Google, Bing and other search results related to your business. Improving your website traffic due to natural recommendations takes place thanks to technical optimizations, semantic field analysis, connection strategy network, website code optimization and internal network, etc. Content: Update, write, and publish optimized blog posts on a regular basis. Publications will allow you to appear in the eyes of Google as a reference in your industry. The pages in question will rank higher in search engine results and will be sent to various strategic keywords. AdWords campaigns  is a natural paid referral. Unlike SEO, creating an AdWords campaign requires purchasing keywords from Google. The same goes for Bing ads. Google allows you to organize your campaigns with specific keywords that will appear based on your internet user requests and the budget you allocate for each campaign. make sure your company's presence on social media is essential. 94% of French companies are present on social networks. But for the most part, the actions taken remain timid. However, establishing a true socializing strategy can increase your site's traffic and sales. By regularly posting relevant information to your community, you'll see your community over time. With an original editorial line and an attractive title, your community will become a regular source of traffic. For example, you often post blog posts or new products on social networks to drive traffic to your website. Internet users check their e-mail box at least once a day, according to a study by the National Union of Direct Communications. So it's a great way to communicate with your customer base. In addition, 72% of users use their emails to manage their private purchases and sales. Coupled with a data-driven strategy, your email campaigns will be a real opportunity for dialogue with your customers. These can then take the form of a newsletter to remind you of your news on a regular basis. You can also write a precise and more personalized message to propose to your customer an offer that corresponds in particular to their profile. Increasing site traffic is essential, but that's not all. You also need to know how to convert your visitors into customers. Otherwise, your strategy was not helpful. To do this, think about web ergonomics, design optimization, various buttons and calls to action, or even writing your own sentences. In short, take care of your entire digital strategy!