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11 July 2021 scam or legit?

  podcast  You seem to be trying to get verified just for fun. You should know that this is a well known and well known, highly privileged site. However, it is worth reading the following. Below is detailed information about this website and its industry.

The fraud detection algorithm offers the company the following locations:

100/ 100 is associated

with a popular industry. We tried removing a little bit of content from their website to see if it was a dynamic website or expressing an active topic:

the website is modern and has homepage extensions or credentials in multiple languages. Hence, you probably already know it, so it's safe to keep using it.

Let's take a look at what makes the highest ranking. presentation.

Speaking of the highest scores, there really is nothing to be said. Therefore, the comments on are short and to the point. As an advanced website with a longstanding reputation on the internet, it's no surprise this tool got a score of 100.0. That means the business is very safe. for sure.


However, some people are still picky, even when it comes to big brands. On the website, all 53 factors of our algorithm have been tested well in all areas. However, there is always an irony here: the more popular a company, whether in the same industry or not, the more complaints it receives online. Think of PayPal, your cellular network or eBay. It's a 100% legitimate business, but you can still find the complainant because they are dissatisfied or think they have been betrayed. Sometimes it's not the platform, but the user, you have to pay attention to that. It could also be on fraud or not?

Rest assured that is not a scam website. However, if you want to run an online business you must read all the signs. Finally, remember that sometimes even the best companies in the world have disgruntled and dissatisfied consumers.


to Report a Scam If you want to know how to report a scam, whether or not it is the same as, you can file a formal report with the Federal Trade Commission.


Disgusting organization.

We have been with William Hill for many years and have lost thousands of people. However, this year they decided not to transfer any money to me and said they are putting a transfer limit on my account.

I told them I didn't ask about the payment limit.

Then they deactivated my account and told me to send them a statement of my income and a number of other documents.

I've never been treated so badly.

You said you have to take responsibility.

In fact, they were trying to guess how much money I was making and then they knew they were going to unblock me.

Why we should have the power and intrusion of such personal data.

Disgusting, unprofessional, intrusive and powerful hunger organization.

If you would like to place a bet, please select someone other than William Hill.

Avoid at all costs.

Rob Ison

Rob Ison



1 Star: Bad

update a few days ago


First bet in 20 years. I bet England would win and they told me they didn't win because the game was dragging on. My post says England has to win (no time limit) and Feel agrees.

The conditions are not clear when placing a bet. Lack of corporate transparency.

I lost a potential future customer (me).


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Updates 2 days ago

funds could not be removed afterwards.

Creation of an account for the use of advertising bets. To save money. Advertising bets didn't work. He chatted with them five times to clarify their pointers and spent more time chatting than real apps. Now the account is blocked and I cannot withdraw the money invested. Please send all documents to the sun.

Shane Garratt

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1 star: Not good

two days ago.

I bet England will win and so ...

I bet England will win but he was told I didn't get anything because he went into overtime. I chose England just to win. I haven't invested all of the additional costs. It's just an easy win in England. Really bet they stole some people and glad I didn't

lose before 5am Sanj Singh

1 rating


1 star: Bad

7 days ago

drop bonus is a scam.

Lowering a cash prize is a scam ... you will never win!

Thomas Duff McGready lose



1-star rating:terrible

June 26, 2021

I have lost 40 pounds in William's ...

today I have lost 40 pounds on William Hill Slots.

Play a fishing frenzy.

I started each game at 20p, then 50p and the last pound.

This isn't the first time I've lost money playing slots at William Hills.

I've lost hundreds of dollars in the past few months, that's no joke.

Machines that do not pay the fare and do not obey the rules of the game violate the rules of the game.

There is nothing worse and lower than a machine that takes everything away from you and leaves you with nothing.

Now I don't know who can come in and punish those who set up the machines.

With the money I spent playing William Hill, I lost hundreds of dollars and found myself with nothing.

Something doesn't have to be right with William Hills.

Why I always lose in the end and it's not meant to win.

There is nothing worse or colder than those who don't have a machine to be rewarded.

Why do so many people always win and people like me think they will always win.

People like William Hill need to be investigated.

How can you have fun when everything that happens is always lost and never won.

I've lost too much in pursuing my dreams.

It is never played.

I don't ask to win every game.

Why bother.

It is on the William Hill toll road in Glasgow.


3 ratings


5 stars: Excellent

June 26, 2021

and ...

Wager 10 GBP and use slot gameWager 10 GBP and use 40 slot game and only win 23 pounds, which is a moment for meExperience


jackpalance1 jackpalance1



1 star: awful

June 26th, 2021 This is

really bad. I haven't played and tried the game ... it's

really bad. Do not play the game. Try Ladbrokes or Coral somewhere here but it's shocking 👍

David Coulston

David Coulston



1 star: Bad

June 25, 2021

William Hill ... LesWilliam Hill

got bad reviews? I do notif you are reading this article please stay away from this casino and never see ...



58 times


1 star: Rebellion

June 23, 2021

Discussion thread

scams scams, depodit 120 Replays at 0.20 with 15 bonuses equals a profit of £ 0.4! !!!!! to discuss. Shop around, spin 60 times for the price of £ 0.2 and get a bonus of £ 3.6 once. Stool! ! ! Record and report the need for a closure

Alan Brazier



1 Star: Oops.

On June 23, 2021,

William Hill canceled the winning bet and ...

William Hill canceled the winning bet and deleted it from my account.

Mr Forward

Rating 9


1 Star: Bad

Jun 12, 2021 Stay

away .. As much as possible ... as far away as possible ..

from this siteCamera fraud ... Luckily the worst gaming site. .Thank you me lose your money stay away from

g. J Quinn



4 stars: super

June 8, 2021

Hills better than most bookmakers of all time ...

Hills is better than most bookmakers never had problems and always found customers The best service site is the best series


4 reviews


1 Star: awful

June 5, 2021,


bad spending, abnormally bad spending, people can't achieve anything by just praying, chances are bad so avoid it, very bad




1 star: bad

June 4, 2021

Iv before that said, then said ...

Iv said this before, then says it again. Make use of this website! It is real. I didn't win anything because of the shocking 5/6 year ban coming back

. Never work without removing all applications! Avoid

using the Sumpter brand

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1 star: Oops

May 23, 2021

My name is Mr. Mark Sumpter, I won ...

Me, my name is Mr. Mark Sumpter, I had it today You don't want to Pay 1000.90 for paying 1000.44 on a website last night. I understand, but I understand why I am not paying anyone else and bit mining is stuck on my phone and not allowing me to bother them. They care. It is evidence and it threatens to close. I'm disappointed. A good explanation of who can help them, but that's all I have in court.

vauxsporPhil Gavinposted



1 star: Rebellion

May 23, 2021.

will be on the internet on you say ...on

A horse wasthe internet and they said I have another horse I know I gave a real horse because of it my nickname contains contains. Shame


1 Rating


1 Star: Oops.

May 20, 2021

Avoid using this bookmaker (it will save you money and time).

Thought I would never write a Trustpilot review here, but based on my experience at William Hill, I have to share with you what happened to me and warn you not to stay away from this business.

So I have a verified account and I am losing money, but then they gave me a bigger amount of money and won, my account was immediately suspended, I'm serious, in my opinion, I'm not the only one. The drama started here. The first group of fools who worked in customer service immediately told me my account was suspended and all my money was gone, even though they didn't give me a reason because they were "sensitive" data. so i contacted another review and they just emailed me saying there was nothing they could do and everything happened.

Believe me, you showed me paragraph 6 of the rules and I didn't break any rules. I thought everything was fine until I lost the money, but when I won they didn't like it.

He was forced to contact the regulator and several lawyers just for advice on what to do and then sent something to them. A miracle happened. They said it was a mistake and they wanted me to verify my account again.

* s was painful because they wanted 10 different photos, they refused the photos for no reason, but after 48 hours I was able to get my account back so I took the money and closed the account.

People stay away from this terrible bookmaker. Many are doing much better.


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1 star: Bad

update 05/15/2021 The

slot machine integrated slot machine

You played "Ra Book Of Ra" for 2 hours, spent 900 pounds for 2 spins and didn't just enter the function once. Complete installation. Avoid playing their slot machines. Therefore, the company makes a profit by setting the profit margin at 1%. I'm not ashamed of losing money, but it's not.




1 Star Rating: terrible.

May 13th, 2021

William Hill ...

blocked me immediately when I tried to increase the bonus. William Hill blocked me. I don't know what to do so I contacted thisisgambling. com asked for help, these people helped me get all my money from william hill.