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Warrior forum is a great forum . Some bad reviews .
26 December 2020 scam or legit

  I'm gonna show you how you can get massive traffic to your website high quality traffic for super cheap and we're starting right now . Warriorforum is not a scam.  Warrior  have 115,000 visitors per day. for those that are in the make money online affiliate marketing internet marketing niche there is a popular website called the warrior forum so just to give you guys in a quick example of how much traffic this site actually gets I went over to simpler webs calm and I looked it up you can see it here warrior forum calm and then I'm looking up at the total visits here and it gets about one and a half million visitors on a monthly basis one and a half million almost two million visitors to this one website every single month so the warrior forum if you're not familiar is for people that are in the internet marketing make money online niche and it's a place where you know a lot of newbies and beginners hanging out to get their questions answered to find you know people to help them with their business and to find special offers that people may be offering on this website and it's you know people sleep on this website because you know they think it's old or you know whatever the case may be but today

Warriorforum have 115,000 visitors per day

I want to show you guys two ways that you can actually use utilize this website to get massive traffic to your website to your sales funnels to your products to your services whatever you're doing online you can actually utilize this website and for cheap as you can see for I'll show you how much it actually cost to do this here it's very inexpensive and you can start getting mass or traffic to your website so we already know that you get you know 1.5 million people come to this website and again this is a forum for you know affiliate marketers they come in here they axe different questions they're trying to figure out you know internet marketing but if you actually go down here to the bottom of the site you will see something here which says marketplace and it has warrior special offers and it has a section called classified ads so what we're gonna do is we're gonna pop over to the warrior special offers first and basically the word especially are people have created you know offers whether it's videos whether it's an e-book where this is a cheat sheet whether it's training or coaching or some sort of service and and they're offering like a special discount to people that are within the warrior forum so as you can see here you know you have like turnkey drop shipping and WordPress Auto blogs you have reddit Twitter master method a guide to massive traffic they're selling it for $67 coaching bit return small investment fundamental set up if you're new to I am get this ebook for eight dollars and as you can see guys as I'm going through some of these ones training you for the first ten thousand training you to get your first ten thousand dollars with just a dollar investment money-back guarantee and like look at some of these views so that's like thirteen hundred views this one was looks like twelve hundred views for this product this one has over a thousand views and like all of these people are in here offering you know things for you know a certain amount a lot of times people give away stuff for like a dollar to help build their list and like kind of generate a buyers list or they'll just sell it extremely cheap for you know members that are part of this forum so this is coaching for $24 seven dollars here this is kind of some sort of done for you complete business setup for $97 and again you know look at this 22,000 views 7,000 views 98 hundred views for this one so these people are getting massive traffic to their particular offers right so if I actually went up here and I clicked on launched your warrior special offer so you can actually you know be a part of this forum for free and then you can launch your own special warrior offer I'm gonna show you how inexpensive it actually cost so I could just put up my title my product I could put the body whatever I'm trying to sell but look at the pricing guys 1995 we're talking about a website that gets 1.5 million people every single month of your target market and we're talking for 20 bucks you can get in front of all of that traffic and you can get thousands and thousands of views and people to your products do you think you could actually make some sales you know with this so basically this is a one-time fee it gets you in that special warrior special offer section this $73 fee is basically what they call a basic plus 3 bumps so what we saw earlier was we saw the people a bump basically just bumps you back to the top so as you post your offer as people come in and post after you your offer will fall to the next slide fall to the next slide falls in the next slide and then finally I'll probably be on page 2 or page 3 so what most people try to do is try to stay on that first page or that second page so what they'll do sometimes it's bump their offer up and I think it's just another $20 to bump it up or you can probably get one of these value packs where you pay seventy three dollars and then you automatically get three bumps and that'll just bump your offer back to the top because the majority of the traffic is gonna get on that first page and then there's a premium edition here to where you get the three bumps but then you also get like your offer is stuck on that first page for like 24 hours but again guys again it's highly targeted it's people that are within your niche and there's tons of you know these people are getting tons of traffic and then you can see all the comments and everything like that so you can actually go in here and just click on some of these offers just to kind of see what people are charging but you know a lot of these people are building their lists they're making sales they're probably getting back in coaching and stuff of that nature and you absolutely can do this too you can you know create you a little a book or maybe a video course teaching somebody how to do something specific and then you could put your offer up here for like a dollar you know let me show you how to you know get traffic to your website using Twitter or let me show you how you can make you know twenty dollars a day doing blog commenting and charge them $1 $2 and just get buyers into your funnel and now you're building your list and you're making money at the same time so again you know you can scroll down and scroll down in these people like you know 9,000 views 8,000 views you know these people are getting a lot of traffic guys so another one I wanted to show you what's the classified ad section and this is basically pretty much the similar things fine top info products courses software and services and kind of like the same thing you know be the hero of freelancer comm 400 you copy and paste affiliate system 1800 views 1200 views for this product you know so again these you know are offers that you can put together yourself and you can start getting traffic with your target market and it's very inexpensive to do and if I went in here and I want it to post and the classified ad section again it's very similar it has the bump already checked but if I didn't want it to be automatically bumped again 1995 and you can get in front of a target market and you can get in front of millions of people as you can see there are thousands and thousands of people going to look at these offers they're buying these offers it's it's the proof is right there so just wanted to show you guys this website so if you're in the make money online niche if you're doing affiliate marketing and you have offers if you have ebooks of courses or if you wanted to even create a sales funnel this is a great platform to get newbies and beginners and people that may just be learning and you may be a little far ahead of them and you can show them something that may you know blow their mind and you could charge them a dollar or you could just give it away for free I mean there's people in here that also give you know a free video course on XYZ so you can get in here and just build your list and say yo it's free but I mean why not maybe get a dollar or two or something like that or even $20 you know however you guys want to price it out you guys would know your stuff better than I would but I'm just saying this platform is an amazing platform that you have people that are seeking this information that are looking for these deals and that are buying these deals all the time so make sure you go over to warrior forum guys get an account if you don't have one and check out the warrior special offers section and the classified ad section so this is John for John McNeil DICOM I hope you guys enjoyed this video and you got some value if you did hit that like button make sure you subscribe to the channel by clicking on that little blue John Macmillan icon in the right-hand corner of the screen if you guys want to know more about how I make money with affiliate marketing there will be a link in the description the first link in the description and go ahead and click on that and check that out we'll see you guys in the next video peace out