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The History of rings. how was create and more
11 June 2021

The Reality of Truth

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 There is a story in the Bible that God provided food from heaven to aid the Israelites wandering the desert. But it was never written, more precisely what it is. What is this sky mana? When I asked this question, I had no idea how much my life was going to change. The first miracle they reported was that at the wedding, Jesus turned the water into wine, and it is said that they ran out of wine. Jesus put water in the water for some people and they boiled the water in T. He told the waiter to treat it like a drink so I called Deepak. I said, Deepak, I need to talk to you. I'm leaving, I just found something in the Bible. That does not mean anything. I think I found some psychedelic drugs there. I think there is meditation, what do you think? And it was quiet on the phone. I said, Deepak, are you there? He said yes, where are you, where did you find it, as if you were sending me what you talked to me about? What should I do? Deepak. What should we do? Do you want to write something? Deepak, it seems too important to Zach why not talk about part of the religious experience of the Sacrament of the Deep Plants. Tradition of the cow. The mysterious Soma plant is used to communicate with God. It may be that this plant actually sings the hymn of the Vedic Platform. There are no seeds or flowers and it's really spongy in the movie. Noah, played by Russell Crowe, dreams of swimming underwater with animals and wakes up knowing that God wants him to do something but doesn't know what to do. She went and sat in the cave with the blue man. He was played by Anthony Hopkins and he gave him hallucinogens. T. He drank it and knew exactly what God wanted from him. First of all, it's an option. Yes it is. second. Why does our brain have receptors for these things? Well, because we are part of the same nature, we are not separate from nature. Science is based on a separate subject and object, it is an artificial self and the universe. Although I am actually part of the universe too, the same electric storm creates lightning bolts in the sky and synaptic lightning bolts in my brain, giving rise to the idea that we are part of it and experiencing what it is like - a religious experience. What is enlightenment but being one with the source. So while I'm giving people what I wouldn't even call a shift in consciousness. I'm not going to call them hallucinations. They help people break free from the loose daily separation and the reality of truth. Whether with wine, monophony or body, they are interesting and meaningful. How do these ancient plants connect you to God? Has it been deleted somehow? Can these plants become the ancient wisdom we need to solve modern problems? What we are talking about today is everyday reality that we take for granted. Well, it is said that because of global warming, its social injustice, 50% of the world's population lives on less than two dollars. The daily environment is perfectly set up, we tell ourselves that this is normal. Yes, it's a mental illness, isn't it? It's a mental illness because we created it. What do you think is necessary for a breakthrough? Limits at this stage. That means we are in the 21st century. We prepared a party, we took everyone to their room and lit the contents of the box, which was complicated. I think I bet Deepak Chopra just told me to go to Peru for ayahuasca tea. As one of the most powerful hallucinogens, a man can still use the deep pockets to numb. He suggested I meet up with our friend Jerry, who generously loaned us his house on the beach for an interview. I want to know what he thinks of what Deepak said. Little did I know then that Jerry's world was out of control, even though he sold his business for nearly $ 100 million. Jerry used drugs and alcohol and his family stopped, he basically wanted to kill himself slowly. More than I thought. Epic words really do flow. At this point you might be wondering who this Zappy is. Let me tell you about me I did everything. The company told me to go to school. looking for a job. Make a bunch of money fall in love. Create a family. I made the American dream come true. A few months later, I bought for $ 80,000. I sold seven million dollars here. I played in my own Super Bowl game. The life of advertising has become very surreal, and while I've talked about everything, my conversation with Deepak makes it clear that there are other experiences I need to make that experience more valuable. So I still think I prefer stamped passports to some kind of house. In my opinion, like most people, I seek happiness outside of myself. I realized that I might never be truly happy if I didn't think carefully to find the answer. Albert, Einstein once said that you cannot solve problems with consciousness or with thoughts that get you into trouble. It means to me that if I want to solve a problem in my life, if we as a society have solutions to some big problems, we will have violence, ecology, destruction and depression. We need to change our collective consciousness. Or the company can use some of these ancient technologies to solve modern problems. I was inspired by those who went before me, who seemed to have it all, but decided to take a chance. These people are what I call psychological navigators, sailors of the soul. I've seen these people go into their heads and explore their thoughts as part of what they wanted to do. I thought wow I have to do this. Before I went to extremes and sat down with a shaman, I thought I should go out and talk to someone, Shrimp's friend, about our so-called reality, just identify with the three-dimensional realm. If you identify with the body only in the experience of death, if you only identify with the mortal environment, then you are under the influence of those environments. Belief is based on belief, and belief is based on knowledge. Regarding the conviction, something more important happened here. What we see is only a small part of the whole of reality. We have three states, lucid dreaming and the state of sleeping. But there is also another state, not one of these three, but a beautiful dance. We do not flee to any place to become energy, so we are still the matter we see. This material is actually a reflection of light, the photons hit our energy and bounce back. Hence, we reflect the light, but we reflect it as a strong tornado energy field. If we can stand in an illusory world, a finite illusory world, it feels real and seems to be limited by time and space. And I still believe that the room outside of this room actually conjured up the kingdom. It seems like everyone is saying that reality is just a concept. I have to have direct experience within. Ancient wisdom can include plants and meditation. I'm really excited to hear that there are a lot of celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld. Martin Scorsese, we've been doing this meditation for a long time, recently with the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz and Katie, and Perry started meditating, and it seemed to make them more creative. I want to see if these ancient wisdoms can help me find my creativity in the 1960s. Maharishi, Mahesh Yogi came to the United States from the Himalayas and eventually passed on his transcendental meditation skills to the Beatles. The rest is history. Today over 7 million people all over the world practice transcendental meditation. With TM technology, I love it without dogma. In fact, it is just a simple technique to silently repeat the mantra to yourself to get you into a calm mind, into a more subtle and subtle state of consciousness, until you reach a place called cosmic awareness. The infinite energy field that connects us all, we are the source of all the knowledge we have and all that. After Maharishi's death in 2007, he made John Hagelin a quantum physicist and meditator. He successfully used quantum theory to support Maharisi's creativity model. Wisdom is central to the awakening awareness of all creation, and it is the awareness of something. The concept of human transcendence leaves all of this behind to isolate and experience its sweetness and happiness. The story doesn't end there, 10 or 20 minutes is enough. The idea is to return to activity and integrate and stabilize the experience of inner reality, inner silence, and outer reality more and more. So life becomes very interesting. The mine has two perspectives. They are very specific brains. You can measure it, you can touch it, but it interacts with its realm of consciousness. What brings people together is our personal selves in relation to our personal personality. Most people think so. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall. I have such an education. I am part of this company and I have so much money, but basically I am not who you are. I know you must have this experience. It is the source of the meditation experience. But in some places it found the square root of one percent of the city and created a positive atmosphere in the “people's efforts”. I was impressed that we only need a large number of headphones to change global consciousness. When I found verses in the Bible that reassured them, I knew I was God. Heaven is here. The meditator said it was clearly there. The Bible says. In meditation these days, religious beliefs are decreasing. I need to speak to some religious leaders and scholars of our time. When it comes to religious leaders, if meditation was once part of the religion, no one finds more resonance than Joel Osteen. I want to ask Joel what he thinks the sky mana was taught. It's like a mushroom made from bread. Wow, I wasn't expecting that. The description of Moses and Jesus in the Bible is more like mushrooms than bread. In fact, all other miracles reported by Jesus were performed after drinking mushroom tea in St. John's Cathedral. Mark is in Venice, Italy. Here are all the students. On the back there is Jesus and a huge mushroom. So Jesus is here, these giant mushrooms are behind the painted Jesus, and behind them are giant mushrooms. I want to speak to some people there and they did. I could have so many psychedelics, is anyone still alive if you stop for a minute? Something happened. This is actually the beginning. Now you have to relearn the world. It’s like you’re a baby. I found Max, they make me special. The first is the only mind changing substance that more than one person needs. Quantity. Another interesting fact is that these two substances, Mao, Hameln's Law or four is chemistry or DMT. These two substances are produced in all mammalian nervous systems. So there is matter. Our body produces. The documentary "Thrive", directed by Foster Gamble, shatters many of the myths inherent in normal society, and these myths make us slaves to so-called reality. So there seems to be a natural tendency to change our consciousness slightly. I think one of the reasons is that when we change our consciousness we can look at our daily consciousness in a new way, it will move, and that will often raise and expand our daily consciousness, which is the goal for me. If the substance can be, be it broccoli or ayahuasca, or, you know, C major, let's understand the possibilities of man, especially my next step, when my consciousness is completely separated from my body, to what paradigm I'm ready do it, I notice, aha. We have more stuff than this meat cart. And that understanding made me write furiously until dawn all night just to reevaluate my entire philosophy. Since then I have taken the path of spirituality and found the answer myself. Plants are the greatest teacher of this mission, there are many experiences, one experience at a time, because they really get to the heart of the matter. So it's almost like, you know, ten years of treatment and seven hours. As a hallmark of Kundalini Yoga, Gulmuk has taught many celebrities how to use Kundalini techniques to travel inland. She has her own experience of the energy that makes her change her mind. I don't regret anything I did. You know people say it's me and it's drugs, so come here and forget about it. I've met other people I would have loved to have because I felt like they couldn't break the barriers. You cannot enter this sixth dimension. But you want to see. It will be unknown, you can choose fear or belief. There is no belief. You will come out. Well, the lesson will be very valuable and medicine will guide you, otherwise you will worry about other things. In any case, it will be unknown. We can therefore also choose to believe. Sometimes life shows us in different ways and God mysteriously shows us the top of the mountain. As if it were grace, as if the hand of God woke us up and only showed us the mountain. I have to be grateful for my material experience, unless you are in a certain room in a certain environment and some people are real therapists, otherwise I can't stand it because it can adapt. Like LSD, they are powerful transformative tools and should be respected. If you approach them with enough humility and respect, I believe that you will accept me. People are afraid that if they go there to take medication, they will lose what they love most about them. It's in the nature of universal fear, you know, you're going to meet someone who loves their job, not when I go down and tell them I want to become a yoga teacher. I think it's good that this person doesn't do that. If so, you will be more satisfied that it is. To have the ability to use mind altering drugs to open your mind and show you who you are, my God who you are. I am fascinated by it. I'm interested. I think there will be real benefits somewhere. As someone with some education, it's too early for me. Don't help me, I don't know, really, I really understand what you are doing. We don't know if you're doing drugs or meditating, I'm not very interested in that. In my opinion, there is no doubt that the first official use of hallucinogens will be the first sign of the end of life as it is clear that what I have read and seen in my research can improve our ability to ourselves, and the ability to die and to die. God knows we need help in this regard. In this country, traditional mental models or traditional medical models usually require treatment, years of intervention and collaboration with a group of professionals year after year. Even if it is only a small improvement in a person's life, I see the analogy, I say it is 10 to 20 years of psychotherapy, usually 122 years. Herbal medicine courses, when you walk through the supplement door, relate to herbal medicine. It makes people more sacred to know their lives and their ways. I think the word drugs has a lot of negative connotations. I don't remember, you know, if a drug can really cure someone, then it could be a drug. Look, I've never heard anyone come up before. I've seen people. Before the last jump. I must have heard it because of the psychedelic fever. That person is Lambda. His real name Richard Alpert (Richard Alpert) was born into a wealthy New England family, studied at Harvard and began working as a university researcher after graduating. It was in the 1960s and LSD had only just been discovered. The government has studied its effects on individuals and enemy fighters. Along with Harvard researchers Albert and Professor Timothy, Leary began experimenting with students on psilocybin and LSD, which was illegal at the time. The result is that wondrous users report life changing experiences. One study found that 60% of alcoholics are in the right environment after taking a single dose of psilocybin. He'll drink again anytime. How could this not be known to everyone? The disappointment with the West went to India. His mentor named him Ram Dass, and he was here when he returned to the United States and published his book. Now he was surrounded by a group of young people. When a person has real intentions, he wants to invade his inner spirit. Psychedelics are great, great for her. And recommend it to someone? Yes, I am looking for, yes. Researchers should therefore find a shaman or travel to Gore. Of course it is. I want to get a group of friends together who want to take risks and study our ideas as humanely as possible. You seem to know the things you just followed in the field. Looks like they are boys, looks like they have to do this. So for me I just leave that, you know, I think every miracle that comes is about it. Then you should somehow take advantage of it and let go. I decided on Meza, a type of medicine packaging. Meditation ceremony. Ling and our ancestors have been using ancestral medicines such as Yuma and Pedro for over 5,000 years. In the Peruvian Andes, the pre-Inca culture is masters at penetrating the dimensions of consciousness, these dimensions are so deep that we often cannot touch them. Well, in my opinion, it doesn't matter where you go in the world, as you will always find, you are very nice. When it comes to spirituality, I respect anything or anyone who goes. I respect a planet that loves nature and opens up to the universe and itself. If it's your religion or your religion's top priority, you know the ritual spirit. Believe you know i'm disappointed in you. I've been violent to some of our employees. I'll try to bring him back. To my family and loved ones. And try to apply some of the knowledge or look at other dimensions, but they're external and I'm trying to make it kind of artificial. I mean, sometimes I use my own artwork and creativity, and sometimes I use something that isn't natural. Sometimes it's an anesthetic, but it's a pain or just a daily routine that lets you down. Yes, I've been calling myself to do this for a while, but it's not the right time in my life. So it seems like everyone is putting themselves in their shoes, it's a bit like the renaissance, you know, going to a place I might never have been. So I don't know where it is, I don't know what it is, but I hope it's a good thing and I can break it. When you take the medicine it is 50% responsible for completing all healings, cleansings, awakening, cleansings and coordinations. But the remaining 50%, if you go further, will still be part of your job. My job in this area is to make the transition from being very sleepy to being fully alert as smooth as possible. Really, I can't wait to hear the voices from those above. The trip to San Pedro was terrible. It's really crazy because Freddy Puma, you know, the shaman who introduced us to the catalyst for the spiritual journey, you know what San Pedro is, a drink. So according to this person. I remember because you're on top of the mountain, on top of the mountain, you know, on this plateau we're all there, you know, tired of this huge, you know, great height, we "Well, you know, somehow the air. You see how these magical clouds fly straight towards you, you are in the abyss of this mountain, you know, you see, a hundred meters below you. I have this great sadness, I can, I just have me and the sadness, that devours me is something that I've been wearing for years, kind of like a rebellious rage, I like why I'm here, as you know, like a father, you know, like I didn't hit you like a bullet, you know , I fall for it, you know, the cosmic anger that I've insisted on since I was a teenager, you know that, what does that mean, why do you stay in a cow? Why do you suffer? Why do you want to fight? When you being gentle with yourself, I know that you need your highs and yours low to be human, life and enjoy the transition, because part of the beauty of existence is sadness and joy in happiness. need to understand both sides, but it's kind of great sadness. That is not mine. You don't belong to me. I am already a child with them. It's mine, not mine. I am a passenger. Like Iggy Pop says you know what I mean, I'm here to ride this. 

You know. And respect everything I meet and know in a respectful way, go my way with love and knowledge and say goodbye to the journey that I have taken. He went out, felt her warm energy behind me, and there he was. Well, I'm on a rock and watch the clouds fly towards me. I cried because you know he touched me and said it was wrong. Your. May my journey end today. For two decades the pain freed me from my shoulders. If I wasn't ayahuasco I would be a happy boy scout. So, I know, I think my feet are really, really, really light. He has to be receptive, very feminine, you know I'm a tomboy, it's time. I've entered my femininity, my perfect intention came here. My macro goal is to try to share with everyone in the world. In fact, there are different ways of looking at reality and we are in this chaotic moment, we need to take a step back. You try to see it differently. The only way to fulfill your role is to be alone. He was promoted. You attract more love, you find more energy. One of my fortresses. One thing I asked for was that I face my fears and found that I didn't have to face my fears. My fear won't go away. I have to accept my fear first. Everyone has a pattern, 50% of that person is woven and 50% can be changed through sacred ayahuasca. Keep it fashionable. From one person, one day, the other, you are a completely different person. I am open to light and love, only to good vibrations and everything that is not on these vibrations or frequencies. I'm like I haven't even seen you, you don't exist. This is how I travel through Ayahuasca. I'm in a very acceptable place right now. I know, I know what I know, I know what it means I know what I'm resonating with, you know, I just want me to walk this path and whoever goes that path. Do it. Hope we meet, we can hold hands, you know we took this journey together. In my experience with Ayahuasco, this has happened to me. As I sat there and watched and experienced death, I realized that I had just died. I saw its dynamism and what was going on. I realized that I no longer had to fear death. It is complete liberation. When I had the Ayahuasca experience, I found myself in a place where I could ask all questions. I can go in the future, I can go in the past, whatever I want to know, I'll ask one big question. So I decided to ask, why are bad things happening? I immediately answered the question that as a child I was dragged to the edge of space and returned there. to go with. Yes, but what is the space of the past, there is no more space, what is the past of this more space, I'm on the edge, basically I look at everything in the universe as God sees it when I look at it Back then told me the ghost that you saw it. It's the perfect balance. She is perfect. I saw it, I was, wow, that's right. It's the perfect balance. ingenious. If something happens here, it's just being made up. Here. Realizing I was about to suckle, I sat back in the room and as I got out I started laughing. I laughed and realized that I had just got the joke of the entire human universe. We are with God, a man with a white beard and Muhammad Buddha, Jesus, all these men, I am with God, she is a woman who has loved me every day since I experienced ayahuasca. Well, for my consumption, the cure is to destroy everything I know, everything I believe. For all the things we've ever thought of, it's true. Two days later I tried to explain for a while. Try to prove that this is the idea of ​​a hallucinogenic drug, Michelle. You only know that it takes things out of your subconscious and projects them because you know that what you are imagining is absolutely unreal. It's just a journey: if you read many books on alchemy, you know that you have a lot of information about symbolism and religion that has been ingrained in your brain since you were a child. But I know my heart rate, that's not true. This is what i know Maybe this is nonsense, which makes me very happy. I feel calm and calm. In my life I have never had the convincing feeling that I can relax instead of the constant machete, the way of life and my city armor are on it, just take it off and let me touch something, but it is friendliness and the only way to be above power I really describe it. It's so hard Take it. As a surgeon. I thought my mother was my pain, they just opened their hearts. I feel the pain then. I've grown up and when it was absolutely best to overcome the difficult part or the part that I had to get rid of, I could have loved myself more. The experience that changed my life. When people are given these drugs, they should take them whole-heartedly. If not, they have to find other ways to make people outdo themselves. Either way, now is the time these drugs are the primary aid to any serious caregiver. The great master. You know, to help people move from one level of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness. I've lost a lot of anger, a lot of hatred, and a lot, you know, if you're a bastard, a bastard, it's yours. you know what I mean? I'm relaxed now, but I'm not angry anymore, all the bad guys in the world, you see? Because I accept them as part of it, it's fine. you know what I mean? It's not my way, but do your thing, I respect your way, but don't approach me with your wild energy because I want to destroy you. All of this is related to my intentions. Is your intention right? It will work. It will be better than you think and your confusion will be much less. In my opinion, nature recognizes that people are under a lot of pressure and that people need medication for drug addiction and depression. Every day I look for ways to surpass myself and introduce myself to Sri SRI Ravi Shankar and his breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya. This technology is practiced by millions of people, including prisoners and city centers, and young people trained by SRI and SRI use this technology to overcome their physical environment and empower themselves. SRI SRI makes sense. It is believed that when we are born we take our first breath. For most people, when we die, we breathe one last breath. Until then, people won't consider it. While real breathing can be our most valuable skill, it is an important tool. You know. Every emotion has a certain rhythm of breathing. And if you take care of breathing by manipulating your own breathing, you can slide into an arcade state of consciousness at will. I learned to breathe Crea, which surprised me. In fact, when lightning shot from my arms and legs, I was able to take off a touch of psychedelic. Time stood still and I still went out with friends to talk about our experiences and how to get involved, our PSI cannot be trained in our lives. There are quite a number of scientists who hesitate, but I just want to say that the brain may not produce consciousness, maybe the brain will filter consciousness, you say our transmitter is good, transmitter, and what you are sending out is that What you call infinite possibilities in this realm of potential are wet. If you break the limits, it will only stay infinite. Then boundaries as prejudice are things that you accumulate in your life. They are either canceled or drawn to every limit, which is a conceptual awareness of the world. He is a wanderer of the earth. It gives me the opportunity to enter this planet and put on this costume. I have this kind of life experience. I am very creative. I am surprised that we came to this planet. It's so interesting because I started it all, not mentally, when I saw the essence of the cell membrane, the autoreceptor, I said, oh my god, I need to know some science, but no, isn't it? That's it? ? There is a kind of mind so it really helps me to combine my scientific thinking with my kind of spiritual experience, they are no different. We just discovered all of these avenues. How does it all work? When I started traveling with plants when things changed a little, he was my oldest friend. I was around 24 years old. He said I was an idiot. He said you need you You are very enthusiastic, but you have nothing to endure. What do you think of this world? You don't have to read, you don't know, you read a book, you are. Finding 20 years of research in a book opened up my research ideas and enriched my thinking. Now that I see the world, I do psychedelic drugs, which I think is a metaphor. I think I have a lot of different levels you know, of course I like the moment when I can chase sensations like any of them. You know I like feeling good about myself and having fun and communicating with people, but you know the information is so nice. If you can get to a reservoir or a well, you know you never know where it will lead you. When I lost Paul I was about a year old, like an animal. What can I do? Physically, I am only distancing myself from existentialism, the brevity of life and how we can get here and be gone again at any time. How can I help myself? This district of Cyrus? Fuck you in the summer, crazy crazy, angry, for example, I try my best to hide, I will tell you that I am traveling through ayahuasca. I am sad that he left me here. He's no longer there, which isn't a shame. Being the first is more than jealous. Probably not, but yes I think this company has helped me in my experience with Ayahuasco and other trips in my life. What happened when I was taking medicine or meditating. I went in to basically remove the filter. So all this shit, a rectangular activation system, when it is triggered, it's like a door of perception. Yes it is. According to him, the filtering mechanism we created when we were seven was just removed because you know you are like you, your visual cortex is receiving so much information, but your brain will accept it. A number so that you don't get overwhelmed. It is your network activation system that, based on your preferences, determines what data you receive every time you come into contact with other psychonauts. We believe that the conditions for information gathering are strengthening. and stronger. In this way, we can help others acquire ancient technologies that are so deeply anchored in our lives. We should just, you know, we should define this reality. The company is to be founded. Just like Costa Rica, like the sanctuary that I set up for people, I also think that I will bring them all over the world as if I were. beautiful. Everything collapses. When things are in place, you know that like anything you want to affirm in life, you want to know it has an effect. Besides, hey, I had a great time. I've learned a lot to have all of these cool experiences, but you know if something really happened. I'm always looking for a character who knows what to say because I don't see any difference other than my friends and the people around me. So I think God can be a sign here. You know, it's important because there's something in there, and then Jerry called. Well, I haven't seen him since we busily shot Deepak in his apartment years ago. Jerry is also deeply committed to the Cattle's suggestions. He went to Costa Rica to name a herb. I am a god of african descent. The most powerful psychedelic man knows this, and Jerry tries to get rid of the addiction. The full moon came up to Jerry and asked if he wanted to see why he was so confused. Because of my life, I have an addiction problem. Tons of cheated women, self-cheated gazelles who smoke when you feel like a drink. I'm a fan right? So I said what's wrong with you It turned out that my body went to a house I hadn't seen in 48 years, it was my old house. My grandfather is in Scranton, PA. In front of the house I felt as if I was only three years old, as if she waved to me and looked at the floor. When I was little I hit the wall with cranberry or grape juice. The stain is on the wall. It's such a perfect detail. Next, the boy opened the door and walked over to me and said, oh look, my grandpa sexually molested me. And when I was three, the moon asked Jerry to go to his late grandfather to explain. Why did he do that and apologize to him. Jerry went to his grandfather, he denied that this had happened and sent him away. She asked him to take her father with him to help her apologize to her grandfather. He said he was sorry. I told him that I forgave him even if he didn't want to harm me, and then this person, the shaman, hey, flies to the moon. So I went to the moon and I went back to the moon and said lady. Mrs. Moon, what can you do for me? She said open your chest. So that's how I was, my heart was in and the moon took my heart away from me. Then I washed, I said what they showed, what did she do? I said he washed her hands like he was washing her hands, right? Crazy, but the truth is watching them. He said I said what should I do? Go to the shaman now? He said put it on your left hand. said the lady. Moon, will you take it on my left hand? Then she put it on my left hand. Let's go, I say, what should I do with it? Put it on your chest, I put it on my chest, it came here, it was black. N. Such a lonely country arose, I don't know for five seconds, I said I don't wear these things because it's nonsense. It's bad. he said and asked her for a new one. I said that, lady. Moon, ask for a new heart, you know? She said yes, then she gave me this new heart, and then I attached it. I said what should i do? Just put it on my left hand and on my chest, then the next day I became a different person, he is no longer exposed to drugs and can drink in company without getting drunk. He reunited with his family and for the first time developed a real relationship. When I was first invited to heal plants, I thought this man was crazy. I'm like you want to do drugs to get spiritual, I don't think I don't want to use it to do something that scares me, you know my mom is addicted to peppermint and I meditate. In the end, this woman is just the love of my life. He invited me to go and I can't refuse. So I went and she told me that night that she set goals for what you want to see and I said okay I want to see why I am still attracting the same insane with different faces. Fall in love with my light The other thing I want to see is what I have to do here. So this night was just one of the most beautiful nights of my life. You showed me who I am. Why am I here and why do I get attracted to this mentally ill person over and over again. It's really amazing because Jerry and I wake up every day and we love it. Is this our life So we're lucky enough to fall in love with our best friend and do what we love to do. As soon as I come back my children will see me and they will know that I am a different person and that I know some things. It changes as soon as you step in the door. I like it of course. See the difference Not to mention, it's time for me to speak to him. I was shocked. I know I gotta turn this thing I can convert it to 180 if possible. Look, buddy. After first seeing Gerrard taking care of the plants, I didn't even have to say or say a word. I know when I got to it about 15 feet away I knew that had changed. People. The possibility of someone getting out of this serious lifestyle case is very rare. I don't want to drink anymore. Smoke, two packs of cigarettes. The days have become nothing. I can't even think of doing drugs. Just as I can't and don't want to think about it. Are you taking any medicines. He's like a happy person. Not only did I take herbs and quit drug addiction at a meeting, I actually opened a center for people to expand their awareness, get treatment, quit the addiction and exist, I tell myself, oh my god. That emerged from the conversation with Deepak that day when he said "Shake it up". Pot and drink. Luna told me. It sounds crazy but he told me to buy a center and turn it into a plant center. She told me which building to buy and she told me what fees to pay. He told me how to treat my girlfriend, he told me how to treat children. I told her everything will be fine, her house is called Riff Mia and the city is like Costa Rica. It's a miracle. I need this place. It comes from that conversation and the desire to help people break the line. People can go to the first clinic to expand their awareness and heal. At Mia Riff, you can get counseling and mental development, including programs specifically designed for cardiac arrhythmias. Pastor Michael Beckvis responded that you are an outreach program for people who take 100 percent responsibility for their lives. Free yourself from a game of shame and guilt that is also blamed on others. This enables you to go through a time of forgiveness for yourself and forgiveness for others. So if you can stay clean within three minutes, you will begin to capture the intended vibrations that have a purpose or direction for the life you desire. You have to choose that. If we don't choose, then the underworld of human society is your choice. When you go to a place that you know was created by me and there is a place where you can really get back into the rhythm of life. The point is that we are all bound to the same thing, and it is love that binds us together. When you reach this truth, that is all that you have missed in your life, and it is a truth. Then you come, you come to a place like this, you saw it. It's a fact, then it's a miracle, and then you can go until you know. You know I lost everything this weekend. But I won my life. What more could you want on vacation? Everything I experienced paid off because even before the film ended, the world had changed with the existence of this place. Every purpose-related action is supported by nature and can make a difference. The way you can. I dream about how I can lead all these connections to an effective person in society and give something back? To me, love is all you need to relive the ayahuasca experience almost every day when you use it. It has to be through meditation and something that can get you there, even for a moment. We have all had life changing experiences. So the question is how these incredible plant energies can be banned or even explored today? It turned out that the answer to this question may be more bleak than why they took money for their beliefs. Pharmaceutical companies are only interested in selling their patented petroleum drugs, and people must take these drugs for the rest of their lives. These drugs do not exist. But it only masks the symptoms and has significant negative side effects. I've lived here all my life. When I keep plants, I eat vegetarian. My daily job is bringing herbal formulas to help addicts. I owe all of this to these ancient plant tools, meditation and breathing aids that were once part of religious belief. It's time for you to come back. We built a truly real society to create an army that would fight massive violence around the world and bring together people who believe in their own thoughts. When the soul comes, it seems fat. Naturally. Change face. I went through different phases. He will never see me again. Law. Lakshmi mahalakshmi. Three. My mother Lakshmi looked at SRI with all her heart. Shake SRI Guru Maha is no longer me. Strange mistake. Lakshmi's game no longer exists. ISR in Omaha. I watched Maharashmi in Omaha. Mummy. Lakshmi is in. I'm in Lakshmi in Omaha. Lakshmi, I know more about Shri Mahalakshmi Omaha. v Breathe slowly, then breathe out slowly. By inhaling, maybe by thinking. And when you breathe out, you feel happy. Peace. As you inhale, enjoy the exhale. And bring your awareness into your heart, remember the extraordinary experience of love. Remember the great experience of compassion. Great happy experience. A great experience of peace and tranquility beyond understanding. Now bring your consciousness back to your whole body and let the boundaries of your body slowly dissolve and merge with your surroundings. Determine the conceptual limit of the ruins. without Borders. I don't know any national borders. Tribal borders. No, ethnic boundaries. No, ethnic borders are not religious borders. They are all imaginations. They limit our potential. We are the stars, we are the sky We are the moon, we are the galaxy. We are the horizon of the universe. We are big fools. We are the laws of nature. We are Planck, Rock and Roll. Spacetime geometry. Everything is integrated in all possibilities. We are platonic values ​​like truth and goodness. Beauty and harmony develop or are embedded as an important raw material of the universe in which mathematical truths exist. But it's also the truth of the music. Time is the poetry of the universe and the dance of the universe. And we are this dance. Sophie said watch this world start all over again. It is in your power. We spin from the start and scatter the stars like dust. How to transcend all right behaviors and unfair views. There is a field. I'll see you there then. So don't forget the domain you entered. It's not just about doing the right things and doing the wrong things. This is where we come from. I want it. I had Roberto complete the Peruvian shamanic song.