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The History of rings. how was create and more
10 June 2021


podcast                                                                          Lose weight naturally

    Have you ever tried to lose weight and don't understand why the pounds seem to fall desperately on your hips? Your office colleague's plate is much bigger than yours, but are you the one who shows the extra pounds? If you recognize yourself in these situations, know that you are not alone and that this is not a product of your mind. Unfortunately, we are not all the same when it comes to weight gain and loss. Who is responsible for this story? Your metabolism! Your initial capital and the diets you may have followed in the past directly affect the amount of energy you spend each day. Obviously, if you consume exactly as much as your neighbor at the office, do the same physical activities, you may not consume as much energy as your neighbor and therefore gain weight. The good news? Today this is no longer inevitable and now it is possible to reverse the process very easily in a few minutes a day (and it has nothing to do with what you eat). It is clearly a revolution in weight loss. This discovery was developed by the Instituto Bicher under the name of the Balance Mind method. >> Discover the innovative principles of the mind balance method for sustainable weight loss. The founder of the institute, Elodie Bicher, has suffered from weight problems for many years. Despite trying many methods, none of them allowed him to lose the extra pounds. Frustrated, angry, like so many women in her situation, she was momentarily tempted to give up the fight with the extra pounds. In the end, the solution was far from calorie-restricted diets, methods of frustration, which only aggravate the weight problems of thousands of women by reducing self-esteem to zero. The paper developed by Instituto Bicher was based on several scientific studies in the field of cognitive sciences. In particular, the study of Professor Traci Mann of the University of Minnesota and the research of Nobel Laureate Edgar Douglas Adrian. The Bicher Institute has surprisingly revealed that the power of your brain in weight loss. If you're struggling with weight today, it's because your brain, hormones, and metabolism are programmed to store rather than eliminate. This change takes place without effort or lack and permanently eliminates those extra pounds. In fact, many members of the program say they have lost weight without frustration, which they could not do with conventional methods. As a result, some have managed to lose a few pounds to 21 pounds in a matter of weeks or months. Because the Balance Mind method acts directly on the source, ie on the metabolism, you get a lasting weight loss. You will never have to go on a diet again, which still prevents you from losing weight in the long run, as many scientific studies show.

Lose weight naturally