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23 January 2021

Top websites list to make money

We're showing you at least 14 different websites #workfromhome that'll help you generate days like these online and have mega weeks like this online where you can see i generated 13k in a week and really help you either start creating an income online or take it to the next level with your online business so there's a little bit of a mix for everyone on this whether you're looking to generate passive income whether you're looking for a work from home job whether you're looking for a profitable online side hustle this video's got it so make sure you stay to the end grab a piece of paper and notebook be ready to jot down all your ideas and we're getting started right now there are companies that are creating new positions for people to work at home because right now it's not really an option so there's a lot of remote online job boards where you can go and check out what type of jobs are available and i have a list right here of the online websites where you can go and check out the online jobs available from home and the first company is flex jobs angel list job espresso we work remotely remote okay no desk remote remote dot co and waku so i will leave the list of those remote jobs in the description below so you guys can check those out but what i love about a couple of those websites that i'm very familiar with such as job espresso and remote okay is that they're really good with  updating job posts so there's always fresh new categories we can choose and apply to and the other great thing is a lot of these websites offer training so it's not just you go and see what kind of jobs you have they want you to enjoy the career that you have or the job that you have so that's why most of these websites do offer different types of training so that you'll be more marketable and also prepared for the job so i would highly recommend looking into these websites to apply for a job where you can start working from home really really soon the next industry that is absolutely exploding right now and it's halfway entrepreneurial and that is being a freelancer contractor and some very popular websites where there are jobs available right now are fiverr and one of my favorites actually called and clarify is actually a consulting website so you would go and create your profile and if you have an expertise let's say in advertising or something like that then you would become a consultant and people would pay you by the minute so that you can consult them on whatever their needs are for their business or something like that the next category that is taking the pandemic by storm is online tutoring now i know i actually have a sister in high school and there's millions of students right now that are not at the university and need online tutoring because there's no other option so high schoolers students in college still need help with their studies and how to do different types of subjects so if you're an expert in you know english mathematics science whatever there are great online tutoring websites where you can go and apply and create a profile and get started tutoring today and a couple of those websites i have right here is school schooley tutor me tutor wiseant and study pools the next category that is really blowing up right now is online teaching so i actually have a friend she's canadian but she lives in peru and she is crushing it right now she actually works and collaborates with a company called palfish and she teaches students english that are students that are actually based in china so right now she said the demand for online teaching and teaching english is incredible she's getting the most work that she's gotten ever since she's worked for palfish and i think she's been working for them now for well over a year and i know the last time i spoke with her she was making about 28 30 an hour so it might be more now so definitely check out the online english teaching websites such as vipkid palfish cambly teach away and q kids the next online job that is really in high demand right now is a content repurposer so what exactly does that mean well for example i'm creating this youtube video right now and it could be multi-purpose and repurposed to be another type of social media post on another platform such as instagram such as facebook and twitter so the idea is taking one piece of content and turning it into a bunch of stuff so from this video you can take out quotes  and create different quote cards you can take out a sample of the video and make it an igtv video there's a lot of things and creators and business owners don't have the time to you know make one piece of content and you know repurpose it for every single social media platform but it is much needed for example i have an audience on several different social medias and sometimes i can't post content on there because i'm too busy worrying about the other things in my business so being a content repurposer is very very important and it most likely will require you to have some type of video editing skill which isn't hard especially if this youtube video is already made you would probably need a little bit of graphic design background which if you don't know how to use photoshop you can start off with a free platform called and eventually work up to learning photoshop there's plenty of resources to learn photoshop including youtube there's courses on amazon there's courses on udemy really there's a lot of ways to learn how to read content creators videos or blogs and repurpose it for other social media platforms the next category of high-paying online jobs in the entrepreneurial space is a virtual assistant slash online business manager i say both of these because typically you'll need to be a virtual assistant first so that means somebody who helps the ceo of a company with you know customer service and email marketing and replying to comments and messages on social media there's a wide wide wide variety of tasks and admin tasks that a virtual assistant does an online business manager is a virtual assistant but kind of taking it a step further where you're actually going to kind of take the place of the business owner of that business so you would have the capability to step in and say you know marissa you can step aside i'll go ahead and do your job so that way if i wanted to take a full week off or month off of my business i would have my online business manager manage everything they also do different tasks such as automate certain workflows client onboarding automating sales system on the backend so there's a lot of things that online business managers do to help the ceo of an online business all right so the first website is amazon kindle publishing now this is where you become an author of a book and you write and publish a book and you publish it and upload it on and the great thing about it is that amazon promotes it for you it hosts the book for you you do get paid 70 of the sale when you upload it amazon will promote it they will host the book for you on the website and people can go onto the website give it reviews and so amazon is really great at recommending books and sending more and more traffic as time goes on to these books and so realistically how much can you make well i know you're probably thinking well books don't really cost that much on amazon but let's say that your book costs around 15 so if you make 10 sales a day that is 100 per day online and so that's just with amazon promoting your book imagine if you used your social media accounts to promote your book and you had some outside efforts running traffic to this book now there's people i know that are really good at kindle publishing and make six figures doing just this so it's definitely something you should look into me personally i'm going to look into publishing my first book with kindle publishing on amazon and just think about it like this once you write the book edit it and publish it that work is done and that book now becomes passive income on this website and so even if you made one sale  per day that's approximately 210 220 per month and you don't have to do anything else and not only that you're building up your credibility as an author you're expanding your audience and more people are getting a lot out of your book okay so coming in at number three is the stock market and so people kind of are like oh when they hear the term the stock market but it is something that i am highly interested this year and i'm going to focus on and i will actually be documenting some of my investment journeys this year on my youtube channel but the way the stock market works is there's kind of two ways to make money from it you can invest into dividend-paying stocks which is a company that will pay out dividends either at the end of the year or quarterly it just depends then those dividends can range from either one percent to six percent return so they give you that amount back depending on the amount of you invested with them at the end of the year or quarterly however they do it and then the second way to make money with stocks is selling your stocks so assuming that  you did your research and you know you pick good stocks to invest in after a certain amount of time you can sell those stocks and make profit from the difference between how much you bought in and how much you sold them for and so as a matter of fact the third richest man in the world warren buffett he is a huge huge fan of dividend paying stocks and his favorite dividend-paying stocks are heinz wells fargo and general motors so you're welcome that research is already done for you so definitely consider the stock market all right so coming in at number five for how to make 100 a day is etsy etsy is e-commerce and i'm someone who did shopify and drop shipping and all that over two years ago and that was hard and a lot of times i lost money i would lose a hundred dollars per day right but with etsy i would totally do at sea if i was to do e-commerce again because one of my girlfriends her name's hannah she has a store called views and co and she is crushing it crushing it crushing it crushing it on etsy making you know 500 to 15 a day i mean she's earned it she's did a lot of work on the branding of her store and you know getting her manufacturers and the products the products she sells are a lot of jewelry and purses and really cute stuff for women but she's done a lot of great research on where she gets her products and making sure that they're high quality but she's telling me like yeah i mean etsy is a gold mine because you don't have to deal with facebook ads and facebook taking your money and shutting down your you know ad account and all of this stuff and so etsy is awesome i mean it's not just stuff for girls and women i mean i have a cousin as well who is making these little wooden products i mean i'm not going to give away his idea but i mean we were driving not too long ago and he's like up just made at sea sale up just made it etsy sale so if you could think of a way to get products in an online store or if you have a craft that you like or like to make things you could really get it popping on the etsy website let me tell you all right so coming in at website number six is text broker what i like about text  broker is it's for writers if you enjoy writing so basically you would get paid to write and you'd be writing content  for businesses or other solopreneur individuals entrepreneurs who need content written for their business and so you would go to you know i write and you would sign up on their website and register create your profile and you know in the beginning you start out with a lower payment because you are brand new but as your reviews get better and as you become a better writer you get a five star rating so your rating goes from you know zero stars all the way up to five and for those writers that have a five star rating i think they can make up to five cents per word which may not sound like a lot however it is kind of a lot when you think about writing an article of two thousand words so if you're a five star writer and you make five cents a word and if you write that article that is a hundred dollars and so could you write a 2 000 word article per day and make 100 a day yeah i think it is very doable i mean i've written that really fast within you know two and a half hours so i think that's a great deal so if you are in the writing space and you enjoy writing definitely check out text broker to make some money online all right so coming in for the first website at number one is a website called cartra now it's really hard to just consider kartra one website because kartra is literally the all-in-one and let me say that again let me just write it down all in one business platform tool that you will need for your online business and the reason i say that is because kartra is a sales funnel builder it's an email marketing platform it hosts membership sites it does all the automation email sequencing that you could need and if you're listening to this list and you're like ew like i know i need this but i don't even know where to start keep watching because i got a resource that's going to really really help you and create automation in your online business trust me okay so when i say all-in-one that's what i mean it has sales funnels it has email marketing and everything you need because with other systems you can get an email marketing website or platform to do your email marketing like mailchimp aweber get response or something like that but it doesn't include all the other tools you need such as sales funnels you need sales funnels for any company for any business that you are running online it's inevitable okay and for those of you who are like okay i've heard sales funnel i just don't really  get what it is let's go back to the popular example of mcdonald's mcdonald's is the most popularist popularist sales funnel in the world that we are all familiar with think about when you're in the beginning of the drive through that's the top of their funnel okay so you have officially entered their funnel and you can compare the top of the funnel to any social media platform that you have online you are attracting traffic to your platform to your social medias and people are seeing you at the top of the funnel okay so when you're going through the drive through you're going into their funnel and they're like hey what would you like today you say i want a big mac mcdonald's does not make money they don't profit off of  their hamburgers right mcdonald profits off of their upsells would you like fries and a drink with that would you like a today's special with that that's how they make their money but they're funneling you into a sale so a funnel is simply taking somebody through a sales process sales funnels online it just means that you're doing it online all right so the beginning of the sales funnel is your warm traffic that is on your social media platform or maybe you're running ads all right and the second step is they would opt in and grab a freebie maybe you have a pdf an ebook a lead magnet okay so this is what the funnel looks like but the ultimate goal down here is the sale the goal is to make money so our business could be in business and continue to be profitable but up here is traffic okay and then this is probably a landing page and then you have email marketing so that they can be nurtured the email subscribers that opt into your list okay so all of this is possible with cartridge and that's why with cartridge you not only have all those tools but also a way for people to check out for people to pay you you can connect your carter account to a merchant like stripes you can receive payments with credit cards you can also receive payments with paypal it really is your one-stop shop to building a really successful business so if you're confused and like oh my gosh i don't even know where to get started well my team and i just came out with this resource called funnels on fire and from the names of that course that we created for you it is a cartridge course that breaks down how to build your funnels from scratch it breaks down what is a funnel the messaging you need on your funnels everything step by step so funnel making is no longer scary it's fun and easy and so to access this cartridge bonus or this funnels on fire course that we've created for you all you have to do is sign up and get the dollar trial for cartridge you can find the link in the description below with all the information of how to sign up however i will warn you this only is for people that are serious about adding automation and sales funnels into their business because we don't want free loaders just looking to get the bonus no if you get in the trial and then a day later you're like oh i'm gonna cancel just like you have the bonus no we will eliminate the bonus and take away access like our team is really good at catching that so if you want thousands of dollars worth of sales funnel strategy and strategies that actually  work and funnels that actually sell check out the link below and check out the dollar trial for kartra alright so coming in at number two the website that helps me out so much is tubebuddy so tubebuddy is actually a chrome  extension more so a tool it is a website technically but what it does is it helps you as a business owner content creator entrepreneur looking to get started online get on the map super fast with youtube okay because it is in my opinion the number one keyword research tool so since youtube is an seo platform it is a search engine optimization based website so google's number one google owns youtube and so when people type in anything into the search bar that's called a keyword okay so keyword research is something that tubebuddy helps you make so simple and what i mean by this is you can type in any keyword once you install this chrome extension and it'll give you a ranking like good bad fair poor it'll give you all the data of that keyword you're looking up it'll give you suggested keywords of what it is you're looking for and if you were to get like the nine dollar a month or the lowest plan per month you get so many more features like being able to examine other creators keywords and what keywords are working for them so it's a very very powerful tool and let me tell you last year on youtube in 2019 i made 42 000 just from google adsense so when your channel reaches a thousand subscribers and 4 000 watch hours you're able to monetize it with google adsense which means you could have ads on your youtube channel and so the point is when you use tubebuddy in this keyword research tool you're able to accelerate your growth get that 1000 subscriber and 4 000 watch hour mark within the 12 month period so that you can start monetizing your youtube channel and start getting paid for the content you create on your channel so if you were interested in testing out tubebuddy and installing the chrome extension for free you can check out the link in the description there's also a discount code if you were to check out and get one of their monthly plans but i can't recommend this tool enough if you are looking to go the organic traffic route and generate traffic on the youtube platform which is the most powerful thing you can do and by the way i highly encourage you to download my subscribers to sales blueprint which goes over step by step how i was able to create a multiple six-figure business leveraging the youtube platform and how  you most importantly can do it too for your business what we're gonna do is hop behind my computer screen and talk about these remote positions and all the companies that are hiring for virtual positions and that need help like right now and that pay well like these are actually careers that you can do and a lot of these jobs even offer like training and some of them offer benefits so let's hop behind my computer and take a look okay so welcome to behind my computer where i'm going to show you some websites that are excellent options and they have jobs that are hiring now in so many different industries so the first one we're gonna check out is okay so this one's really cool let me move my big face to the corner okay so this is really cool you can sign up to get job alerts and then you can post a job but we're not interested in that but the cool thing is what you could do is come down here and you can filter things so all regions different countries around the world you can filter by different category which is awesome these are new jobs that are recently posted you can see like freelancer three hours ago full time four hours ago so you could see like these are up-to-date jobs that need  positions filled like now so this is really neat and you could also filter by part-time or in full-time and freelance so if you want something that's more full-time and you don't really want to deal with being a freelancer you can just check out the full-time jobs that are available with so this is pretty cool you can see there's so many options work at home customer care support engineer software senior software engineer seo strategist so there's so many cool different opportunities on this website that you can come and check out and also when you sign up for you can get alerts when new jobs are posted so the next website is this is really cool remote for me with the letter or number four and aggregate for remote jobs in tech and non-tech so find a remote job when you scroll down you can see a lot of options so remote tech jobs remote developer jobs and then when you scroll down more you can see non-tech jobs if you're don't have the technical skills yet so designer and graphic video artists support jobs technical writer editor jobs marketing sales jobs recruiter finance and accounting jobs so there's so many and let's see when you click on one it'll say oh apex system i'm familiar with that company and yeah this is super cool to see all the availability and when these jobs are posted you can also get email updates to see when new jobs are coming out so really there's so much opportunity within these two jobs alone then the next one is working so the name is in the title nomad so really this is really geared to help people get remote jobs and be able to work from wherever they want in the world on the left hand side you can see there's categories in development marketing management design sales writing and so obviously if you click on one of these categories you can see broken down what the opportunities are so wordpress specialist customer service all of these different types of job event support specialists i don't know about events during the pandemic but you get the idea and they even have health care which is really cool okay so customer success i don't know why the healthcare is not working let's click on legal okay so i was able to go back and click on the legal they said that the healthcare positions are not available right now and that makes sense during the pandemic but all these other categories seem to have availability so i've definitely come to working as a great resource to find jobs and get alerts for companies that are hiring all around the world so the next company that we have that hires remote is this company called buffer basically buffer it helps small businesses and influencers manage their social media so they need people to help with automatic posting on their accounts so if you take a look at buffer you can learn more about them and see their open positions and the cool thing is they seem to have a really like you know small company vibe and they seem to really care about their employees here's businesses that they've worked with before okay so you could see like their team vibe and environment and the cool thing that i really think is nice about buffer is they have perks and benefits which a lot of online remote jobs starting out may not have so they have like a competitive salary you can obviously work remote they have health insurance which right now is huge home office set up so you can get a laptop plus 500 to set up your home office like that is so cool i wish i would have had that right 401 k free books and kindle working smarter stipend retreats how cool is that family leave sabbaticals profit sharing that is incredible so those are great things to look at if you're looking for a serious remote job that's going to be long term and help you make money online and work from home okay so the next field that we're talking about for high-paying jobs is data entry so with this position you're going to be entering a lot of data sometimes typing and transcribing so with that being said you're probably going to want to get the speed in which you type tested and to do that you can go to a website called because a lot of these jobs are going to want to know how many words can you type per minute and how fast you are so the typer you can fast the typer you can enter in data or whatever the position requires so i would definitely reference that website before you start applying to some of these jobs that i'm going to show you again behind my computer screen alright so let's take a look at some of the data entry jobs again welcome back to behind my computer hi and so the first company that you can check out they employ over 8 000 employees from home and that is xerox so if you go to i know we're all familiar with xerox as a printing and supply company so you can check out their main website just see what more they got going on what their missions about office seven ways you can strengthen work from home security but then when you get to xerox you can click on careers and when you click on careers you will see their career page and you can search for jobs and see what they have available so some are work from home some are remote some are in person some are half and half you can come here and see what they got going on from investigating into xerox i know like the starting salary is like 31 000 per year which is about 2 000 to 2 500 a month but that again that is starting and there's a lot of great potential to move up and make more money with xerox and so i would definitely check out what they got going on i know they are very reputable worldwide and the next one i wanted to talk about is this company called click worker this is not really like a career this is more like side hustle work from home online jobs so click worker basically is always looking for internet users worldwide for example create or correct text participate in surveys or search and categorize data for us you can sign up as clickworker for free of charge you work independently on your schedule so it's a really great opportunity i know what you're thinking like surveys i think you said no surveys but these are like focus group legit surveys that you can do but these are the types of jobs they offer text creation create informative text product descriptions etc categorization copy editing proofreading research surveys and these are like the surveys that pay well like focus groups if you ever heard me talk about focus groups like those pay really well mystery visit app testing photo capturing video recordings audio recordings so here's your benefits of working for clickworker as a contractor at a glance easy start with assessments good quality work work from home wherever you want when you have time you don't have to worry about customer acquisition we take care of that this gives you more time to work on your own weekly or monthly payment 24 7 support and you can read more about how it works if you go to the website so these are two great opportunities for data entry and surveys but legit opportunities like this so i would check out xerox and also clickworker so whatever reason made you click on this video whether it's making passive income aside income just extra money or whether you want to start a profitable business it's very possible with all five of these websites especially this one right here and that one is youtube now before you run away and click off this video  trust me there's a way to create a channel whether you want to get in front of the camera start your personal brand whatever your goals are and let me explain why in 2019 alone from my youtube channel i created an extra 42 thousand dollars just from the adsense revenue that i created from my channel so that income was passive and required no extra effort on my part so imagine a social media platform that not only helps you build your online business helps you build your passive income but also rewards you and pays you for submitting content now there's a couple of ways to go about youtube you know this right here it's was my google adsense revenue from 2019 and i'm sure it might be double that this year in 2020 we will see our report back to you in 2021 but what i want to emphasize with youtube is that there's two ways to choose to do youtube and that is a faceless slash animation channel where you don't show your face or a personal brand channel which is the type of channel that you're watching right now i'm marissa romero i am my personal brand and i am in front of the camera and this is the type of youtube channel that i have i create my own content whereas a faceless animation channel is kind of cool because you don't have to show your face there's so many different websites out there where you can grab stock footage that's copyright free where you can grab copyright free music put together compilation videos and make it a listicle style video where you know the video has different stock images and stuff and subtitles at the bottom that explain the video and you do not have to get in front of the camera for that there's millions and millions of minutes out there that's copyright free where you can compile things where you can compile and make your own copyright free videos and upload them on a youtube channel so what we'll do right now is take a look at the pros and cons of both but right before we do that if you're interested in how i built my wildly successful online business leveraging the power of this youtube platform go ahead and download my subscribers to sales blueprint you can download it right up here or the first link in the description so if you're wondering where my bios lies with which one i would do obviously you know i have a personal brand channel i actually am interested in making a faceless channel because i think it would be kind of fun and if you are someone looking to start your online business and make multiple six figures in seven figures personal brand youtube channels are definitely the way to go i'll explain why however i'm definitely not anti faceless channels and here's why some of the pros of faceless channels is that you can outsource it completely like you don't have to do anything oops outsource okay you don't have to do anything you can outsource every single step of the process the scripting the editing the uploading the optimization everything that goes into creating a youtube channel you can outsource the thumbnails the graphics everything with a faceless channel and the other pro of having a faceless channel is you can make a lot of content okay you can bang out content like crazy because you can hire a team to make multiple videos and upload three videos a day if you wanted to because you don't have to get in front of the camera and make the videos now the cons of making a faceless youtube channel let's talk about that the cons are that you don't make as much money as a personal brand channel some people can argue that but the reason why is because nobody knows who's behind the camera so they don't establish that connection like they do with somebody like you would with me in front of the camera like this okay so the cons is that you make less money okay so it's harder to sell different types of products like affiliate links your own products because that no like interest factor goes down the other con is that the other con is that it's very reliant on ad revenue reliant can you guys say this yes reliant on ad revenue okay you don't want to rely on google adsense revenue you just don't because what if the algorithm changes and you make way less ad revenue because you know youtube is like oh everyone's going to get paid only 50 for the next year or something you don't want to rely on just ad revenue and these faceless channels rely super heavily on ad revenue income moving on to the personal brand which is my favorite the pros is that you do establish the no like and trust factor with your audience and when you do that trust okay when you do that you're able to make more money right off the bat with a personal brand channel you don't have to wait to reach a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours in order to uh qualify for the youtube partnership program and start making ad revenue money you can start making money immediately  okay you can start making money when you only have 200 subs 300 subs and once your channel grows and gets bigger gets to a thousand gets to 10 000 subscribers you can make bank on any type of backend products you have maybe you have a coaching maybe you have your own digital products maybe you offer group coaching a membership site any of your affiliate links those are going to sell like hotcakes because you'll have the links to those things in the description and you won't be reliant on adsense revenue and so really the back end products or the higher end products what i refer to right here is how influencers and youtubers are really able to crush it every single month with their income from youtube is because of the traffic that they're  getting to their channel and the other products that they're selling on their channel it's not google adsense revenue okay so the cons of course you know what i'm gonna say is basically it's less scalable in regards scale level in regards to the amount of content that you're able to put out on your channel because really at least for me it's impossible to create videos enough to upload every single day of the week it's just i would absolutely lose my mind and go crazy if i had to make that many videos and that much content within a week so there's a limit of how much the creator can make and edit because the content relies on you being in front of the camera but really for a personal brand channel i just recommend youtubers getting started and posting minimum once per week i think that's a very manageable thing once you conquer once per week then you move on to posting twice per week and again please download the subscribers to sales blueprint which i mentioned before which goes over everything step by step in regards to growing your youtube channel and monetizing your channel like crazy so you can get that right up here all right so coming in at the next website where you can make some serious passive income is or aka you'll be creating your own print-on-demand t-shirt business so what does  print-on-demand mean it's when you know let's take teespring for example you create a design it could it doesn't have to be a fancy design you upload it onto teespring where they have so many products like cups shower curtains apparel and all these different things and then once somebody places an order on your store this teespring company does all the fulfillment for you so they create the shirt they print the shirt they package up the shirt and then they ship it to the customer who bought the shirt from your teespring store so this is really interesting and what i invite you to do is come and build a teespring store with me i just started my own teespring store last night and if you're wondering how much you could really make with print on demand my friend peter chan has been killing it with print on demand teespring shirt businesses for the past five six years you can see the snapshot of a million dollar month that he made with his company now it's going to take a while to build up to that type of passive income but it is very very possible and this website is completely free you just sign up like i did last night you go to their website you pick a couple of steps like where you're going to promote where you're going to be active are you a content creator what type of person are you and you create your store pick a name for your store boom you have an online store and so the other thing i did last night was i created a simple design on which is also free99 to get started and when i did that i just went to the different fonts and looked at the different styles and looked at the different styles of letters and texts that i can add on my t-shirt so i just created a simple phrase like you know passive income pandemic proof or quarantine proof i forgot what it was and then you take that design you save it as a png download and then you just upload it to your print on demand store on teespring and you have a shirt and a product to sell so we can take a look just real quick at how i made this simple design okay so basically we're behind the scenes of my brand new teespring store which isn't very um there's nothing so it looks very blank but when you're on here all you have to do is in the listings this is where your  apparel is going to be all you got to do is go to start design and then you would choose your products so there's accessories home decor apparel so this is a little bit of what home looks like and if you scroll down you get an idea of what accessories are so face masks obviously are selling like crazy right now okay and then when you if you scroll down you get to see more of the apparel um and the options that you have and what you can create socks hoodies leggings it's really cool swimsuits i didn't even know they had swimsuits that's cool how about a passive income swimsuit okay so we're gonna click on apparel and i was playing around with this last night and i can't wait to build out all of my apparel but you let's say we want to start with a tank top and i want to do unisex i think there was a unisex one unisex start designing what would you like to do with your design buy you want to sell okay so then here all you would do is add text you can add text like this and type in whatever you want passive income but if you want to make a cooler design you could come to a free website called which is kind of like your home base for  doing all the designs you need online and then you can start to create your own design you can just come here create a design and it'll to ask what you want to do i picked infographic or i just picked social media since it's very um a very easy template to work with and so when i picked social media it's this nice um you know easy dimension to work with and so i just picked this right here from this font on right here on the left okay and then that was it so let me delete that and then i found this font and as you can see it's so easy to just create these designs in canva it's like you know this took me like two minutes to come up with this and this i just chose from a regular text so i went to add subheading and then i went to the regular font i picked galleon galleon gagalin and then i just typed in whatever okay i thought that was kind of cool and that's it and then when you're done all you got to do is come here to download and then you download it you want it to do png so you can have different colored shirts and then when you come back here um you want to delete this and then you want to go to add images of income open and then boom you have passive income on the shirt and you have your design so and then if you look down here to set your price uh you can set it to maybe you want to sell your shirts for 21.22 this is going to be your profit and sale okay so maybe you want to bump it up to 25 then this is going to be your profit so that is really cool and then you would just click continue and then it would list on your store so that's really easy to get up and started with your teespring store for free and let me just say this one thing it is so crucial right now when the whole world is at home because of the pandemic and there's more traffic than ever online to build up a print-on-demand store because  because people are looking for these things and especially like in the united states with the election coming up there's so many ways to take advantage of the election and no matter how you're voting it doesn't matter people buy t-shirts and sayings on t-shirts because it makes them feel a certain way they don't care about the quality of the t-shirt they just care about how the t-shirt makes them feel so if they're wearing something on the t-shirt that they feel proudly about that really is all that matters because think of my shirt for example who doesn't love passive income right who doesn't love making money online so you're going to wear that passive income on your shirt proudly right so i invite you let's just get our teespring stores and print demand stores started together and if you guys are interested once i get all my designs uploaded into my store and you want to know how much money i'm generating from my teespring store go ahead and type it  in the comments and i'll be sure to make a follow-up video about my teespring store okay so let's now talk about this next website where you can really really make a killing with passive income and that one is in video and what i love about nvidia is it is a content creation machine like what i mean by that is you can create content on this platform super easily think about canva but for video editing it's one of the most easiest video editing tools in the world and you're thinking okay that sounds like a lot of work i promise it's not because they have over 3 000 templates of video whether it's facebook videos youtube videos instagram twitter and so when you think about the example of what i talked about with the youtube channel and creating a faceless channel you can go through and start creating your own listicle style videos and animation style videos with this program it's free to get started but after that i think it's only like five or fifteen dollars a month depending on what plan you get but that's like so minimal to the amount of content you can produce and the amount of money that you can make from that content and so the idea is is you would go to this nvidia website and you could either create a faceless youtube channel with this content you can create content for other brands and businesses who need it you can turn this into such a big business with just this one tool for example if you go on fiverr and you look at everybody wanting a facebook ads video and they're willing to pay you know 100 to 200 for this facebook ads video they're not hard to make because the templates are literally done for you you can go to one of the facebook style templates edit it upload your own pictures of the product or whatever it is that customer wants and download the video and turn it in and boom you just made 100 or 200 so then what's the next step you outsource this work you outsource the work of whatever it is you're doing so if you are creating a faceless youtube channel if you are making facebook ad videos for people if you are creating instagram ads um for different people you can outsource all of this work so it becomes very easy to create a passive income source with using a tool like in video right here so you can check out nvidia and create a profile for free in the description to find out how it works and check out all the beautiful editing templates and start creating that passive income source okay so the next website that i want to tell you about is a website called and i explain in detail what the heck that is and how you can create some serious passive income with that website so let's check it out right now so today we are talking about a website called and how becoming a reader or becoming a narrator of an audiobook could make you some serious passive income some serious cash and definitely worth your while making your book into an audio or an audible version is way better than just having it be paper because you get way more reach from the other perspective when you do this and it definitely increases your profit potential because now people could listen to this audiobook when they're doing the laundry when they're going to the gym when they're driving across town to pick up their kids just all types of stuff so one thing i wanted to mention before i get started was there are different languages available including english french german and spanish also there's thousands of different genres so you won't have a lack of options on acx and essentially it's like you do the work once and get paid for years to come because of royalty share so we'll explain what royalty shares mean all what all this means right now in this tutorial i welcome you to behind my computer let's get into it so we're at the website and the first thing i wanted to bring your attention to is the way to sign up you would just come to this upper sign up now link and then you would create your profile and just know that if like on the author's side the audiobooks will be published on audible amazon and itunes what you need to get started this will be a good thing to review so that you know what to expect i would assume that you would need a good like microphone something like this like a lapel mic to get started oh sorry if that made noise and other things just maybe a silent room where you're uninterrupted you know you have certain times of the day where you know the weed whackers are outside like making a whole bunch of noise that happens to me the first thing you would want to do is check out titles accepting auditions okay so these are all the titles that are currently wanting a narrator for you to come in and narrate their book so there's so many cool ways to narrow down the search if you look to the left here there's profile filters and there's title filters so i would first want to go to the compensation filter and you know keep in mind you might not get like the highest paying job you know maybe you would get paid like 50 per finished hour so per finish hour means the hour it takes to complete an audio script so not including mess-ups if that makes sense so let's say we wanted to look for something that pays you a hundred to two hundred paid finish hour and you want a royalty share which means you would get that passive income because when the author of this book sells a book you get a percentage of the book so let's apply that and see what pops up so there's still a lot of titles that match your search so let's go to a filter that we might like so let's say i don't know my voice sounds like a teenage boy i don't know that's really bad but i think my voice is kind of weird so maybe i'll just put young adults apply and then let's say authoritative childlike deadpan enthusiastic flirtatious uh maybe maybe i'm flirtatious hysterical inspirational so maybe i'm inspirational and i'm engaging let's say that so we could apply that and project length maybe i don't want to read a 10 hour book maybe for now i just want to get a job under my belt to get the job and make you know the quick 100 or 200 dollars however it's gonna be so let's say maybe let's just go for three to five hours so i think that's i think i could read for three to five hours right so yeah so now we've narrowed it down to nine books so you could easily take off some of these filters and put them back on but you can see all of this here is pretty cool oh this one's in spanish ghost dreams a haunting romance we got spanish going on let's click on one of them because the next thing that you're going to want to do is check out the video so let's take a look at this romance one okay so the estimated length is 3.9 hours so it's probably going to take you longer than that so that's how long it'll take to read the book like perfectly without mistakes and they have royalty share this is the word count the language is english distribution exclusive right here you could read more about the book and about the title so you can get more of what's going on this one's you know was a haunted house the best place to recover from broken heart this book seems interesting and then you could see here requires a narrator who could perform fiction language english male or female young adult so yeah this is pretty cool and then the next thing you would do is figure out okay well how do i audition oh and one thing before i click on audition is the project budget this is only royalty share so they don't  pay you to read the book up front they just give you passive income with making royalty shares so we could take a look at what other books look like that have the paid for finish hour pricing so with the audition you would click here and download the script and you can just check it out and then you would learn more about the submission requirements right here on this book so if i open up the script we'll take a look at what it looks like it's eight pages yeah that's not that bad chapter one and yeah this is what it looks like so chapter two so yeah if we go back we could easily pick a book where you get paid not only royalty share but also an upfront fee let me show you what that looks like okay so if we come back to the beginning when we started our title search with 1814 titles that we could potentially read from let's first narrow down by gender i didn't do that the first time but that would be good to do to knock off the ones that you can't  read so i'm a female and genre i didn't look at this either let's say self-development boring and then let's take a look at compensation i'm just gonna click this 100 to 200  paid for finish hour so with acx you have kind of three options you have royalty share you have paid for finish hour or you could just get paid kind of one lump sum fee i know that doesn't make sense but those are the three main options but the most popular are paid per finish hour and also royalty shares so if we click apply and see what comes up one matches my title so estimated length is 3.8 hours with a project budget of 100 to 200 paid for finish hour okay so if we calculate on the low side what you would get paid to read this book it'd be about 380 dollars if you get paid 100 an hour and on the high side you could expect to get paid times 3.8 760 so how cool is that just for four hours of your time getting paid 760 dollars that's cool and you know if you do that and get the experience under your belt that'll be better to get those deals that have both the paid for finish hour and the royalty shares i've seen it before but you do kind of have to look around and figure out which book gives you i don't know the biggest bang for your buck the per finish hour i just wanted to share with you guys some production earnings and cost just so that you could like understand from the author's perspective their earning potential and how you can make this passive income so basically the author has different options when it comes to producing they could kind of pay a giant one upfront fee and receive full royalties or not and receive 40 royalty so you have options to meet your budget needs and earning goals when you create your audio book with acx choose your producer negotiate your production costs and set your production schedule so if you come down here the benefits like 40 earn 40 of retail for sales on audible amazon and itunes with exclusive distributions that's a lot of money that goes not to the author you know 60 that's that's a lot but if they were to do this one pay your producer a one-time fee for production and collect full royalties or the non-exclusive royalty retain the right to distribute elsewhere and earn 25 of retail sales on these three platforms okay so let's take a look at this tab royalty share and royalty share less so exclusive royalty with the narrator which would be you you split your earnings equally with your producer and you earn 20 royalties on sales of your audiobook so therefore the narrator would also receive that 20 your cost you pay nothing out of pocket your producer receives payment in the form of an equal share of the proceeds from sales to the finished audio book and then royalty share plus is access a higher tier of producers with a one-time payment all right so the next website to make 100 to 200  per day in passive income is a website called snapwire now this is a poor drawing of a camera this is this is a 4k camera but on snapwire if you like photography even if you don't like photography that much if you're somebody who takes you know decent pictures which you probably already do if you have a smartphone okay you have the opportunity to upload your pictures on and make passive income from the photos that you upload to that website because there's thousands of people on snapwire looking everyday for images to use for their graphics their websites their whatever that has to do with marketing and if they find your photo you can get paid anywhere from ten dollars to a hundred dollars an image depending on the size of the photo the resolution and how much they purchase it for so once you upload a photo it's there you know forever and the more photos you upload the more of an earning potential that you have to make money with this website so if you go to the website and check out how creators can earn there's three different ways that creators can earn money from and that is from challenges where you know there's a challenge like maybe you have to take a picture of a mountain or an animal or something and if you win that challenge you get a hundred percent of the commission so maybe the prize is 250 you get 100 of that prize up front and the next way is with getting access or if purchasers basically say that yes you should be leveled up because your photos are that good then you get access to a whole other level of people like requesting to buy photos from you and you're getting more commissions and the third way is to just keep building your portfolio so the more photos you upload the higher the chances are for you to keep building and building upon that income so when people go on the website and just straight up buy your photo it's a 50 commission so those add up and could add up very nicely to a monthly earnings of two hundreds of dollars and then very quickly thousands of dollars okay so if you wanted to check out more on snapwire you can come here to not and click on four creators up here and you can just see like get hired or join the community you can see how to get hired and apply join the community looking to produce a  project and just come on this website and understand how it could work from you so it's kind of cool you create  your own profile basically in snapwire you know you have your about me section scenes from a global pandemic that's kind of cool and then um so ready to get paid for your photos and videos sign up okay cool so you can upload videos too so that's nice i have my own you know for you know the iphone 11 has 4k footage so you could do this as well with your 4k camera on your smartphone so yeah but definitely come on the this website and check out more about the process and how when you submit your high quality content you can get paid passively every single month just by uploading and continuing to upload your photos and videos on this website i know that was definitely a marathon and if you're still here watching this video i congratulate you why don't we keep learning and growing together and i invite you to check out this next video right here which is about the number one website that i'm using to generate between you know 200 a day to 600 a day and beyond so that video starts right now right here just go ahead and click see you there just the other day with this website i was able to have a two thousand one hundred and eighty eight dollar day profit in my business right now what i'd like to do is hop behind my computer and just give you a real quick tutorial of how you can easily set up a landing page so that you can start capturing leads with your freebie offer