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05 ianuarie 2023

Facebook DISABLED. NO reason.


Facebook DISABLED my account for NO reason.


Facebook good or not.Example: 

   "I am simply simmering. And this article is going to be a lot different from all of my other articles on my blog because I'm actually in need of some help. Now, I just want to say for starters, I'm doing this on my article blog because I have a platform here. I have viewers, I have an audience already and hopefully using this platform will be able to get the word out. I'm not the only person that this is happening too. I have found several other users on Twitter and on Reddit,  on all kinds of different social media pages that are in this exact same boat. If I had recorded this on the day that it actually happened, I would have just been a big glob wearing mess and I wouldn't have had very cohesive and clear thoughts, but I want to be a voice for 

myself and for hundreds, if not thousands of other people that this is happening to, before we get into the story of what. I just want to give a little quick introduction about myself and what I use  Facebook for on a daily basis.  I go by simply simmer because my blog is completely devoted to Sims 4  gaming articles. I also once upon a time had a Facebook page. It was a slash simply simmer 19. I would do live streams twice a week. I would do giveaways. I had a very We loving fan base. We had thousands of followers on that page. I was able to connect with so many people and that was just from my public Facebook page. I had my personal Facebook page for well, over 12  years. I have tons of memories there. From high school. 

I have pictures of myself with some friends who have passed away. I have pictures, and articles from when my children were born from my wedding day, Memories from when my husband and I first met just like anybody else has on their Facebook page. So maybe you're watching this article because you were a follower of mine, maybe you're watching because you're a friend of mine, or a family member of mine, perhaps this same thing happened to you and you're trying to find answers or perhaps you just stumbled upon this article on article and you're curious about what happened. So, on Saturday, August 1st,  I was functioning just like any other person. I had posted some pictures of my kids. I had shared a couple status updates. Nothing major is completely normal. Just like a regular day around 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon. I set my 

phone down. I made dinner for my family and I ate dinner. Got the kids ready for bed? I look at my phone, I get this big message that says Your accounts have been disabled. There is no way. I figured it was just some kind of a glitch. I've been having some weird issues with my phone lately so I figured this is probably nothing. I restarted my phone and tried to log into the app again and again it said your account has been disabled. So I decided to get on my computer and access it from my desktop, and again, I got the same message. Your account has been disabled if you are one of the people. Who this has also happened to you probably had the exact same type of questions and emotions and feelings that I did. What did I do wrong? Did I post something? Inappropriate was my account hacked? What can I do to correct this? This, if you're a business owner, what's going to happen to my business page, if you're a 

streamer like me and the level up program, what happens to my streaming page? And if you're just like anybody else who uses Facebook?  Going to happen to all of my pictures and memories. So I just want to show you guys really quick, what this message looked like, on my desktop, and what options it gave me to make a correction. Okay. So I tried to log in and I got this message that says, your account has been disabled for more information. Or if you think your account was disabled by mistake, please visit the help center. Obviously, I figured my account had been disabled by mistake, so I went ahead. and went to the help center and it gives me this message. It says, why was my account disabled? Your account was disabled because we determined that you are ineligible to use Facebook for more information about our policies. Please review the Facebook terms, if you think your account was disabled by mistake, please contact us. So, 

I did go ahead and do a quick read through of the Facebook terms just to see if maybe something that I did post was inappropriate and when against their terms and As a streamer, I do use Facebook a lot to promote my page, just the same way that any other business owner would do. I've paid for ads for Facebook to run for my page. I've also been a streamer for months now where people have donated, what's called Stars which if you're on Twitch, that's the equivalent of using bits. And if you're not into the streaming world at all, it's  essentially donations. That viewers pay to the Streamer to support their blog. So jumping back over here. I went ahead and clicked on contact us so it brings you to this page, it's an appeal profile disabled and asks for a copy of your ID. So really quick for the purpose of this article, I am just going 

to briefly go over these couple of questions. What types of ideas Facebook accepts and it gives a whole list of different things like your birth certificate. Driver's. Ends marriage certificate, a Visa  family certificate, all different kinds of things here. Or if you don't have any of these items, you can send two different items from down here, like a bank statement, credit card, library card, a permit paycheck, stub. There's a lot of different things that you can send as an ID and it basically just says, how to upload the ID, just take a picture and upload it. Why am I being asked to  upload an ID? And this is basically just to confirm that the account belongs to you and that they are trying to verify your name. And the last question is what happens to my ID after you send it to Facebook and basically it just says that they're going to store it securely and that they will use your ID to kind 

of help there. A, I learn the difference between a fake and a real ID, okay? So, I attached a picture of my driver's license. It has the same name on it. That is on my personal Facebook page and it doesn't matter. I don't know if this next section is here for additional info. If you're actually required to put any information there it says optional. I've tried leaving it blank. I've tried typing a whole story here, I've tried asking for forgiveness, I've tried everything but no matter what I put there, I get this message. We can't review the decision to disable your account. We have fewer   Hours available due to the coronavirus  pandemic. So we can't review this decision right now. This has been going on for six days. Trust me when I say, I completely understand having fewer people available because of the pandemic, I get it. I also have a degree in 

it.  So if there was some kind of algorithm mistake and somehow my account got flagged as inappropriate when there was no inappropriate post being made, I  And I understand that mistakes happen but what I don't understand is why can't I get ahold of anybody from Facebook?  There is no email address to contact Facebook.  There is no phone number, you can't even submit this appeal form because it rejects it instantly, I have tried contacting them on Twitter. I found an email address on an invoice that they had sent me that I had tried reaching out to them on. I tried sending an email to Press at and honestly I don't remember where I found this phone number from, but I found a phone number that leads to just this. Thank you for calling Facebook user operation. Unfortunately, we do not offer folks support at this time. 

After Eskimo, Caesar inquiries can be found at the Health Centre by clicking on help at the bottom of any Facebook  page. The Help Center includes information about the site's functionality as well as contact form for issues that require further support from Facebook. Thank you. And then the phone just disconnects. I did also submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau to see if maybe we can get a response that way. It does look like Facebook, and responds to complaints through the Better Business Bureau. But as I'm looking through, I don't even know. If any of these are actually getting resolved, this post here says that they had deactivated the account Facebook had responded to asking for the email address associated with the Facebook  account and there was no further response. I don't know if that's from the original poster or 

what happened there. This person here. But I just love how Facebook deactivated my account for nothing. Again. They responded with the same cookie cutter response asking to provide the email address. Associated with the account that they are referring to. Now, I'm not going to go through every single post on the Better Business Bureau because there are over 9,000 complaints in the last three years. I submitted my complaint on August 3rd. It is now August 6th. And as of 514 a.m. Central Standard time, they have not responded to my Better Business Bureau complaint. I have been so confused and I feel like I just got fired from my job and I feel really hurt by that. I lost all of these. Photos and memories and access to my public streaming page. So I decided to go to both Reddit and Twitter to see if anybody else is having the same problem. And let's just take a look at what I found. 

So, I started out by using this tweet after seeing how many people have had their accounts. Wrongfully disabled by Facebook.  I'm working on an article to hopefully get to Facebook  about what's going on. If you've also been disabled, please use the hashtag Facebook, disabled me. And I'll send You a DM I don't know whether to be shocked or to expect it but I received a lot of feedback on this post Beauty and the Bible said, hashtag Facebook disabled me we had another user that said, funniest thing happened to me this week, I reported a catfish using my pictures, but Instagram went ahead and disabled my account permanently. I don't even care for the account, but all of my memories are lost for good. Now, James Dallas said, I woke up this morning to a mess. Message from one of my fellow church goers that our church page on Facebook was unpublished on Facebook.  Not sure why, but we definitely are a real 

organization. Andrew Allen Johnson also is experiencing the same issue. People who actually respond to users' needs when their account has been disabled for no reason. Rachel put they disabled my account as well. And I no longer have access to the 20 plus business pages that I used for my job as well. As my personal business, they have done nothing to Help Lost Boy, so my Instagram and Facebook account is disabled. Without any reason I sent many emails requesting to activate my IDs,  but there's still no response from your end, Christine, but the same thing has happened to me. It's been three weeks now. I would love to know how to contact Facebook, to let them know they  have made a mistake switching over to Reddit,  there's several posts here as well. Facebook  disabled my mother's account for not following Community standards while she was sick. There are some people here. I'm in. The same boat. Another person said it seems many people now are in the same boat. Something is going 

on Facebook it seems they throw out a lot of people. Another post here Facebook suddenly disabled my account for not following its Community standards. When I have not even done a thing or even used my account. So much recently and I can't reach support or retrieve and delete my data. Another user. But there is no real support for Facebook,  it's a joke. There are thousands of people, me included , who have been booted from Facebook for no reason at all. And we To get back in. You can go to the help and find your weaving way to send in a request best of luck. These are just a few posts that I found all that I did on Twitter, as I searched on Facebook  and went to the most recent tweets about every three or four minutes. There was another user saying that this had happened to them as well. I don't know what we're supposed to do at a time like this, when everybody is supposed 

to be staying home. It's so important to stay connected to your friends and family. People are being booted for no reason whatsoever and there's not even an option to contact customer support. I feel like this is a huge opportunity for Facebook. It's a huge opportunity to provide jobs for people and I'm hoping that maybe this article will get to somebody at Facebook,  to let them know what's going on. And how many people this is affecting? I don't really know what ``  Come on, this article will be there. Might not ever be anything that happens with it. But hopefully if your account has an already been disabled, you can take this as a word of advice to go save all of your pictures because at any given moment, your Facebook account could be disabled if I can help just one person, then this 

the article will be worth it to me. This article is not for entertainment purposes. This is simply Lee just to get the word out about what is happening. If you're watching this article, please help me get this article boosted in the  algorithm  you can press like or even if you dislike the article, it's going to help the algorithm.  If you're subscribed, leave a comment below. If you're not subscribed, leave a comment saying that you aren't subscribed but this article was recommended to you if this has happened to you as well,  A comment below letting me know what steps you have taken, and if you've had any success or not with it, we just need to get the word out. There are so many people who can't contact their loved ones, especially in a time like this, hopefully this gets through to somebody. If you're on Twitter, please do me a favor and share this 

article with the hashtag Facebook, disabled me. If you're on Facebook, please feel free to share this with your friends to let them know that they need to save their data." Kat.

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