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07 January 2021

China the power

 Welcome to China power and prosperity, PBS news hours in depth look at the emerging superpower. With the support of the Pulitzer Center. We start at the top by examining the strongest Chinese leader in more than 50 years.In Beijing's great hollow the people the people clap in unison for one man, Xi Jinping, Communist Party General Secretary, Commander in Chief president of the People's Republic of China, says he's making China great again.Your Chinese nation has achieved a tremendous transformation. It has stood up grown rich and is becoming strong. It has come to embrace the brilliant prospects of rejuvenation. It's October 2017, and she tells party leaders one of his core beliefs, China's destiny is to reclaim a central role in the world.The banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics is now flying high and proud. It offers Chinese wisdom and a Chinese approach to solving the problems facing mankind. Not since Mao is the dome communist China's founding father, as a Chinese leader suggested so clearly the world could emulate China. Not since Mao has China had a leader as powerful as Xi Jinping.If what the party leader says is the Bible the scholars who decipher it study here, the National Communist Party school flies the party flag and teaches the party's version of China united across 55 minority groups, and the torchbearer of the Communist flame.Professor huntoon Xiang says she inherits that legacy, and is now China's indispensable leader so far that the country's development needs Xi Jinping and people's happiness needs Xi Jinping. If China wants to become a big strong country, it will need Xi Jinping. She says his work starts at home. His goal is to double China's GDP and per capita income. He says he wants to increase the prosperity many Chinese already enjoy and now expect and reduce poverty.Now when the Xi Jinping era China has developed, she is dealing with making China great and strong.And that strength is also the military. She calls for China to quote stand tall in the east. He evokes memories of the Middle Kingdom, a term to describe China's centuries long roles and international power. She has dramatically modernized China's Army Navy and Air Force and opened up China's first overseas base.Ad most controversially, China claims lmost all of the South China Sea and has created military outposts, flouting us objections and international law.Shishun pings China flexes that muscular form policy on the world stage.And the silver screenfor your two is China's highest grossing film of all time. Star and director Wu Jing plays long form a Special Operations Forces soldier who wins the day for the Chinese military.When he's no longer a soldier trouble comes to him. He becomes a rogue hero, launching a seeming suicide mission against the bad guys.teaming up with fellow Chinese to save the day again.If a story about a former soldier turned vigilante who uses bows and arrows and takes a ride in the tank sounds familiar.It is at the height of the Cold War. The US had john RamboWu Jing asks, Why can't the Chinese have their own heroes done? Well?I think for long fun, I want him to be a hero for ordinary people. I think human beings need heroes. There are many qualities in a hero, like bravery, selflessness, and dedication. Pass me that flag. It's more than dedication to China. The good guys are the Chinese military.The bad guy. Welcome to Africa Sun is a violence loving colonialist american people like you will always be inferior to people like me.The film has made Wu Qian rich and famous. He says the film's nationalism is a product of the country's progress under Xi Jinping.Agenda surely Chinese modern history China has been bullied for a long time. When we are rich. Our country can protect us when we feel like we are in danger. We will be protected by our country, not like before. But Xi Jinping isn't only about protecting the people. He protects and restores the prominence of the Communist Party. She has reasserted the party into people's lives and private businesses. Can you describe these awards that hung Chong 

works for the medical and high tech company title star, but her main job is to lead the company's Communist Party committee. She shows off her party awardsFor one of 

the service brands we acquired being in the top 10 of all service brands, employees meet in title stars party rooms, where Xi Jinping thought is written on the wall. 

And Hong ensures this private company adheres to party teaching, senior woman. Today we're going to study an article, please open the app study she strengthen China. 

Under Xi the party's primacy has increased and targeted the youngest party members, employees are encouraged by the company to use the study she strengthen China app 

to read about she and party leaders and take quizzes, and Hong Kong ensures the company's vision aligns with the parties cleaner to put into it not only leads our 

company and long term development, the app offers our company inspiration.For a while that inspiration came from Xi himself. Last year there was a primetime TV show 

studying sheet in the New Era, a robot from a future rejuvenated China challenges contestants on how much Xi Jinping thought they can memorize.The Cult of Xi has 

included propaganda posters in city streets, suburban villages and rural roads. And state media has called him she daughter or father. She's a populist who eats like 

the people and cares about the common worker. She calls himself a core leader just like now and she's traveled to recreate Mao's countryside visits. This year, the 

cult of Xi has become less visible. But in Beijing's largest bookstore Xi Jinping thought the book has pride of place. Despite the American celebrities nearby 

bookstore manager Chen Wei says she's books are bestsellers you may want. Because we're entering this new era of development. The General Secretary she's got points of 

direction for our future. So we have to seriously study the spirit of General Secretary she's speeches tofly 1200 miles south of Beijing and hundreds of 1000s of 

people reject Xi Jinping thought and everything It stands for Xi Jinping. his critics say he's not only spreading his own ideas, he's closing the space for anyone 

else's ideas, both in mainland China and here in Hong Kong. Are these protesters say they feel like the city's independence is being eroded.On and off for months, Hong 

Kong Police have clashed with protesters. And many of the protesters connect the crackdown in Hong Kong to the restriction of rights in mainland China.How can we 

expect that we will have democracy when the you know the Communist Party is trying to ban all human rights and freedom in China.Lee Chuck Yon is a former Hong Kong 

legislator who's been fighting for democracy for decades. He's protested half a dozen Chinese leaders, but says Xi Jinping is the most oppressive, Ji Jinping began to 

even more aggressive in suppression, they banned the university professor from teaching about human rights, universal values, you know, and he is trying to you know, 

build up his own Chinese dream, which is a total control of people, under more than a million Muslim Uyghurs have been detained in camps. She's China has created a 

network of more than 200 million surveillance cameras. And Beijing posters have won in the public, especially women, that foreigners could be spies trying to steal 

national secrets. And what the party says is that this is for the strength of China that if the party were to weaken, the country would weaken and there would be 

chaos. Yeah, they are always brainwashing people that you know, without a Communist Party, there will be chaos. So what they are trying to say if you have democracy, 

then there will be chaos. We believe in democracy, but they believe in suppression.Inside Mainland China, few critics are willing to echo that language in public. JOHN 

lifan is a historian who's made public appearances. But he says surveillance has increased. So we met him and the only place he felt comfortable inside our hotel room 

and he wouldn't use Xi Jinping was named.Because the Communist Party of China is unchecked corruption is widespread within the system. So if he wants to get rid of 

opponents, he can easily do so by finding evidence of their corruption. Therefore, she was able to purge many political opponents with an unstoppable force and 

challenge you.lifan says she's eyes are everywhere. lawyers who have represented activists have been disbarred journalists who write critically had been thrown out of 

the country, and as many as 2 million party members have been investigated for corruption. She has replaced collective leadership with centralized authority.The 

current leader haschanged everything. He first canceled the term limit of the country's presidency. And then reraised the idea that the party leads everything. As a 

result, some of the achievements of the political reforms of the 1980s no longer exist. Why the challenger ballcock? She's reversing those reforms launched by 

predecessor Dong XIAO PING is a topic even she's allies avoid. Dang talked about. There shouldn't be excessive concentration or leadership by one person, she has 

removed term limits. Why has he done that? She took a wind chill A, this is not a problem yet not the right time to talk about it. Why are the needs of the country so 

great that Xi Jinping needs more time?It's not the time to answer this question.And then he says to our off camera government reminder that the current budget to do 

this is a very sensitive issue.She and China face headwinds both home and abroad. But for the first time in modern history, the US is confronted with an increasingly 

assertive rising superpower. It's integrated with the US economy. And as the US puts America First, China is led by a man who believes the future of the world has 

China at the center.And a major part of China's future President Xi's Belton road initiative, the most expensive infrastructure project in history. Chinese companies 

are building roads, pipelines and railroads around the world, but they're also building Chinese influence.In the middle of West Java, Indonesia, fishermen drop nets 

from bamboo poles and a tea plantation fills rolling hills that lead to a major highway and Indonesia's fourth largest city.Here on the outskirts of bando, the 

commuter train is old and slow. But now cutting through the hills that lead to Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, there's a tunnel for a high speed train. And the engineers 

and managers who lead this $6 billion project are Chinese.They construct railway that will carry the fastest train in southern Asia, able to travel 215 miles an hour, 

Shao song Shin needs the consortium of Indonesian and Chinese companies building the railroad 500 to two countries, companies can complement each other, support each 

other and develop together. It's fundamentally a win win project. Almost 2000 years ago, the ancient Silk Road help China spread goods, ideas and culture all the way 

to Europe. Today, China aspires to recreate a Maritime Silk Road of ports and an economic belt across 70 countries of roads and the orange and railways in the red, 

including the high speed route from Ben Doom to Jakarta were in 2013 President Xi Jinping debuted Belton road initiative as a signature foreign policy.Only with high 

ambition and hard work and one made great achievements. We have the confidence conditions and capabilities to obtain our goals. For Indonesia, the goal is to 

collaborate with China on Belton road projects to lift millions of its citizens out of poverty. At this construction yard. Many lower skilled Indonesians in the yellow 

hats have been trained by Chinese workers in the white hats, Belt and Road projects create jobs and spark development says Indonesian Minister luhut pandjaitan Yes 

benefit us very much you know, because we're going to have also like a new cities, you know, suburb, so then we can spell it out people to the area with new industry, 

new employment, new production, yes, indeed.Indonesia needs improved infrastructure. Right now the road from Jakarta to Bandung weaves through the edges of forest for 

constant traffic means the 90 mile trip takes five hours on the railroad being built over the next three years. The trip will take 45 minutes, little hit dreams of 

Indonesians traveling like the Chinese. I experienced though, when I was in Beijing, you know, I went from Beijing to what name of the city only one hour by speed 

train, you know, very comfortable.Like the train we rode from Hong Kong to the city of Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland.China in 20 years China has gone from no high 

speed railto the longest high speed rail network in the world, thanks to state owned enterprises, the rails, the electricity, the telecommunications, all produced by 

majority state owned enterprises and much of the steel comes from companies like the majority state owned bow steel. The company is now so large, it has its own ports, 

four of them on the outskirts of Shanghai.Bow steel group makes as much steel as the entire US it's actually too much excess Chinese steel capacity weighs down the 

economy. The Belt and Road initiative gives bound steel new markets. Kwan waveliong direct spouse deals strategic planning and technology gunky, high Alaska for the 

steel industry, the Belt and Road initiative will generate direct demand for steel products. With the economic development in those Belt and Road countries their 

people's living standards will improve and thus the demands for durable consumer goods will increase.And China's says Belton road railroads also improved Chinese 

living standards by connecting rural previously unconnected areas such as this site in Sichuan Province. The government argues more rail access produces prosperity and 

stability. Do we also trade on the cheer region encouraged Chinese companies to go out of China to enhance their production capability. In return, we can use the 

increased government revenue to improve the income level of some poor areas. This is important. Shao Wei Ming leaves the office in the Chinese ministry that oversees 

the Belton road initiative. He describes the initiative is helping China to develop internally and expand externally woman tonko China has entered a new era. The Belt 

and Road initiative is the banner of China's new round of reform and opening up as well as a general plan of economic cooperation with foreign countries. But for some 

countries that cooperation led to a loss of control. In Khun Aton, Malaysia, a state owned Chinese developer was building this industrial park and port, but the 

construction is frozen stopped by an unlikely critic. China is a big power now, and big powers normally want to expand their influence.Mahathir Mohamad served as 

Malaysian Prime Minister from 1981 to 2003. He used to describe the US as the colonizer.But last year at the age of 92, he came out of retirement was reelected. His 

opponent was accused of siphoning off Chinese money connected to Belton road contracts. Maha tear called China, the new colonizer and Belton road projects predatory 

everything is imported, mostly from China, workers will from China, all the parts andmaterial from China, and the payment for the contract will also be made in China. 

That means that Malaysia doesn't get any benefit at all. The original contracts called for Chinese built ports, Chinese built pipelines, a $20 billion Chinese built 

Rail Link and the Malacca gateway, but Chinese finance development project on the Malacca Strait through which almost all Chinese oil flows. Mahathir accused the 

Chinese have taken advantage of a corrupt government. The whole thing was done in a hurry by the previous government. With the regard for the interests of Malaysia, in 

Belton road deals, countries can lose sovereignty and China can gain assets. Sri Lanka had to hand over a port when it couldn't afford debt payments to a Chinese 

bank.To build this Belton road railroad with Chinese loans, Kenya agreed to apply Chinese law inside Kenya and give up East Africa's largest port if it couldn't repay 

its debts and to pay for South America's largest dam. Ecuador is selling 80% of its most valuable asset oil to China at a discount. Mahathir says he too feared that 

loss of control when you startborrowing huge sums of money and asking foreign countries to develop and then you cannot pay them. Obviously you are going to lose that 

part of the country. That warning has been echoed by the United States is most senior officials. We don't drown our partners in sea of debt we don't coerce or 

compromise your independence. The United States deals openly and fairly. We do not offer a constricting belt or a one way road. The US argues China's version of Belton 

road fosters corruption. The state owned China communications construction company alone has been accused of bribery across four countries. The US also warns China's 

ports could one day host Chinese warships. Last year Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that could lead to a Chinese Empire. When China shows up with bribes to 

senior leaders in countries in exchange for infrastructure projects, then this idea of a treasury run. Empire build is something that I think would be bad for each of 

us countries and certainly presents risks to American interest. The United States government describes the Belt and Road initiative as a way for Chinese to exert 

control and to increase Chinese power around the world. While matonga mail to the Chinese do not have what you call ambition or grand vision to change the world war 

now. We only want to promote more economic cooperation. What's your response to that criticism that the Belton road initiative contracts our debt traps and aren't 

transparent. Don't wanna hear Chinese companies won the bidding in other foreign companies did not win and the reason is simple forcompanies and workers are not as 

hard working as the Chinese. But don't those Chinese companies get advantages? Not because they're just hard workers, but because they're protected by the Chinese 

state blue nationals. I cannot say it's the Chinese government support. China's financial institutions will provide financing only if they deem the projects are 

profitable. We do not make investments blindly. We Chinese are not stupid.And some of the countries with Belton road investments say they're not stupid either. 

Malaysia renegotiated with China and in late July.The construction of the rail link restarted in a joint Malaysian Chinese ceremony. China agreed to reduce the price 

tag for construction by 30% and allow more Malaysian workers. They are willing to listen to our views and in the end, they accommodated our problems. US officials say 

they're trying to develop an alternative. The leaders of a new $60 billion agency that launched in October have been visiting countries where China is investing. The 

US is pitching public private deals to counter Belton road investments.And us advocates Japanese investment as an alternative, Japan built Jakarta's local subway, but 

the Chinese deals are better. Indonesian minister Lewis told the Japanese and I said to them, okay, look, your term on the, you know, on the previous project, you 

know, I think too tight for us. The Chinese offer us now the term much better.And countries who receive Belton road investments say the Trump administration is 

difficult to deal with compared to the Chinese. They've got this Belt and Road initiative. Does the United States offer anything like that? Never, you know, to reach 

Washington is very hard, you know, we don't know to whom they talk in China, we have so many people over there in the US approach isalways with a big seek, and very 

little carrot. This has not happened with the Chinese. That's not the Chinese way. But the Chinese way is to increase its presence and find allies all over the world 

to increase influence. The Belt and Road initiative is the engine to power that expansion. And it's full speed ahead. The US China trade war has largely played out as 

a tariff war. But there are fundamental issues and arguments on both sides. So Katrina, you and I report together beginning in China's Silicon Valley, Shenzhenin 

Shenzhen segi market.You can buy anything electronic, there are 10 flows of circuit boards, battery powered children's toys,digital lunches, wireless headphones, even 

Bitcoin mining computers.And all of this is sold all over the world. Because international companies have long tapped into China's massive market and huge supply of 

reliable labor. If you have an electronic product that's labeled made in China, the chances are its parts come from here and end up all over the world including the US 

for decades, the world's two largest economies, the US and China have been integrated. But now the Trump administration is trying to change that the trade war is not 

only going to affect American businesses and consumers but also businesses and consumers here in China. segi market has been called the barometer of China's 

electronics industry. components and finished products are sourced from Super factories over vision Gen. More than 60,000 businesses have set up shop here. While they 

may sell everywhere. This year, all eyes are on the UScuz you hope the trade war doesn't continue to get worse. Let's keep a peaceful relationship. Don't raise tariffs 

because no one wins. All the vendors we spoke to blame President Trump for the trade war center yo you got it feels threatened by China's success with Aloha. China's 

electronics industry is pretty good. Now Trump is just trying to suppress China's development inthe sun freely admit to selling copies of us products. I asked her if 

this is a GoPro, GoPro mom. No, it's not a goprime GoPro is made abroad and it's very expensive. But this one is cheap. And it's similar. How similar Nick? Well, very 

similar to Chinese sports cam looks exactly like the American GoPro at this Chinese New Berlin store. Take a look at the words the sneakers and the writing look an 

awful lot like American New Balance. That's just two examples of Chinese copycatting that the US has turned into theft on an industrialized scale. The US is indicted 

hackers connected to the Chinese military for stealing specs of an American power plant similar to this model and navigation satellite technology. And the US says the 

most expensive Weapon System ever the American f 35Looks just like the Chinese j 31. Because Chinese hackers stole the designs.The US says in just a few decades that 

helped China make its military world class and its company's technology leaders. That kind of technological advancement doesn't happen organically. Jake Parker has 

lived in Beijing for a decade and is the vice president of the US China Business Council, which advocates for American businesses in China. China's system is set up in 

such a way that the state has access to information that companies would consider to be trade secrets, the amount of information that's transferred to the Chinese 

government goes far beyond what would be expected in another market. As businessmanand presidential candidate Donald Trump has accused China of pursuing decades of 

predatory trade practices, we can continue to allow China to rape our country and that's what they're doing. It's the greatest theft in the history of the world. When 

you see China these are fierce people in terms of negotiation, they want to take your throat out they want to cut you apart. The Trump administration has increased us 

demands that China stop intellectual property theft, and what the US calls other unfair trade practices. The administration has released two major investigations into 

Chinese corporate theft, and labeled Chinese computer telecom and technology companies risk to American national security. President Trump has raised issues that have 

been an irritant in the relationship for a very, very long time. You know, we're the piggy bank that everybody steals from including China that have not been 

adequately addressed by the Chinese side. And frankly, those issues go to the core of how China's economic system operates. Its state owned enterprise reform, its 

industrial policy, its subsidies, its overcapacity. These are not going to be easy solutions that China is going to be able to implement immediately.That's because 

those protectionist measures and state sponsored business development have fueled China's rapid economic rise. nowhere is that more obvious than China's artificial 

intelligence or AI China's northeast and Liaoning Province, x robot is working on human like AI robots. China wants to be the global center for AI by 2030. 

And some of the Trump administration believe China is fast closing the gap on the US has dominance of AI.They can mimic facial expressions, respond to questions,and 

even host a TV show.x robot president young dog newair says his company will be one of the first in the world whose robots can replace service employees.Their main 

function is to communicate with people so a good appearance is a must. If the robot is very good looking like a pretty lady or a handsome man, people will feel more 

pleasant when talking with them. Aging has been so determined to catch up and surpass the US in AI technology. It's committed $150 billion to its development.x robot 

acknowledges that it receives government subsidies but refuses to disclose how much.Meanwhile, China accuses the US of investing billions on its own AI technology, 

like this robotic packed meal that's being funded by Pentagon research. But Katrina, the US denies that Pentagon spending is a subsidy and complains China's subsidies 

are in the private companies and concealed in every industry. tilting the global playing field in China's favor and violating international trade rules. The Chinese 

Communist Party has used an arsenal of policies in consistent with free and fair trade. These policies have built Beijing's manufacturing base at the expense of its 

competitors, especially the United States of America.China has built its own manufacturing base that provides cheap and efficient labor, and many us businesses use it 

to maximize profits.Shanghai general sports is one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in China. The company produces more than 3 million bikes every year.CEO maker 

attributes the company's success to building close relationships with his partners abroad, particularly in the US. We will work with our partner in the States as a 

family.That's why we come become so close that supply chain integration has built up over 30 years. And it means the trade war has hit Shanghai general sports and many 

companies in China that sell to the US lay has had to let go about 30% of his staff. It doesn't help that China's economic growth has slumped to its lowest level in 

nearly three decades. Oh, we hate this. It's just more difficult than ever.Of course, we feel disappointed.It and we feel upset, but there's nothing we can do.This 

factory produces up to 13,000 bicycles every day. They're sent to countries such as Australia, Canada, and Japan. 80% of them are made for the United States, and 

arrived in this South Carolina factories were producing this year about 300,000 bicycles. Arnold komla is one of the primary buyers of Shanghai general sports his 

partner. He's the chairman and CEO of Kent bikes, one of the largest bike wholesalers in the US on every bike frame imported from China, Ken has to pay a 36% tariff to 

US Customs, unretire, it's 30%. When you pay that amount to US Customs, do you therefore increase your prices to your clients. Of course, the bicycle business is a 

very high volume. But unfortunately for me a very low profit margin business. And so when we have an increase of that size, we have no choice but to raise prices. And 

those higher prices have led to a 20% drop in sales since the trade war began. And that's meant cobblers had to lay off a quarter of his employees. These tariffs are 

hurting us very badly, but we're a smart company. And so we'll overcome this challenge by sourcing elsewhere over time, and that's exactly what's happening. Gen sports 

will turn this field in Cambodia into a 500,000 square foot factory. Lisa says it's an investment he wishes he didn't have to make because he fears labor costs will 

rise. I prefer staying in China speak same language. Andit's easier to find workers. It may not be good for businesses but driving companies out of China is music to 

many in the Trump administration's years. Some senior advisors want to continue economic integration with China. But others see China as a national security threat and 

want to separate the two economies. President Trump has vacillated between the camps. In late August, he tweeted, our great American companies are hereby ordered to 

immediately start looking for an alternative to China. But at the g7 in France, just three days later, he said American companies could still thrive in China, we make 

a deal. I'd like to see him stay there and do a great job. on Chinese media commentators argue President Trump's flip flops show he's unreliable. You cannot be in a 

situation where I don't believe what you're saying. And I don't believe you'll carry out even if you do, how can I have a negotiation with you? China has taken steps 

to ensure it's less vulnerable to Trump's trade war shops from boosting domestic suppliers of soybeans, corn and cotton to expanding export markets beyond the US to 

Africa and South America.With no need for democratic elections, and what it calls a higher economic pain threshold. Chinese TV says China can Outlast Trump or anyone 

who misjudges China will surely pay the price of the Chinese people's steel will.But President Trump has said he can Outlast China and vows to hold his ground. Even if 

that harms the US economy short term. I am doing this whether it's good or bad for your your statement about oh well we fall into a recession for two months. Okay. The 

fact is somebody had to take China and my life would be a lot easier if I didn't take China on but I like doing it because I have to do it. Which means us China 

cooperation is decreasing and the confrontation is increasing. And the trade war continues as two economies that have been integrated for decades are already drifting 

apart.For most of the last century, communist China's planned economy prevented citizens from getting rich, and today's China a life of luxury is supposed to come 

second to Communist Party loyalty. But as Katrina you reports that's not stopping China from producing billionaires faster than any other country in the world.Their 

pacing is precise. Their spacing is seamless, and poresare perfect. This is China's first Butler Academy and they're practicing the exact vintage pool.Their six week 

course includes centuries old traditions that these students are being trained to serve all their future employers will be members of China's rich.In Communist China, 

millionaires are being minted faster than anywhere else. They're filling Harvard with multimillion dollar yachtswatching laser light shows a $3,000 a night hotelsand 

buying luxuries.Sarah Jane whoa knows all about the possibilities and pressures of being wealthy.In China, average price here is probably 1000. us not too expensive at 

all that 34 year old has been called China's millennial Martha Stewart and founded the country's first finishing school. Many of her students are second generation 

rich born in the 80s and 90s. And born into millions and no other country than China have you had such a great amount of change in such a short amount of time and now 

they have so much money that, you know, they The last thing they want to do is see that kids go through any kind of hardship for the kids. A lot of it is about 

individuality. They want to spend on something that other people don't have a good for summer. Sarah Jane is an expert on where to shop, what to wear, and where to be 

seen.At an upmarket Italian restaurant in downtown Shanghai, Sarah Jane shares her Michelin starred meal with his social media followers to so good.Taco lunch costs 

about $400. That's the equivalent of a monthly middle income salary.When you make so much money in such a short amount of time, it actually places a lot of pressure on 

an individual. There's no old money in China, because of historical reasons. A lot of people were very poor. I mean, everybody was very poor. Up until the 90s.accumulating wealth in Communist China was once considered counter revolutionary meltdown came to power in 1949, vowing to eliminate class and abolish capitalism.affluent families lost their wealth, and many lost their lives was now pursued his utopian vision of communism. That vision resulted in the deaths of 10s of millions 

from famine, and left almost 90% of the population living in extreme poverty.That all changed in the 1980s when leader dung XIAO PING loosened state control over 

China's economy and permitted private enterprise reforms which would turn the country into the world's second largest economy.40 years later, Chinese cities have 

become shopping makers catering to China's rapidly expanding middle class and upper class. Chinese consumers makeup a third of the $1.3 trillion global luxury market 

and luxury spending is expected to grow by over 10% this year, but the whole it's a trend Tali Yang has in the bag. The 26 year old is known as Mr. bags, an 

entrepreneur and one of the country's top online influences. He has millions of loyal fans who hang on his every recommendation. Boy.During an online campaign last 

year, his company sold half a million dollars worth of bags in just six minutes.Definitely sometimes goes by backs, because they want big brands. They want people to 

know they're rich. They want people to know they're tasteful. But nowadays, I think a lot of trans women when they buy bags, they really buy bags because they want to 

pursue happiness. international brands are working hard to contribute to the happiness and handbag collections of Chinese consumers. But they don't always get it right 

when you count those and Governor last November, Dolce and Gabbana stoked fury after releasing this advertising campaign in China.China's social media users choose the 

brand of reinforcing racist stereotypes. Consumer backlash resulted in Dolce and Gabbana being banned from Chinese online retailers. The Saatchi juval, she and coach 

issued apologies after printing t shirts describing Hong Kong and Taiwan as separate from China.fallouts with foreign fashion labels have demonstrated the power of 

China's increasingly wealthy population. But being wealthy in China has its limits when it comes to the Chinese government being too rich can be risky.Chinese 

President Xi Jinping has launched an anti corruption campaign and overseen investigations into the country's wealthiest and most powerful, more than 100,000 has been 

jailed for embezzlement and bribery.Others fired for throwing lavish parties and indulging inexpensive liquor.ostentatious wealth is regularly denounced on state media 

and primetime TVhighthe hit television show father Where are we going was canceled because of its port rayal of spoiled second generation rich in 

academic judoka says it's in the government's interest to rein in crazy rich behavior. Will next .