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How a Website Can Help a Business

 in our mini-series learning web design from scratch this video is going to be all about how a website can help a business I'm gonna be using some cutting-edge technology the classic whiteboard to show you guys how it all fits together so in the last video and I'll link it in the description we covered how to learn coding from scratch how to get up to speed on HTML and CSS now we need to start figuring out how we can use that skill set to help a business so just because we know how to make a website just because we know some coding doesn't necessarily mean we can help a business we also have to have additional skill sets we got to know how business operates we got to know how they get new clients new sales and where we might be able to help them do that using a website for us to become a great web designer we not only have to understand web design we also got understand business and sales so for today's video I've broken that into three general sections we got visibility creating action and then our end results I'm gonna break each of these down in detail show you exactly what they mean and get those concepts really nailed in so you can start putting this to use right away first up visibility hugely important concept we can build the best website in the world but if nobody's using it it's going to be totally pointless so whenever we look at a potential client whenever we pitch our services we got to make sure that it's gonna be part of some larger Sales System it's not just gonna be the website there's got to be some way to get people onto that website and start putting it into use think of this like building a racing car you build a best racing car in the world you give it to somebody but they never put a driver in it they never put it on the track it's never gonna win any records it's never gonna get any results just like a website if we hand that off to a business or a person and they just have nobody on there nobody using it nobody's seeing the content that you've produced it's never going to get any results for them no matter what the price is it's gonna be a complete waste of time and money so when we look for potential clients when potential clients approach us we have to make sure that this website's going to be part of some sort of marketing sales system we can either create that further and I'm going to show you some options or they already have something in place if they want us to create it if they don't have anything at the moment there's a few things that we can do so we can do SEO we can make this website over time show up higher on Google search results so that more people will come across it true natural searches true Google if they really want some fast results and they have the money to spend on it we can also do AdWords we can set up an AdWords system so that when people search on Google our different search engines our results our website comes up at the very top but that actually isn't always necessary sometimes businesses have their own marketing systems maybe they rent out billboard space maybe live ads in the radio they might have a TV commercial there might be in the newspaper maybe they have a lot of trucks that drive around with their website printed on the side they might have some way of just naturally driving customers to a website that doesn't have to do with Google it doesn't have to do with search results and that's completely fine also they could have really good word-of-mouth a lot of people might really like this business they start sharing it naturally start talking about it telling their friends hey check out this website check out this business another way could be that the business is linked from a lot of different websites so Martin show up on Google so well but it's talked about in a lot of different places maybe it's on a lot of forums maybe it's some some other directory websites maybe it's just linked from a few Authority websites and this is a way that they could be getting a lot of traffic a lot of users naturally of course as well you've got social media this could be something that's shared a lot on Facebook on Instagram on Twitter or it could also be that they're running ads on those platforms as well but in either case it could be that this website's getting a lot of users not from Google not from other websites but just off social media you'll see that a lot nowadays with certain sorts of products certain sorts of services the final one that I've listed is material so maybe this company has produced something that's out in the real world that helps bring people back to the website could be a t-shirt with the website on it it could be a book could be pamphlets leaflets whatever now the important concept to understand is this has to already exist or it has to be something that they're willing to pay us to create has to be one or the other or maybe even both but it definitely can't be neither nobody's visiting this website doesn't matter what we build doesn't matter how good it is it's just never gonna get any results so if a business who potentially wants a website if they don't have marketing out there in the real world if they're not renting billboards if they don't have you know t-shirts directing people back if they're not showing up on Google if people aren't talking about them if just nobody knows about this business nobody knows about the website then a long way investing in the website they also have to invest in a way for people to find that website they either have to pay you to set up SEO Adwords or to get you out there promoting it on social media or another websites but they can't expect from just having a good website to have people finding it and using it those are two different  things this is a really important concept to get into your mind from the very very beginning you need to work with businesses that are not only willing to invest in the website but are also making sure that people are actually going to get on there put it to use and hopefully potentially take some end-result action as well okay so once we've made sure that people are actually going to use this website we can start focusing on the website itself so we got this class magic wizard here which is gonna be you creating all this action from this amazing website that you're gonna build so this channel in general is gonna break down exactly how to achieve that using different formatting with your design using copywriting using certain images writing styles call-to-action different forms etc that's gonna be a much bigger topic that I'll cover in much detail but for now as an overview we need to realize that we have all these different people coming to the website for a certain reason and we need to start turning that into some form of action for these people to potentially take so how do we do this good question this is the skill set that you're gonna want to develop as a web designer a lot of web designers like to focus on design on coding on certain features of a website which is fine but to get those end results to really have this website producing the most that it can for your clients it really has to be built in such a way to turn all this potential energy into some sort of action to some sort of end result so there's certain ways you can set it up to certain things you can focus on that are really going to improve the chances of that happening that's why I've created this YouTube channel that's what I'm hoping to teach you over time is different ways to turn potential clients into actual sales actual results actual new customers new leads for the people that are paying you to design this website so your ability to do this the better you can do this the more people you can turn from just a casual browser on a web site into an actual paying customer for the person you're building the website for that's gonna justify your money your wages as a web designer the best web design is out there can capture as much people's attention as possible get them interested get them motivated to take some form of action and then turn that into an end result we're gonna cover those results in a second but that is the core skill set here that is what you should be working on your ability to make something that turns all these potential people at different stages of the buying cycle they might be highly interested they might be somewhat interested they might just be casually browsing trying to capture as much as you can educate these people inform them get their interest get them motivated get them having some form of desire and then turning that into an end action and end result so that's why I got this cool wizard character because I think this is a pretty cool skill set you can turn potential buyers into actual paying customers just true what you have in that website true great copywriting great design different images different layouts etc so pretty cool skill set to have when you see it done properly it's really really impressive and there's a lot of different things happening behind the scenes even on a very simple website that you might not realize so Third Point is the end result what does this all actually mean what are we actually working towards what does a client actually want to see from a great website so if you asked someone what main result would somebody want when they build a website for a business their probable answer is going to be more sales that's definitely the case no business is going to turn down more cash for but there's also a lot of other different goals that a business might be trying to get true having a better website I've listed a few here like getting better leads better sorts of customers maybe targeting a new niche that their business didn't target before maybe it's better productivity having a website with systems in place that can reduce the workload for their actual staff so a classic example is a better contact forum that grabs a lot of different information and then that saves people doing that later offline another thing could be they're trying to improve their company image maybe they're trying to look more prestige maybe they're trying to look more friendly maybe they're trying to break into a new market and they need to create that image from scratch whatever exactly their goals are they're gonna have some form of goals it's our job as a web designer to discover what these are discover how important each one is and then how we can produce that result using the website again our ability to do this is going to justify us charging you know quite a large amount because in return they're getting so much more if they're getting this huge amount of value from the work that we produce this is what separates great web designers who make a lot of money from people who really struggle to sell their services to get new clients to get the word out there the difference is one group of people are making a website that produces an end result that has a huge impact for the business at har ism the other people are just designing websites that look kind of cool but they're not thinking about this bigger picture stuff and there's no real great end result from their work of course it's hard to charge money when there's just nothing in return for the people who are potentially gonna hire you one last concept to keep in mind is a website not only increases certain things but it also reduces other things that a client might want to just cut down on or remove altogether things like waste of time maybe they're always telling clients certain information that could be on the website instead if their services their location their opening hours have certain things work about their product or their service maybe they're getting the wrong clients reaching out and contacting them people who they just can't cater to people they can't help the good websites going to reduce those clients even thinking that this business is suitable and things like repetitive tasks what we just talked about a few moments ago getting information from the website that reduces people doing an offline or having content or systems on the website that reduces action elsewhere for that business guys here's the cool thing if you can get this in your mind if you can start putting this to use from the very beginning you're going to explode your business as a web designer businesses want to work with people to understand these concepts who can produce real end results and not just a website that looks cool but does nothing keep this in mind REE watch this video if you need to from the very very beginning as you learn web design you need to also start  understanding how a website can really help a business and how it links into other parts of their sales system guys thanks for watching this one hopefully it wasn't too advanced any questions any comments suggestions feedback leave them in the comments below I will write back to you hit subscribe if you want I'm gonna have a lot more content on this coming up soon I'm gonna take you from complete beginner stages the whole way up making your fresh sale starting to grow your web design business thanks for watching 

How to Make a website for FREE

 For those of you who wished you had your own stunning, professional-looking website or have one that doesn't really thrill you, I'm going to show you where and how you can create one for free at Wix.com. Wix has an amazing tool that fills it for you automatically it's called their 'artificial design intelligence'. In addition Wix allows you to edit any of your website's sections with its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and other built-in features using Wix makes building an awesome-looking website simple easy and fun. Go to their website at Wix.com. You can create a website for free, or upgrade to a premium version. But with the free version, you get pretty much everything you need to begin. Click start now, if you're new to Wix you'll need to sign up. Type in your email then type in a password The first page asks what kind of website you want to create. for this example I'll build a website for an online consulting company, so I'll click business you can build your website two different ways one is with the Wix editor which is a great drag-and-drop editor, or we can work with Wix ADI. ADI is wix's artificial design intelligence. I suggest starting with ADI, since it does most of the 'heavy lifting' automatically and then edit your site in the Wix editor later. Adi works by asking us a bunch of different questions. For example, it asks what kind of business do you want to create a website for. I'll type in consulting Wix automatically populates a list of types of consulting companies I'll click consulting firm, then click next. It then asks does your website need one of the following features. If your website doesn't need any of them just click skip or next you can always add any of them later if you want next we'll type in the name of our business. I'll type in James consulting and click next. Then it asks you where your business is located. You can skip it or type in its address and click next. ADI is gathering existing information about your company on the internet so for example if you already have a public Facebook site it'll scroll that site and add your information however since this is a fictional site, we'll skip this section next it asks us to check our company's info if you want to upload a photo, just click on this icon or we can add it later. I'll add our company's email address and phone number. Then, click next. Now the ADI software is putting all of our information together and is starting to build our site. Next, we'll pick a theme or general look for our site. For now I'll click classic, and then click continue ADI will begin to create your website's initial design section by section, so just sit back and relax. The purple dot is ADI's eyes cursor and is automated it found some high resolution images and text on the internet that applies to the type of company your website represents keep in mind you can replace your images and text at any time in the Wix editor for now it's just showing you how your website will look overall I'll click this button on the lower right which opens this list of options that will guide you to create your full web site. let's preview the site. Click preview at the top you'll notice that they installed a cool effect with the photo called parallax, you can change that or any other aspect of your website later if you want, after previewing it click the blue X button. If you want to change the entire website design just click the next line in the list. Adi asks you if you like it to choose a new design for you or if you'd like it to show you how to do it yourself I suggest to click show me how, because it's easier to change or reverse any changes that are made click site design the one that says customize is the classic theme that we already picked so for example if we click the elegant theme ADI automatically revises your design to reflect the elegant theme to preview it click keep it preview your site and preview at the top. As you can see it's a similar layout but with different text and colors if you want to go back to your first design click the blue X button to end the preview and change the entire website design click site design click the classic theme and just like that we're back to where we want to be we'll keep this next we have the option to change is the color theme  I'll click on the customize theme, and click here to open the color palettes. There are dozens to choose from for example, let's click this one immediately. It shows you how your website would look with this color palette. If you want to go back to the black white and gray palette that ADI originally chose for us, just click on that color bar and instantly it reverts back to that palette. I'll click keep it the next option allows you to change your website's fonts in this case since I like the fonts we already have I'll just skip this option if you want to change the layout of your sections, we'll click here and click show me how click on the section you'd like to change. Click this button to see the layout options. You can scroll on the left to check out your various layouts click on the one you like the best to see it apply to your website then click keep it. Next, we can edit the specific content of a section. Select a section and click edit. Here you can edit any of its info. For example, if we want to add a map location for our business, just check map and just like that, ADI instantly adds the map to our design. When you're done editing the content, click the button on the lower right and we're done with that section. If you want to add another section or page click the next two options. However since I don't want to add either of them, I'll skip them I'll click this button to end our edits. To see our website click publish to use the free Wix domain. Click publish and continue to view your new site click here. We've created a beautiful effective website in just about ten minutes or so. If you want to edit anything on your website, open back the Wix ADI page and click done. Click site on the top and click go to editor when this page opens, click go to the editor, which breaks out of the ADI technology. If for example we want to change this background, just click on it and click change strip background. Immediately, a panel pops up that gives you multiple choices of new backgrounds. You can also find an image or video by clicking the respective buttons here. When you click image, a page opens giving you options to find images from your computer, social images, free images from Wix and images from big stock. When you click video you can choose one from your computer or one for free from Wix. Just click on the category, and click on the thumbnail of the video to place it instantly into your website. click the X to close out of the window. If you want to change text no problem just click on the text click Edit text and edit it. To go to another section click pages home, and click another section to edit it. When you're done building your website click publish at the upper right, and click save Changes. You can either choose to upgrade to connect with your own branded domain or, connect with wix's free domain. If you want to view your site click view site. I hope this is giving you a good start to explore and have fun creating a website using Wix. If you have any questions, just contact Wix and they'll be happy to walk you through it.

10 reasons you need  a website

let's talk about the internet so literally everyone is on 

the internet all of the time it doesn't matter whether 

it's buying things learning a new skill watching TV 

making friends we can almost do anything on the internet 

nowadays so having an online presence on the Internet is 

almost a must if you want to get anywhere and 

unfortunately social media has become so noisy that it's 

become increasingly harder to actually make an impact and 

stand out online so how do we get around this how do we 

make an even bigger impact than the 2  billion people 

that have Facebook accounts how do you stand out online.

 easy create a website

  I make websites and I am here to tell you 10 reasons 

why you need one trust me this is good stuff so are you 

ready number one you can make a lot of money I make my 

full living online and my sister makes her full living 

online my best friend makes his full living online 

actually in fact my sister and my best friend are 

millionaires now because of the websites that they own 

and if you subscribe to me you'll probably hear more 

about that and that's not just a fluke a lot of people 

are making a lot of money online these days because like 

I said earlier we do a lot of things online and we also 

buy a lot of things online number two it's an opportunity 

to be creative so if money isn't your motivator that's 

just fine because building a website provides you with a 

creative space to show off your work and the process of 

building your website can be really creative too you can 

make animated buttons you can show off your photography 

you can even create color schemes and so much more the 

ways you can design your website are almost endless 

number three it serves as an amazing resume want to stand 

out at your next job or find a better one having a 

website can put you head and shoulders ahead of everyone 

else not only can it display your work in a fun and 

professional way but being tech savvy in today's world 

really means a lot and creating a website really shows 

that number four you can get professional email address 

I've got nothing against my gmail account but your name 

at your website com looks a heck of a lot better than 

your name at gmail.com or Yahoo or Outlook this 

professionalism can help you in all  sorts of ways 

including getting new clients all the way to looking good 

in front of your bank talking about your mortgage number 

five you can quit your nine-to-five job if you turn it 

into an online business not happy with your job cool 

neither was I that's why I started working online and I 

never looked back so you can control your income and your 

time and a website is the way to start number six it's an 

outlet to expand your growth on a hobby or a topic if you 

have a hobby or a topic that you really like a website is 

a way to grow your passion for that connect with others 

write blog posts document your experiences all of it can 

be done with a website number. you can become an 

influencer you can help people learn new skills like 

projects or cooking or automotive skills you can also 

help people lose weight or become a better gardener or 

become a better parent the list just goes on number eight 

you don't need expensive coding anymore back in the old 

days you'd have to be an Internet wizard to build a 

website but now with all the latest drag-and-drop 

technology it's never been easier number nine you do not 

need to pay a professional two to five thousand dollars 

to build your website it's actually incredibly cheap and 

I'll show you how to do it for less than twenty seven 

dollars if you watch some of my other videos last but not 

least number ten is because I'm gonna help you do it 

right no matter what type of website you want if you're 

watching my videos I'm gonna help you make it so here's 

just a few different types of websites that you can 

create personal websites blog websites ecommerce websites 

photography videography niche websites job boards 

nonprofits religious portfolio coupon auction podcasting 

affiliates the list just goes on so if you want .

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Jobs  for work at home

I wanted to share with you some professions that you can learn online and professions that allow you to work at home online in the past four years the online part of my income has started growing really really fast so I just wanted to share some ideas how you can do this too .I'm going to talk about professions that you can either start doing right now or take a two-three week or maybe like two month course online and start working profession number one translating what I thought about translating it's better to translate from English into your own language so for example if you're Spanish you can translate from English into Spanish because this is what's most in-demand because if you're a Spanish speaker it wouldn't be the best idea to translate from Spanish into English without proper like really good education unless you're bilingual but if you know good English if you're upper intermediate and with some help of the dictionary you would be able to translate into Spanish this is awesome a great website to look for different job postings is upward com and I went on up work and checked what are the jobs for Spanish speakers and you can find tasks that are worth 500 1000 dollars and imagine if you are from a poor country poorer compared to America what you make online is actually a lot of my translation translator selected profession number two or like task number two is to edit text again this is coming from my own experience if you're a native speaker if you speak English and you want to help other people like there are so many people studying English and using it every day who are not native speakers and there's so many emails being written in English with so many mistakes there are so many essays being written for American British Australian Canadian universities there is so many resumes being written in English and all of those people need help this is why we started fluent Express we're a native speaker instantly corrects your attacks in English and if you're a native speaker or like super advanced English language learner you can go ahead and sign up the email will be here this is Joe who managed his fluent Express and he would be able to unboard you if you're qualified enough again if you're an English native speaker so many jobs they can do online starting with teaching Chinese kids English for example because this is a huge market editing texts and just helping foreigners with their English just the converse practice English online activity number three software testing and this is something I found out about when I moved to Silicon Valley and the thing is with software testing you only need like maybe three or four months to learn it some people take a year but again it depends on how good you are with the computer but in order to start learning QA testing you just need to be good with computer know how to search internet know how to create folders you know know how to use word in Excel and people make so much money like this is a number one profession in Silicon Valley for those who don't have computer science education and want to do something with tech because the salaries are pretty high and again as I mentioned you can learn it pretty fast so for example there is this burden of computer school started by a fellow Russian he started at 20 years ago he actually moved to Silicon Valley in the 90s and realized this is something he could do and then he started doing it started a school they had more than a thousand students  from all over the world and they have different programs like the only loss only costs a thousand dollars and you learn everything about software testing they'll also help you with your resume and if you're here in Silicon Valley and we want to do it offline you pay forty five hundred dollars and you get the offline full time course and internship in a local company so you get work experience and I checked on Glassdoor and by the way Glassdoor is one of the best resources to find how much people are earning and QA engineer remote QA engineer so you can work from home makes sixty three thousand dollars a year which is again like if I were in Russia and I did this sixty-three thousand dollars we were like a lot of money I'm telling you a profession number four is a landing page designer there are so many small businesses out there and there are so many tools to create landing pages like Wix.com instagram. com page so you basically do not need to know how to code you just drag and drop things and I've done so many landing pages for língua trip when I first did it it took me like maybe two hours when I did it last time two weeks ago it took me thirty minutes because I know everything so once you master that skill you can just do you know till ending pagers the day and I checked out a web site called fiverr.com it started as a website where you could get any job done for five dollars but now they've transformed their idea a little self the prices range from $5 to you know hundreds and there are different postings of people who can create a landing page for you and the price ranges from $50 to $100 so again if you make like five landing pages per day you can make $500 again depends on your skills students on how much you like it and I think you need to have some of like taste for ux/ui the design how everything looks like then you just help people save their time and small businesses can concentrate on selling and you can help them create the website web designers the next profession the next skill copywriting if you love texts then listen carefully every business is now concentrated on creating content cuz content is King content is how you find clients content is how you educate them first there is a huge demand for good texts for different web sites in different languages like lingua trade was translated into six languages so we need tax in all of them there are Instagram bloggers and Instagram is this platform which started as a platform where you just post pictures and now is transforming to a platform where you post a picture and you have to give some content like you have to write a good text and give people some value and these stacks are not coming from nowhere they not just oh here's the text it's really a lot of effort like I'm not a writer and I would spend like maybe half an hour per Instagram post just for the text and there is an additional photo part so it takes a lot of time I would not be able to write all of the articles for a website so we constantly look for good copywriters and there are constantly thousands of companies out there looking for good copywriters and  Instagram bloggers like not every single blogger can write good texts well Kinsey copywriter the next video editor somebody who I started to look for maybe when I was six months into YouTube because first again I had no  education in view at nothing I just filmed a video with my  iPhone took my iPhone open the iMovie and try to crop it and you know what try and do a video in iMovie it comes out so good the the program is really the the soft is really easy if really easy to understand really easy to work at home with and then you get magic so there's so many people who are starting YouTube blogs and professional video companies charge oh my god I just realized they charge like fifteen thousand dollars per video you don't have to do that although if you're professional you can totally go that way but if you just want some freelance income and wanna help people edit some videos like beginner YouTube bloggers fifteen dollars an hour twenty dollars an hour on average it takes like five to six hours to edit a video again you're gonna work on create your portfolio and you know another thing for everyone doesn't matter what job you're looking at start with creating a portfolio on some of the websites and you can do some jobs for free maybe you have clients maybe you don't maybe you're just studying out do some jobs for free like for a review so you can get a five star rating maybe like three or four of them and then organic orders will start coming in some of the soft for video editing that I would advise iMovie then Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas this is what we youtubers use a lot the next photo editing I just found  this blogger millions of subscribers he teaches you how to edit photos so they can look really really good so all you need to start photo edit you can actually start with the easiest soft like that is free vsco Lightroom is free for for the iPhone what else there you Snapseed all of the apps and again there are so many Instagram bloggers there are so many companies that are starting Instagram and if you would help them make it look more professional better with a better layout better colouring they would hire you a hundred percent so again you can start experimenting with your own Instagram because I guess Instagram would be the platform where you would sell your services and I would advise you to make your Instagram look good and then try to DM but on Instagram reach out to them and say hey this isn't how my profile looks like I see that you're trying to sell through Instagram but your photos are not really well don't say that tell them you can improve their performance by 30 or 40 percent and you're willing to do  it for free for a week again you're doing this review and for your experience and then you will just start collecting money basically 30% of our employees of my team came from this kind of thing when they just reach out on social media helped me for free and I realize they're really good and I just hire them so this is my advice for you on how to make the first steps I use the magic of photo editing software if you realize that a photo editing you love it video editing you love it maybe blogging is something you would love to do and vlogging is this thing that doesn't have a limit so on all of the other jobs that I'm mentioning here yes you are limited by your time but your skills etc with YouTube once you post a video it can go viral and you can get millions of views so there is no limit one of my friends yeah 700,000 followers on his YouTube channel and his videos get over a million views every time you post some of his videos get like 50 million views he does kids content and he makes $40,000 a month it lives a happy life it pays a lot of taxes though and yeah enjoys his life in Florida and does really nothing like two videos a month he understands that this is not a job that he could maintain throughout his life but this is a great source of income he's in his 30s then enjoys life makes some savings speaking of pimples let's roll so if you have this urge to talk about something don't postpone like the best time to start is now take out your phone and start recording boast a couple of videos you don't have to start making income straight away like I got  my first hundred dollar check from YouTube when I was six months into my Russian Channel and I had like 10,000  followers it wouldn't start coming in really fast but once you start growing the checks will be bigger and bigger but you cannot start blogging just for the sake of making money cuz you know gonna love it but if you love to talk go ahead YouTube is the best platform you can also start at Instagram it pay for the views but again you can sell stuff through Instagram later or get paid ads see your library another job that requires no education at all just basic knowledge of computer and research skills some things that I've used a lot called virtual assistant back in 2015 when we just came to Silicon Valley and decided to start fundraising we needed a list of investors who invested in education so I went to an upwork.com looked for virtual assistants found that girl in Thailand who charged I don't remember but was like five dollars a per hour and she walked for ten hours I paid her $50 she came up with a list of sixteen masters who were really happy and I also realized that if I hired somebody in California in California the minimum wage per hour is fifteen dollars I would have paid a lot a lot more and this is why so many people in America outsource the tasks outsourcing college it's a brilliant idea because they pay less but at the same time when you're in a country with lower income you make so much money actually you make a lot more that you would have made if you worked offline in a you know regular 9:06 job by the way for all of the jobs that are mentioned here you don't have to quit your job you do your 906 or sorry either your 9:00 to 5:00 come back home eat your dinner and dedicate a couple more hours to something that you're really passionate about something that you love and something that might transform your life and create a whole new career for you assistant yeah virtual okay and the last but n