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30 March 2021

Suez Canal crisis. The other side

The story of the United Kingdom's decision to invade the Arab countries. But this is not Iraq in 2003. This is Egypt in 1956. This is a British paratrooper fighting at the behest of British Prime Minister Anthony Eden. He launched the war to eliminate the new young Egyptian president Gamal Abdul Nasser (Gamal Abdul Nasser). The actions we have taken are real. This is a war that will lead to the Suez Canal and the emergency supply of oil transported through it. I believe that this crisis will push the world to the brink of nuclear disaster, and I believe that it is truly the third world war in Britain. We know that the Soviet Union started the war based on the prime minister's lies. According to their information, Prime Minister Su destroyed it there, 6/6. But, on the other hand, Su is a story about how a small and poor Arab country defended itself against the Western world and defended its country. They will defend their land. Ended on July 26, 1956. It was a warm night, and Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser was ready to persuade his people to ferment their country, and it was 7 days before the young president, who had been undermined by young Westerners, undermine the main plan to increase poverty in Egypt. Now 200,000 people have gathered to listen to the president's response. However, among the 30 people along the Suez Canal who listen to the code, the French name hidden in NASA's speech was opened by the radio station after the speech, waiting for the code seller to hear that they gave the code. It was by their president. Ordered. He attacked the Suez Canal Company's office. Hey, Sana, you're Ferdinand Dressep. On a happy Egyptian holiday, NASA relaxes at the cinema. He did not know that Anthony Eden of London had decided to kill him. Egypt is the cradle of ancient civilizations and the most strategically valuable country in the post-war Arab world. Therefore, the Suez Canal, which transported oil to Western economies, was a company that operated the canal, which was largely owned by former colonial leaders in Egypt, Britain and France, and employed Europeans who believed that the Suez Canal was our country. the country. Our state. There is almost no Egypt in the ten million dollars. The channel should arouse feelings of dissatisfaction every year. You imagine more and more that someone can afford it in your country, but it doesn't offer you anything. He took everything, but received nothing. Is that right? In February 1955, young Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser met for the first time with British Prime Minister Anthony Eden, whom they did not like at first. Residents' impression of Anthony Eden, Little Cheshire is different, and as you know, he is in favor of imposing a British position on the other side. Because an Egyptian is still part of the British sphere of influence in the Middle East, although the Egyptian king has been nominally independent since 1922, as the British prime minister told them in the legend of the empire, he listens obediently, but the world is different. He did not realize that every inch of Anthony Eden's change of balance was the Prime Minister who was educated at Eaton and Oxford. During the war, he was Secretary of State and Winston Churchill's successor. But at NASA, a new Arab leader met with the Arabs. This is the decision of a new generation of Egyptians who are determined to ensure the true independence and haste of their country.

How would L. Corrales Adam motivate him to suggest the sale of tear gas so that NASA could become one of the officers who overthrew King Playboy Farouk in 1952? Two years later, NASA showed the United Kingdom that Egypt would not be forced to oppose the aggressive guerrilla movement to evacuate the largest force of 88,000 men on both sides of the Suez Canal. At that time, the most important thing was to achieve true independence and true liberation by evacuating soldiers. While the negotiations went smoothly, they took action against the British army. We are resistance forces. When the British delegation became stubborn, we intensified our resistance. Until the spring of 1956, Egypt had no British troops, and its country had escaped the colonial era. NASA has embarked on an ambitious plan to reshape the lives of its people. Egypt is far behind, half of the people have only about 75% of their wealth. Our standard of living is the lowest of most Egyptians. What is a barefoot street? Our solution is to build a large dam on New Aswan, which will provide agricultural water and electricity. It will lift Egypt out of poverty once and for all. It will be the largest dam in the world. This will provide Egypt with twice as much water and electricity for its industrialization. But NASA needs 400 million. The money to make his dream come true in the 1950s was huge. At first, its first port was the West. Nasser and all revolutions are not a problem for Americans and the country, so we can help them become arrogant. The World Bank, with the support of the United States and the United Kingdom, has agreed to lend it. Our relationship with the Americans seems very close. Nasser's favorite fall movie is Fantastic Life with Jimmy Stewart. He really liked the film, and Washington made sure to send a special copy of the film with Arabic subtitles. Until 1956, the young charismatic president of Egypt strongly believed that his Egyptian development plan was still ongoing, but another problem facing NASA was that when the Arabs and Israelis set up their own countries, the weapons dead and captured are normal days, and his plan will be destroyed. Based on fully mobilizing bitterness. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) participated in the battle of the Arab army defeated by the Israelis in 1948. Since then, the latter country in the Middle East has waged a border war with its Arab neighbors. The existence of Israel is an insult to NASA. Not so good, because I will soon become a huge danger and an enemy. Obviously, he is trying to become a close-knit world. He has a wonderful speech now. he is attractive. It is very eloquent. He suffered a fire. he. He was Israeli and was surrounded by enemies who were afraid of attack. The forearms of the American Civil War broke out all over the world. We will not be surprised by weapons. Even the United Kingdom believes that the only opening is France. France has agreed to provide Israel with the Jewish state's first jet fighter jets. NASA is looking stronger and stronger. The enemy is at the gate where France supplies weapons to Israel. I am facing a situation that can upset my country. Should I make a decision for NASA? He will look abroad at his forearm, as if he had lent him a damn thing. His first phone call was to the United States, and from the first day of the revolution he asked the Americans. I need answers. The needs of our army are. He also asked the British. The United Kingdom and the United States did not respond to this, but in the 1950s, as the Cold War deepened, the West and the Soviet Union fought for influence around the world.

NASA knew that if Washington refused, Nikita Khrushchev in Moscow might agree. Egypt has displayed recently acquired weapons from Russia and its satellites to demonstrate its military strength. The first weapons of the Soviet bloc fell from Alexandria on September 27, 1955. This agreement was a victory for Khrushchev, who spread communism in the region. He did not expect these countries to become communist countries immediately. He is willing to wait for Egypt for Khrushchev to achieve his first great success, because he has relations with many large countries in developing countries that can be established. For Western countries, this is a very remarkable achievement. However, NASA is not in Christopher's pockets, as many people in the West worry that NASA was never a communist party and never was. we believe. I'm a believer. I think you are very used to believing in God, and now the most ordinary people who pray do not believe in God. Hey, Nasir. He is an anti-communist well known to the Soviets. Well, he's an anti-communist. They knew he had shut down the Communist Party. When relations with the Soviet Union improved, he did not release these communists from prison, but both sides made a pragmatic decision. But, according to the Garden of Eden, NASA appears to be the US prime minister's communist movement and decided to punish him for reaching an agreement with the Soviet Union. Their response was to launch a clandestine campaign against NASA called Omega Code. Omega's propaganda can give reporters information about TV broadcasters, showing that NASA is not a really good person. Could you please report that Omega also includes sanctions against Egypt. This involves blocking military aid to Egypt. Then, as part of this unannounced war, a secret decision to postpone funding for Anthony Eden and the US Secretary of State for the Aswan Dam was postponed. John Foster Dulles, who supports the new strategy. I think Dallas is upset that Nasser is almost showing his independence. I really think it's almost a personal insult to make Dulles believe Nasser's actions. In London, Eden's distrust of NASA was exacerbated by mysterious reports of information that had just landed on his desk. They came from the connection with MI6, called "Happy Holidays". A pleasant break told Eden that NASA was a Soviet pizza, and the Egyptians would be happy to receive the accident for free and reported that MI6 was giving gifts to British and American officials. I think they need some resources and have sex with them. No one can provide information that NASA is so close to the Soviet Union that Nasser is so fragile that if I don't kill him, they will drive him away, because that's not true, it's just that it's not. experience tells us that the British Prime Minister wants to hear something fermented, and Minister Anthony, who has adopted the government, is not a thorn. At first, no one realized that the prime minister was only willing to express how far he was willing to go, but we joined a heated argument on the phone and he was really violent in their conversation. Call me. I don't want NASA to be eliminated. I want to destroy the road to the two nations, the whole conversation is eaten, there is nothing naughty. He is said to have eaten later in the murder case. MI6 agents believed that the prime minister was talking about the term "Thomas Becket", and Eden said that someone would not save me from this turbulent Nasser. I'm not exaggerating at all. Almost every month Almost every month. It is trying to suffer losses from France or other parts of the United Kingdom, or the losses increase almost every month. Just like when NASA gave a public speech in Alexandria, the young man fired a total of eight shots. Prime Minister. Two of his assistants were injured. These plants have no control at all because they release nerve gases into the ventilation system of NASA chairs and try to inject poison into Nasser's coffee, trying to shoot him at some point. In 1956, there was no happiness. He should create the line of happiness to justify his defense of escaping Nasser's extravagant plan. On July 19, 1956, the Egyptian ambassador to the United States was recalled to the State Department. He was told that funds for the Aswan Dam had been canceled. If the West cannot kill Nasser, they will destroy his dream of developing Egypt, add insult to the president of NASA and make him find out only after the news is broadcast. I was surprised by the isolation. NASA now has two options: one is not a relationship declared by the rejection itself, but an insult to the relationship, which means humiliation. In addition to Western punishment, he can lie or fight in three days. The current captain gathered my most trusted lieutenant and entrusted me. He lowered his fine on the Suez Canal. And it can't be national. I think I was surprised for the first time. But inside me, I was proud to consider this action at that time. I'm proud. NASA estimates that if the taxes of ships crossing the Suez Canal reach Egypt, instead of being under the control of British and French society under the control of the Suez Canal, the Aswan Dam can still be built, but NASA knows that nationalization is a big deal. The next day, you will have to personally control the channel itself. He expects to give his first speech after the humiliation of the Western world, and the whole of Egypt is waiting for his answer. The speech was held at a climax of the talks and the Egyptians responded even older. He did not have the ball to resist and reluctantly declare, and then NASA instructed his former military colleague Yunus to lead the dangerous mission of 30 men in effective control of the channel chosen by Yunis. She can trust Eunice to show the dirt. If this news is published, it will certainly fail. Three days later, NASA intends to give a public speech. again. These people know that the sign of the action is the secret code hidden in the president's speech, which will be broadcast on Egyptian radio. The code is the name of the person who designed the Ferdinand Canal while waiting. I still don't know if their president absolutely decides to bet. My feeling is a combination. She certainly felt responsible for the initial fear. In the sweltering heat of July, NASA is about to head to Manchuria Square in Alexandria, where it will once again deliver a speech, which is very remarkable. His people are waiting to see if he will respond to the West's refusal to finance the Jesuit dam. At 9 o'clock in the evening, NASA climbed the podium. The speech of the century is very long. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) listed the humiliation suffered by Egyptians over Jonnie Jonnie's west. Wow, what the hell is that? His tone was firm, but he would be upset last Saturday. He and his men were ready to send a signal on the canal, but two hours later, the truth had not yet arrived. Then I added that today Ferdinand, whose signal from Edinice is not good, identifies his soldiers at the same time. The four main offices of the Suez Canal Company that invaded Alexandria have left NASA. Not coincidentally, the password was repeated 14 times in total, then I entered it until it was executed, then I entered the Diamond Cromer sura of lesseps. At the headquarters of the Eunice channel company, he informed the European employees that the company had been nationalized.

It is very polite, but armed attempts to destroy or prevent employees are not allowed either. They were very surprised and worried that we tried to calm them down and asked them to continue working as if nothing had happened. In Alexandria, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) revealed to the world what Suez Canal employees had just discovered. There is a chapel throughout Egypt. Of course, it was a bomb, definitely a bomb. We're listening to this. No one expected. People rejoiced in the street. I celebrate with all the Egyptians. Employees of state-owned companies do not participate in the holidays. It reminds me of some things you don't know about the influence and reaction of the West, because we can't leave this international waterway. Yes, there is nothing to change. In London, when news of NASA's action broke, the Garden of Eden was ranked tenth among Brandeis' postal, military, and diplomatic institutions. he is very angry. As we all know, this is an act of a fascist government. And we all still remember. Well, what is the price of paying for fascism. The former commander of our battalion described this to me in a usually honest way. He said that the moment you mentioned the name NASA Eden, he almost went down and chewed the carpet. But in the United States, the initial response was to send Eisenhower less aggressively. John Foster Dulles left for London to reassure me and let Dulles carry the president's letter with him. The letter stated that American public opinion has some views on whether the government supports the use of force in the Middle East. But the next morning, Eisenhower connected the cable from the Garden of Eden, and the Garden of Eden made its decision. He made it clear that the government's decision to get rid of Nasser was the only decisive choice. They don't want to change it. This is essentially the response of Britain and France to a serious crisis. He was overwhelmed by many principles I heard recently. One is regime change, one is Decimus consciousness, and the other is preventive self-defense. The informants told him that it was reasonable for some people to believe that NASA's Soviet Union posed a direct threat to British interests, but in Moscow the information was wrong. Nikita Khrushchev knew nothing about NASA's plans when it was nationalized, which was surprising for the Soviet Union as well. He did not receive permission. Even though things like the tasks were decided a few days before the announcement, he did not tell the Soviets and, for obvious reasons, did not tell them what their reaction was, and Moscow would tell him not to. The ginger in the story causes Nasser to become more and more aggressive. In fact, Moscow is the exact opposite. At the same time, the atmosphere of the nationalized channel is very tense. NASA knows that people do not expect the Egyptians to be able to operate this channel, which is essential for the operation of 300 pilots, and almost all Europeans navigate the ship from one end to the other in a smooth spiral. Traffic will not start, the channel will stop. I noticed this after the summer vacation. Some never returned. I also noticed that some people sold their cars on furniture on September 12th, September 14th.

They said we should stop working. Seven weeks after the nationalization, the British Prime Minister secretly ordered the pilots to leave the canal. Now there is an exam, if we still feel the Suez Canal, we will lose our way. Egypt's hopes lie on the shoulders of 26-year-old trainee pilot Nas Nasri, who had only 14 days to stretch the ship across the canal. My first ship was German. The captain came and said, are you the new pilot? I said yes, this is the first time I've had to board the ship alone. The possibility of disaster is immense. The width of the canal is more than a hundred meters. Nasri was afraid to send his tanker to block the entire waterway because of his mistake and it turned out to be the shore of the Garden of Eden, right? This feeling is attributed to flexibility, which makes me lose self-confidence. I didn't see the sound. He is a green man and a celebrity. I have not seen. But in the end, they encouraged the master and began to direct. His boat is slowly leaving along the canal. Will my order be executed immediately? Park the boat on Middle Street. Therefore, I began to feel happy and relaxed. I see how the ship moves. So I began to feel relieved that Nasser was the progress we were helplessly following on both sides of the canal. On the way, I saw someone named Rath. Yes it is. I went to the market and he found it for engineer Jonas. The Germans on the road show you good luck. After continuing for 14 hours, the boat driven by the Egyptians successfully crossed the canal. There's another street party. He goes beyond any imagination to give confidence. For Egyptians, they can do what the world is looking for, what they cannot do. However, Eden is still determined to set up a case in London to eliminate the interference. The pilot was just his basic Gambit, and now he has decided to defeat the inexperienced Egyptians by pushing a large number of tanks into the canal. Now the British have devised a good plan to show that the Egyptians cannot collect the canal. Then we have many ships ready to go through the canal. When the pilots withdrew, the Port of Dover received 26 ships at the same time and you will receive 30, which makes it difficult for any group of people to travel. They have exhausted 36 Egyptian pilots and any foreign recruits they can work day and night to reject their wishes and save the canal. Mr President Nasser, I have worked hard. Egyptians can now keep the channel open by phone. Even though the Garden of Eden did its best to destroy it a second time. The prime minister is already disabled. The world does not expect Egypt to succeed in this rigorous examination. Some of the worst written contributions indicate that the Egyptians used potatoes instead of wearing Kennedy shoes to cultivate the Suez Canal area. One person was disappointed. But NASA is fine. Almost three months have passed since the nationalization, and the canal is still in operation. Looks like someone intends to overthrow NASA. The return of control of the canal has failed, and the world has no reason to war. Then, on October 14, a visitor from the French Ministry of Defense came to visit the withdrawal verifiers of the French Prime Minister.

The French invented the following scenario, according to which Israel must invade Egypt, and Britain and France, which have troops in neighboring countries, must say that we cannot allow this type of war because it will destroy the Suez Canal, so we went to do This one. Hao separated from the two countries. I happen to be in Paris. Therefore, the Minister of Defense called me and told me that he was thinking about the storm in the Sinai Peninsula. The Garden of Eden thus began. Passionate about this French project. It is not only capable of capturing channels. He saw how NASA destroys Egyptian bombs and you will make this type of bomb in the country that caused the bomb. When the Garden of Eden was planned in Britain, the Israeli invasion, the emergence of a new government and NASA would no longer be there. The rest of the world is trying to reach a peace agreement with the United Nations. The United Nations' Eden Garden had no choice but to send Foreign Secretary Selwyn Lloyd from York to a meeting with the French and Egyptians, who surprised Lloyd. Negotiations are progressing smoothly. He looks forward to making real progress in these UN dialogues, and Egyptian Foreign Minister Faor has encouraged him to be willing to talk about it. But as progress shows, so is the atmosphere. French Foreign Minister Pinot Noir was ambiguous from the start. He seemed ready to put himself in a real situation, and then halfway through he was completely interested in the blues, wondering what had happened. And why isn't he worried that Lloyd won't reach an agreement over the phone in New York and instruct him to immediately drop the conversation with the foreign minister. It may be close to a solution that angers the self-employed. I might think it is worth continuing this debate. I can say that Hans Blix thought he could decide some very specific questions about weapons of mass destruction for a few more months, but The Garden of Eden (Eden) Aiden (Aiden) has another planned and ordered Lloyd Logan and Sev to go secretly on the outskirts of Paris to complete the merger with the French and Israelis. It may be disappointing, but out of loyalty, he had to do it. But he left him alone and hated him to the end. In a document called the server agreement agreed here, he wrote a secret plan in black and white to attack Egypt and the world. A copy of the agreement is presented at the end. The diplomat signed the signature of the British Patrick Deane, but Eden did not want his war wishes to be confirmed in writing. In the evening, we returned to take his ID, number 10, and he mentioned my God directly. When this document finally came out after 40 years, I didn't have to sign specifically. The British confirm. The minister misled the Security Council and deliberately planned a war in the Middle East. On October 29, the Israelis landed at a parachute brigade that landed deep in Sinai at 7:00, as agreed, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) woke up at 16:00. The news you can tell can tell him that he is surprised, not surprised. We anticipate that there will be action against Asians. However, we have no data from Israel. However, the development of the canal by Israel is falsified, and its purpose is only to convince the world that the canal is threatened, about 40 kilometers away from the canal and 45 kilometers away from the canal. However, when you look at the big map, you can say that the waterfall is not far from the canal, enough to meet the needs of the British, because we are not because France and England are very clear. Instead, Israeli forces focused on destroying Egyptian forces in the Sinai Peninsula, which they had long seen as a threat to Israel's security. This attack surprised NASA commanders. They were quickly overwhelmed and forced to withdraw their troops when Britain and France issued an ultimatum the next day. As planned, Israel and Egypt will cease fighting at seven o'clock, otherwise the Western powers will intervene. Someone knows this is an ultimatum.

For some people who cannot be accepted by NASA on the night of October 30, the ultimatum expires. Shortly afterwards, NASA launched a plane over Cairo, Indonesia, and issued a warning. Then I heard a solar eclipse and the plane appeared. I told the Indonesian ambassador that they are very rich. Now that NASA knew that Eden was ready for gambling, it didn't even think about it, even if Britain would launch an attack on us, because obviously any attack on us would affect Britain's position in all countries. and the Arab regions. When the bomb falls on the frightened Egyptian people, it will mean ending the bridge and influence in the Middle East. In order to join the militia, most young people have decided that we will defend the country. We really don't know what to do, because our training is very short. Includes live ammunition. When we join. The first thing they did was give us an example of a Kalashnikov rifle outside the ointment box and then he said, well, this is your rifle, you know, this temporary civilian force is now waiting for the United Kingdom to arrive the paratroopers. There are a lot of people here in Uber who shoot and shoot in the air. We don't know what you know, they're all paratroopers, because you know what noise is. I think someone just came from heaven. So this is a very stressful time and we are afraid, but Cairo is not the target of British paratroopers spreading salt to Potter at the mouth of the canal. Cairo is the talent that Luo soldiers and other volunteers are waiting for. Where will Britain begin to conquer Egypt? After five days of airstrikes, 668 British paratroopers landed in port. The city was quickly occupied, but its population was determined not to let the Garden of Eden win easily. He hoped you would be better, but when the British landed in the harbor, they learned English. Therefore, we certainly hope that everyone deletes it. There are weapons, rifles and machine guns. They shot down and every time a rebel mobilized, each gypsy nation was willing to sacrifice itself to defend its country. The British Prime Minister insisted to the world that his actions were legal and sounded good morally throughout my life. I am a peaceful person, working hard for peace. I worked hard to negotiate B, but I stayed the same, with the same faith and the same way of transferring myself to people. But I can certainly be sure that we are doing the right thing, as the Garden of Eden said, the sheriff should not be enough. There are two streets above the street and Abadi street. These places are mostly barren corners of wooden houses, so the roofs of these houses are covered with dust and set on fire. From the beginning to the end of the street, many houses seemed to burn, all the houses were burned, because then I saw the corpse on the street. No one can bury them. They brought small trucks that are usually used to sell vegetables and put six to seven corpses on each cart and took them to the cemetery for burial. I saw that two bodies were completely destroyed. Flat land. They were crushed. In just one week of war, hundreds of Egyptian civilians were killed in bomb blasts, and many more were killed in subsequent street fighting. At this point, Eden hopes that the frightened Egyptians can stand up and overthrow NASA. I do not understand. What it is, they are totally wrong. When the Egyptians felt the gathering of foreign threats, they became full-fledged members of NASA and it just happened. This is the hopeless method of launching the Egyptian armed forces, but NASA and its government remain in Cairo. Plans to launch a guerrilla war. If the army wants to take over a popular army, fight in the doghouse on the streets of the port village. Even if the army that invaded Egypt revolted, we would hide our weapons in all the villages of Egypt to resist. To prevent the British from occupying the canal, NASA ordered the ship to sink. The canal blocked the invasion. Edna managed to prevent the invasion. Very navigable. He is working hard to solve this problem. This is not the only misjudgment made by the prime minister. The Suez crisis suddenly raised the temperature of cold military buildings, and the fierce conflict also marked the release of resentment into the lungs of the Soviet Union 2,000 kilometers from Budapest. Europe is threatened by the popular stars of the online revolt. When Nikita Khrushchev saw that his NASA allies were being attacked in Cairo, he broke the communist symbol of hatred and found that Soviet prestige seemed to be growing. In his opinion, when he fell, the West was using him. The British and the French either noticed his problems in Eastern Europe and saw that now they had the opportunity to confront one of his allies, because he was confused and his reaction was that of a political leader. He was surprised and surprised at the same time ... anger. Fear. Recent research shows that Chris Jeff is working with Budapest to send a bloody message to the West. We have the minutes of the Political Bureau meeting, which clearly show what happened here. He wanted to send them a signal that no Soviet Union is stronger than ever. In the Middle East or Eastern Europe, you could not participate in my work and then Christophe UPS (Christophe UPS) invested his luck in the usual forces of the Middle East and helped Egypt to resist Britain and France. He threatened the West by proclaiming the end of the world to the world, but do not be surprised if your actions cause nuclear weapons to fall on London and Paris. This is the first time it has suddenly posed a nuclear threat. It seems that Eden's adventures in Egypt will end at the end of the world. Someone brought a radio. I heard that the Russians threatened to bomb London, and the Chinese will join soon. But at the time, I thought it was really World War III. The threat of nuclear war is the concentration of mines in Washington, and President Eisenhower is already angry with the Prime Minister of Washington. At any stage of these operations, there was no consultation with the United States. Didn't I notify them in advance? He was very angry with the British. I'm very upset with the British. They turned their backs on him and negotiated with others. Before the Council of State, the US Secretary of State condemned the country's oldest ally. I doubt that the representatives of this forum will speak in good faith. When I bring tonight. One person realized with great horror that he had judged this issue completely wrong from the American perspective. The plan for the Garden of Eden was soon revealed. He did not expect such animosity between the Americans and his people. There are many demonstrations in London, as big as those in Egypt, and they can even begin to restore and maintain this sordid reputation. When opponents around the world cultivated morality in the wounds of ports around the world, the photographs the world saw showed the impact of the war on the Egyptian people in astonishing detail. We support you in the west. We have public opinion with the Egyptians. He was found to have fatally miscalculated the Egyptian people's response to the invasion. If you ask me where they are afraid, we will all be afraid because no one likes to die. We used to lead a natural daily life, but the things we eat are rarely limited to goods, but people can stay in cafes. Listen to your encouragement to read so that you can resist. NASA's very special atmosphere did not want to hide, it decided to summon its people after praying on Friday at the ancient al-azhar mosque in Kairos, if this is a good time for de Faria. This is an excuse. Carlton Teleport's son is a privilege. A man in London felt that his efforts had failed to win the hearts of the Egyptian people. NASA is more popular than ever and has now become a decisive blow. Since the bombing began, Britain's foreign exchange reserves have been buzzing. At that time, when the British bought bankers in dangerous areas where the bottom fell immediately, traders around the world ran out of containers. When Aiden asked the Americans for financial assistance, President Eisenhower made sure that this time there would be no room for misunderstandings, because I was quite determined. He said that once you agree to go out, but you don't really go out, we won't help you, but we won't help you even for a minute. After nine days of war, on November 6, no one had a choice, as the British army advanced more than 10 miles along the canal, and the prime minister refused to declare a ceasefire. If you omit the tables, these police operations will be taken over by each country. We will be greeted. In fact, we recommend them as well. The arrival of the United Nations contingent in that port made the people feel that the turbulent Egyptians were almost agitated. Come on. Of course, when the last British soldier left, I was happy and told him we were going to hell. Plans have been planned for United Nations forces to replace the British and French on the ground. The armistice humiliated the Garden of Eden and its commander. I must say that most of the regimental officers considered this a fatal blow. I think it is difficult for professional soldiers to enter this company in good faith. I thought this would be the last war. The British country suddenly realized that there was only a small scream. For the Prime Minister, the pressure of failure is unbearable, as the United Kingdom is facing a winter fuel crisis due to the closure of the canal. He leaves the country for Jamaica. When asked how he was feeling, Sir Anthony's life ruined his health and career. It feels very deep. Sorry, we have to leave the country in five weeks. He came back, but it didn't take long. A man has never returned to front-line politics, and his reputation has never been restored by claiming to be at war with Britain in the Middle East. Britain's reputation has also been damaged. Well, this is a complete disaster. It took us 20 years to regain the legal status of the owner and the owner of the field, but of a friend of those countries that appeared after we ran the century French cottage. NASA's Suez Crisis broke out in Egypt. Today is not December 23, 1956. On Thursday after the release of the quartile, the entire city celebrated Victory Day. He was a god at the time. I must tell you that President Nasser is a historical hero after the Suez Crisis. NASA is finally destined to spread throughout the Arab world. He is a leader who can stay in the western world and win. As time goes on, he begins to realize that NASA is a hero given to the Arabs by God for years of obedience- In a sense, he was a big winner, but because of the victory, he became a big loser because NASA has finally begun to believe in its propaganda. Today, more than a decade later, he has won a great battle. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) decided to be strong enough to deal with the old accounts of Israeli aggressors in 1967, in 1956. He said that the last time we fought against Israel, Britain and France. This road is lonely. The disastrous retreat of the Egyptian left into the Sinai desert was a terrible misjudgment. Rick lost the whole world. I hope that in great victories and complete failures, there will be wisdom that will bring lasting peace to this part of the world. However, the unresolved problems of the 1967 West Bank and Gaza wars did not bring peace to the Middle East, but continued to poison the region. The end of the crisis in Suez was also the moment when the new power decided to become the center of the Middle East. In the weeks after the war, President Eisenhower was convinced that Britain and France would no longer trust the protection of Western interests in the region, and said US policy would undergo a fatal change. He stressed that in the Middle East, the United States is more involved, not less. Eisenhower's doctrine says that we will protect any country threatened by communism in the Middle East. The old idea is that you're either with us in Washington or with us in Moscow, which means you have a third. The dwight of Arab nationalism was the factors that determined the Americans to keep their distance from the United Kingdom when they actively moved to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1956. They lost their sight. Here comes the opportunity to show our deep respect for the rights and independence of each country. But it's wonderful. No matter how young we are, we are not looking for violence, but for peace. The echoes of these countries (and their terrorist allies) from Suez to the present day are the center of evil. I will not wait for events, and the United States will not tolerate danger. The most dangerous regime in the world threatens us with the most destructive weapon in the world. There is no time to filter. Now is the time to say this house. If we want to show that we will defend what we know is right, that we will face tyranny, dictatorships and terrorists that threaten our way of life, Iraq can prove to be a long-term Suka. Fifty years later, but since it will be years before Iraq and the Soviet Union find us, we will find her in a few weeks. Ordinary Egyptians themselves learned from the Suez Crisis. There is a big difference between resistance and terrorism. I am a patriot who defends the country. When the United States and Britain left for Iraq with open arms to accept their ideas, the connecting spirit of the resistance war was deeply rooted in our country and region. This is a very stupid idea. I mean, where did you think of this idea? I don't know if we can read history books. If we look at the resource crisis, it is because it was only 50 years ago and we can know that this will never happen. You know, this will never happen and people will defend their country. They will defend their land. I am a human being and I have dignity. I do not accept any stranger to control me, otherwise I will be a good or bad slave.