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27 July 2021 scam or legit website?

podcast   Is legal? As long as you don't misspell the domain name when searching, this company has everyone's trust. However, there are a few details to note. Let's take a look at 50+ factors that have been checked to determine if the website was a scam.

The fraud detection algorithm gives this company the following ranking:

61.8 / 100

Since is in a very popular niche market, we tried to extract a short sentence from their website to find out what they are about theirs Contain your own content:

This page is very popular, with homepage extensions or access data in several languages. Hence, you may already know this so you can safely keep using it.

While the above sentence may reveal the role of this website, its duration will likely exceed this range. Overview The

fraud detection algorithm has shown that the average authorization level of is 61.8. Based on this assessment, the company can be classified as known. Originally. Active ..

Our validator has been rated on more than 50 key factors. This includes, but is not limited to, many things, from the quality of customer service to small red flags or third parties affecting the website (even though the owner may not know). In this case, the niche is irrelevant as malicious attacks are more likely to occur if the site is less secure.

Other factors we usually consider are IP addresses, modern / old technologies for building websites, SSL certificates, and most importantly, blacklists in the domain directory. Further technical details can be found in the box above

This includes Alexa ratings, phishing, spam and malware as well as the relevance / assignment of to suspicious websites. It's always good to know that even large companies have complaints or dissatisfied customers - think of the people who support great videos on YouTube. The same thing will happen to everything related to him and his business.

We ask you to be careful when doing business with The reviews and rankings of this website are based on reliable factors available to us but require attention to detail and common sense.


Debbie Hedley

disagrees with a commenter who is not worth a star. Hope I have never bought anything from this company. The top didn't fit, I got a pellet refund but it was accepted but it never happened. Every time I email them they send the same automatic reply and transfer the funds to my account. Professional business doesn't touch the floor!

Marion Bridges

followed most of the reviews and had enough of good reviews.

Everything that is stated in the comment * or ** is true and correct.

I found it was too late but I worked hard to resolve these issues and got a 100% refund after working hard for a long time.

It is good for those who are accepted by Rollasun to userunning

PayPal fortheir money, they are well represented internationally.

My lesson is not to buy anything through Facebook media.

Susan Tempest was

cheap and happy

after ordering on Facebook I ordered seven items. Ten days later, I emailed the company to update it and quickly received a very polite and explanatory response. According to the statement, the package was sent to me within three weeks of ordering. I kept all of the articles, most of which are very similar to ads. They really aren't top notch, but you get what you pay for!

I am a 12 year old British mean and average height. I think that's what I said, and I hope this review will help people change their minds!

L Spencer

warns ... scam company! Do not get involved in this business. Calculate shipping costs. I canceled immediately. Heard I don't want to claim anything through PayPal these days, the company told me that if I report PayPal my money is non-refundable! He told me the goods had been sent and then gave me a fake tracking number. They couldn't give me a refund ....

Caelia ChandlerOglas was

rude and unfairly suggested

free shipping but I noticed I had paid for shipping so I canceled the order the same day she did. That was when I was on PayPal two months ago, Rollasun said the refund would be 15 working days later and now it says the order was shipped. They contain detailed information on unaddressed items. The company cannot advertise on reputable websites.

Patricia Matthews

The shop of is full of trash. Not only was it sent the wrong size, the end result was gross. I was told I cannot return the product and they offered me a partial refund. Never buy from them,

Carolyn Munro is worthless

a star. Scam company! ! !

The dresses have 3 sizes that are too small and of poor quality - very different from the pictures. Just like in the similar comments below, they said these clothes should be given to people who can use them, not worth coming back! 


don't waste your money. All of the items I ordered weren't assembled and the materials were cheap - even the colors were terrible. It has nothing to do with the clothes in the ad. Very disappointed and even disagree with my own opinion as I didn't read Trustpilot reviews first which left me at a loss. Avoid this company and other companies that use the same photos.

Gillian Goodchild is

full of trash.

The size of the garbage, the quality of the garbage, the customer service can't return the goods, no refund, the post office is obviously disgusting. Don't be fooled by the .uk website which is clearly run by a scam using sweatshop work. Nobody advised me to "give it to those in need" (I don't think I know anyone with weird body proportions), but I hope it makes a difference. Which Middlesex address is hidden on one of the websites?

Sarah Morton,

I want it, I want it, I want to see her before I buy her. No ... I repeat ... we can't buy ... Bad quality, bad size ... It's just that a garment isn't worth a penny and has not been refunded The fun of the paragraph ... same story. .. written in terrible English. ... you wear the skirt and we'll give you a penny (I don't think so for £ 14 and £ 150 !!!)


is absolutely creepy. Do not buy from this company! ! I would like to return pants over 10 meters for a price of € 29.99. They gave me 8.00 pounds and told me I could keep wearing pants because it wasn't worth coming back. Pants are useless to me. When I requested a refund again, my email has now been ignored. Chinese nonsense-shameful!

Miriam Holland does not

buy from this company. When the products finally arrived they were too big (even though I followed their size chart). I requested a return as I had to pay the postage myself so I accepted the manual refund. After 27 days, I still haven't received a refund (and I think I will never get a refund).


4 is

really not worth any stars. It's a scam company. The items that arrived over time were not as described whether it was fabric or style and the size was shocking. They do not accept refunds and refuse to refund the purchase price. They said it wasn't worth it for them but suggested donating these items to charity. The quality is too poor and the charity may not accept it.

Don't give them your money.

Fail. June's BELL

I don't want to give this company a star, but I can't move on. A bad service rep told me that it is not worth returning the product I bought and that I should give it to someone who suits me. The color of the material is wrong, the size is wrong and there is no money back guarantee. I communicate them according to commercial standards. Don't buy from him. I wish I could read the comments first.

Priscilla Carter

Don't order anything from this company. I ordered 3 tops on March 23rd and they kept telling me to be patient. There's nowhere on the website / in the ordering process that tells you the time it takes for your item to arrive is ridiculously long. I have now requested a refund or reported a fraudulent transaction. Has anyone else reported it?

Angela Megali is

scary! Send the wrong color number, garbage quality, no one replied!

Cerriwyn Dobuy is not

from this website. The clothes are incorrectly sized, the clothes are of poor quality, and they are definitely not advertised underwear. I wasted my money trying to get my money back, but I learned my lesson! never! "

Busy mother,

don't do that - buy elsewhere. We will arrange a return 3X by email because everything is small !!! - always answer her. The

quality is too bad !!! Save money!" Qian

Helen Bradwell

bought it elsewhere!

I wish I could comment on this company and its decline. Orders placed on March 22nd delivered today April 19th because I received an invoice faster than the delivery rate I had chosen. Customer service just responded to my complaint in the same emails. The quality of the materials is unfortunate, the items do not look like the pictures. Be nice to yourself and don't buy it anywhere else!

Ms. Philippa Scutt

should not buy from this company

. The shirts delivered were completely random sizes and poor quality materials - not promised underwear. I sent 3 T-shirts back waiting for a refund but am very upset because there is no UK return address and the refund fee (to China) is £ 16.

Ms. Judy Smith

is not in this business and

likes it like many others, I feel preoccupied with Facebook advertising. The skirt was shipped from China from UK territory, and the size was too outrageous to be irrelevant to description. 2 of my 4 skirts are the wrong color, 3 are small, I mean baby, the fabric is very thin and the seams are bad. Like everyone else, I tried to get my money back, but they told me I would have to pay to send the money back to China and I wasn't ready yet. Got 1/4 refund and kept the clothes.


this is a scam like any other person ...,

Scamthis is a like all the other reviews say. I'm trying to get my money back through the PayPal Dispute Resolution Center.

Maggie Rizzo

warn customers of, be careful and

do not trust this company.

The clothes are of poor quality and good quality.

The website address indicates that you are in the UK. They say the item is returnable ... they don't believe it. You need to contact a third party for instructions, after lots of emails and Rollasun I finally got a message saying it would cost me too much to return the item ... in China they offered me a £ 16 goodwill refund Yes, I want to give tops to those in need! !

I am happier than many people who have never received their goods. I have never been seduced by these ads that keep popping up on Instagram or Facebook! ! !


scam! Dobuy

n'ta star I have to write a review for is too high. It should be minus 5! Like many people who have written reviews, I also received an item of clothing that did not match the one I ordered: synthetic fiber instead of cotton / linen, a strange model, he couldn't see anything in the photo. I filed a complaint with Jeremy Murphy (as shown on the card attached to the article). He and someone in China (from the return address of my order) offered a £ 5 discount on the next order! ! ! But there is no substitute. Have to pay in return. However, later I received a message that it was too expensive to return so should give it to someone else, but the only compensation is the discount on my next purchase!

Cathryn Fifield: I'm

not buying

two things that I bought - glad they no longer exist.

The price is reasonable and looks good in the photos. When the items arrive they are of poor quality and vary in size. I followed some very demanding instructions asking Jeremy Murphy for a refund and I heard nothing. I hope I can do some research before spending any money. Don't buy - you can burn money too.

Gil Walker's

quality is absolutely terrible. No, as mentioned above.

Absolutely poor quality, nothing to do with advertising. shameful. I was embarrassed that she was brought to justice.

When I received the card, three items were ordered that indicate that I can return the goods, but not free of charge! Though they say free returns on their website. Probably because they're from Asia. I want to point this out to you because you cannot avoid it. € 47.00 was wasted. Not enough to be used as a feather duster! I am angry. Warning before buying.

with Teoh

Absolutely awful! Everyone who did this fake deal had other products too for cheating on me when they did the portable dryer a month ago - just to give me a towel! I know it is the same person and the customer card sent with the product corresponds to the clothes I ordered from

They take photos of the clothes and then make cheaper, lower quality versions. I asked for a refund but I won't ask for it anymore.


Shame on you.

Julia Whyte

doesn't buy from this company.

Before I spend more than 50 euros on three pieces of clothing, I want to read these estimates too. Obviously very chic photography because the clothes are not far from the quality shown in the photos. Very strange size. I received a poor English reply with a Chinese reply address and gave myself £ 12. Avoid thisbusiness

Donald Thompson

mainly socially. I have a friend too, and I have too many friends who are

embarrassed to write a review about this terrible company. I will do that.

She bought three very bad dresses for £ 60.

She tried contacting the company three times in two weeks to find a refund method and now she has received a message from them that it is not worth returning and all she needs to do is give it to the person in need.

Unfortunately, my friend doesn't hate anyone so much that he doesn't throw this trash on his lap.

Wendy Steed

doesn't use this company.

These are cheap, substandard clothing, the size choice is completely wrong, and the customer service is terrible. You can't exchange or return goods, this isn't exactly a scam but it's close enough. All you have to do is amortize the money spent and save it for experimentation.

Alison Bunker's

total trash can. I will not donate to charity shops. When I came back I was told they would refund £ 22 out of my £ 89! ! ! !

Really despise.

PS also the size is absolute garbage. Poorly handled, thin, doll-sized waste paper.

Deb Coleman

is total bullshit. I ordered 3 dresses (all the same size) and all three are different. One pair of pants doesn't fit at all, the rest are long enough for a flashlight. The quality is terrible ... good and cheap. When I asked for a refund, they told me to give this dress to someone who wants to return it as it was too expensive for me. You have notto my email


I should

have read the reviews before reading the reviews before ordering. The quality is very poor, the materials are not advertised, and we do not accept returns. Do not order from this company. I agree that Facebook and all other platforms should not allow ads from this company.

Sue Bowen

Scammers, Facebook should delete you by now.

The clothes don't match the photos, look terrible, and the workmanship is terrible. I can understand if they are cheap. There is no return address, they say they will not issue a refund unless the goods are damaged. Why is Facebook still allowing advertising? There are hundreds of posts out there about these scammers and they are sure to make millions of dollars. Update: PayPal rejected my application because I did not provide any supporting documents. You won't admit it isn't her. These Chinese scammers deleted the advertisements within a few days and did not post any content related to the product. PayPal is clearly as bad as the seller.

Ms. Skelton,

I consent not to buy products from this company because someone told me I need to donate products that are not suitable for people who deserve it! ! ! !

Bad and uncomfortable services because they keep popping up on my sources and on Facebook.

Julie Harrison

doesn't use this company, they are not in the UK. I mean when ordering on the website they said free shipping on orders over £ 39 + no they charged me £ 12. Try to cancel within 12 hours of placing your order, all requests will be ignored and the goods will be shipped.

The order was placed on March 11th and the goods arrived before the delivery window on April 2nd.

You tried three times to request return information on April 3rd and now April 7th, but no one responded.

So my advice is not to buy anything from this company!


Absolute's trash doesn't even look like the trash displayed on the website, it's so ugly they won't even want to take it back. I would be embarrassed to give anything to someone in need and I wouldn't bring a dog basket so it's likely to get thrown in the trash

. Ms. Chris Jones is

also suitable for PAS. The regional

article is no worse than the picture and must not be similar. These pants only have two sides sewn with elastic bands and the seams are not flat. I could have done better. If I said in an email that I want to reply to you it is not worth going, we will offer a discount on your next order! We don't have buttons to waste time.

Jeanette Walton

Utter's money decision is

hoping I can read the £ 50 review! The item is very small and the color is wrong. The quality is not good and has nothing to do with the photos. You emailed a refund request, but we don't hope much. Next, you need to find their CEO and email them.

Christine Eaton-Hennah-?

If someone actually returns the item to China for a full refund, I'm not sure if I should try or just put more money on the floor.