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10 noiembrie 2021

Facebook,social media like exchange sites, followers and more

   There are many sites that allow you to exchange likes or followers. Therefore, in this article I will present some of these sites and I will also try to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to using them.


Facebook like exchange sites.

The principle of these sites is simple, they are like exchange sites, so they allow ... the exchange of likes.

Specifically, you like a Facebook page and someone else will do the same for you.

Some websites may even allow you to make money with this method.

But the gains are minimal.

Example top websites exchange fans, followers, like and more on facebook, instagram and anothers social media websites can find here.

There are still many sites that offer this service, mostly in English, so users are mostly in English as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of sites:


We destroyed our Facebook profile by giving us a Like too many pages (Facebook can also send a small warning if we like too many pages in a short time)

- False accounts.

- Internet users like to like it, so most of them will not be really interested in your page.


- Allows you to increase the number of fans on your Facebook page. We can assume that Likes attract other fans.

- We can still reach some interested users. So obviously this is more or less weird depending on the theme of your Facebook page.

Many people use similar liking sites to increase the number of subscribers to their Facebook page.

Also, if you like the pages of the sites listed above, you will definitely find interesting pages, as even some celebrities sometimes use this system.

I myself use similar exchange sites ... but in a different way.

In fact, I have a little simple trick to get more appreciation.

. Exchange sites often offer referral programs.

Except that we don't make money by finding recommendations (with exceptions), we earn commissions in the form of ... likes.

Therefore, if we recruit enough recommendations, we will no longer need to like the pages in order to receive subscribers in return. 

Or we don't have to pay more for those who are interested (yes, because the exchange sites obviously have a store where they sell hundreds or thousands of likes).

I use my blogs to find referrals.

Every active person who subscribes through this article will bring me appreciations that I could automatically attribute to my Facebook pages.

And it's ironic that my Facebook blog pages bring me visitors (not en masse, of course).

And some of these visitors will sign up on similar exchange sites they haven't signed up for yet.


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