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24 July 2021 scam or legit?


With our tool, all you have to do is browse and find out if this business is legal. We have analyzed this site and its departments and so bring you some news. 

The fraud detection algorithm gives the company the following rating: the efficiency is

58/100 with confidence.

Our powerful verification tool guarantees 58 rankings with intelligent algorithms created by our experts. We'll explain below why received this verdict.

Since is associated with a popular niche market, we tried to remove the following paragraph from their website: The add

website is poorly designed and has no elements to its presence. As a result, it lost its credibility and showed that its quality is currently problematic. As soon as they improve their back-end systems, we will update this information.

Although the section above can introduce's activities, its activities will likely go beyond that. Let's look at the comments.



fraud detection algorithm will review with an authoritative ranking of 58.7. This means that the business is active. usually. Normal.

Our algorithm gives 58 rankings based on over 50 factors related to the niche. From the quality of customer service in our industry to public customer feedback and domain authority, we've considered many important details.

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What is the "active. Medium. often. "It's a company that has been online for a long time. Rarely, seems to receive positive and negative (occasional) feedback as it does many other websites. This means you need to be careful when doing so." You decide to keep using it.

You should also understand what

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Total Scam ordered

two items for $ 60 and received a correct product and a wrong product. The stuff is awful so i want to return it but of course like other reviews they give me up to $ 9.

Bad English for customer support email addresses, various email addresses used, refunds declined, or return addresses.

Avoid at all costs!



An absolute disaster!

I ordered 2 jumpsuits with good patterns and the other 2 have the same sunflower pattern dungarees. Except for email or additional email addresses from all companies, I have no answer. My money is refunded and the money is refunded through PayPal. The back is accepted on the homepage, but there is no place to find the address.

Very clueless and boring! Hope my money is back.

Eureka B


I haven't received my order and the company won't refund the purchase price.

I ordered two very nice combinations. I tied two of my grandma's curtains with a carabiner, they looked like work clothes. In other words, neither the model nor the fabric match my order. When they contacted the company, they blamed their third bidder and gave me a $ 5 voucher as compensation. When I told them it was cool, they offered me a $ 12 coupon and generously told me I could keep the wetsuit I was given.

The clothes I ordered but didn't buy are still being sold on their website despite being told that they "successfully contacted the supplier" so I had the opportunity to order other items for them, which means nothing. The original order was $ 60 and I had to pay tolls and taxes to receive the package.

The fact that the package came from an address other than the company address owes them some credit for asking the independent supplier to rip it up (the email address is instead of @ rarelover .com answer me)), but these work clothes that he is still on the side contradicts that. In either case, the only way to restore my confidence is by giving me a refund or delivering what I actually ordered.

So does anyone need new curtains and cheap fabrics painted on them that look like drunk three year olds? I'll send it to you for free, because that at least makes this test more interesting. I can keep the carabiners as they are very useful.



Fraud! Do not buy from this site Do not buy from this site

! You are a scam. After waiting for my package to arrive for over a month without providing any tracking information and only being able to contact the company by email (no response yet), I finally received the package in the mail today. The order is completely wrong. The items sent were not what I ordered at all. Since they never replied to my previous post, I'm not going to correct it as it only makes me sadder. Don't waste time or money!



Belt and

I spent $ 56 on the $ 56 on two overalls. The one I received was completely different from the one I ordered and the other was the wrong size. Customer service asked for a photo and then made me a full promise. For two weeks I emailed them every other day and only replied once. Belt $ 56.

Emily Busford


Absolute fraud!

This is not what I ordered and didn't get a response from them! Avoid at all costs!

Bertus Distelhoff


Totally wrong item, completely wrong item with no return address

for me. Very cheap materials and very different patterns. The model is also wrong. They do not respond to the return address. 3 email addresses were tested. I settled the dispute by paying a salary.



completely wrong items for which

I ordered 5 work clothes and trousers. I think the pants are ok but not sure because everything else is not the same style, let alone the pattern. I can't even find the samples they sent me on their website. Looks like you just put the amount of goods you bought in the bag and sent it off. I waited a month for my order and even paid for the prompt delivery. The tracking number I was given is invalid so I don't even understand why my order is taking so long. do not buy!



I did not order it and did not respond to my order

. Tudva work clothes. The ones that arrived didn't look like the model I chose. They just send you old stuff, hope you don't notice.

I emailed them and posted on social media that they didn't get a response.

If you are not interested in what you are getting, want a specific pattern or style, please order and don't mind

Nicole Lansdown



I bought two products from this company. One is a completely different topic. I sent them the return address about seven times ... no reply!

Shannon Yoshida

The product I received is different from the photo of the product I think I bought. The designs, styles, and materials of the products I received are completely different from the ads. This company sells fakes. do not buy.

The Linda Poole

website from may be a scam. It took me three weeks to get my work clothes, then it was a completely different material and very cheap. I sent an email to rare fans and pritchardstrosineya28 waiting for an answer ... not happy