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25 January 2021

Make money online without writing content

without publishing  or creating or writing any content I will show you everything, step by step. I will show you my earnings from the last month  You will see everything in detail,  it's a full free course.  and today I'm really so excited  to publish this new free course. Before we start, just two simple points Number one: Please before you implement anything. Before you go and start copying  or implementing this course .Please watch it at least one  time to understand the full idea To get all the tips, the tricks, everything. Then you can go and start implementing it And the second point is simply Please if you like to watch more videos,  more free courses about online business,   making money online, digital  marketing, and much much more. So let's stop wasting time and go directly  and start our work and start our free course. So what are we going to do in this course? What is the idea behind this course? Usually when you want to make money from Google Simply we go and create a blog or a small  website like this one, like Computech By the way this is my website, I  published like three or four years ago and I use it now for testing and so on . you can see it's like a blog where  you post some articles and so on and you add advertisements from  Google which is Google AdSense and you will earn when someone clicks on the ad or you will earn per impressions  like per 1,000 impressions. This is the idea simply so you are earning  or you are making money from ads on your blog .

How to make money online from Google  

Also we have like H-educate forums and  you can see I have some ads on my forums But, you know this course is not about  creating a blog and creating content So how we can advertise a website  without publishing content? Without writing articles? Simply, super easy, it's to create  a tools website, a service website As an example if you go here  to This is one of my tools which is a free  SEO analyzer website, you can see it If you don't know about it you can go and  check it now Here you can analyze any website to  find any SEO problems totally for free Anyway if you go here and click on  any link to analyze let's say this one H-supertools, it will give you a detailed report. So it's a simple tool, an online tool And you can see I am running here some ads So this is an example of an online tool, okay Another example is simply free SEO and digital marketing tools website This awesome platform that has a  lot of free digital marketing tools 100% free and you can see I run ads on the website if you click on any tool like  this free keyword research tool You will see I have here some ads, you see? So the idea behind this course  is to create a website like this A tool website. A website that doesn't  have any content but it's simply a tool anyone can use for their own  business or to grow or whatever. Okay Now I know the main question now is: How to create such websites? We are not developers, we are not  programmers, we don't want to hire programmers We can't pay for programmers, and so on You don't need to develop. You  don't need to write any code You just need to publish  this script, like this one or many other scripts that  I'll show now in this video So these websites don't require any content You just publish and you just  need to focus on driving traffic And this I'll explain also in detail,  how to get traffic to your website While if you are creating a blog,  you will need to focus on two things On creating new and unique content  always, and getting traffic While in such websites you  just need to get traffic I think the idea is somehow simple. So in this course we are going to go step by step and show you how to publish  and setup a tool like this one how to host it, how to setup  everything and then how to get traffic and I will show you my earnings from my dashboards and I will tell you how much you need visitors  and traffic to make like 1,000 dollars per month So this is the idea, let's start together in  step number one and talk about getting a script getting this application, getting these  websites and hosting and publishing online Okay so the first step is to choose an application a script, like this one or whatever I will show you now different examples and to get the script and then host it online Don't worry about the terms now, I  will explain everything in detail So what you are going to do is simply go  to a website called okay? Then click on PHP Scripts, that simple Now as an example I will search for SEO okay Now you will find this application: SEO studio You can see here SEO monster, SEO stats If you go here, down you will see A to Z SEO tools Turbo websites reviewer and by the way this script: Turbo  websites reviewer is this script, this one I just bought it and publish it  and I have now my own tool online You see here we have a lot of tools,  a lot of tools really a lot of tools Also as an example you can say:  downloader as another example sorry downloader, and you  will see now like .. Let's say All in one video downloader script TikTok video downloader Convert to video We have a lot of applications, maybe like 100,   200, a lot of scripts that  we can find on this website And you can see the price is not that much You can build a business  with like $40 or $50 maximum And by the way I remembered, if you go  here now to my website I just remembered that we have a running  giveaway that you might like to join If you go here to my website, click on giveaways You can see I'm running three giveaways And one of them is $50 cash Paypal for 10 winners So it's $500 giveaway, you can  still join, we have 12 days left Anyway, anyways, let's go back so  you can see we have a lot of scripts As an example, this one you can click on "live  preview" and see the application before you buy it Open live demo, as an example,  and this is a full application Go to tools, a list of SEO tools and so on You can get it for your own business  or to host it for other people If you go here to AtoZ SEO  tools, click on live preview You will see now a full website of tools SEO tools You can see, and here is the advertising  areas where you can publish ads Here is a a Turbo Website Reviewer, if you open  it you will see something similar to my website You can see this is the  website and this is my tool As you can see, I just bought  it and published it online And now I can make money from this script You can see this one: All in  one video downloader script We have a lot of applications that  are ready just to get and publish Here is a YouTube video downloader or video  downloader for Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion You can add your ads here, whatever So we have a lot of applications,  TikTok video downloader We have video convertors that has the  ability to add advertisement on, and so on So we have a lot of scripts In our video, in our course, I will  be using this script: AtoZ SEO tools So I will buy the script now,   together I will buy it and show you  how to host it and setup everything How to setup AdSense, how to setup ads How to publish Affiliate offers inside this script I will show you everything in detail  and how you can reach $1,000 per   month running this online business, okay So let's close everything now,  I will keep this tool open As I told you, go to this website, I will keep  all the links by the way in the description below And I will keep a list of examples  you can just go and check if you want All the links, everything in the description below So, here we are, I for my course now I chose   this script which is a set of  SEO tools I can host online So anyone interested in SEO tools,  they can use my website for free And I can make money with ads, that simple And with affiliate marketing as  we will see later in the course So please stay tuned So I picked up this script, okay Let's go and buy it, I will click on buy now It costs $42 for me As I told you, you can pick any script You are not obliged to use this one Go and check whatever you want Buy a script, maybe it helps your business And you can use it at the same time for others Anyway let's pay for this one okay, pay now Very nice Let's wait a little bit, very nice! So you can see now I bought this script If I go now here to my downloads You see this is my script here, I  bought it, I will click on download   all files and documentations, everything Let's wait a little bit, it's like 60 MB I will wait for like 1 minute I think Okay! Very nice! Download  completed, I will click on show all get the file, it's a zipped file, I will copy it I will go to my desktop and paste the file here It's a simple zipped file, just  right click and extract the file And the website, the application  is inside this zipped file okay You can see here the folder, this is  the upload folder and this is the script These are the files that you  are going to publish online Now before we move on, I want to  talk about some technical stuff   like 1 or 2 minutes just for beginners To understand the topic, to  understand the idea before we move on You can see a website is a set of files Like this one it's a PHP script or PHP website So simply it's a set of files and  folders where you need to publish online What do we mean by publish online? Simply we need to copy these folders and file   to a server that is running publicly on  the internet so we can access it online This is called web hosting which is publishing  or copying the website files like these files   into an online server, okay So now in this course, we  are going to get a server It's called a VPS server We are going to get the server And I will show you how it's simple to host and  publish a script like this, in 2 or 3 minutes We are going to publish this script,   on the server, and we will run it and see  how things will be really super simple So, now we have the files, the second step  is to host this script, to host these files So as I told you, we need to get a server And in my opinion the best way  or the best service is Contabo So go to I will leave all the links   by the way in the description  so don't worry about the links And simply click here on VPS and you will  see now that Contabo offers you a server With two cores, 4 GB of RAM, for  only 4 euros so like 5.5 dollars I think it's the cheapest service on the internet,  provides such specs with this price, okay So, you can go and compare with others if you want If you are familiar or comfortable  with other services, it's up to you You don't need to use Contabo, but I prefer  it because it's somehow cheap for beginners And you can start with a good  VPS server for high performance So, if you click here: Customize and order We can order this server, now please focus well I will select here Ubuntu 20 then go down, please check on LAMP Simply LAMP is a set of applications It's MySQL, Apache, PHP, this set of applications  will be installed automatically on your server  So it will help you a lot  and save you a lot of time So check Ubuntu 20, LAMP, and then go down  and simply click order now. That simple Now in my case, I am an  existing customer in Contabo I have multiple servers and multiple websites I am a customer in Contabo If you are new, you need to  sign up as a new customer now I am an existing customer, I will select   here, check to get from my own  budget and accept the terms And click Review and submit order, that simple Then, order .. Place a binding order. That's it Now it will tell you go to your email, and  check your inbox to verify and confirm the order So I will open my Gmail account And as you will see now, let's open it You will see, Welcome to  Contabo, and it will tell you   to press on this link to  confirm the order. That simple Click on this link, and now Contabo  team will setup the server for you And later on, maybe in like 1  hour maybe 2 hours or whatever You will get the login data You will have your server and they will  send you the IP address of the server The root username and the password and so on So now we bought a server from Contabo We have a server, now we  need to connect to the server   and simply host and publish this  website on the server. That simple Okay, so what I'm going to do now is to create  a new notepad file just to make things simple I will say: Server IP, let's  increase the font size .. Server IP,   I will copy it from my Gmail account. This is the IP Paste here And the root password is this password, okay So now I have the server with the root password I can connect to host my website So what I'm going to do now  is simply copying this IP Copy it and open an application called WinSCP WinSCP is a free application, a free remote   management application,  file management application If you go here to WinSCP just  on Google and open this website You can download totally for free  just click on Download and install And you will have this application,  this simple application, okay So let's minimize everything and  continue our work (Sorry for the sound!) I will paste the IP of the server here Say root and then I will copy this password and  paste on my server or here in WinSCP and login And now we will connect to our server to manage  the file so we can upload the files, okay Let's wait a little bit Now I will go up here and please focus here well Go to the VAR directory "VAR" directory Open it, then www then html then simply delete  all these files from here, we don't need anything And we need to upload this file,  this upload file to our server So I will zip it, please follow up, I will zip  this file, zip it with any application, okay To make things easier and faster  when you upload to the server And simply drag and drop here, and  the application will be uploaded Super simple! Just upload the files to the  server, now we will extract them and run the setup Just wait a little bit I think the idea is somehow  simple and anyone can do it And by the way, by the way If you go to your browser  and go to Open my blog, I created a full  tutorial step by step tutorial guide How to host a PHP script So if you want to go and start copying and pasting You can go here to my next  page I think page number 2 And you can see here "How to publish a  PHP website (install CodeCanyon script) If you open this, and we are going to use this  guide by the way in this video in this course You will see a step by step guide in detail   on how to install any script any  PHP script on your VPS server You can go here and you can  follow up step by step, okay So let's continue on our work Our file now is on the server, now if you  right click here and go to file custom commands You can see something called Tar/GZip  but we are not going to use this Why? Simply because sometimes it  shows some errors and problems And sometimes simply it takes a lot of time So what I'm going to do to  make things a lot easier is I'm going to use an application called PuTTY It's also a free application,  you can see PuTTY configuration This application allows you to connect  your server through command line,   and unzip the files and manage your server Don't worry we don't have a lot of commands,   everything is mentioned by the  way here, you just copy and paste So don't worry about anything, and it's  good to learn some new stuff about hosting Some new skills that will  help you in your business So, again I will copy this IP here   and paste inside this box here and click on  open, that simple (Sorry for the sound again) Click yes, and now login as Root and let's  copy this password and paste it here, okay How to paste it? Just press or click on the right  click button on your mouse and it will be pasted Now I pasted it but it's not shown for security  reasons but don't worry it's somewhere there   so for security reasons PuTTY  doesn't show the password Click enter, and very nice!  We are now inside the server I will write clear to clear the screen  so we can configure everything easily So what I will do is simply  to navigate to this directory So I will say "cd" or Change directory Please follow up and try to learn these new skills Really, it will help you in your own  business online, in your work, whatever So cd stands for change directory  and simply say /var/www/html Now I am inside this directory, I will  say ls to list the content of this folder And you will see this upload zipped file You can see this one here, this  file it is here inside our folder What I'm going to do now is to unzip the file How to unzip it? Simply using a tool called unzip But we need to install it first I will say: apt install unzip That's it, you can see this is the command Click enter Just wait a little bit Very nice! The tool is installed now I  will run clear again to clear the screen Now we can unzip the file How to unzip it? Simply say: unzip That simple, if you go here again to my guide here Go down, after we get a VPS Just to show you that everything is in this guide You connect here and ..  Here is uploading the script You can see, install unzip Then simply unzip your file name Click enter Let's wait a little bit for  the folder to be unzipped Very nice! Clear the screen again Now if you go again to WinSCP Right click and refresh You will the upload folder now is unzipped What I will do simply, just open the upload folder Just copy everything here, drag  and drop in the upper directory That simple And now the files are here You can delete the file And you can delete this upload folder Don't delete this "uploads" it's related to the script Delete the which is  the main script zipped file, okay So now, our script, our website,  our application is on the server Simply now, we need to install it By the way, by the way Every script you download, every  script you download from Codecanyon if you open the folder you  will see a documentation if you go to index here, open documentation You will see a full step by  step how to install the script So if you are using any other script,  you will have the documentation with you And if you need help, you can go  directly to Ask any question, I will be (available)  almost everyday to answer your questions So, here we are, we uploaded  the files on the server Very nice! Now before we go and run the  setup and install the application We need to get something called a Domain name If you go here again and  open .. where we are.. here You can see I'm using this sub domain, or domain You can see here I'm using this domain You can see I'm using this domain So you need to get a name for your website As an example here You need to get a name, okay We call this a domain name A unique name for your  website, for your application So simply I will go to a  website called I think it's one of the most popular domain  providers like GoDaddy Enom or whatever is one of the top providers And simply here, go and click on Domains And we need to buy a domain So, you can see here: Find your new domain name I will search now for  something related to SEO tools As an example I will say SEOtools,  anything .. click on search And now it will give you some results  and some available names to buy So, costs $6 per year  which is nothing by the way $6 per year If you go here to results, you can see here is $900 it's premium Just find a domain which is  not premium to buy, let's say Let's find something else, okay! So I find this one, You can see it here, this  one, I will take this one It's somehow simple and to the point I will add to cart, very nice! View item, I have this one, it costs like $8 or  $9 I will check out and I will buy this domain So what we are going to do is search for a domain  that you feel it's nice and fits your own script Maybe you are uploading a video downloader So search for something like  video-downloader or whatever It's up to you anyway  So, that's it. Confirm order It will tell you now to create an account Let's create one I will say H-educate So I will say pay now, I will wait a little bit I got a message on my mobile .. Okay Next, anyway close this So I simply purchased this domain Now if I go back here and go to  my dashboard inside Namecheap And simply here go to domain list You will see that I have this domain is active, is for me So now I can connect this domain to  my server so I can run my application,   my own website under this domain I hope the idea is somehow simple So now I am going to connect this domain  with my server, with my VPS server So let's connect the domain,  simply here click on manage And simply then click on advanced DNS DNS means Domain Name System Where you can configure the records And simply here click on Add new record Click on A Record Which is the main record for this system In the "host" I will write @  which means the domain itself Write @, @ symbol And you need to enter the IP address of the server I will get it from the notepad Here is my server IP Copy it and paste it here, that simple Click on save And now our domain is pointing to our server IP My main domain is pointing to our server IP You can see it, here it is Now I am going to add the second record Which is simply a CNAME Record Let's go here CNAME and write www So I'm going to point also the www version of  the website to the same domain to the same server And simply here I will copy my domain  and write it here and click on save So now my domain is pointing to my server, okay So we connected the domain name   to my server IP address so we can access  our server through the domain name I hope the idea is somehow simple What we are going to do now is to  verify if the DNS settings are correct Simply open cmd on your PC or the command prompt And ping, go and write "ping" and copy  and paste your domain here and click enter Now it will show you the IP of this domain This IP is the IP of my server  so everything is perfect Also you can try this method, if you go here Go to a website, an online tool Click on ping and enter here the  domain name and solve the captcha Click on go, and now you can  see it's pointing to this IP So everything is perfect Now we have the VPS the domain,  connected, verified, everything is perfect Now we can setup the script or  continue the setup on our server I will keep now WinSCP and PuTTY open  maybe we are going to use them now And I will go and open the script  file folders and go documentation And see what are the requirements  for this application, okay Click on requirements here and it will tell you  we need to install the PDO and MySQL extension The Curl extension We need to have this port open GD extension Rewrite module, or whatever Now anyway we will skip  this and go to installation And it will tell you you need to  upload the files and here focus well It will tell you to create a MySQL database So, some applications, some scripts like this one My script: SEO analyzer, or maybe  H-supertools, this is my own website anyway Like this one or like the one we bought now,  like AtoZ tools seo tools requires a database So we need to create a database Don't worry it's somehow simple I will go to my script guide here again And you can see here the "Create  MySQL database" part, so simple Go here and run this first  command mysql inside PuTTY Just to login, I will enter, now we need  to enter the root password of your machine Just copy it and paste here, right click  again as I told you it will not be shown Just paste and enter Now we are inside MySQL or Mariadb  database system, that simple Now just copy this line, you can  copy all this or simple this one also The first couple of words, create database   testDb and don't forget to add a  semicolon ; at the end of this command All the commands inside MySQL  require a semicolon at the end So: CREATE DATABASE TestDb; I will rename it and call  it db to make things easier Very nice Now we have a database created Now we will create a user to access this database So copy this line, I will go to notepad here I will say here, db user the  user name and enter a password I will use the same password  here to make things easier Copy this command, open PuTTY, paste it  here, enter, we have a user. Super simple Again the next command, copy this. Open notepad I will say here db user, super easy  here it's called db, the db database Copy this, open PuTTY, paste  it, enter. Super simple Now copy FLUSH privileges and  paste it here. Super simple And now let's exit We created the database I think it's really easy Just copy and paste, copy and paste  and we have a database in your server Now we are ready to open the  application in your browser And continue the installation, okay If you open again the installation  here after you created the database  It will tell you to visit the website, to  the browser, to check if everything is okay So I will go here  okay enter, let's wait a little bit Very nice! We are in the setup of the application You can see AtoZ SEO tools So now I am setting up the tool This is the requirement page, it will tell you  if there is any problem in the requirements Now everything is perfect If you faced any problem with a  certain script please contact me Open the question on the forum, I will  help you to install any PHP extension Now here it will tell you we have  some problems in the permissions You need to set these files to  make them rewritable or writable So I will open WinSCP here and  check the file in the core directory In the config folder, we have this  db.config I will right click, properties And set it to 0777 we have now permissions The uploads folder here, right  click properties, 0777 okay Again in the core, in the temp  folder, give it permissions okay The snapshot cache directory in the core, helpers Site_snapshot properties, 0777 okay Let's now refresh the page, very nice! All now are writable, perfect, everything is okay Click on continue Now it will tell you to connect the database  with your application, with the script Database is simply Localhost, it's the same server Database name is db, you remember We created this database called db And the username is dbuser let's copy it here and the password  is simply this password, paste it here Website path, and here you need to enter  the license code or the purchase code Let's go back to  to download the purchase code Go here to downloads and then  select this, click on text And open this file, you will see  the purchase code. Very simple Let's go again, to my setup ..  Where is my step? Here we are! Paste the purchase code here and click on submit Super simple! I installed it. Now we have the admin name I will say admin my user name I will say h-educate and enter  a password whatever you want Click on submit Let's wait a little bit for  the application to be installed Very nice! installation complete Let's open the admin panel This is the admin panel I will  login to my admin dashboard Remember me, whatever Sign in Login successful! And now I am in the backend in the admin dashboard   of this tool where I can manage  everything from the admin side, okay Here we are this is the script,  the backend of the script We can setup the tools, advertisements,   we have a problem, I will fix  this in a little bit don't worry. Manage site and everything else. Okay So here, how to install a script or almost  any script from CodeCanyon on your own server To sum up: Get a VPS Contabo is one of the best Get a domain from Namecheap Connect both Upload the files Create database Run the setup And here we are, we need to  configure the application. Okay Now you know I am configuring  this custom application Maybe you are using something else Everything will be in the  documentation of the script So it's up to you, what you  chose, you can install it And by the way, almost all  these scripts have support If you go here to CodeCanyon I remembered something, whenever  you search for any script As an example you searched  for SEO as an example here Go and check the ratings and  check the reviews of this script  Go to reviews here and check if there  is any problem with support or whatever So always choose a good script, a good rating,   so you don't have problems later  on if you need support or anything Anyway So here we are we installed the script Now we are going to continue  our configuration, okay Let's open documentation again and  see what we are going to need to do Install, installation completed After installation put your  site on maintenance mode You can see here step level 11 I will go now to maintenance mode, here Where is maintenance mode?  Manage site: Maintenance We have a problem in the urls  you can see here we are not   navigating correctly through the application So how to fix this problem? Simply if you go back to my  guide, you can see in step 7 Configure Apache to Publish PHP Website It will tell you configure  this directory inside WinSCP So open WinSCP, and let's go here Go here, go back, and then go to etc folder Then go to Apache folder, Apache2 Then go to sites-enabled Directly and click on edit this file And what you are going to do  simply is go here and copy this You can see here, copy this and open again  WinSCP and paste inside the file here You can see it. Save, that simple. Close this And now open PuTTY again and run this command You will find it also here by the way,  if you go here this is the command Just run it Then run this command to restart Apache And then simply let's refresh And now if you go here to manage site Maintenance We are here I will click enable maintenance mode Click on save And now we did this step number 11 And it tells you here you  can basic changes, whatever   and the site will show as maintenance mode After everything is done Release the maintenance mode So we will configure now the website,  then release maintenance mode Super simple Now how a website looks? Can we access  the website? We finished everything Let's try this I will open a new tab and go  to my website, Open and great! You can see this is the  website, it shows this notification,   it's currently set to be closed. Okay Let's go back to maintenance mode,  turn it back on. Save and refresh And here we are this is my website,  this is my own seo tools website For my own business, and I can run for  other people and make money from ads You can see this banner here, banner here We have a lot of tools to use, okay Again I want to remind you here  it is an example in my course You can use this script or  whatever script from CodeCanyon or if you are a developer, you can develop  your own script like I did in H-supertools Anyway this is how you can upload  and install a script on your server Very simple Now the next step is to monetize,   to add our advertisement on the website so  we can make money from this website, okay So let's continue now and see how  we can apply to Google AdSense To get ads, and publish on our site Before we apply to Google AdSense We need to create some pages on our website   to make the approval operation somehow  easier and to get accepted by Google AdSense  We need to create what we call the   Privacy Policy page and the Contact Us  page and the Terms and Conditions page If you go here to the website, you will see  already a Contact Us page build in the script And by the way, almost all the scripts  have this feature, the Contact Us page So we need only to create the  Privacy Policy, and the Terms page What we are going to do here simply is  go back to dashboard and go to pages And click on manage pages,   and you will see that we have the Contact  Us, the home page, and the About Us page I will simply create a new page click on create a page I will say here, Privacy Policy page The page URL: privacy-policy, anything You can add a description, posted date, page name Let's say Privacy here, policy whatever And then we need to enter the Privacy Policy Of course we are not going to contact  a lawyer and create in depth policy, no Just go here to Google and search for  Privacy Policy generator, that simple Or simply free generator, okay Open this and click on this  one, I think this is free This one also, generate  free, this one is free also So simply you need to enter your company name I will say seo-toolset like this tool we  have this one also, maybe it's not free, okay This one, anyway let's use this  one: I will enter the company  name like this without .com Then the website name or url  Anything like this, click on next Do you use cookies on your website? Say yes Do you show advertising  through Google AdSense? Say yes Do you show advertising  from third parties? Say yes Next because we are going to use maybe  affiliate as we will see later in the course Country, I will say my country, my email  address and click on create my privacy policy Super simple Now we have this one, copy the html version Copy text to clipboard Go here to my admin page, I will go to  the source and paste it and click on save Preview Here we are this is the privacy policy  page inside our website, it's here And let's create a new one  for Terms and Conditions Let's say Terms, anything And again, I will search for Terms  and conditions free generator Let's say this one, or this  one, let's say.. Very nice Same concept here I will forward the  video, let's get this domain paste here Paste this one, again super simple Click on next, country your email, super simple Generate Let's wait a little bit, copy Go here to my page, to the source and paste it Click on save Very nice! Now we have the Privacy Policy and  the Terms page and the Contact Us page Everything is perfect So if you are using your own  scripts, you can create this manually If you are using another's script, just  find a way how to create these pages Every script has its own admin dashboard  or its own method to create these pages As I tell you always if you have problems,  if you have questions, if you need any help Just go  and submit your questions I will be (available) almost every  other day to answer your questions, okay Now we have these pages, we   can go to Google AdSense and apply  for our website to publish ads, okay So let's apply to Google AdSense I will go to AdSense, to the home By the way, just one note Google AdSense doesn't allow  you to create multiple accounts Since I have an account, I'm running already for  my YouTube channel, for my different websites You can see from the last  month: $934 this is my earnings Anyway, you will go here to sites,  if you have an account very nice  If you don't have one, just follow up, sign  up to Google AdSense and click on add site Now you need to enter the url of the site I will say here: Paste it here, click on next Now it will tell you to paste  this code in your website, okay So I will copy this code and go  to WinSCP to my script folders And go here to theme, then to my  theme, what is my theme? Let's go here Check my theme, interface, manage themes The default theme is activated  so I will go here again Go to defaults and go to header.php Click on edit And then I will paste the code Before the closing header section here and save So this is the Google AdSense code you  need to paste in the header of your website Again I will tell you, this is for this script If you are using something  else it's somehow similar But if you need help, you  just contact the website owner Or submit your questions on the  forum, I will try my best to help you So now we have the AdSense code installed Click on submit And you just need now to wait for approval Sometimes it takes like 1  day, maybe a couple of hours Sometimes it takes 2 weeks It depends on the website Now just wait and get approval for your  new website to publish your ads, okay Of course I will not wait now  for two weeks to publish the ads I will show you now how exactly you can  publish ads and go and continue our course Anyway let's go back to my dashboard and you  will see here something called Advertisements And here, you can publish the AdSense  codes or custom advertisements How to publish AdSense codes? Simply after you get approval You go here to ads and then you create an ad Click By ad unit click display  ads and let's name it temp ad I will say Square, responsive  and click on create. That simple You get this code, copy it and you paste here You can paste whatever you want here and  there whatever you want you can paste That simple And save, then you will  see the ads on your website That's the idea You publish the script You apply to AdSense You publish the ads And you just enjoy your earnings But how to enjoy your earnings? You need to get traffic to your website, okay So let's go back to our dashboard We have now our script If you go here, by the way  you can change the logos You can change everything in the backend But now it's out of the scope of this course So, we need to publish the ads And we need now to mainly focus on getting traffic This is the main question How to get traffic? Let's go back to my Google AdSense dashboard   to show you the earnings and how much you  need to reach like $900 or $1000 per month We can see this month, I made $900 By the way this $7,000 is  not from this one website To be honest with you From my website, from  H-supertools I am making $934 So, if you go here to my analytics To To my dashboard By the way H-analytics is also my own service To H-supertools If you see like, last 7 days I'm getting per day like 7,000 8,000 page views So to reach $900 or $1000 you need at least  like 5,000 to 10,000 views per day, okay This is the average There is nothing here exact  numbers, it's the average numbers you can see in my  website, to show you a real example If you go here to like, this YouTube keyword tool You will see here at the right I have this Google AdSense  ad and this Google AdSense ad So you can see I have only 2 advertisements We have really a debate or an important question Does adding more ads to your website  make you earn more money? or no? What I'm doing this month is I  added only two ads on my website If you are using my website before,  you know I had a lot of ads on it Like ads in this place here,  here, I had a lot of ads, okay This month, I removed them all and I published  only two ads to see if -it's like a case study-   to see if the earnings will decrease or  it's the same or more or whatever, okay So, maybe later on I will create a full video   about this and I will tell you  the results of this case study If it's better to add more ads, or fewer ads How to add them, where to add  them to earn more and so on So anyway, in my case I have these two ads If you go here to my AdSense dashboard To reports And if you go, let's say To the last 7, or last 3 days You will see, last 3 days,   you will see that I am making between $15  up to $55 or maybe more, we have more $62 So per day I am ranging between $15 up to  $62 per day on my website on H-supertools So as an average its like $25 to $30 which  means like $800 if you go back to my dashboard Which means like $800 to $900 or  maybe sometimes more, $1000 per month So to sum up The conclusion: if you want to  reach these numbers per month $800, $900, $1000 you need at least to get 5,000  6,000 up to 10,000 views per day on your website Sometimes you need less but I am talking  about the average to be maybe on the safe side And always get this number per  month on Google AdSense, okay You can see yesterday it's only $8 so it depends It's not always fixed, you need always to   work more to get more and more  traffic to your websites, okay So here is my website  I showed you my earnings, I think now  everything is somehow simple and clear for you We setup the application We connected to AdSense I showed you my earnings I showed you almost everything Now we still have maybe a couple of points Like how to earn more money Other than Google AdSense from the  same website, from this website Other than Google AdSense, and how  to get traffic to the website, okay So stay tuned and follow up with me Let's start with the first point which is how we  can make more money from this website other than   simply Google AdSense We publish ads and we can make more  money through different methods Which is simply affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is simply promoting  products and earning commissions on every sale What we can do also is to post  ads for affiliate products Let's do this as an example  I will go to One of the top affiliating,  affiliate marketing places And also by the way if you  go here to my YouTube channel If you are new here, if you missed my  free course about affiliate marketing You will see this full free course How to make like $700 per  month with affiliate marketing   starting for free with no website with no  money starting from scratch for beginners It's really a fantastic course You can see 77,000 views in 2 weeks,  97% which shows the likes percentage It's really a very interesting course Go and check it Anyway, if you go here to cj I will login to my account, my affiliate account And you can see here, this is  my dashboard, this is my balance And yesterday only I made like $138  so it's really an interesting topic How to make money with affiliate marketing It's totally passive income It's awesome, go and watch my courses I have also a lot of case studies If you go here to playlist I have here some case studies If you go here, affiliate marketing case studies I show exactly what I did to make and build  online business with affiliate marketing If you go like this week, $300 it's awesome Anyway, I will go here to advertisers To show you how you can publish an ad,  an affiliate ad on your website also To make more money other than Google AdSense Just as a small example Let's say I am here I will,   whatever like Interserver I will  click on this one I click on get links Whatever affiliate products you have Click on get links And now cj will give you a list  of banners, links, promotions You can see a lot of banners here You can just copy this one as an example Get this code, click on get code Copy this and paste in your dashboard  here in the advertisement section You can paste here, okay Now let's say you are not enrolled in cj you  have maybe another affiliate program or whatever They don't have direct banners or so on You can simply go to a  website called It allows you to create html5 ads You can start for free if you want Anyway, I use it to  create all my html5 ads by the way I will login just to show you a  small example on how things work Let's say here the advertisement is 250x300 okay Which is this one, 250x300  I will create a new design Create a design I will say here, custom size I will say 250 and 300 height,  click on create, super simple So here is the ad, let's say this is the color Go to elements And you can now start designing an  ad if you want, whatever I don't know let's add a shape or an image, a png whatever You create the ad like this and  you go here to the download section Go to embed code and click on enable embedding And then you can simply copy this code from  bannersnack and publish on your website, okay Let's copy this embed code  Paste here just to show you this small example Sorry not here, it's here, click on save Very nice Now if you go and refresh You will see this ad from bannersnack So, if you are using cj impact  or whatever affiliate product   that already provides the banner or whatever You can just copy and paste If not you can create one with bannersnack  and publish on your website, it's up to you So this is how you can create the script Connect to Google AdSense Publish ads Publish affiliate ads And make money like this, and with  affiliate marketing from this script Without writing any content You just publish the script And you need to get traffic to this script So, the big question now is how  to get traffic to our website How to get free traffic to our website So now the main question, the main  problem of everyone working online Is how to get traffic If you go to my website H-supertools as an  example and click on SimilarWeb extension You see I'm getting 119,000 views per month If you go to my website, my  main website You will see 141,000 views So I am getting to my websites  like 250,000 views per month Which is somehow a good number, by the way I'm not showing you this to brag to tell you hey  I have traffic, I have an online business, no I am showing you this because it's  somehow proof that will motivate   you to apply what I explained to you in my videos Because you know what makes my channel unique  What I publish is something I tested Is something I do in my business I am sharing it with you A lot of other channels, like  80% of channels or maybe 90%   which talk about making online and online business They explain things, maybe it's correct But they didn't test it And this is the main problem today online We have a lot of tutorials, a  lot of videos, a lot of courses But the instructors didn't test the methods So it's like theories While here on my channel, I promised you not  to share anything that I don't test before So you see here I am sharing  with you my own website My own earnings What I do exactly My own analytics My tools Everything So, I'm not here to tell you about theories I here to share with you my own business My own case studies My own tests and my own experiences And this is how things differ here on my channel Anyway, so the course now is more than 1 hour I don't want to make it longer than that So simply, go to my YouTube channel here To my playlists You will find the "Get traffic  to your website" playlist I explained in detail, in more  than 5 videos, 6 videos I think How to get traffic, free  traffic using a lot of methods Please go and watch this playlist This playlist will change the  way you look into your website You will see after you follow  the tips inside this playlist You will start noticing everyday new visitors Everyday new visitors from the first  day believe me, from the first day Please go and watch this  playlist on my YouTube channel You will see the difference from the first day So that's it This is my new website This is how to build a business To make money online From Google and affiliate marketing Without writing any piece of content Just publish this script Choose a script from Codecanyon  that you feel you like Publish it Monetize with ads, with affiliate links Get traffic And here we are, you have your own online business I know maybe 90% of you as I always say will  not apply anything, will not do anything Will just complain I'm not working I don't have money, whatever You need to try, you need to test If you don't have money to invest in this business