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31 May 2021

Why you can't compare Covid 19 Coronavirus vaccines


   It is a new single dose Kovid-19 vaccine developed by Johnson-Johnson and is expected to deliver more than 6,000 doses in early March in Detroit, Michigan, but the mayor thanked me, Anna and Pfizer are the best, and I do my best to make the people of Detroit the best. He referred to these figures. Pfizer's performance, driven by Tech and Modern vaccines, is very high, reaching 95 –94 percent, while Johnson & Johnson's is only 66. If you look at these numbers, it is natural to believe that these vaccines are getting worse. However, this assumption is incorrect. These numbers may not be the most important indicators of the effectiveness of these vaccines. The first step is to find out what the vaccine should do. Vaccination efficacy is calculated in larger clinical trials. When the vaccine is tested on thousands of people, people are divided into two groups, half using the vaccine and the other half using the placebo, and then putting it into their lives, as scientists see that Is it infected with quid. On 19th, Pfizer conducted a technical test for several months. Finally, for example, the number of participants was 43,000. One hundred and seventy people are infected with Kovid-19, and how 170 of them adapt to these groups depends on the effect of the vaccine, and 170 of them are evenly distributed. This means that if you are not vaccinated, you can get sick very easily. Therefore, its efficiency is zero. If 170 patients in the placebo group are not ill, the vaccine is 100% effective in this study. There were 62 people in the placebo group and they ate only in the vaccination group. This means that the probability of the COVID-19 vaccine is reduced by 95%. The vaccine rate is 95% effective. This does not mean that the 500 people vaccinated will become ill. Instead, the figure is 95% . As a result, they are 95% less likely to be vaccinated than non-vaccinated people. Each time you are exposed to Kovid-19 and calculate the efficacy level of each vaccine in the same way, each vaccine test can be performed under very different circumstances. One of the most important considerations in these numbers is the timing of these clinical trials. This is the number of Covid-19 cases per day in the United States. From the onset of the epidemic, the modern trend was fully implemented in the United States this summer. Most Pfizer research is done in the United States. At the same time, Johnson & Johnson conducted research in the United States, at which time participants were vulnerable to infection, and most of their studies were conducted in other countries, notably South Africa and Brazil. And other countries / regions. Not only does it work, it is outdoors, but the virus is different. The experiment began with the arrival of Kovid-19, which became the most common infection in these countries. Changes that upset participants in South Africa. Most cases in Johnson & Johnson's research are prescriptions. It is not the predominant summer strain in the US and the infection rate is quite low. If you want to compare vaccines, they have been tested in the same part of the world with the same inclusion criteria in the same study. At the same time, you should take the Pfizer Madonna vaccine and repeat the clinical trial, following the clinical trials of J and J. For this purpose, we were able to specify various performance data. These efficacy data show exactly what happened in each vaccine study. This is not the case in the real world at all. However, many experts believe that vaccine evaluation is not the best approach right now, as infection prevention is not always the principle of vaccine. The goal of the Kovid-19 vaccination program is not necessarily to reach Kovid 0, but the virus hopes to eliminate it. Ability to cause critical illness, hospitalization, and death. It is helpful to see the different results of Kovid-19 exposure. So it is better that you do not get sick at all. Also, the worst case scenario is deafness. Get vaccinated if you are hospitalized, have severe to moderate symptoms, or have no symptoms. Protect them now, but this is not the main objective of the Kovid-19. Vaccination is the real goal of providing adequate protection to the body to cover these possibilities. Therefore, if you are infected, you will feel aged rather than taken to the hospital. Each of these Covid-19 vaccines works well in all these studies. In one study, he was hospitalized or Kovid-19 died. I want Meyer to understand that all three vaccines are indeed 100% effective in preventing death. Mayor of Detroit. Backtrack said that he would start Johnson & Johnson & Johnson & Johnson supplements because he is still very effective in matters that are important to us. The question is not which vaccine will protect you from COVID, but rather which one will keep you alive or keep you out of the hospital. It is helping to end the epidemic, and it is one of them. A cross-vaccine is a vaccine given every time a person is injected. We are nearing the end of this epidemic.