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01 March 2021

Order discount promotion on 

Login to your seller account at cam / seller . Once you're in Hoover your mouse to the marketing Tab and select promotions on the drop-down. Click the create promotions button on the right side and select order discount on the drop-down. The first thing that we need to do is to select the offer type. Choose a category and your objective. Choose among the three options spend quantity or no minimum purchase for a minimum spend specify the discount and the minimum amount purchase. If you choose the quantity then choose the discount amount and specify the minimum item purchased. When you choose minimum purchase, you remove all qualifiers and just apply a discount to all of the qualified products. Each objective is different recommended offer types. If you don't like eBay's offer type or recommendation, then you can click the CL offer types button and select the appropriate offer from there. Once you're all set just click the select items button located in the bottom, right? Next is the select the items that are eligible for the promotion. This select items option is pretty basic. This is where you'll be choosing the items in your inventory, which create a rule this time. Choose the category of the eligible items. Specify the price range that is eligible for this promotion. You can add filter by specifying the item conditions eligible for the promotion. You can also exclude items by IDs. So the items listed below are the items that qualify based the rules that you set. To continue just click the save and review button on the bottom, right? Nexus to review your offer we get your offered name. This is for internal use so use a title that you can easily remember make sure they offer type is correct and it's up to you if you wanted to add a new rule. Specify the active dates of your promotion. Next is the offer Banner enter the offer description just a brief description of the products in your offer select your offer image. You should see a preview of your offer tile below. Click the preview button below to view your offer Banner on eBay search result. Now if everything is all set just click the launch button on the bottom, right? If you wanted your offer to start immediately, it may take 2 hours for it to appear on eBay. So that's it. You now have your order discount promotion active. Just so you know that we have a lot of tutorials and webinars on bits of advice on how to run and the applicable techniques for your e-commerce business.