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30 ianuarie 2023

find muscular women

Do you find muscular women attractive?


  Yes, there is nothing more adorable, attractive and sexy than a strong and muscular woman.

They raised me like any child, they taught me that women are weak and also that weakness should be attractive. It didn't make sense to me, but I filed it under "weird things to look into later".

The next moment came in seventh grade biology, on a day so hot that the teacher's blackboard was about to melt.

There was a chapter in the manual that occupies of the difference in physical strength between men and women. This book came out immediately and said it was impossible for a woman to have well-developed muscles; the best the strongest woman could hope for was 60% of the leg strength and only 20% of the upper body and arm strength of an adult man. The text also said that any woman with large muscles was a genetic aberration and not even a real woman! These women were distinguished by masculine traits like a man!

The teacher seemed fanatical about it and asked the boys and girls on the left side of the class to fix their biceps and buy them (which I thought was weird). Sure, some guys had big, hard biceps and none of the faces.

Or so I thought until I started falling asleep from the heat. I grabbed it before my head hit the table and sort of straightened up... and found myself looking directly at the girl sitting across from me who was yawning and stretching where she went into that kind of yawn that it is exactly the right position. Bodybuilders call it the double biceps position.

This girl J.W. (no name, I'll just use J.W.) had an amazing pair of thick, chiseled biceps that had a vein running through them and a hard, bulging tip on both biceps. My eyes widened; I took a quick look at the muscles contracted by the children in this room and was surprised to find that the biggest muscles in this class BELONG TO FEMALES!

He had no beard. She was actually a very hot redhead who was also a straight student. And he had no idea that he had just turned my world upside down. I couldn't look away when J.W. he did another long stretch while yawning, then pulled his arms up, clenched his fists, and shot his biceps out like a pair of baseballs with a spike sticking out of the top. It literally looked like he had muscles on top of muscles!

Why did this change my life? Well, on a personal level, I figured out what turned me wild (we'll leave that female muscle effect to my subconscious in the description you give). I'm not trying to write porn here, so let's just say that J.W. He graphically presented me in my sexual nature and that was not normal. It was also EXTREMELY powerful.

The second thing was that I learned right away that textbooks and teachers were, at least in some circumstances, terribly wrong about the things they were teaching us. I also had to consider that we were being actively lied to. JW was no more a mutant man than a woman; she was too pretty and had some serious curves, especially for a 7th grade girl.

His muscles were without a doubt the biggest in this room, boy or girl. I wanted to scream, "HEY THIS BOOK IS FULL OF SHIT and you're too bold because the BIGGEST MUSCLE HERE BELONGS TO JW!"

But I didn't. J.W probably didn't want that attention. We don't know why the teacher never saw those amazing female biceps, or anyone in that class but me. But it happened.

From then on I followed the muscle tracks of the girls until I graduated from college. I found it?

Well, there was P.E., who was a cheerleader with a super thick body and massive arms with biceps that literally looked like cannonballs.

He was D.E., who was more athletic than most of the football team and lived near my house. DE liked the athletic stuff and kept trying to get into King Of The Hill matches with me and my friends. The other guys always said NO GIRLS, but one day I jumped in and said "why not?" Are you afraid I will win? The boys grumbled and complained, but agreed to let D.W. participate.

DW gave me a bright, glowing look that made my heart beat fast for years. Then we started the match and discovered the strength of the girls' muscles. He shook us like rag dolls. He picked us up with terrifying ease and sent us flying down the hill.

As for female weakness.

It was ÎN., who had a very big back while he was relaxed!

There was D.T. with his hard, vascular and muscular arms.

There was TM, who was 6’1″ tall and had the body of a Greek goddess; broad shoulders, a relatively small waist and beautiful curvy buttocks and legs. I personally saw this girl demolish the wrestling school champion and she did it 4 times in a row.

There were others. But I watched incredibly muscular girls at my school from seventh grade through twelfth grade to realize that something about our society's definition of femininity is incredibly wrong. Because every single one of those muscle girls looked so cute oh my god they are so cute.


Former Clinical Laboratory Administrator at Stanford Hospital and Clinics (1978–2007) 2 years

Not only do I find them attractive, I'm in love with them; my wife. He is 5 feet tall, small body. Here she is, years ago, at the height of her bodybuilding.

Yes, I think they are by far the most beautiful women on the planet.

Cassandra Martín (contestants)

* Female muscles are beautiful.

* Their bodies fixate to show their power and dominance over you.

* Their bodies are a test of discipline, while most find excuses.

* Their bodies demand respect and admiration from the public.

* Their bodies are works of art when they can.

*… (Furthermore)

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Why am I attracted to very muscular girls?

Am I gay for being attracted to muscular women and bodybuilders?

Do guys like muscular girls?

Honestly, I prefer muscular women, especially those close to bodybuilders. They still keep a more feminine look overall, just a little bigger, those rippling muscles show that they care about their bodies and find all that strength incredibly attractive.

Why am I attracted to very muscular girls?

Uh huh, why are they hot? They represent working molds. These bodies, especially for women, are not easy at all. This is the culmination of giving. Maybe you want to feel protected or simply admire their dedication. Don't ask, go on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I think the biggest problem will be the distraction from devotion by the desire to meet, right? Good luck my friend :)

Muscular women are attractive, but so are fit girls... It depends a lot on the women. Some women have a pale complexion and personally it's too much for me... but some men like it.

sporty girls

muscular women

I think you should have been a little more specific about defining the muscles because as you can see many of the answers give mixed answers. They say yes, but they describe a fit/toned woman who is not muscular at all. The question then is: what do you consider masculine?

Many photos have been released that show what many consider to be masculine, while some of them are just well-toned women. See, for example, Daryl Richardson's answer. Both women have muscles but one of the facial muscles will..I dated a bodybuilder for a while until I met my wife. I admit that I really enjoyed the physical part. It was the real deal... Some may remember... but I won't say. Very, very thick, muscular woman who was rushed because there were obvious side effects. He looked like a man. If... he'd grown up... he could have handled everything he brought. Awesome...nothing he's done has changed my admiration for muscular women.

Muscle mass is important. If you are like them, you look attractive.

If she's like her, I'm not attracted to her.

For many years I have found muscular women extremely attractive. I've loved physical perfection from a young age, and the idea of ​​looking at a woman at the pinnacle of physical perfection carries a lot of weight. For me, it's the overall physique and especially the very developed legs.

The idea of ​​Olivia Bianco putting her in the body scissors is very exciting. She is so strong! master me now

Or be in a respite between those legs!

If he orders me to obey!

These women turn me on more than anything. The thought of many... (more)

He was a chubby kid, started riding a bike and was welcome to exercise.

If you've put in the time and dedication to get this strong, it's extremely inspiring and impressive. Even after resorting to medication to achieve such results, the impression is quite false and depressing.

I don't think you need a biological reason or anything. Especially for guys like me in the "the more muscle the merrier" and "you can't have too much of a good thing" camp, most biological reasoning does a very poor job of describing why we would want women to be muscular or how their particular muscles. It's one thing to like a muscular woman rather than a woman because she's muscular. I am definitely the latter.

What do you think of muscular women?

I respect that. Completely. But it's not for me.

It's not that I'm intimidated. I don't think a six pack is sexy for a woman. A muscular woman is like seeing a round man. Just weird.

But I'm also the type that likes curvy women. Not BBW but still meat. In my youth,...... (more)

I find muscular women absolutely attractive. Not only do I think it improves your fitness, but I find your dedication to health very appealing.

Studied HVAC at Sheridan Technical College (2020 graduate) 3 years

In connection with

Do muscular women intimidate men?

What muscles are we talking about?

How is it?


I prefer the former to the latter for the same reason most women prefer guys like this:

…in this:

A muscular body on women is very sexy to me and shows that they take care of themselves. Since I am also dedicated to my fitness, we would have something in common.

I prefer an intermediate structure...neither too much nor too little.

To answer your question, I'm not intimidated by muscular women. Some guys can be if they are short and have self-esteem issues, but others don't care and some might... Studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for 2 years.

I find it especially attractive if that girl has a full set of perfect abs. This makes it attractive and their power.

Is it really bad for girls to be muscular and strong?

Not. The only reason the people at your gym are mean is because they're influenced to believe that faces shouldn't have muscles. Otherwise, they only see girls as a sex object.

It's that kind of influence that turns me off. It's silly to have such influence that girls can't help but be raped or robbed, all because of society's belief in who girls should be.

Now, that's generally speaking. There is nothing wrong with a strong and muscular girl. In terms of attraction, would you date an extremely muscular bodybuilder or a more toned and fit guy or gal and why?

Since I work in the fitness industry, I want to answer things that are superficial and personal. People assume I'm dating a bodybuilder because I lift weights.

I don't really like extremes. They are golden curls, not too short, not too thin, not too... Just the right size!

And I like nature too. There is a man who trains his clients in the same park where I train my bootcamps. There was a time when she was happy... Am I gay for being attracted to muscular women and bodybuilders?

Let me turn on my gay radar real quick.

Okay, let's do this.

You are a woman?

If so, then yes, being attracted to women makes you gay.

If you're a man wondering if being attracted to women makes you gay, I suggest you start rebuilding your definition of homosexuality.

You see, it's really very simple. Liking muscles is a personal preference, not a sexuality...From what I've personally experienced over the years...I know I'm attracted to the look of muscular women. It's strange that as women in their 80s we looked muscular at the time, but as you pass two years the amount of muscle increases and probably still increases... that's how I feel attracted to them... then the amount that you lift is good for me. I think the idea of ​​transformation appeals to me. Whatever led them to do this, it took a mindset that I find very interesting to me. So to do that, a woman has to be tough. I've never been a trophy, a woman in need in my life. My wife now... (more)

There is no right or wrong answer to this question as everyone has different preferences.

However, many people find muscular women attractive because they see them as strong and powerful.

Muscular women are often seen as being able to take care of themselves and handle any situation, which is a very attractive quality.

Do men secretly like strong and muscular women?

Hello, There is no secret about my admiration. I like the old saying that "a girl at the gym is much hotter than a girl at the bar".

Now a girl at the gym in a cafe? Oh.

For example, when I see a strong, muscular woman trying to improve her physique through training, exercise, and diet (emphasizing these three points because I'm not a big fan of the plastic route), it reflects a caring person. , fait preuve de motivation et de détermination et reste prête à dépasser ses limites habituelles. I vois aussi plus une femme forte et musclée. Je vois aussi un esprit fort. Et les deux combinés? Souffler.

Why do people find the dad body attractive?

Wrap your arms around a man. If you are a foot tall, your fingers are looking for a foot. Abs, bones, your meat is raw. It is a nervous insect, too nervous to eat.

If you have a strong instinct, you have come into contact with an engine, a capable furnace, a force. His warmth spreads. His weight remains calm.

It is massive, like a mountain, and complicated: there are wrinkles, lines, scars. A first-hand story: burnt fingers, a ditch where something was removed, what happened to a saw. Time to melt a tattoo, the deep wrinkles around the eyes where stories await... I am athletic and feminine with a very muscular body. How can I learn to love my body the way it is when people tell me I look like a man and that's not attractive?

Ok, that's my opinion and it might be controversial because this site talks about "looks don't matter" and "don't judge by looks".

First of all, it is well known that men are more muscular than women. Even if you hit the gym, a woman will almost never achieve the same muscle growth results as a man, assuming you're building muscle naturally. However, if you take steroids, growth hormone and testosterone, you will not only build muscle, but also develop masculine features. So if you don't look like this:

I'm sure you're fine. I practice muay thai. I made a little mother. Take a look at some of the...Was it worth it?

I'm a lesbian and a very small person, and hell yes. Especially tall and muscular girls, that gives me confidence.

I don't know why many guys don't like muscular women.

How many muscles do women find attractive?

9-10% is perfect, 14-15% is good...What do other men think about muscular women? I personally don't like it at all. What do others think?

Personally, I think that some muscle definition on a woman can be extremely attractive because it shows that she is not afraid to violate society's beauty standards and has the discipline and dedication to maintain such a physique. It's just my opinion, but I think a lot of men are instinctively confused when they see very muscular women because the primate inside of us tells us that man = big and strong, woman = short and small; this confusion causes some of these men to express their distaste for such a physique, which is a shame because these women work hard for their bodies and that's... Yeah, maybe because they shouldn't have them! Many guys feel threatened by muscular girls. My favorite female muscles are the calves, and aside from the blonde and red hair, that's where most eyes go.

Muscular women have the best bodies in the world and are so easy on the eyes compared to other women.

I mean, seriously, who doesn't want a girl with a six pack?

Personally, as a fitness/fitness fanatic, I'm a bit more into fit girls. They are the most athletic, motivated and always (mostly) sexy. Now, if she has a great personality and has time for me, we will definitely go out with her.

I really wouldn't mind seeing a muscular woman squatting this deadlift or even doing some form of cardio. Sorry, it's hot to watch them practice.

Author Fighter (2008-present) 5 years

In connection with

If men find extremely muscular women unattractive, do women also find extremely muscular men unattractive?

You ask, "If men find extremely muscular women unattractive, do women also find extremely muscular men unattractive?"

Is it good? I'm a man and I like strong and muscular women. Not so many bodybuilders, because of their weird tans and abnormally low body fat, but weightlifters and competitive wrestlers? Throw me over your shoulder and take me home? Yes Mrs. Yes, thank you.

Do men find muscular women disgusting?

It depends on how you define muscle.

If you're talking about massive biceps and deltoids, the nine legs...yeah, that's pretty badass (boy or girl).

If you're talking about overall fitness, even with a relatively muscular build, then no, he's super hot. There are few things more attractive than a woman who takes care of her body!

Honestly, he's not as handsome as a standard GQ, although he's in pretty good shape for a man his age. It is the inner qualities of intelligence, wisdom and humor that illuminate the outer. Many super smart people are not immediately attractive because they lack the wholeness and self-awareness that puts a person and others at ease. But Obama is the complete package.

Plus, the way he treats Michelle is so kind, honest and respectful that you can definitely tell this man knows how to treat a woman.

Australian international, world history enthusiast and 2+.

for me it's like i like women with big breasts and brown hair like most men but i also like girls who are a little hot mainly because i train a lot and try to reach max psychic power and what i mean , I think dating a woman who is muscular in my way of thinking makes me feel stronger. How are you feeling? I know it sounds weird but hey I'm a very weird person like………..dunsparce is my favorite pokemon he likes dunsparce a lot………

I love big biceps and I can't lie.

Yes, like I find women attractive. In the end, all of this is meaningless if our personalities don't match.

Profile photo of Joseph Glowinski

Giuseppe blowing the sky



Din hawt 4 ans

Yes, but my preference is for soft, feminine women with curves and low muscle tone.

I have no problem with muscular women, they have their admirers and that's fine. Personally, I like my women to carry a few extra pounds. (Voluptuous)... But I am.

Sales and Leasing Manager at Maxon Auto Group (2007-present) 5 years

Yes and no. I admire the muscular woman's physique, but that doesn't excite me.

I'm drawn to softer curves and more feminine, traditionally feminine body types.

Yes, to some extent. The women who win bodybuilding competitions today use steroids, that goes without saying. I don't find it attractive. But fitness winners look great.

Tourist from Arizona, been to Grand Canyon 5 times in my life and hiked for 5 years

Are muscular women attractive? Oh my god, they are so beautiful and when they call after training, that's when they become the sexiest! Be blessed.


Muay Thai practitioner and webmaster of Effective Muaythai.com1y

It depends on the size of the muscles they have.

I don't find it attractive...

profile picture of ron william

Ron Guglielmo



No, and I've been doing gymnastics for 28 years.

I like to see a woman who has some "definition" that isn't covered in layers of fat and shows that she takes care of her health in a responsible way.

However, I do NOT find a bodybuilder attractive.

Personally, I don't find muscular women attractive. They are physically strong and I like that strength, but it's just not my style. Well, women have the freedom to decide what they want to do.

It depends on how muscular. I like girls with a little meat on their bones, but not too much. But I generally prefer the blonder to the thinner.

Hell yes. I find muscular women super attractive. Not just like in the gym, but like very muscular. It was like there was a point where it was a little too much, but it was also very attractive.

Lives in Budapest for 4 years.

I do not regret. Don't hate me for it, it's just my taste. If I see a woman with visible abs, I think she is much less attractive than she would be without them. That's how my attraction works.

Your definition of "muscular" may differ from mine. Daryl Richardson's answer is a great example.

Using your photos, the fit girl is extremely sexy to me.Absolutely not. In my opinion, muscularity is a masculine trait. If they work out to stay fit and in shape, that's fine. But if you work so hard that you want to see your veins bulging, that's not attractive.

Profile picture of Sindel's cat

Yes, I like both male and female shapes, especially muscular ones. Even the muscular women I've met are much more confident, which I find attractive to them, even to men.

profile picture Perfect teen cute sexy sensual and very muscular

Perfect cut Teen Cute Sexy Sexy and very muscular


Absolute. I admire and respect a girl who respects her body. If you take the time to pump all that iron to look and feel good, that gets my attention.

Yes, since I was a child playing street boxer and seeing Chun Lee with his muscular thighs, I have been attracted to women with big thighs, I am very strong, so I will call them mother once, a sage. who said he likes the kind of women who can kick my ass and live for them to this day

Yes of course but I would like to ask a question against muscular women who only like muscular men or would they look good with a skinny guy?

I hope the best profile picture

expect the best


Not. Women should go to the gym to tone up, muscles are not for them. That's what most men think. This is a real answer and my personal answer, if I hurt anyone, I'm sorry.

AB Honor Roll Student at Akins High School (2007-present) 7 months

It seemed romantic to me until I saw a muscular woman, I wasn't in love with her, but damn it seemed good. I really wanted to appear, so now I'm training.

Cse of Intake High School (absolventa in 1987) 7 luni

Muscular women are attractive, but fit girls are depends a lot on the women. Some women have skin and I personally find it too much... but some men like it.

Not only do I find them attractive, I'm in love with them; my wife. He is 5 feet tall, small body. Here she is, years ago, at the height of her bodybuilding.

He admires taller women. They do it wholeheartedly, whether they're athletically "toned" muscles or have biceps that rival some people's thighs. They see it as a sign of good form and confidence with a mix of dominance coming from them. It shows me that they are not afraid of strength/muscle, a breath of fresh air that breaks with this outdated image of the need Prehistory Enthusiast, Godzilla Fan and more December 5

Yes, I find muscular women attractive.

In the words of Th3 Birdman: "You won't tell me these women aren't beauty and the beast."

No, but I find them more beautiful than the big ones. I have nothing against fat, muscular women, but in my opinion they are not very attractive.

Worked at Abbott Laboratories (company) for 3 years

No six pack, lately I see a lot of girls working out like crazy doing deadlifts, squats and fun for an hour etc. I prefer a toned and muscular woman, that's good, but she must look feminine with beautiful breasts, nice buttocks, etc. I don't want a girl who looks like a boy. Where is the attraction?

Women can be stronger than me, I wouldn't mind, I would still love them. Women can be more capable than me, I still love them.

BUT...muscle women are essentially men with female faces...extremely ugly.

First of all, defined muscles look masculine to me. It's the equivalent of men with breasts.

Second, for a woman to develop visible muscles, she must train so hard that she loses body fat, which I consider vital to the beauty of a female body. Of course, you can always fill it with silicone, but I prefer natural.

I think it looks so rude. A woman doesn't have to be muscular, if she's fit, that's fine. I have nothing against women working out, but when they start to build muscles and have bigger legs than men, I don't find them attractive.

Former colonial explorer. the 2nd

Yes, with a few caveats.

A woman's muscular arms and shoulders do not appeal to me. They look classically "masculine" and are the antithesis of feminine beauty. They can be a little thick, but a heavy "inverted triangle" print should definitely be avoided at all costs, as it is the most masculine impression a person can give and goes against the feminine appeal.

Body fat that goes down to the point where a woman has a "hard" and "ripped" body doesn't appeal to me either. For the same reason. It looks masculine and not feminine.

However, a woman can have a high enough body fat percentage Engineer I am very surprised to see so many men who say they are attracted to muscular women and bodybuilders! Really? There is a difference between fitness and muscle. These muscle girls have flat and muscular bottoms, more pec-like tits and more feminine curves, masculine square faces and veins shooting everywhere, what turns them on? Now Gym Fit girls with rounded buttocks, high breasts and thighs, hips, etc. they are very attractive and you know what i mean! For example, when we were Neanderthals, it was the men who created the clubs, built the houses, fought the... (continued)

Why do handsome men choose simple women?

A model friend obsessed with makeup and clothes always wondered the same thing... how could these men end up with such wrinkled women and not them?

He worked hard on his appearance and therefore felt he "deserved" a tall, handsome and athletic man.

She was/is a good friend, but in romantic relationships she has a very volatile personality, worried about anxiety and waiting for men to boost her self-esteem. He would have given so much, but he blamed himself for not giving back.

He would put his needs aside for the man of the hour. He liked theater and also... What are the tricks to make a guy more handsome/attractive?

1. Wear training pants (preferably black). They make a guy much more attractive.

2. Wear a denim shirt over sweatpants. Girls will come after you in this dress.

3. Wear white sneakers with jeans and sweatpants. Now you will look like a real gentleman.

4. Wear a stylish watch on your left arm. Fix your hair a little and you're done. Now you are complete and you will look attractive to all other girls.

5. Guess what? To hell with all that. Let me give you the best mantra to look super sexy,

Do women find men with large and prominent chests attractive?

In my experience as a man... yes, they like my big, muscular pecs. If the girl leaned against me on the sofa or in the train, I would rub my chest. And I noticed that during sex they would grab my pecs and grope them. Sure, most women claim they don't like muscles, but the truth is, they do. I've never met a great bodybuilder who couldn't find a pretty girl easily. Big muscles are to a man what big breasts or big buttocks are to a girl. They turn heads wherever you go.

Do Japanese women find muscular men attractive?

Yes, bigoted guys often get harsh comments like "scary" or "disgusting" from considerate girls. They are considered weevils in Japan.

Being selfless is one of the definitions of masculinity here. It is quite nice and attractive if the muscular body has been built naturally through your work or through other sports that require technique and practice. But do you spend hours doing weight training, checking your body in front of a mirror, just to build muscle? It is very clumsy for a child.

Do women prefer a muscular guy or a dad?

I'm not generalizing but most women don't know what they really want, yes the options differ but not really.

Not going out of your way to please a woman is really unacceptable, believe me. If you want to exercise, do it for you, not for a short-sighted reason.

Can gay men be attracted to masculine women?

You know this is a very interesting question because maybe some are!

I once had a boyfriend of 15 years in my consulting firm. After a while it became clear that his problem was that he was gay, but he didn't want to be. However, one thing he told me was very interesting. He told me he had a girl he loved but she looked like a boy. Therefore, homosexuals are not only attracted to men, but also to "masculinity". Which means they are attracted to men or anything that seems quite masculine, which could include a very masculine woman.

Interestingly, many straight men are attracted to Dr... (more)

Are men attracted to female bodybuilders?

Like all questions that start with: “(Are (men/women) attracted to (fill in the blank here)…”), the answer should be “Some are, some aren't. All men/women have different likes. / displaces and different abilities.

Personally, I find bodybuilders downright attractive.

I remember once, in Los Angeles, I saw a couple of bodybuilders walking towards me on the sidewalk, a man and a woman. Their legs were so developed that they couldn't walk properly because their thighs were rubbing against each other, so they had a sort of wobbly, almost comical gait. His arms were so bulky that they could... (more)

Do women find beards attractive?

I asked this question to my best friends. Here is your answer -

So the bottom line of the conversation is that most women like men with beards.

Men with well-groomed beards are definitely attractive.

Does money attract women?

attracts women, but usually the wrong kind of women, the ones who are primarily interested in money. Most smart, nice, handsome guys with big personalities have a lot more to offer than money.

Do guys like muscular girls?

Absolute. For many men, the more muscle the better, and some of us have no upper limit. While we like to say that strength is a "masculine" trait, the concepts of masculine and feminine are largely arbitrary. Male is not "male" and female is not "female". The human being is unique and complex and is composed of these two characteristics.

You will also notice that most male traits are considered more valuable or important due to the patriarchal society we live in. So things like strength, muscles, aggressiveness, assertiveness, problem solving and even math skills and more are considered male dominance...How can a muscular woman look like a man when she is still a woman and still has all her feminine parts ?

The first time I visited Los Angeles, I met two extreme bodybuilders walking down the street, a man and a woman. Both wore shorts and tank tops to better show off their physiques.

I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't two men. The woman's arms and legs were not very different from the man's, but the biggest difference was that her chest was almost flat. Without her feminine hairstyle, I wouldn't have guessed she was a woman. Yes, you guessed it, his chest was that ambiguous.

Consider the woman above in a longer shirt and fabric… (more)

Why do men not find muscular women attractive?

Who said no? Many men like athletic, fit women. It is true that some female bodybuilders overdo Body Bit by taking harmful steroids and end up looking grotesque. Personally, I think a healthy, well-toned woman is attractive and admirable.

poza de profil matthew bates

What is the best way to impress a girl?

Here's how I impressed the faces in my life this weekend:

My 4-year-old daughter: I inflated her beach ball in just five breaths. Not bad for an ex-smoker, if I do say so myself.

My 18 year old daughter: I gave her $20 to go to the store and buy something that was only $5, then told her to keep the change.

: I replaced a burned out brake light on his car after being reminded every day for the past two weeks that I had to. The problem was that it kept reminding me of when I was in a place where I couldn't write it down. Anyway, I finally got it today. What attracts introverted women?

I am an introverted woman. We're not weird or alien, and most of us aren't shy either (as some like to think because we don't talk all the time), but introverts (men and women) usually just don't have a certain amount of energy. . spend in the outside world before it runs out.

Think of an introvert's energy as a checking account. If you had a very low balance in your account and knew it would not be replenished until the next payday, then you would be careful not to spend the amount you had. An introvert is aware of this, so they are picky about how (and with whom) they will spend their… (more)

There's nothing wrong with you and I'm sure you are. Some people like muscular women and I personally don't.

I like geeks and toothpicks. A little muscle is good... I really like medium sized guys. However. I like... skinny guys with a toothpick.

Some women like funny guys and there's nothing wrong with that.

I still have big bones... but... I miss the shirts on my stomach. I can't get into this, I used to go to middle school and high school... I was skinny but... I couldn't really wear belly shirts. I started gaining weight.

Do men like the look of female bodybuilders? If they do, why?

I think it's okay. I think most men would agree that female bodybuilders who have clearly taken testosterone supplements and steroids tend not to be very attractive.

But female bodybuilders don't look that good.

I think a lot of women who avoid lifting weights and spending hours on the treadmill are afraid of looking like the first picture, and the truth is, that's only going to happen if you're on steroids. Being strong, fit and healthy is hot.

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