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Alabama the making and the history
04 March 2021

Free services in Why?

Google the most successful internet concept ever Google has provided us with so many sources of knowledge. Now. We have, Drive Maps Google local business and words and many more all of these things have made our life easy. Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in internet related services and products which include online advertising Technologies a search engine cloud computing Etc. is the most visited website in the world. This company is now worth six hundred and thirty billion dollars, which is a massive amount after knowing all these facts about Google a question always arises. Why does Google provide all these services like Gmail Google Drive Google photos and much more Free so let's find out. Google charges absolutely nothing from its users in total all these Services give us a free cloud service 15 gigabytes of up to white who will never charge anything from its customers. The answer is if you are not being charged for any product, then you are the product Google gives you a lot of free things those freak things are Google's payment to you Google makes money with the among other things can sense and the shopping suggestions on Google. And they create this huge database in the background which they can use to provide better search information and sales offers, especially the relation between and the search engine queries is interesting in this respect as well as how Google can watch you use websites to feature advertisements by access. You don't pay money for using the Google search engine or there other free products, but you do share a huge amount of data with Google if you use their products and the value of that data easily exceeds the price you would pay for their product in other words. You're paying Google. Using their products, but this is a payment in a currency that does not fit in your wallet or bank account and too many of us is equal to free. Everything you do with Google's free stuff is recorded and analyzed the learn more about you every email you send or receive through Gmail has hand for keywords. Google knows what you like what you hate what you're afraid of what you want to buy several Google services are figures in the top 100 most visited websites including YouTube and blogger. Google was the most valuable brand in the world is of 2017, but has received significant criticism involving issues such as privacy concerns tax avoidance antitrust. Censorship and search neutrality you might be surprised by how much Google knows about you. You can also check what Google knows about you by visiting ads settings dot When you visit these Pages, you'll find out that Google knows so much about you like your personal details recent Google searches websites. You visited places you visited over the last year. You can also check your location history by going to Maps timeline Google promises that it doesn't sell your data. But rather uses your information to make hats relevant while you're browsing the web. It says it doesn't hand over any of this information to advertisers. You can also change all these settings by going to my account dot in trota. You can change all your privacy settings here Google promises that it keeps all of this data safe during Transit between your computer or smartphone its servers. It also says that its Cloud infrastructure protects the data and that it doesn't give government's direct access or backdoor access to any information all this sounds creepy but Google collects a lot of your personal data