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23 December 2020 scam or legit

 today I want to introduce you to this website our separately searching for traffic or my website affiliate link and I came across this beautiful website with so many you know promises guaranteed signups traffic targeted traffic web or targeted you see and let's look at this one all services you see her get leads leading seems on autopilot so when I was a purely skeptical you know after this I saw it and one of my subscribers evilest meals so instead of to take a look at it and I looked at it a couple of times they sent me news again and again so finally I decided to make a features of one of the ads in the rent cheap ass because I wanted to promote a CPA offer I got the shock of my life I've got the shock of my life when I pitches the offer I think is about three weeks now I've had only 24 hits on my link only 24 and this is an offer total of three key signups the offer or struggle of three key signups 3,000 signups three weeks now I've had only 24 clicks only 24 clicks you product is 3k signups 3000 signups and 3 weeks today only June before clicks would you imagine this so look at this thousand 500 signups in 70s you see traffic or life . is totally scam. This is funny it's funny it's really funny and interesting isn't it so you see you have tier 1 countries the USA UK Canada Australia so New Zealand study so that is it so if I wouldn't actually recommend this website for anybody and when I asked for when I asked for truckin I wanted to track my service the services they are rendering me the traffic this was watch they sent me just look at this how do you track clicks here so this is it three key sign ups and traffic so this is the user name they gave me and this is it and so far they have given me according to them they have served me 673 impressions or clips or whatever but I have only 24 I have only 24 clicks I have only 24 clicks so this is it now hardware I sent a mail again action how do I determine which country these clicks are coming from see how I determine which country these clicks are coming from and I've had no reply since then they've not replied me from that time after now so definitely this is not good traffic it's not a good place to buy any traffic or your whatever whatever whether you want to boost your sales or you want to get boost traffic to your website understand so all these are office all these are office one day sale 10k targeted us a visit at six point nine it's not only cheap anyway is cheap I think they've had me and I don't unless you get so many people it's not good traffic it's no good traffic so just imagine I want to truck my ha ha and this was what she gave me so let's see a man says so this is really Kimmy put a mark safe so guys once again thank you very much for watching we expect to see you here again we're bringing you so much value and don't forget this channel is basically dedicated to making money online and how to generate traffic to your website that is what this website is meant for I mean this channel is meant for so if you are looking for ways to make money online work from home you are the right place and also we give advice on traffic now don't forget to subscribe to this channel and also like us give a thumbs up if it brought so much value to you don't forget to share it and look below our number one recommended channel source of passive income is the click on it you definitely will want to know more about it thank you for your attention .