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08 noiembrie 2022

Export  discount codes 


Export coupon codes in

You can export your coupon codes to a CSV file from the Discounts page in your Shopify admin to get a high-level view of your coupon code history.


Discount codes can only be exported to a CSV file. You cannot import discount codes into your store using CSV files.

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CSV files

Export your discount codes

Import a CSV file of your discounts into Google Sheets

Use a text editor to edit your discounts

CSV files CSV files CSV

stands for Comma Separated Values ​​and is a file format ( .csv) for spreadsheets. Shopify supports importing and exporting CSV files for your store's products, customers, orders (export only), and discounts (export only).

CSV files can seem intimidating at first, but once you understand what the text and characters in a spreadsheet represent, you might end up using them for more important tasks (like bulk editing products and discounts).


A UTF-8 encoded CSV file is the only file format that can be used to import or export from Shopify.

In a CSV file, each record represents a cell in the spreadsheet, each row represents a new row, and each comma indicates where one record ends and another begins.

For example, entries in this customer CSV file look like this

in a table:

Shopify recommends using Google Sheets to view a formatted version of your CSV files. In order to use Google Sheets, you need to import a CSV file into the program. CSV files are useful for stores that:

are moving to Shopify from another ecommerce platform

have a list of customer accounts that

prefer to upload products using a spreadsheet have a

temporarily limited internet connection.

Export your discount codes


Go to Holidays in your Shopify admin.

On the Discounts page, click Export.

Click on one of the following export options:

Current Page to export the discounts shown in your admin.

all discounts from your store

exportSelected discounts to the

. Search to export the filtered list of discounts.

Choose the file format you want:

Choose CSV for Excel, Numbers and other spreadsheets if you want to use a spreadsheet with your CSV transfer.

Choose a raw CSV file if you want to use a simple text editor with the CSV discount.

Click Export Discounts to download a discount CSV.

After importing the discount codes into a CSV file, you can import them into Google Sheets and view the formatted version of the CSV for the discounts.

Import your CSV discounts into Google


Sign in to your Google account and create a new spreadsheet.

On the Unnamed Table page, navigate to File > Import...:


A UTF-8 encoded CSV file is the only file format that can be used to import or export from Shopify.

Locate and select the CSV file you want to edit.

In the Import File dialog box, select the options you want in the Import Action, Delimiter, and Convert Text to Number and Date sections.

Click Import.

You can edit your CSV file here. When you're done, you can export it from Google Sheets as a CSV file.

Use a text editor to edit the discount CSV file

. If you don't have a spreadsheet, you can edit the CSV files with a text editor.


. Only use a text editor as a last resort. For example, if the CSV file has formatting errors and you can't open it in a spreadsheet, use a text editor.

Most computers have text editors that can open CSV files. You can also use a program like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text to edit and debug the CSV file.


A UTF-8 encoded CSV file is the only file format that can be used to import or export from Shopify.

When formatting a CSV file in a text editor, keep the following in mind:

Column headings must be separated by commas (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, Address 1).

The list of tags must be enclosed in quotes (e.g. "tag1,tag2,tag3").

Tags are not case sensitive.

The different entries must be separated by line breaks.

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