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Alabama the making and the history
11 March 2021

Coverup of the century. Coronavirus 2021

Coverup of the   coronavirus  

On March 27, LA County ordered all beaches closed. We all know why this beach is empty today. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean is China. He used to be one of the most fascinating places in the world. In the past 40 years America had a long dream about this Faraway land. United States will do everything possible to bring China into the World Trade Organization of our open Society. Now we are waking up from that dream. China doesn't want the real story to be told this will change how the world looks at China for years to come. And for sure we have lessons to learn. Is it a natural disaster or is someone responsible for it? When did the Chinese leadership know the virus could spread between people are they trying to hide a neutron by Japan? What did comments leadership do when the virus was spreading to? The Moon affects us all did they let that happen? We have to get to the bottom of this because millions of families deserve to know the truth. We need to have a clear view of what really happened this way future Generations can be free of this disease both physically and spiritually The virus started from this city Wuhan the rest of China was oblivious about the coming danger until this date. 9:50 p.m. Monday, January twentieth twenty twenty millions of the Chinese people were shocked when they watch this on CCTV doctor. Dr. Jeong we have just come to the topic that involves human to human transmission several days ago. We could not confirm it. So after the meeting you just attended what conclusion did you come to on human-to-human transmission is unusual in the past. We said there was danger now the information shows It definitely transmits between people always inside them. Dr. Joe manchin is the head of the China Health commission expert team investigating the outbreak and CCTV is the largest state-owned TV station in China. This was the first time China officially acknowledged that the virus could spread among humans. The question is when did the Chinese Communist party or CCP know about it? April 20th China's State News Agency xinhua published an interview with dr. Jeong heon a government certified first responder in the report John recalled her first encounter with a mysterious virus. On December 26th an elderly woman was a minute to the hoobae hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine doctor Jang director of the hospital's respiratory Department record that the woman had severe symptoms fever coughing and shortness of breath. It seemed she had caught the flu or common pneumonia, but the CT scans of her didn't support this diagnosis. The next day the hospital received another patient the woman's husband who had developed a similar symptoms alarms started going off for dr. Jeong knowing that the couple's sung took care of them when they got sick. She insisted that he get a check-up as well. His City Skin also showed similar results. That's one it occurred to her. It can't be coincidence that three people in the same family. Same disease. She knew that the virus must have spread between them. So on December 27th, dr. Jeong reported this to the local branch of the Chinese CDC instead of using an internet Reporting System designed specifically for infectious diseases. China had spend 4.2 million dollars on the system after the 2003 SARS outbreak in theory top medical authorities.Could know about new diseases anywhere in the country within 2 to 24 hours of Discovery yet as a lawyer Communist Party member Jung only revealed this information to hire government bodies and Antiquated manner. She told the party line to hide information from the public. She only hinted that something was amiss when she demanded medical staff in the word beef up so protection in the next two days leading up to December 29th. The hospital received another for patients with similar lung infections. They all worked at wanna and seafood market and all knew each other now that there was seven similar patients. The hospital went on alert at two o'clock that afternoon a panel of expert at the hospital chewy preliminary conclusion. This virus could be transmitted among humans - William episodes on example, dr. Jeong told. Chinois. That she repeatedly asked the family whether they had any contact with the seafood market not one of them had ever been to the market or had any relationship with it after the panel drunk filed another report this time directly to both the city level and provincial level CDC. T-Pain line with her Party Loyalty, dr. John instructed Hospital staff to keep things quiet and to not reveal any of this information to the public at about the same time another group of doctors with very different views on Public Safety. Also came across the new infection. He is already well known as the murderer of the Wuhan all break. Dr. Lee when Liang was an eye doctor working at the Wuhan Central Hospital at 5:00 p.m. On December 30th. He sent out a warning over Chinese messaging app called WeChat. He warned some of his fellow workers that they should wear protective clothing. This was to avoid infection after seven patients from a local seafood market exhibited Source like symptoms. His lack of political cunning was met with dire consequences late in the night on December 31st around 1:30 a.m. Dr. Lee was caught into the Wuhan Health commission offices for questioning after sunrise. His employer ordered him to write a letter publicly denouncing his own behavior starting from January 2nd. The party's mouthpiece CCTV continuously aired a series of programs condemning so-called rumormongers, Mommy. Mommy bombing son Voyager payee facts are true. Anyone who had shared information about the virus fell into this category including dr. Lee. The following day on January 3rd local police detained a doctor Lee and force them to science statement admitting. He had broken the law and seriously disrupted social order CCTV bash the doctor Lee before he was forced to sign that statement. Why did State media moves so quickly and make such a big deal over a local doctors short warning on WeChat. I spoke was front chin an expert on. And one of the most diligent observers of the pandemic we will learn how to shoot anyone Liang only send out a message to his colleagues on social media in the machine. Why did the CCTV have a such a dramatic response so quickly none goes on on this is 200 to have every major CC TV channel carry out that sort of unified deployment unified action style of public condemnation. Then it wasn't a low-level decision to go on and rating that time. It was something that the highest level of CCTV management decided and CCTV is the top mouthpiece of the CCP you one don't want only part. You it's Guided by political and legal divisions. So from this perspective, it shows that in this event the CCP already knew what was happening and they made this coordinated plan. Let you not humming bullet only that you know, I'm high. Dr. Lee's lack of political obedience resulted in punishment doctor Jang on the other hand for her Party Loyalty was honored by the CCP as the one who gave the first warning about the epidemic except her warnings were totally ignored and overwritten. We'll look at the stance the regime took instead. On December 31st the Wuhan Municipal Health commission announced on his website that the one and seafood market was linked to several recent cases of pneumonia. They claimed that preliminary investigations showed no clear sign of human-to-human transmission. They further claimed that no health workers had been infected and the disease could be kept under control this stands persisted for 20 days.Overwhelming evidence that suggested otherwise more and more medical stuff fell ill on almost a daily basis as Chinese media Outlet sizing reported January 5th CT scans of dr. Liu zhijun from taunja hospital showed abnormalities the Wuhan Health commission declared there were no clear human transmission and no doctors infected January 6 CT scans of a doctor. Her from Wuhan xinhua Hospital showed infection his Hospital required Steph not to spread rumors, January 7th doctor Lu June was confirmed with a covid-19 infection three days later on January 10th Doctor Wong Wong founder of the National Health commission declared no infections among medical personnel the Wuhan Health commission repeated this on the following day, January 13th. 631 nurses were confirmed with infections the Chinese Health commission told the magazine science that they wouldn't know infections among the 716 medical stuff in close contact. was covid-19 patients. I'm January 15th and 16th. Three more doctors either showed abnormal CT scans. What were confirmed infected yet Wuhan Health commission declared. No new cases were medical staff infections, January 18th, xinhua Hospital found 100 cases of City abnormalities for medical staff in three hospitals in Wuhan were confirmed the ill on the same day. Day the next day the Wuhan government proceeded to invite 10,000 families to a banquet in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Nine nurses will confirmed on the same day January 20th. Dr. Jeong nanshan acknowledged human-to-human transmission of CCTV. Not long after dr. Joe acknowledged human transmission top leadership got involved January Secretary of the He's called me as party XI jingping poached to top officials in Hubei Province and Wuhan city for mishandling the epidemic however, in an interview the mayor Wuhan Wong joseon revealed the Tangled nature of communist bureaucracy. Number TT notable two, man, about not revealing the materials about the disease more quickly. This is the point everyone needs to understand since it is a contagious disease. It had to be disclosed according to the law and prevention and treatment. Aunt of infectious diseases as a provincial government we have to be authorized to disclose the information so she just as well Hans Maier indicated. He did not have the final say on what to do. The decision ultimately comes from the top we can confirm this from internal government documents. on January 14th while China's Health official publicly announced on state television, but the risk of human-to-human transmission remained low actions in the top leadership suggests a different understanding and internal government facts obtained by the epoch times indicated that on January 14th local cdc's initiated the highest level emergency response the notice Said that China's national Health commission had already drawn up a set of treatment and prevention measures they were in the process of passing them on to local Health agencies some measures clearly indicate the Chinese top leadership knew the disease could spread between people well before the CCP publicized this information, for example, the document ordered hospitals to train staff on preventative measures and take steps. To stop the disease from spreading among medical workers, but there's more the Chinese military knew about the outbreak even before the Chinese City see issue the prevention measures. This can be seen in this internal documents from the naval Engineering University. The January second document ordered the University security department to monitor visitors who were suspected of being infected with an unknown pneumonia originating from Wuhan it further states that this order is to follow a naval engineering department instruction series number 298 issued in 2019, drunken generating function body earliest and most accurate intelligence came from the Chinese military the naval Engineering University. Using documents like these implicates the Chinese military. They very likely knew about the outbreak and transmissibility in December 2019 or even earlier all these instructions were marked internal some specifically say not to be spread on the internet and not to be publicly disclosed. and so is That way the CCP kept the 1.4 billion people of China unaware of the danger of this virus for at least 20 days and the timing couldn't have been worse a job in January 7th Xi Jinping ordered the information of the outbreak must not damage the atmosphere of a peaceful and happy holiday. And what holiday atmosphere was that right at that time less than two weeks from the Chinese New Year hundreds of millions of Chinese people has started heading home for the largest holiday in China trains buses and flights were packed after all it is the largest human migration on the planet. The 10,000 people family banquet is still yet to happen. Well five million people were moving the city for destinations. long the world As 20/20 approached the United States found itself in the tents and rare time for just the third time in American history. A sitting president had been impeached article one is adopted. The media Focus was entirely on the impending Senate decision and it's Trump would be removed from office. Beyond the United States borders seemed trivial and that's what were the news of our own virus spreading in a far-off land quietly arrived at the u.s. CDC headquarters in Atlanta. According to an April 4th, Washington Post report the CDC learned a cluster of cases in China on December 31st, but this information was not provided by the Chinese authorities. In fact, it wasn't until January 3rd was CDC director Robert Redfield received a call from a counterpart in China. The Chinese CDC told Redfield that mysterious illness had been spreading inside Wuhan we enquired about the details of that phone call to the CDC particularly. When the Chinese CDC told the US that the virus could spread between people the CDC did not respond the rest of the world began to know.

Coronavirus disease

Was going on inside Wuhan by mid-January, but the world wasn't told the severity on January 14th, the who began echoing the Chinese government stands of no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission is very clear right now that we have no sustained human-to-human transmission. It also recommended no travel bans The Who maintain its position about the unverified or limited nature? Of human-to-human transmission until January 23rd three days after China publicly confirmed the such transmission mean well in the United States on January 18th. President Trump was finally substantially briefed by Health officials about the coronavirus. He had been receiving intelligence briefings before that tracking the spread of the virus in China and later in other countries, according to the post the briefings. And not predict one the virus my land on you is Shores. It also did not recommend particularly steps that public health officials should take it did however warned that Chinese officials appear to be minimizing the severity of the outbreak one week after that briefing President Trump placed a travel ban on China. It's been was one of the first in the Western Hemisphere lives are at stake. This is not a Time political opponents criticized him for overreacting and being racist for Banning Chinese Travelers. Only history has proven that this move was neither excessive normally enough after all according to very flight in aviation data company based in China that mid-January about 4,000 people. Had already entered the United States directly from Wuhan in January alone about three hundred eighty one thousand Travelers flew directly from China to the United States. What's even more worrying? Is that after China locked down entirely outbound traffic from China did not slow down on January 23rd Wuhan was the first to fully lock down all the remaining provinces in China followed suit. Suit before Cabaret 10th under the total lockdown Chinese people could not travel domestically, but we're still allowed to go abroad.In fact, well implementing strict domestic quarantine measures in February. The Chinese regime kept reassuring the world that the outbreak was fully under control and it continued to encourage international travel from Chinese cities Chinese State media. Chinois. Confirmed this February 6th. They reported that two days earlier the civil aviation Administration required Chinese Airlines to continue flying International routes to Nations that had no travel restrictions on February 3rd, the who once again paired China at the opening of the agency's executive board meeting and director-general tendrils supported China's assertion that all was well for in International travel there is no reason for measures that are necessarily interfere with international travel and trade we call on all countries to implement decisions that are evidence-based and consistent W. Just an according to verified scheduled international flight services from China did not face a significant job of until March 30th while scheduled domestic travel with severely limited as early as Night question lawyers. Are with your eating - why did the CCP conceal the truth about human transmission then allow Chinese people to travel abroad. Did they want to spread the virus to the entire world? Emma don't go narcissism. But how could did check you the CCP always takes its political power as the most important thing. It also takes economic operations as extremely important since economic operations guarantee social stability inside China and US guarantees, its political. Litical power. So in this process the CCP, let international flights continued their travel that way it could give the world a false appearance of stability guaranteeing multinational companies would stay inside China and to the whole world the CCP gave people the false impression that it could control the epidemic and the situation that was to avoid all of its foreign investment from Vanishing and all of its businesses going into upheaval. So in this situation, Raishin, the CCP did not order international flights to close down a notch. Haha. Yeah. Thank you ha on top of that on January 31st. We saw that the CCP was aggravated after Trump ordered a temporary ban on Chinese air travel the foreign Ministry issued criticism. So that goes to show that the CCP takes economic profit as more important than human life. That's not just saying it doesn't regard Chinese people's lives, but the CCP doesn't care about any lives. Any country of the world? Yeah, that's it. How quiet unassuming entire company of Puerto Rico. Like what we have discussed there are practical reasons for their silence, like keeping up appearances. So foreign investors won't get scared off as to whether they had other more Sinister intentions such as spreading the virus to the entire world. We don't really know for sure but we are sure about is that the CCP new in early January that there will be worldwide competition on the horizon for one specific. Act the Associated Press obtained a four-page Department of Homeland Security intelligence report dated May 1st, according to the report Chinese leaders intentionally concealed the severity of the pandemic from the world in early January while doing so they increase the Imports and decrease the exports of medical supplies. It attempted to cover this up by denying their will export restrictions and delaying production. Revision of its trade data high-ranking officials in Taiwan support this trend see my vice premier of the Republic of China spoke about medical supplies in the recent interview with a famosa TV network. Mr. Chen revealed that well looking to place orders and face masks. He made a phone call to one of taiwan's local medical supply manufacturers January 27th it until I made a phone. Call to Wang Ching shun. The CEO of Nan Neo Enterprise, which is the manufacturer of non woven cloth. And I was told that China had purchased a huge amount of non woven cloth from India one month ago. So the masks are out of stock all around the world. I'll May 14th 2020 the FBI issued a statement on the new investigation. China Affiliated cyber actors have been both targeting and compromising us organizations. Conducting covid-19 related research. These attacks aimed to steal research results related to vaccines treatments and testing according to the Wall Street Journal us officials stated that China and the wrong started such a text as early as January 3rd. will on the show come out. I thought you were when I saw this news which shocked me wasn't that they were stealing intellectual property since the CCP is always doing that. Anyway what got my attention was that They started stealing vaccinations on January 3rd. They gathered related research results this confirms that the CCP knew at a very early time how dangerous this disease was lose your dorm on the vision.If the CCP was just trying to hide the identity of the virus and the scale of the outbreak would expect them to relent on the cover-up after the rest of the world figure that out. However, this is if he continues to rigidly maintained the cover-up just like in the earliest days. Why is that what else? Could they be hiding? Christmas Eve It was just a normal working day in Guangzhou a sprawling Port City northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River on that day Vision Medicals a genetic technology company made a critical Discovery. They received a fluid sample from a patient in Wuhan that sample contained a source like chronic virus that was similar to the 2003 SARS virus 81% similar to be Sighs time was of the essence to get information out on December. seventh the lab related test results to the Wuhan Central Hospital phone. over the They also shared the near-complete gene sequence with the Institute of pathology and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in internal company messages researchers described the virus as a bat like SARS coronavirus on the 29th and 30th Vision medical researchers want to ohanyan person to report our findings. They exchanged all their analysis results with the leaders of the ohon central hospital and the orhan Disease Control Center the following day on January 1st. One of the lab researchers received a phone call from a cool Bay provincial Health commission official the official gave the following orders existing lab samples must be destroyed lab was forbidden from studying new samples from Wuhan Any existing analysis papers or data cannot be shared to the outside world. Finally any future findings must only be reported to the government then on January 3rd another lab outside of Wuhan received samples from Ground Zero the Shanghai Public Health clinical Center began sequencing The genome two days later on January 5th. The clinical Center of finished a sequence confirming a new form of stars that had never been seen before the clinical Center reported this to false the Shanghai and National Health commission's they reported the disease was similar to SARS suspected. It was airborne and recommended the public areas undertake safety measures to control the spread, but just like the doctors warnings from before both government entities seemingly ignored the information and warnings after almost a week of no response to any government body. On January 11th team from the clinical Center took a bold step and published a full genome sequence online through a very logic dot org and genbank. This was the first time the rest of the world could see the pool virus genome and like clockwork. The team's research laboratory was shut down the following day. What Vision Medicals and the Shanghai Public Health clinical Center experienced were not isolated orders from Chinese Health officials? In fact China's top medical authorities expended such a band to the entire nation as early as January 3rd what can genome sequencing reveal? Why would the Chinese authorities so determined to destroy the genome sequences and samples. I spoke with Stephen had Phil former researcher for the you Did States Army Medical Research Institute of infectious diseases? What does genome sequencing reveal can it reveal the identity of the virus and one that came about? Yeah, basically the to have the genome sequence of any virus lets you establish its family tree. And because mutations occur in different viruses at set rates. You can take an early strain and a new strain and you can compare the changes that have occurred the random changes and it's almost like running a clock backwards. You can see how many new mutations have appeared in this virus compared to this older known virus and you can run the clock back and make an estimate of when all these this new strain appeared it's called a molecular clock. Dr. Hatfield said by studying the genome sequence we can roughly know when the virus came about while researchers in the UK did exactly that. April 17th UK's Daily Mail reported that a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge gather data on the possible start of the outbreak their analysis concluded that the spread began at some point between September 13th and December 7th on May 5th sciencedirect published the paper by a group of UK and French scientists focusing on file o genetic research, which The development of specific organisms their estimates suggest that the pandemic started sometime between October 6 and December 11th, coincidentally am a knife that long term based NBC News verification unit reported private analysis that fit into that time frame. The report indicated that was no publicly available cell phone activity in a high security portion of the or Hunt is to do two virology from October 7th through October 24th, 2019. They suggested that there may have been a hazardous event sometime between October 6th and 11th. The report says during this time. It is believed that Roblox were put in place to prevent traffic from coming near the facility. We looked into the traffic reports in Wuhan during that time period since the military World game took place in Wuhan from October 18th the to 27th the local government log down a mountain called bath and shun right in the backyard of the Wuhan virology lab. However, the lockdown dates did not match up with the reported dates of no cell phone activity. Therefore is unlikely that the game influenced. cell phone activity in the area If there is evidence of a lap shut down, it will bolster theories that China made a terrible mistake as President Donald Trump indicated. In fact, the state department received a warnings from the u.s. Embassy staff in 2018 that the Wuhan Institute of virology had lack security and severe shortages of properly trained technicians. The Chinese had previously even ask for American help in that regard so Stop make an accidental leak from the lap visible so far. We haven't found any hard proof of either a lap shutdown or that the virus was mistakenly leaked from the lab, but we must explore this direction simply because the Chinese leadership has revealed that something was wrong with Chinese Laboratories. Deep in the mountains of Southwest China there are caves millions of years in the making they're famous for two things stalactites and bats bats were found to be the source of the 2003 SARS outbreak before this was well known Well Woman leading a team of researchers was tasked with finding that. CCTV reported that in November 2011. Dr. Jing Li and her team stumbled Upon A Batcave in these tropical mountains. The bats were host to 10 different. Sup, the SARS coronavirus as the Director of the center for emerging infectious diseases at the Wuhan Institute of biology this finding eventually helped her discover the pathogen that causes the 2003 SARS outbreak. She brought thousands of the bat coronavirus samples back to her lab in Wuhan 1,100 miles from the Wyndham that case then when the 2019 outbreak started, dr. Seuss. Swore on her life that the virus did not come from the lab her argument was that none of the genome sequences of the back row no viruses in her lab matched that of the covid-19. However, two things cast a doubt on talk to shoes pledge. First is what has been revealed about China's biolabs in general and second is what happens at the Wuhan Institute of biology specifically, what Chinese I Labs really like I asked a doctor Xiang in former lab director of the viral disease branch of the water Reed Army Institute of research.

He also used to work at biology labs in China. The key issues here is about left safety and management products for label animal facilities at the biosafety level 3 or 4. Less the P3 P4 lab, especially in terms of the protection measures for lab. Conditions or the disposal procedures for animal Cops and we know China has been very aggressive for the last 20 years to build up P3 P4 lab and ran out China has about 40 piece three piece for labs Nationwide and we will see new plans to build up more piece 3 p 4 Labs after the covid-19 outbreak. So this is a huge concern. You know first I China was relatively new to this. You even though he stood where a large laboratory the people lab was observed to have security concerns and was shot up well-trained professionals. And this was actually a documented in 2018 report from Department of State when they send to a devices to each to Divine knowledge to evaluate the situation there. We also know the HD virology for lab. Was actually directed under the University of Texas Galveston National Laboratory. So this indicated even the Chinese scientists rely on the United States experts to ensure the advice the safe operation of their P4 lab does that mean the American lab is responsible for what happened at the Chinese lab? No, because the gaveston National Laboratory they only responsible for Establishing the protocol for left safety operations for by our security procedures. But the real operation is up to the local team in Wuhan and what happened at the Wuhan Institute of biology is particularly concerning so it is common product to conduct religious studies on viral genome genomes in order to understand the functions of components different and viral proteins. But one set of experiments are particular concern is gain-of-function studies. So in this kind of studies, you can conduct molecular level of genetic engineering or you can infect a cell for example with a bad crowd or string with always such genetic manipulation. You can conduct these experiments in parallel in multiple cell culture flask. So after few days opposing faction, you can collect super Clayton's the flocks, which is the most severe cell dying and then you use the supernatant do an error on infection. So you basically select Lara mutants with highly effective it he's in each realm and similarly. You can conduct this kind of experiment in animal models like Mouse and ferrets. So basically you select viral mutants, they can spread fasters or cause more severe disease in animal models. And so this is the typical gain-of-function studies and we know she's only scroop from Wuhan Institute of biology together with their collaborators in United States published an article on nature medicine in 2015 in this study. They documented the enhance of Pasadena cities when you had a spike of a bat coronavirus train put on the backbone of a mouse adapted coronavirus ourselves. Us so these studies race series about es6 concerns at the moment and the United States suspending this kind of studies for while. However, it's not known whether this kind of study was further pursued in China, especially what they was pursued under some joint project was Chinese military medicine the unique like the ones in Wuhan on Nanjing. This is not saying that Chinese scientists have the intelligence to design virus like such coronavirus to but this kind of gain-of-function study is so dangerous with unpredictable outcome. That's why it's very vital for the whole world to know whether China is still continuing this kind of experiments. China slap slap standards are well known to insiders and these widespread practices in Chinese Labs have gone for years then suddenly on January 16 20 24 days before publicly acknowledging human transmission, the China science and technology department released guidelines on safety and management of viral laboratory's a month later on February 14th Xi Jinping make comments. About accelerating biosafety legislation at the committee for National reform student and I had to take a tour through decision D&G far it's very possible that she already knew about a lab leak. So he wanted to publish this law to make it look like he takes biosafety seriously. Yeah, if it's yellow had but yet I haunted only father found it was to be a preventative measure. So if in the future the rest of the world looks to find who is responsible then they have escaped go ready the whole garden with y'all. Sit here until they will say that it was some person who did it who broke these rules and it is not a problem with the CCP way Panasonic. We did our they brothers. They don't want the Chinese leadership not only been research on the origin of the virus inside China for they also continued to deny access to foreign experts. This is gone for months. All the important evidence may not be gong or destroyed. Aw. Simply too many tracks to cover can we believe anything? They've told us? This website is called she loo or Westland in English. It is one of the most influential websites about the Chinese military on January 26th. She loo published an article claiming a so-called corporate of the virus had been found citing research from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The other cope reports that the coronavirus is not a product of nature. Instead the article wrote for key proteins in the virus had been replaced so that it can Target Chinese people and who would create such a virus to Target the Chinese according to the article. It was none other than the United States the article claimed the virus was deployed by US service members while participating in the military World Games in October 2019. Though that particular article was removed from the website in early February The Narrative of American origin has persisted on March 12 Chinese foreign Ministry spokesperson. Jolly. Jian republished a video of Robert Redfield addressing a u.s. Congressional Committee in the clip. Redfield said some influenza deaths in the u.s. Were later identified as cases of covid-19. Referring to this clip drawl wrote the city seat was caught on the spot when did patient zero began in the u.s. It might be the US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan be transparent make public your data the u.s. Owes us an explanation Jaws fellow foreign Ministry. Spokesman Kong. Shuhang later backed him up suggesting the US is hiding something five months into the pan. To make the theory that the virus originated in America is still very much alive in China. In fact, if you search on China's equivalent of Google called by do using the keywords virus came from America 66 Million results come up. Late spring in New York is a Charming time of New Life blue skies, chirping birds and spectacular blue means but inside the buildings people are dying in April 2020 as New York state became the national epicenter the daily death toll from covid-19 peaked at 805 in a single day. As of June 26 / 124 thousand people have died in the whole country. They told that has surpassed the 47,000 American deaths in the Vietnam War the global economy slipped into a recession on the scale. Not seen since World War Two 33 million people have sought us only employment Aid since the virus hit the numbers are Heart-wrenching what makes it worse is that we know this could have been prevented a study by the University of Southampton indicated that if China had taken measures to address the virus earlier. They could have prevented about 95% of the infections throughout the world. Some people say the American government. The trombone Administration is also at fault. They could have done better and acted earlier with knowledge. They had after all the whole world was at the same starting point. Why did Taiwan and South Korea end up in the much better place? That may be true to some extent but this argument is diverting attention from the elephant in the room.That is who let this happen to the world in the first place. Two people in China and the answer to that and what they are seeing today is not an unprecedented catastrophe but rather it is history repeating itself. for the past 70 years China has been plagued with an autonomous curse causing either man-made disasters or natural disasters turned men made the largest famine in human history ending 45 Million Lives was known as the Great Leap Forward what caused it they said it was drought but it was really Charming Mal trying to accelerate agrarian China towards communist Utopia systematic lying. Created imaginary surpluses of crops government officials gathered crops that did exist and let the peasant population to die without the food. They themselves grew this is if he has long since covered up This Disaster as Chinese citizens know nothing of the true scale of this famine in 1989 as blood-soaked college students were carried away on makeshift Gurney's. This is if he claimed they did not fire a single. shot during the Tiananmen Square massacre. They maintained the only about 200 civilians died in the turmoil a recent Declassified UK document indicates the pla crowd and 10,000 people Chinese students today don't even know there was ever a protests in Tiananmen in 2003 SARS swept through China the CCP concealed how many people were infected only China's neighbors like Taiwan and South Korea had experience with handling such respiratory infections much of the world was left unprepared for the danger of a similar virus in 2008 over 87,000 people lost their lives in the magnitude seven point nine earthquake in Sichuan Province independent investigations showed shoddy construction had caused the death of thousands of children. However, the CCP jailed be Investigators from July 1999 a traditional Chinese mind and body exercise called falun dafa has been persecuted in China. This is a who has used a column guy practitioners as well as other political prisoners as horse to organ donors harvesting and selling vital organs on the national scale. Independent investigators have concluded that this claim is true. This is if he's still denies it to this day. And yes, this is AP. Once again covered up another disaster. This is what it has always done and will always do why has this persisted for so long? Maybe we should ask what criminal would ever stop their crimes if they weren't held accountable. 1989 In as dried blood and 10 tracks or disappearing from the roads of Tiananmen Square a secret Envoy from President George HW Bush arrived in Beijing. He extended an olive branch to former Chinese leader. Don't xiaojing Bush consoled dung saying that all the public condemnation for the massacre were nothing more than political rhetoric Bush authorized the delivery of military supplies. to China in the wake of tianmen change in our leader. - change in our nation's event Bill Clinton campaigned that he would be tough on China. However his tough stance quickly softened after he took office the Communist leadership mobilized a pro-china coalition within both the administration and Congress as a result. Not only were sanctions against the China quickly lifted, but also Clinton helped to China enter the World Trade Organization. He also granted China the status of most favored nation. Not just the political sphere but technological and financial companies are assisting China as well. US tech Giants facilitated China for me into a police state with invasive surveillance. Cisco laid the foundation for China's great firewall as well as an information surveillance system called the Golden Shield Project IBM provides servers to Golden Shield engineering Oracle provides database services and Microsoft. a personal operating system that by JPMorgan Chase this is a piece up front Wall Street has channeled a huge amount of money to the Chinese Communist Regime over the past 40 years JPMorgan succumbed to nepotism white hired a children of high-ranking Chinese officials this help the company when billions of dollars Chinese business contracts Morgan Stanley investment indexes include Chinese companies that often cause Jose national security threat to America its actions have resulted in trillions of US Dollars being invested in the Chinese economy. There is one particular company listed on the Morgan Stanley index that we need to single out. It's called tencent and it owns the Chinese social media giant we chat we chat has long help the CCP monitor dissidents The Whistleblower of this pandemic, dr. Lee When they are and others were first tracked and reported on WeChat when they exposed the virus spread via this social media platform. Only reason this situation has gotten as bad as it's gotten is because the capitalist in the west the Wall Street in the city of London and certain corporatist certain Elites what I call the party a Davos right have basically financed the CCP and has allowed them to get technology those days are over in China and America. Erica alike. We have a saying what goes around comes around for the past 40 years America and the West have been the state of willful ignorance to put it nicely about the ccp's crimes. Now, the circumstances have forced us to face the consequences of that negligence. China has a rich history Splendid culture and profound spiritual tradition loud sir. Would it be able to hold a candid conversation with Socrates about ethics and the laws of the universe China's Millennial long tradition of revering heaven and ancestors Echoes Edmund Burke's concept of an internal Society where there's a contract among the dead than living. Unborn but before China revives those Traditions there must first be a decoupling between the CCP and the United States. I hope this decoupling will happen because if it doesn't there will be more victims Among Us when history repeats itself or we ourselves will become part of the problem.