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23 December 2020

8 easy  online jobs

you are going to learn 8 easy online jobs that pay through and we're starting right now  .  if  you want to make money online  let's get started.Our first online job opportunity that pays you through PayPal is going to be music x-ray now music x-ray is a pretty cool website especially if you're in to music and all different kinds of music as well so how music x-ray works is they have legitimate companies and industry professionals who come here and promote certain types of music and then you listen to it and give a good honest opinion as to what you think about the song by doing this you are giving them valuable information that lets them know whether or not this is a song that they can push on the radio or different songs that they can push in different other aspects of the music industry and you can help them out simply by putting together reviews of music that you're listening to so here we are on the front page of music x-ray and you have the option I'm a music artist a music fan or an industry professional you're gonna click on a music fan for most of you and here it just basically tells you very simply what you need to do sign up the music arrives in your inbox you get paid to listen and then you can support the bands that you love so what we're gonna do is going to scroll down a little bit and just show you just how simple the process is and you can see oh yeah it is totally free you get paid a little and you will we will provide you a way for you to support the musicians who really inspire you and it's a pretty good diverse amount of music that you can listen to on the site we're gonna click more and then go to the frequently asked questions we're gonna scroll down a little bit to okay here's the spot so what's the difference between income and total paid and account balance you don't really have to worry about that much but account down it says right here it showed this shows the amount of money that you currently have within your account it can be used to work future submissions or over $20 you can request a payout via PayPal so that's basically how the service works once you accrue $20 you can request $20 back toward your PayPal account it's very simple if the service actually does work especially if you're in to listening to music it can really be a really good way to make some money online so the next thing we're gonna look at is called human attic now human attic is a website where you actually review calls and then get paid for reviewing those calls so I'm sure you've probably called you know these big companies before you get a little automated service and it tells you this call is going to be recorded for our purposes and training purposes and all that kind of stuff and this is kind of what you will be doing right here you would review and listen to the calls and then answer a few simple questions as to how the process worked for you if it worked well if it seemed like the person on the phone did what they were supposed to with their job but you can actually get paid by doing this kind of thing so let's go to the let's scroll down a little bit on here and here's a part right here you can easily sign up with PayPal and they will immediately send you the money as soon as you are done with with the calls so we're gonna check out our frequently asked questions here and here's the question of y'all wants to know how much money can I make and here it says it may vary but the real thing you want to look at right here is you make anywhere from $1 to $4 of 50 cents an hour depending on your skill and accuracy be patient and consistent and you will achieve great things so it's a little bit on the low end as to how much money you can make with this but it is a way to make money online just by listening to phone calls so human attic will be another option that you can use to get paid online via PayPal now the next option that we have is called Rev calm now Rev is a transcription service that you can normally hire them out if you have maybe a YouTube video or a podcast or something like that you send it to them and then they will actually type out every single word within your video or your podcast it actually pays pretty decently you can get paid anywhere from my notes here 20 to $39 per transcribe our so that's something that you kind of have to go into real time to figure out exactly how that process works but we're gonna click on about and then freelancers because that's basically what we want to become one of the come a freelancer where we're going to listen to different transcription type deals and we're gonna actually type out what's going on in the pond care sort of YouTube videos or what have you here are the different types of roles that are available we have a transcription as captioner subtitler and translator so depending on how what you're really good at and you can really you know jump into any of these and apply there are some tests that you have to complete to make sure that you qualify it to do this you obviously need to be able to type pretty fast and once you pass these tests and you are immediately being able to make money online as you can see something is like a role here as a subtitler can get paid anywhere from $5 to $8 per video minute so you can think that that's actually quite a bit of money that you can make if you were to get a 5 10 or even like a 30 minute video that you need to subtitle it does take the work but it is a good way to get paid via PayPal next up is called mind swarms now mind swarms is actually a pretty interesting way in which you can make money online and get paid through PayPal you do mobile video surveys and the reason why he wants you to do mobile video surveys is because they want to actually see your facial expressions and other types of little tells that you may have while you're recording the video and reviewing one of the products or answering some of the surveys that they're asking you to do so here we are on the homepage I'm going to click on participants here and that's what you will be a participant and you can see a few examples of people who are making these videos answering the different types of questions it is a video that you can check out as well but we're gonna jump down to the bottom every time you apply for something and you get approved for it you're going to become part of what's called the study and if you look here you get paid for your opinions and it's a we pay you $50 via PayPal for every study that you complete so as you can see here you can actually make a pretty decent amount of money with it and there's a big how it works button right here that you can check out over - forms calm so another way that you can make money through your PayPal account using this online job opportunity the next one we have is called user testing now user testing is one of those really interesting websites because what they do is people create new spare brand-spanking-new websites and now they want people to look at them and see if it's very user friendly then they want you to go through the site and basically put on a headset and record what you're going through while you're maneuvering through their site they were then actually to answer a few questions or maybe find something on the website and then describe its as if it is easy to find on a website or if it's very difficult to find it's okay to be very critical in these things because they want it they want you to be critical so that they can try to make the user experience on their website as easy as possible so to get started with user testing you would click on get paid to test right here at the top and here you see easy get paid up to ten dollars per test now for my experience a lot of the tests here take anywhere between 15 then maybe 25 minutes and there's something I pay a lot more there's something that may pay a little less but for the most part you can get two or three days done an hour and make anywhere from between twenty to thirty dollars an hour you would just sign up right here again you would either pass a couple of tests runs that they're gonna put you through and if you get graded based on how well you produce your reviews of the your user experience on the website and then the higher your reviews the more companies will come after you to do more and more of them so that's exactly how user testing works and again you get paid through PayPal by using a service next up is post loop now post loop is one of those very interesting premium website content type websites so basically what the idea is is that people who create YouTube videos or have blogs online or maybe on forums or manage forms of that nature they want people to engage they want people to post messages and engage with other people on the website now you can't always do that naturally just form content that you may get from just from traffic but you may get from Google so what poster will do is you actually pay for people to come to your site and interact with the people there to try to make it seem like it's a lot bigger and a lot more active than it really is so let's go ahead and we're gonna jump all the way down to the bottom and we're going to go to the frequently asked questions and from the frequently asked questions I want to go to the bottom here payments and withdrawals so how much can I earn for posting here and on average it says our posters receive seven cents yes seven cents per post that make a post loop the exact amount that you earn per post will vary on factors explained anyhow points are calculate a question and answer but there is no limit to the amount of money that you can earn at post loop and then also how can you get the cash well as you are getting post loop points you could then exchange those for actual cash that can be deposited into your PayPal account so post loop another way that you can make some money online with PayPal next up what we have is one of my favorites called feature points now feature points is one of these websites where they have different applications that they want you to try on your phone or on your tablet you see here for Android and iPhone so you download the app and then you try it for whatever amount of time they request of you sometimes it's trying for two minutes sometimes it's complete a certain task within the app but once you do that you accrue points so when you recruit these points you can now exchange those points for all types of really cool things including Amazon gift cards starbug gift cards Google Play Store Xbox Apple but of course it also includes PayPal you can get straight cash for the amount of money that you get here so each different type of application that you have to complete a particular service for you get those points and those points can vary anywhere between maybe 20 or 25 cents each to about seventy-five cents per app that you download this does include free apps and paid apps and you do have the opportunity to keep the paid apps if you actually enjoy it so that's actually one of the perks of using it and you can see here all types of different apps that you can use minecraft heads up monopoly flappy bird calendar all of these different types of apps that are really kind of interesting to use and like I said if you like them you can keep them another similar site to this would be best review app same difference here at best review is the fact that they want you to download the app you didn't write a review within 24 hours of receiving the app and then you earn money towards your PayPal account they say very fast payouts I believe they paid within a week or so so that's actually a very good thing that you can use just for Hobbs we're gonna click on the frequently asked questions down here and here we go how to withdraw money and how long will it take so it says first make sure that your PayPal or all the pay but you're gonna use PayPal we make payments to our reviewers every Friday please submit a rich withdraw application on Thursday to be assured payment for that week so here you said you get 50 cents for reviewing a free app and a dollar to a dollar 50 for reviewing a paid app but there is a catch that I kind of thought was kind of weird here you are required to purchase any apps yourself upfront however the purchase price plus your bonus will be paid back to you once your review has been verified so that is kind of a little additional cost there that you have to kind of come out out-of-pocket before you get actually give the money back but as long as your review is quote verified you end up getting the reimbursement on top of whatever extra money that you got for using the app whether it's the 50 Cent's or the dollar two dollar fifty and the next app that we have here is called my app oh where calm and it's very similar to feature points as well as the previous one we just talked about and you can get paid earn one dollar by writing on this route at honest app reviews and earn three dollars for playing and testing iPhone apps so it does mention this is just for iPhone users so unfortunately Android users are unable to do this but you can't take advantage of getting paid this kind of money just for trying out free and paid apps so I'm gonna jump back here to the frequently asked questions and I move myself over here a little bit and scroll down here says we rewards you $2 for signing up an account with us and then we will send you two we will say the two-year pay pal account instantly after you complete your first review and action and then full reimbursement for the app cost so again they require you to purchase the app upfront provide the review and then they will reimburse you on top of what additional money they're going to pay you for making sure that you complete the actual review of the product on they do have a current payout limit of five dollars so if you have anything less than five dollars in your account they won't send you anything so be sure to take advantage of this this is another opportunity that you can use to make money online and have it sent straight to your PayPal account so if there was one thing about all of the different types of ways to make money online through PayPal that we just talked about one thing that they all had in common was that you don't make very much with it I don't know if you noticed that comment trend however there is a way that I've been able to use for years now that has helped me earn a full time income online and I like to offer to you as well it's over.