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12 July 2021

Madonna, Robert Pattinson, Ellen DeGeneres. Secrets from celebrities you didn't know!


   Here are some secrets about celebrities you may not know about!

As the last weekend of April approaches, we invite you to share some secrets of the stars.

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres is related to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton? Ellen says that Kate still refuses to admit and doesn't know why she doesn't want to. But I will be at Wimbledon and if my summer Kate is there, I will dine with her and we will take the DNA, ”said the presenter in 2018.

Comments verified and validated by an ancestral research firm in Boston, which discovered that the two stars were linked by Sir Thomas Fairfax and his wife, Agnes Gascoigne, who lived in England in the early 16th century. They and Kate Middleton are distant cousins.  

If Robert Pattinson shot a movie in a circus in "Water for Elephants", the actor would now prefer to avoid that place. The Twilight and Harry Potter actor had explained the reason for his phobia of the Clown on Today: “The first time I went to the circus, someone died. One of the clowns died. . The toy car exploded. Everyone was running. It was scary. It was the only time in my life when I went to the circus. The British star will feel less alone when she finds out that P. Diddy and Johnny Depp are also afraid of clowns.

Before becoming famous, Madonna, like many other celebrities, began to have strange jobs. In her case, the singer worked for Dunkin Donuts. But she hasn't left an unforgettable memory since she was fired after soiling a customer with jam.