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17 August 2021 scam or legit?

  You have just searched for using a fraud detection scam  tool and verified that the business is legitimate. We analyzed this website and its housewares department. We have the following news. At the same time, share your experience in the comments, good or bad, so that we can adjust the rating.

The fraud detection algorithm gives the company the following ranking:

58.4 / 100

Our powerful verification tool reliably secures this position 58.40 thanks to an intelligent algorithm created by our experts. Below we explain why received this verdict.



The creation the field from:

date of 03.01.1995, Tuesday, 12:00 noon


Website popularity

544 (excellent)


The blacklisted domain status

is not recognized by any blacklisted engine Home Textiles.

Since is associated with a popular market segment, we tried to delete their website below: The

website is poorly designed and does not contain any metadata elements that contribute to its online presence. As soon as they improve their backcountry we will update this information.

While the above section may introduce's activities, its activities can go beyond that. Let's look at the comments.


Introducing The algorithm

fraud detection determines's authority rating of 58.40. This means that the business is active. Medium. Normal.

Based on 50 factors related to the niche, our algorithm scored 58.40. The quality of customer service in the household goods industry We have taken many important details into account for public customer feedback and on-site expertise.

Other factors include, but are not limited to, whois details, IP address, Alexa rank, modern technology used for the website, SSL certification, and the presence of a list of suspicious websites.

What is the "active. Medium. Often" method? It's a business that has been online for a while., like many other websites, seems to be receiving positive and negative (occasional) feedback. This means that if you decide to keep using it, you need to be careful.

You should also understand what

our algorithm uses to analyze factors, especially the company's website (in this case, When we browse the website, we look for professional details that reveal important information about the company: sales methods, poor customer service, etc. For example, when we analyze a brewery's website, we are not evaluating the taste of beer, but rather their website and how it is Sell ​​beer.

It's not a vanity tool. So if you own and you are not happy with your 58.40 ranking, remember that your website is your business card. It has to be improved. This can be any of your web-based management systems, at most an HTTPS connection. Or criticize openly. Web Review TrustpilotAvarage0Total rating

: 0 reviews

Bad quality Bad service!

Bad quality, bad service! ! ! I don't know how this company is licensed to trade as these clothes are the lowest quality I have ever received. My advice is never to shop here.

This is my order.

This is my order if there is an incorrect item and one is missing. I tried to contact them but there was no answer. I sent a lot of emails with the August 26th order. I got a balaclava and a Lyonnaise shirt.

I want poor customer service

Hello, I ordered a swimming pool filter on your website. There are 4 filters on the site and the description says 5 twins so you can imagine my surprise after paying 12 euros and 7 euros for delivery. I received 1 filter ... I sent messages to customer service all day ... I sent a photo at their request. After a lot of messages but the problem is still not resolved, they told me to rate our service ... I commented that my problem was not resolved and now I have been ignored after having been on theirs all day Inquiry had replied I think they hope I will say nothing .. .... for bad service is a scam? How would you classify?

Tell others what you think. Is a Scam? Share the good and the bad. Help everyone stay safe online. If you had to deal with how would you rate it? Share your experience by leaving a comment or comment at the bottom of this article.


With fake websites uncovered in 2021

, the advancement of ecommerce and the thousands of websites being created every day have also shown us various types of scams. Watch the video below to see five ways to detect fraud in 2021:





How To Report A Fraudulent Website How To Report A Fraudulent Website

If you are interested, whether or not it is in the same industry as, you can officially report it to the Federal Trade Commission.


Matthew Priestley

Goods is damaged and unable to upload support photos to the app. I emailed the support staff and told me to download it and explained that the app stated that it was not working and the support staff couldn't get a response. You feel like you are being robbed.

Carl Conliffe, be


Bad customer service combined with cheap Chinese products. Avoid this business.

Susie Raylene Johnson

I have ordered more items, delivery date is mid-July. I have not received it. No words, no follow-up. I changed my address in June. Where are my goods that

Alan Smith

sells cheaply, because these goods are cheap and ugly at the same time


THURGOODORDER NEOD this company !!!!

I ordered an award badge and Layard, even though I ordered a page, told me that the items I have seen in the past are not in stock there. I have my bank details and confirm that I have been billed £ 127.00. In the email that was sent explaining my mistake, it took me 3 days to tell myself that the order was selected and that I need to return it on delivery. Please provide a label or a return address, I received a link to the return label from facebook-az, I don't have a printer, someone told me to go to the local library to print it out. I put a note on the front door stating that the parcel cannot be left, but now I have two parcels to return. Instead of going to the driver, I can only drive to the local post office outside the city. The evaluation of others cannot tell what people will get in return.

No wonder they don't have a phone number! !

People who work for a company, for such a company, have to have a large number of employees.

I will never order from them, I better not eat a wet glass! ! We hope you are proud to be such a landfill company and one day say goodbye to domestic or online business.

Mike Thorne

ordered 4 items from Wish but received only one. The latter has been refunded after waiting several weeks and they assume the matter has been successfully resolved. I am very upset because I was fired and now I am back with no items. You should be ordering from a more trustworthy person. Don't beby the low prices, it's not worth the pressure to


fooled attract is my first and only time ... through this company and their hotline Nine1nine⁹³⁹⁻ -------- ²⁵⁴⁴ 我 💛 All items in a time has been received. It is difficult to return the goods.

It's the first and only time I've ordered something through Wish. I received all of the products within a reasonable time. This is the first and only time I've ordered anything through this company! ! I received all of the items within a reasonable time. It's difficult for me to return an item of clothing that doesn't fit well. I need a permit and the address to return to. 010060925 Meath LZR7150P61-XLINCIC Stitch Kit with Stitches. The dosage of clothing is inadequate and low. The shoes are too big, but they fit me well. The other projects fit in perfectly. You switch to customer service. It helps me a lot with processing refunds. Thanks to the great customer service from customer service, I am very grateful if I don't know a lot about it.

Mariann Weed

About 3-4 weeks ago I ordered a long hooded cape, but never received an email confirming the order or an email stating when it should arrive. No direct contact details or phone numbers were found on this website. I need to check the status of my order. help!

Lorraine Burns doesn't make a


Whenever you buy anything from this website, your inbox will be flooded with promotional emails on a daily basis. Do not unsubscribe, the link will take you to more ads. It doesn't matter when you mark their email address as spam as they change the email address every time they send an email. If you try to communicate with them, you will get a robot. These people don't respect their customers. These products look cheap but take a long time to arrive. Do not be tempted, it is not worth being sad.


saves $$ and frustration - don't order from them.

I ordered a simple mousetrap from July 11th to July 21st. It took a month to arrive. I canceled the day it arrived at the pickup location. From a previous unsatisfactory purchase, I knew how slow they would be, but they didn't help me return them. I am now contacting my American Express credit card to request a refund. Do not order a desired product, wrong delivery time, incompetent customer service. Learn from our mistakes.

See reviews right in your Google search

TrustpilotDERRI SMITH Add itemsview

to your cart tothem later. I want to be on 5./21. July place an order for everyone in the shopping cart and debit my stored card. When I saw ERROR the next day, I canceled the order. The robot replied that we had delivered the canceled order. I can come back on July 21st if all goes well. I repeated the message to complete the order. You don't want everything Something happens. 4. ... He gave me 10%. delay.

1.41 cents? Mrs. Garbage at 141.00 o'clock. Your beautiful pewter jewelry is not real sterling silver. The wall stickers are colored vividly on the cut paper. Every topic is random. Not correct. Inexpensive and everything that I didn't order. I tried talking about returns but the answer was you can't return this closed order. I am very disappointed and disappointed with this company. There are unwanted products. I cannot speak to a living person. You will respond to questions within 2-3 days and will not display answers and solutions incorrectly. Shit showed up after 7 weeks. You have my money and contact details to return this item cheaply. Do not create an account with them and the credit card information issued by the card while browsing. I will never order again, speaking with computer generated help is pointless. I will thank someone for a refund of my money.

August Gauwrefunds are refunding so far, canceling


due to poor quality - they don't want the items and I haven't received a response to get my money back. They got you in trouble and wasted your time (and money).

Veronica Morris

bought a badly damaged battery charger! So we have to download their app first, then spend money and try to contact customer service for the absolute age before we can take action after all the trips are over. I've given up five times and I will never treat that much again, H Morris.

Ms. Stacey Crump

I want a reply ... Customer Service gets a reply

Last week I wanted an item of clothing that I ordered for a family celebration, but it didn't arrive so I had to buy another item that I wanted for one. ordered a family celebration I didn't like, wanted me I received the message that this dress has arrived. I was very excited to take it, but I was disappointed. It's a completely different dress! !

Even though I'm frustrated, I'm still trying, to ship

a dress I've never ordered and get the dress I want! ! !

I've visited the website and the support advisor should be contacting me several times almost every day! ! ! I even decided to solve this problem and the result has not been edited and I cannot tell you. How disappointed i am. I've been in retail for 27 years and your customer service is very attractive.


I havefrom this company and their telephone support

hopefully ordered something. I received all of the products within a reasonable time. This is the first and only time I've ordered anything through this company! ! I received all of the items within a reasonable time. It's difficult for me to return an item of clothing that doesn't fit well. I need a permit and the address to return to. 010060925 Meath LZR7150P61-XLINCIC Stitch Kit with Stitches. The dosage of clothing is inadequate and low. The shoes are too big, but they fit me well. The other projects fit in perfectly. You switch to customer service. It helps me a lot with processing refunds. Thanks to the great customer service from customer service, I am very grateful if I don't know a lot about it.


I can't rate a star, or of course I will. I did not receive the product I ordered, something else replaced it. This is not the first time this has happened. They got a bait and they replaced me three times. I have a credit in my preferred account. Once that credit is used up, I will never do it again. I urge everyone to heed my warning ️ warning ️ warning ⚠️ running ... no desire to buy !!!!!

Wish's answer is

that we apologize for the deviation in your order. In order to help you in the best possible processing of your request, please contact us via your order history or via the following link and request a complaint from our customer service.

Good product, but the delivery time is a little longer.

It will be used again.

The number 1 will beabout his new gift, and the host will have fun,the fun

happyhappy to blockwith a rubber mask with an old 0.4mm rice snorkel.

izReply Response looks forward toenjoy

your positive feedback from us and hopes that you will continue toour app.

Mary Steel

don't let her get caught.

My husband bought what he thought was a makita saw. It came with a thin, curved metal plate that had an advertisement for a specific product printed on it. Reduce fraud, no bills or refunds or refund details. Such a company is a shame and such people should not be allowed. Very angry and disappointed.

Wish's response to

your feedback is very important to us. We very much regret the bad experience and look forward to your feedback! To file a complaint with our customer service, please log into your Wish account, review your order history and select the product you are having problems with. Click on the details and a button should appear below that says "Contact Customer Support". Click on it and let the wizard direct you to the agent. Or you can use the following link:

ray lewis

I ordered 4 pieces of products on request, but 1 piece did not appear in time when I placed the last order