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Nicolae Ceausescu opposition to Moscow
26 December 2020

Nicolae Ceausescu the last communism dictator

    Nicolae Ceausescu  was the last communist dictator of Europe.But the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu was much more than a communist dictatorship.In the center of the Romanian capital, stands the largest Palace in the world.It looks like a glittering monument from an ancient kingdom.It is less than 20 years old.Romania has long been one of the poorest countries in Europe.But until the end of the 1980s it's dusty boulevards with the backdrop for one of the most exotic regimes Europe had ever seen.

The Romania of Nicolae Ceausescu was celebrated in spectacular theatrical shows.The whole country became a stage.every inhabitant had a walk on par.But there was only one star.On the 21st of August 1968, a young and inexperienced communist leader staged a mass demonstration which could transform his political power. Nicolae Ceausescu, the son of a Romanian peasant, have been in office for three years.until this moment, he had been regarded as the puppet of senior party members.All this was to change when he opposed the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Ceausescu put on a show of defiance. The audience responded enthusiastically.

Ceausescu opposition

Ceausescu's opposition to Moscow launched him onto the world stage.World leaders flocked to Bucharest.Ceausescu organized huge crowds to greet them.It was an amazing show, but it was also more than a show.For the first time, a Romanian leader become an international statesman.Thanks to his position between East and West, Ceausescu helped lay the groundwork for the Middle East peace settlement.The world was his friend.At home, he inspired a new national pride

Before Ceausescu, displays of nationalism were banned.Now the party organized them.Ceausescu took part in pageants surrounded by horsemen in medieval costume.He believed he was following in the footsteps of the medieval kings who liberated Romania from foreign armies.

Support came from many people who were not communists, nationalist intellectuals enthusiastically endorsed the new leader. They put pen to paper, and the Nicolae Ceausescu personality cult was born.existence is a miracle for man, Romanians, hungry and naked and waiting to receive school. We see your 

Romania when you speak, rocks turn to mountains. The name of this leader is universe traveling further than any of the other Prince is circling the planet as a messenger of our values and the global aspirations for a better and just worm. 

Ceausescu did not only look back to Romania his past, he modernized and industrialized his country.Ceausescu invested in big new factories, and the amateur bands of the production lines celebrateimpoverished peasants from moved into newly built of Europe's most underdeveloped countries was rapidly becoming a little less underdeveloped.

The communists commissioned scores of Romanian artists to paint portraits of the leader.Never before had a dictator looked so colorful.You didn't need to be a fan of Ceausescu to pick up your brush. The party offered special inducements.Ceausescu's artistic ambitions went beyond paintings, pop songs and poems.He wanted to communicate on an altogether different scale.In stadiums,a new kind of political theater was invented.It combined the performing arts with mass demonstrations.The entire Romanian population became performers in a show about themselves.Historical scenes told a story of struggle.chieftain decibel had fought the Romans just as Ceausescu had stood up to the Russians Stephen the Great and we had the brave had united Romania you couldn't miss the pointno you can

Almost everyone in the stadium had a part to play Ceausescu in the Central Committee with the only spectators.But at the end of the show something strange happened.All the performers and the whole audience would turn around and applaud Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, the actors have become the audience, the audience to becoming actors.Ceausescu's thesis spread further and deeper.The image of Romania presented in the stadium was reproduced by the media.Journalists had to follow a simple rulein general.


The state did not rely solely on the ambition or patriotism of its citizens.For those who couldn't find their own wayFor doing what was asked of them, the secret police could find one for them.Josh's wife, Eleanor enjoyed her own Romania's living theater.She had left school at 14 with a good mark and needlework.But the Romanian media were required to show her in a more intelligent light.

just as they did with her husband, the poet's put pen to paper.But the cult of the great chemist signaled a new and more creative phase in their workwith Nikolai the poet's exaggeratedwith Elena, they inventedthis theory of yearning and glory is inscribed in the calendar cast in letters of gold and garland did 

with lavender. For this is the day on which Romania gave birth to a woman we will know is without.

There was only one country in the world that celebrated its head of state with a pomp and pageantry that rival Romania.In 1978, the British government invited Ceausescu to prison.He said, If he came to Britain,it would only be a state visit. He wanted to work.Prince Charles and said he got he was Princess Princess Margaret.I may I should sort of comment on a piece of paper Chai is worth perhaps recalling.It saidmy private secretary wrote Dr. And has commented This is on 12th of June just for he was coming, who agreed to his visit question mark. Did I question mark? If I did, I regret it.I was very nervous when we left Victoria Station and had the couragejourney down the mouth.

If there had been somelot of placarding, on booing and so on, it would have caused a very bad impression.Ceausescu had been invited to Britain in the hope that he would buy aeroplanes. Romania's reported economic success was now to be tested in the real world. The End negotiations between British Aerospace and Rolls Royce were associated with them, and the remainder was an assetAbsolute horror from beginning to end.Romania is a very, very poor country, and they were trying to manage these great schemes. And it was they were obviously very push to get the money to pay for these things. And they introduced the thing called offset agreements by which instead of paying in cash they gave, they offered things which were of no use to anybody.A shipload of oranges could be turnips, it could be a lead piping, it could be anything at all.

We had aireport from our ambassador, and he made it absolutely clear. This is the worst dictator the most dictatorial regime in the whole world. And then virtually I've got his exact words I've given them to who want to and then also said that Madame Ceausescu was a viper. One of the things which we had an eye on was,Madame Ceausescu. I was tipped the Wink very strongly in Bucharest at the time, that she would have to be kept happy to. She herself was, I think, perfectly proficient to Kevin, so far as I know, in any case, she had a reputation of being a proficient chemist,and was given adiploma of some kind by the Royal Institute of chemistry or some searching, and she was very pleased with her visit, and we were very pleased that she was pleased because he was pleased. And I might say that .

 That kept all of his sweet pleased.Until now, Ceausescu shows have been inspired by real events. But by the early 80s, Romania was not following the script.The new factories were already outdated. The oil crisis made energy expensive.There were food shortages and power cut.But there was also a solution, rewrite reality.When I was a young pioneer,before the shows in the parade's, one morning, they brought us out somewhere close to the bank of the Danubeto wait for Chow Cisco, who was about to make a visit on the occasion of this holiday of the harvest of the crop, and they had us waiting for perhaps until six in the evening, that long. Finally, he made his appearance in his helicopter. And he shook hands with a few people. And then chose just went over to inspect a big display, which had been waiting for him all that long, a big display of the harvest, which was well, precise, a few products like corn, and few cabbages and several melons. Everything else was made of polystyrene, and wood. And something similar to plastic, which was painted all over to look nice. You had Polish polystyrene, cheese and wooden salami and very craftily painted. Other such things. People had been doing this rehearsal for three days in a row. So most of the real produce, you see on the one hand would have gone bad in the heat. On the other hand, back at that time, you couldn't see most of those products in the, in the real shops, either. We really thought was, you know, what would happen if he really wanted to have a taste of that and go front and now, you know, get a little crumble of something.According to the newspapers, the Romanian economy was continuing to expand rapidly.We always knew that this this sticks were not accurate. It was obvious. You can see you can everybody had friends and relatives in the countryside. And even the journalists who are going in the countrysidecould tell you and us to tell everybody, that there is a disasterDutch Crimson studies acini dakka dakka is that a teacher that teaches neighbors in the past and the present perfect the fact that you didn't have enough water to wash yourself the fact that people didn't have toilet paper the fact that people didn't have so the fact that he will have to buy just a certain amount of prep. In the 1980s the show's grew bigger and more complex.In these difficult times, the communist leadership looked at them with different eyes.Once they had been a tool of persuasion, now, they were a source of comfort in. Romania was experiencing an economic catastrophe. But who was to blame? Ceausescu's answer was 

foreigners. Specifically the international banks would lend him millions.He had a solution. The produce of Romania's farmers was exported to pay off the entire national debt. 

Total $10 billion .

On May Day 1983, a new musical premiered in Bucharest. For the first and only time an actor play Ceausescu on stage

As the 80s wore on, life did not get any easier in Romania.But Ceausescu was building a new set, his largest to date.Work began on the New City Centre for the capital Bucharest.Many historic buildings which stood in the way were destroyed.Others were moved aside.