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29 June 2021 scam or legit ?

As this website is extremely untrustworthy, we do not recommend it at all. Is legal? The site is problematic and the actual rating is not helpful. Let's see what's wrong with this business, it's part of the popular niche budget.

Our Validator (VLDTR) uses 53 key factors to verify that is trustworthy. We also offer you legal alternatives to the same service. Please also see the comments below.

The detection algorithm gives the company the following rating:

5.9 / 100 preview

Today our reviewer found that has a low trust level of 5.90. Indicates that the company is flagged as suspicious. Young. unbelievable.

We explain the reasons for this misjudgment. The fraud detection algorithm generated 5.90 rankings based on over 50 factors related to the industry. We've used everything from public feedback and customer service in its niche focus to WHOIS domain management (DA) data.

Let's start with the biggest red flag, which is that the domain name is extremely young. It was recorded a few weeks ago and has just come out. This makes it totally impossible for a brand new website to start a business, advertise services, encourage consumers to buy and use, and then spend time online posting reviews. However, with every new business we still have doubts about But our algorithm always adds a score of 5.90 after adding all the other factors relevant to the fireplace niche. This includes negative social media comments, SSL certificates, IP addresses and all major Alexa rankings. What we're looking for We

work hard to make sure all inspections are complete. In this way, you can protect yourself from fraud and other financial fraud. You can share your thoughts in the comments section.

Our  fraud detector uses an algorithm to automatically search the company's website for factors, in this case When we review a website, we look for detailed information that reveals the company's main professionalism: how they bill consumers, customers, sales, etc.

The review and evaluation of this website was carried out using the determinants available to us. The big advantage of using our algorithm is that the estimate cannot be corrected. It's not just based on reviews written by people online.


Gretchen Reid.


terrible terrible !! 4 attempts to "deliver" but still seem to be "lost". Total BS. They refused to call me, they didn't want to send me shipping details (e.g. what company or their phone number) and now they didn't want to give me a full refund. Hori. avoid! How can FB keep them on their website? ! ? ? !


Wendy Rose, this


is a scam! They will never receive the product and if you do not receive it, they will not respond to you. I am currently putting a scam card on my card.


Jeff Prill


ordered a TV cabinet with a fireplace and was given a wallet. I didn't order it, they told me they would solve it by submitting the order. The logistics are to blame for the mistake.


• Bear • This is a


scam, stay away!

I already ordered Dura Heat heaters via the website in January 2021 because they are very affordable. However, 45 days later, I received a lighting cable.  

Michael Breau.  


WIKLRN Scam Site! Don't buy it there. I ordered an Ignis fireplace plug-in and it was shown at the best price in Google search. $ 78.45 to order in February 2021. Unusually, they sent me a cheap black scarf. A porcelain boat, believe me, it's only for traceability. They responded after several attempts. They said we had to send it. It's April and there is nothing.

I've learned my lesson. I bought it with a card with the least protection. Always use cards with 100% protection.

He is no longer grateful. Attention customers! Fraud and Fraudulent Theft! !



Shelby Gravelle


SCAM ~~~ Commissioned by MR. Buddy Heater and I received a cell phone charger in the mail! ! I emailed them and they apologized and said they would send me the heater again! I don't really want to get it. It is a scam!


Guillermo Rodriguez


Note to! Don't buy anything from the fake WIKLRN site. They stole your money instantly

with this name: EPL * MYXIAOHULDTDFUTIANQUDAZHONGHUAGUOJI SH. Even if it's a fake call or address, it never responds to emails.

Ordinary liar.


Bill Q this


is a scam, stay away!

I already ordered Dura Heat heaters via the website in January 2021 because they are very affordable. However, 45 days later, I received a lighting cable. I tried calling the customer service number listed on the website. It's a broken number. Fortunately, I used PayPal, which allowed me to refund the purchase price. Do not use this website. This is a scam.


Nicole Day


warning ... you stole my money, it's a scam! Do not order from this site. So


tattoo Amy Duplechain.



This place is a scam. I never received a product or a refund. Wrong address. Wrong call!



I created an account, my account cannot be deleted and the customer service number has been blocked.

Well, Ben 11 2021, I ask you to cancel my account to ignore and repeat that you cannot find my order. In your call information. I think this business is definitely a scam unless someone knows another




Please do not use thewebsite

verifiedthat marked my order with my credit card, but there is no shipping information. I tried dialing the number on the website but it was interrupted. I found the address with Google Earth. The address does not exist. I called my bank, canceled my card and canceled the transaction. Danger!