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06 June 2021

Was COVID-19 made inside a Chinese lab?


    One of the greatest secrets we have ever encountered. Where is the deadly virus? Who closed the world Did he really get into the bat-tainted copper mine eight years ago? In southwest China. Where are the three people who work there? He died of an illness. It's about the same as 19mm. What happened to the contaminated human blood sample? When were you taken to the Wuhan laboratory in times of crisis? What are the options? Where is the answer? It's a taboo question, but does the world have the right to ask it? Does Covid-19 come from God? Tonight the World Health Organization is preparing to publish a report on the source of the virus under study. . The bat is our starting point. Yes, as are claims of secrecy and involvement in opportunism and retaliation, as well as China's general belief in the virus. The plague has arrived, it's Lu Chin and he has been suppressed. Oh, does he know the truth about the "still unrelated" virus that the team of experts is investigating? The origin of the Covid-19 virus completes the trip to China. Mary Louise McClure, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of New South Wales, is an Infection Prevention Advisor for the World Health Organization. If there's a leak in the lab, you should see Jason's portability. But he is certainly a successful Australian businessman and human rights lawyer. He is the son of immigrants from Hong Kong. It's literally like building a Death Star ship. The Asia-Pacific Security Research Professor killed Covid-19 at McQuarry University. It only reinforces what already exists. Su China There were suspicions against China, as well as Su China's suspicions against West Jackson, the chairman and editor of Global Science magazine. They like the biggest tech website in the world because it's about undertaker research. I don't think many know that. Very upset Nikolai. Petrovsky, a professor of medicine at Flinders University who specializes in vaccination against the novel coronavirus, also did research. He said the virus came from a laboratory. Why didn't the world take this issue seriously? Because they lack form. Professor Wen, Professor of Australian Studies in East China from Shanghai, also joined us. Ammar University of Ammar. So I find it completely unfair to say that China is deliberately hiding this. Thank you all for joining us. I'll start with you, Nicolas. Do you think this virus can be caused by a laboratory? The laboratory source of the virus cannot be ruled out. It can be caused by the spread of human-animal diseases between animals and humans, but also by accidents. It releases viruses that develop in the laboratory. There are two competing theories here. Chances are you have a lake or you accidentally jumped bats and medium sized species on humans. I still think it's hit or miss. Large-scale debates about the origin of the virus have sparked controversy in scientific and political circles over the abandoned and abandoned copper mine in southwest China. You were there eight years ago. Bat virus found that is very similar to Covid-19 virus. Released in 2012. Other than that, Maine is near a small town and can sink deep into China. Southwest of you and the province. For the outsiders who work there, bats live in mines and bat droppings. They unearthed an unknown corona virus that we later called atg. Coronavirus 13 virus is a large group of attack viruses. About two weeks after entering the mine, the elephant's upper respiratory tract suffered from a strange disease like the flu. These are Chinese medical records. A lost secret. Your symptoms are the same as those of Covid-19. There was a dry cough and the doctor had a fever. Jonathan Latham is the executive director of the New York Life Sciences Project, all of these symptoms. Today they are considered symptoms of Covid-19. You know, when they get to the hospital or the doctor's office the diagnosis is very severe, but the symptoms they show are patients in disguise, three sixths of them are infected minors, and one stays in the hospital. He died five months ago of a strange illness. enough time. According to Dr. Latham, he studied a bat virus that infects sick young people who have contracted coronavirus and can now spread to other people. So scientists began to wonder if these people were the first victims of the Covid-19 epidemic in Wuhan eight years ago. Justin, how long have these minors been in the hospital? In fact, the virus has been incubated for a long time, so the virus has a chance to adapt to the human lungs. Blood samples from dying miners were sent to China's highest biological laboratory 1,500 km north at the Wuhan Research Institute in the Urals. They tested it and sent it to the Wuhan Institute of Biology. That is positive for the corona virus. Samples of the coronavirus virus were also transferred to the Wuhan laboratory, which will be announced later. This rate is 96% in line with Covid-19. A virus first infects very simple data or suggests the virus came from the laboratory in December as the world searches for answers to the source of the virus that has already been rejected, as conspiracy theory suggests. Is Covid-19 possible? This experiment already existed and was investigated and accidentally escaped from the Wuhan laboratory causing an epidemic. However, this argument has been disputed by many scientists. Now the lab scenes are all conspiracy theories because they show that there is a scientist out there, not just a scientist, but a group of scientists hiding him. This is the principle of conspiracy theory. The doctor. Robert Gray is Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Tulan University. New Orleans School of Medicine. He agreed that there was evidence that the Wuhan Oral Research Institute examined 80g of Virus 13 from bats and samples from the miner's death. But he said it was scientifically impossible for a harmful virus to turn into Covid-19, either in the laboratory or in the body of a dying miner. It is impossible for some sick minors to make a living on RIT either. It takes about 50 years of natural evolution. One way to think about it is whether all of the evidence of the escape from the laboratory supports natural origin and also provides the amount of evidence of the natural origin of the escape from the laboratory. There will be no disagreement about what is going on here. They run. We started here. Yes, we know these coronaviruses are present in Batu. So how did a bat become a human virus? Optimized for infections. Bats are not optimized for human infections. They often cross the center line of Covid-19. There is no evidence that animals are between us and the bad guy, which suits your feelings. There are compelling reasons to feel it. He's from the lab. I think it is wrong to close a question and say that it is a conspiracy theory. Only one option is given to animals. We as scientists have to consider both possibilities in order to rule out at least one possibility that we cannot do now. We know miners have antibodies to the coronavirus, but that doesn't tell you what the coronavirus can do. I also said that this wasn't the cause of her death or infection because you can get antibodies because exposure doesn't mean you have the disease. Other than that, because I know I read medical articles, I think I think I am a doctor myself, and I am only describing patients' symptoms, the course of the disease, and their biochemistry. The miners were infected with the corona virus and were arrested by the police, said the serologist. It's a system that doesn't care about the problems of international journalists visiting copper mines. China failed. The authorities there only aroused suspicion. I don't want strangers to investigate. This theory was controversial at the time. The bat virus weighed 80 grams 13 and was found in a copper mine. The safest virus research and control laboratory in China is, and still operates, the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Apparently, he had been called in to investigate the girl Batgirl asked for illnesses and he confirmed that he had collected samples of the copper mining virus in Wuhan. The scope of the studies carried out here is amazing and adds a laboratory to the Covid-19 theory that is about manipulating research viruses and making them very dangerous. Rhino McIntyre is Professor of Global Biosecurity at the University of New South Wales. He said the harmful virus that infects copper miners could be deliberately turned into Covid-19 through a controversial and risky research method called "access performance" and "engineering". The genetic engineering of pathogens can be done in different ways. One way to do this is to study the acquisition of a trait where you can repeatedly infect males via animal hosts. So you are essentially speeding up nature, and you want to speed up the acceleration of evolution for hundreds or thousands of years. You know, it's very sophisticated technology. Young Lee confirmed that he and his team at the Wuhan Institute of Virology had developed to achieve functions in bat viruses. Follow the engineers to achieve an age old achievement. So basically we are using a virus that we believe is a potential threat. So the bird flu virus we know, the Spanish flu, which could kill hundreds of millions of people in 1918, is caused by the bird flu virus that is spreading to humans. Hence, we have other influenza viruses that cannot be transmitted to humans. So our idea is to get someone to do it. Basically we collect influenza viruses from existing birds that do not cause epidemics. We are now trying to build genetic traits into the virus to scientifically trigger human pandemics. What's the benefit? What are the advantages of it? Well, the benefit is understanding our enemy's hostile virus. So the idea here is to understand how he did it by investigating the enemy or even manipulating the enemy. Stronger, can help us defend against the enemy. Some say that we have now created something that does not exist in nature. It is a very deadly human virus that is in danger. If we run away, we face destruction, which is usually a big problem, and not just the coronavirus. So Jason, he shook his head like he did, didn't he? It's like doing this research. Yeah, I don't think many know that. This situation bothers me a lot and I think it shouldn't go on like this because it's really dangerous. Indeed, if we foresee a virus that can destroy humanity, it is like building a Death Star. If something is wrong, everyone dies. I mean, I find it shocking. I think I want the project to do this project, it's awful in your and my head. It's a band isn't it? Banned in western laboratories in the US. Now that it's banned in the United States, it's pretty interesting because it's not banned in China and the research has been transferred to the Wuhan Institute of Biology. In fact, in some cases, the US government has conducted earnings research studies. Posted to the Wuhan Institute of Neurology but the point is that this research is already very well done and legal. Most of the countries in the world are here. I don't think the wet market is a ubiquitous source of research. Wuhan Laboratory This is not an independent organization, nor is it an independent research and scientific discussion. Close the main denar. If we can slander him, what happened in China doesn't make any positive sense because he said we could slander him about many other things discussed below. The corona virus has been detected in bats far away. China copper mine. He killed three young children. In 2012 her illness. Covid-19 very similar. Virus samples are tested in the city's biohazard laboratory. Where did the epidemic first start? Working with Wuhan, a respected laboratory, is very dangerous. Research is dedicated to the genetic engineering of highly lethal viruses in order to study them. It's literally like building a Death Star. Therefore, Covid-19 could have accidentally leaked from this lab. The laboratory source of the virus cannot be ruled out. I think it is wrong to conclude a little and say that this is a conspiracy theory of the World Health Organization, that is, the United Nations. It uses classification to protect body functions, which is a fictional reality. The University of New South Wales is expected to release its final report on the origin of the virus this week. Professor Mary Louise is an epidemiologist. McLaughlin is the WHO advisor. The most important thing in the laboratory is to find out its properties, right? Mary Louise If something leaks from the lab, make sure it's portable. How many people are fleeing or entering certain clouds that could become a major problem by January? Therefore, this kind of leakage should result in a large amount of leakage. The number of people to be exhibited must be hidden. Yes, it should show up, but I don't think China is trying to cover it up because it really wants to protect its people. The WHO research team visited Wuhan earlier this year and when I spoke to them in Wuhan it was Australian professor Dominic Doyer. He said he believed the lab was definitely part of their mission. You do what you want. Remember and follow science. Does this open mindedness include rejections or decisions made because of a leak in the Wuhan lab? Laboratory leaks are a very reasonable assumption as they have occurred throughout history and in many countries. So these things can happen. Then you have to see how they turned into a virus in the lab and accidentally spread, or maybe they do more nasty research etc. They all have in mind what is a failure for you? When you leave feeling like you haven't achieved what you should have done, what you say becomes a problem. I think the mistake is that if we don't get the information, it will take us years. I think it would be a failure if we, as a group of experts, did not get the collaboration that we believe is necessary. If it is ultimately rejected, there will be a problem on February 9th after only two weeks of field work. In Wuhan who is the team leader. Peter was theirs, and Barak said at first that he would not learn about the leak theory in the laboratory. It is impossible to escape from such a place. The origin of the virus is now viewed as a political explosive, and that view has been attributed to those accused of refusing to anger China. At the same press conference, Chinese scientists were allowed to spread a completely rejected claim that quid-19 was imported into China through frozen foods. Look what happened, could have been an island that consisted of two campuses. It is found in frozen foods, packaging, and other products. In this case, it means that it can be worn for a long time. These are coaching products. Many people's reactions have been hot, so some scientists on the Wuhan team were deeply disappointed when they tried to get accurate information from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but after less than a week they completely reversed their doctorate. . Risk Ted Brackets reveals, indicating that I'll be presenting all the theories about the origin of the virus for their final report. I want to confirm that all the hypotheses are still open and require further analysis and research, so we will keep looking for information. We have to answer the questions that go unanswered, but who do you want to be on the team? Well, hopefully we can get pretty much all of the books and lab papers. The chairmen of the various committees explain in detail which tests were carried out and which viruses are involved. I think I'll be completely transparent and I hope to see that. You can access it for free and without any restrictions. Quick comment here, I agree with people who need some kind of research but also accessible tours etc and it takes months to do such research. It ultimately happens and is owned and administered by nations independently of the United Nations. One of them is China and that is very important. So what worries me is that the word independence is not correct at all. Professor Chen, this is not an independent organization or independent research. Maybe I should bring you here. Do you agree that the Wuhan lab is a place to explore? Ask these questions on the bed. China has not tried to prevent biology professors from reaching or doing business with the world. It's open to China. Everything is open.I have to state that the coronavirus is naturally transmitted from bats to another animal, possibly the pangolin. The animal was taken to Wuhan and then jumped on people in a wet market where wild animals were being sold for food. This theory has received a lot of scientific support. What amazes the scientist, however, is that it is now known that many of the first victims of Covid-19 have nothing to do with the Wuhan market and that Wuhan is the first market. I thought the virus appeared, I don't think the vegetable market is a source of epidemics because the first two of the vegetable market are in the Wuhan cluster and half of the cases in this cluster are not in the vegetable market. Despite extensive testing on animals sold in the market, no trace of the COVID-19 virus was found. They went to a wet market, collected samples and examined the area, but none of those samples showed coronavirus in the animals examined. Therefore, no specimen of animal in the fish market that we know can be infected with the SARS coronavirus can be the ancestor that we see today and that fundamentally affects the world. But the question of how the epidemic began has not yet become a hostage of world politics. When Covid-19 first destroyed New York in our country, the scientific debate about the origin of the virus was also hijacked by American deniers. It happened about three months ago because of the Chinese virus. We seem to have a big problem, we did it and I did it again. The debate about China's role in the epidemic has been largely skewed by games of sin. Former US President Donald Trump has said so enthusiastically that the Jonah virus is in China. When the plague broke out, Dr. Lu: "Hmm, is that Trump's statement? Stop talking about other options in the world of Covid and how it's going. Well, you know, I think scientifically, as soon as Trump broke out he read a report that said he could go to the lab. I think the science department said at the time, well, if Trump said that, we'd have to reverse the program to prove that Trump didn't know what he was talking about. Trump may not know what he's talking about, but I think it's a counterattack. Well, if we can slander him because he said we can slander him about a lot of other things. It was so annoying that he even joined the discussion. Contact Wing Sherpa to avoid apologizing for inappropriate allegations. According to other musicians, the US is considered irresponsible and ignored, even the facts are withheld from China. The science of hidden motives has entered the political arena. Everything seemed to be thrown out the window. Certainly some kind of theory leaked out of the laboratory because of Trump's ideas. Basically, he was pressuring all of these people to say, wait, this has to stop. Trump will continue all these lines and start discussing biological weapons production by China or whatever. Trump's thoughts on the leaks are tied to real legal investigation. This has to be done in a laboratory. Has something happened in China that has a positive relationship with China? He replied angrily. It seems to be a crime to anyone who takes it off year. One of them is Australia's request for an independent international investigation into the origin of the virus. According to China, it seems perfectly reasonable for the world to judge how this is happening. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is currently on the side of Donald Trump and is said to have been ignited by Trump. I think an independent investigation should be done. Do you know if we have to manage Australia? How did we solve this problem? I read somewhere that we knew we had just called Trump and made it public. So it looks bad, it looks like a political environment. You know, there are people in China who think Australia is working with the United States to trust China. No, on the contrary, we have seen many cases where Australia has been asked to launch attacks against China just to join forces. As I said, you know America is too boring to launch this attack. If they do something, it is their fault and they must take responsibility for it. The hidden camera in Wuhan was the last hidden reason from the start. Why didn't the world take this issue seriously? Pedicure? You are lost and an investigation is underway. It happened about three months ago because of the Chinese virus. We seemed to have a big problem, even though Jeez, the lab's lead scientist, found it hard to admit his team was working on a nearby bat virus that was killing three young children, Donald, since investigating the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan a pandemic eight years ago. I have read medical articles and two signs of illness from patients that suggested these miners were infected with the coronavirus, but questions remain as to whether the World Health Organization is the right independent organization. Investigating the origins of Covid-19 followers, the term independence, is just not accurate. It is not an independent organization or independent research. It also questions whether a controversial approach to genetic engineering called gainful employment played a role in creating deadly human viruses. I am very upset, this situation continues and I don't think this situation will continue. We are producing a virus that can kill people, but there are still problems with the Chinese authorities' understanding of the disease. When they do, the West thinks China is covering up the severity of the virus or, at best, playing foolishly. China sometimes angrily denies that some officials claim the proposals are close to racism. You still think you know where we're going, but we took photos in Wuhan. This seems to support China's early reporting as the virus was introduced late. December 2019 The doctor was silenced and disciplinary action taken. He was also one of the first to raise his concerns. Li Wangliang was threatened with arrest and later died from the virus at high personal risk. A journalist from Wuhan secretly recorded these interviews with senior medical professionals. You said from the start. There is no doubt that the virus is spreading. From person to person. So are you ready for an enemy war? It's true? Yes sir. Oh yeah. Horse riding? The boys saw it. Doctors have revealed that Chinese authorities have made false claims about the speed and ease of the virus. Chinese New Year celebrations are always associated with health awareness. Uncle Diesel is there for everyone. His honesty is very different from Master Chen's, and we see that China downplayed the virus from the start. Do you agree? At the beginning of the epidemic in Wuhan? You know, people go too far, they are surprised, people just know, they don't understand the nature of their disease virus and how it spreads. The conscious effort didn't fake it up and down, because now is the time. He was attacked by an amazing frontier and a completely unknown virus. These seem like harsh examples of those who want to raise their voices when told they cannot warn them to go to jail. I have to say there was kind of a backlash at the local level because people were scared back then. So you should not interpret this behavior as some kind of interference, willful crime, or misconduct. In order to cover up this incident, I think we have to remember that there are Chinese people. I've always figured out which departments are most interested in what's going on, and then there may be minor officials who don't want to spread bad news and can even speak to anyone in China asap. Some local officials in China have not responded quickly enough, so Beijing and local officials need to act faster. I want to take a step back. Why didn't the world take this issue seriously? Because they got lost. I don't think it's over yet. Why? Why can you ask me Where are you going? Are you saying that someone is misleading you about the severity of the virus? Many Thanks. According to official information from the Chinese government of the World Health Organization and other parts of the world, it was initially said that the virus was not human-to-human and that there were only a few cases in Wuhan. We now know that these two things are completely wrong, and they know that they can be passed on to the rest of the world. In fact, it is not a human-to-human transmission. Virus. I find it completely unfair to say that I hid China on purpose. In fact, there is person-to-person infection because it is actually very timely as it is accused by the Chinese authorities. There are also local experts who are really investigating the case. As we all know, the determination of their essence is often a completely unknown disease. This is a very sensitive issue in China. Oh why? Because China itself is trying to show the world that it is a responsible force. Its presence on the international stage must be seen as legal and acceptable. China wants the world to accept it. So you add them up and see why, on the one hand, you want to be very careful and shape what the world hears. On the other hand, they are very sensitive and defensive towards those involved; every hint from outside is their fault. For me the epidemic is that it's the perfect ideal of international collaboration, you know it's not an alien attack, it's a bit like an alien attack, right? Then people think that all the countries in the world will unite and become one multinational force fighting the enemy, but that is not the case. What we see are international disputes blaming geopolitics. I want to add to Jason that Covid-19 is only amplifying what is happening. So you pour gasoline into the kind of alien invasion flames, it only gets worse and the whole problem arises. Do we know the source of the virus? Is it a natural disaster? Or a laboratory accident? Rare. The person who committed the murder. Assuming I did, this is the next step in the research. In today's discussion, we began to wonder whether the outbreak was possibly caused by a leak in the Wuhan laboratory, which until recently was considered a conspiracy theory, and whether other Chinese actions over the past terrible year could be warranted. Condemnation, or we should be responsible for this game of universal sin. Our experts agreed that the world still needs to answer some sensible questions about the origin of the virus, including the role of the bat virus, which killed three copper miners eight years before the epidemic virus broke out. Research at the Urola G Institute in Wuhan and the controversial use of genetic engineering to create deadly viruses. Intern. Indeed, if we foresee a virus that can destroy humanity, it is like building a Death Star. If something is wrong, everyone will die. It remains to be seen whether it is a World Health Organization. I can soon believe that he will publish his final report on the origins of the virus and conduct independent research into my concerns as the word "independence" is simply not applicable. It is not an independent organization, nor is it an independent research. It remains to be seen whether China, like the rest of the world, has decided where the virus will be placed and how it became a pandemic. If the virus is found in nature it has to be found and as long as it persists it will not be found. We need to think more about what's coming from elsewhere. Likewise, if someone doesn't raise their hand and say: Mia Kulpa. I sort of cultivated the virus, it was revealed, and we will end up as a criminal case killing a small number of people. Suppose I do this, ok hello what? I disagree that the sin happened so politically. We all want to know what happened to prevent this from happening as we are facing yet another pandemic today and discussing the hypothetical leaks. I think about the origin of the virus, but I am the most important. I think the concrete research step by step, everything that happens here is a hit or miss, there is no evidence of tampering or at least there are cases of the virus in the population so we should treat it like a calamity. Is it a natural disaster or a laboratory disaster? I don't care how fast the scientist goes and says it's fast. That is why we have conclusive evidence. There will be some people who will not accept that at all and maybe for geopolitical reasons, even if someone says there is more, so I mean we never understand how it really started. But do we really understand the importance of how do you deal with the real tensions in all of this, for this choice between cooperation and conflict is what I hope we can learn from? Decide whether working together is still a better way than choosing a major conflict. With all the topics we are discussing here today, I hope that there will soon be some historical problems and that the question of where the virus came from will become less important. Do you break it?