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09 noiembrie 2022

 How Healthy Foods Are Making You Sick 


 How Healthy Foods Are Making You Sick What You SHOULD Eat Instead DR.STEVEN GUNDRY


  I'm one of the few enthusiasts.  I hope people will get some useful health tips to use in their daily life. We speak to none other than Dr. Steven Gundry and is famous as a surgeon. With more than 10,000 surgeries to his credit, he is a best-selling author, including his latest book, Energy Paradox, and is a past CEO of the American Heart Association. And today it's all about healthy nutrition and how you can use new knowledge to optimize your health at the same time. Thank you for being on the show today, Dr. Ghungroo, thank you for having a mother. Absolutely. So many people have heard from you online. Many people. You know, I've read the books 

The Growth Paradox, The Energy Paradox, and The Longevity Paradox. Where did your obsession begin? Obviously you're a doctor and you've had some revelations in your thinking. What was the biggest breakthrough for you?Considering I went in one direction and later realized ahhh maybe I was wrong.well the biggest thing that happened was when I met Big Ed, about whom I've talked about in all my books. He was a very fat gentleman, 40 or 48 years old, from Miami, Florida. Who had inoperable coronary artery disease? This means that all his blood vessels were so clogged that Stenson couldn't be put on it you couldn't avoid the surgery because Duran had nowhere to jump to and this guy was looking all over the country for a stupid surgeon to operate on him 

 and there are stupid surgeons like me who will do it and so he broke up This boy spent six months convincing surgeons across the country to operate on him. Everybody rejected him and he came to Loma Linda where I was president in the late 1990's and I saw his film the angiogram of his heart six months ago in Miami and I said you know I needed some help, but everyone is right. There is nothing. I'll do it for you when you get home. He said let me tell you I've been on a diet for six months and I've lost 45 pounds. He was still a big man. When I met him he was 265 pounds hence the word big ad and he says I went to the health food store and 

I bought all these supplements here. I actually brought a big grocery bag of supplements and he said I'm taking these supplements and he said maybe I'm doing something in my heart and I was like, well, you know, it's good for you to lose weight, but it won't help it right? And I know what you did with those supplements that made your urine expensive. you wasted your money I really believed it and he said yes, come here. Why not do another angiogram? A new film from my heart, my veins. And let's see, you know, sigh, I have. Okay, so in six months this guy cleared 50% of the blockages in his heart. Only from the diocese, food and supplements. Wow, and I went and waited a bit. I said tell me about this diet, 

and I happened to be a graduate student at Yale majoring in human evolutionary biology with a thesis to defend. You can change the monkey's food and the monkey's environment and prove you're human. And I actually got an award for my thesis. I defended him. I gifted it to my parents and made my way to become a famous plastic surgeon. That's how Big Ed describes it. He started eating on this diet. I'll wait a little, I'll wait a little: That's the ancient human diet I was talking about. And so I was a fat guy, although when he ran 30 miles a week and went to the gym an hour a day and ate healthy, low-fat food, even as a doctor he responded that he worked 

as a surgeon. And I'm going, it's fun. Do you know why I'm so fat? I have arthritis, high blood pressure and I've been told it's genetic. When my parents finished my thesis, they kept it. And I started this program and lost 50 pounds in the first year and since then 20 more, which is why I teach the patients to eat after the surgery. You wouldn't come to me anymore. And I told Costco or Trader Joe's to buy extra. And after about a year I realized I made a mistake. I'm not going to operate on them first and then teach them how to eat. I should teach them how to eat, then I won't have to operate on them. True 

 , as a cardiac surgeon, changing careers is not very profitable. No, there is no money to teach people here. So I quit my job, Loma Linda, and opened a clinic in nearby Palm Springs. And you ask people, you know, I can ask them to eliminate certain foods from their diet and see their blood work. Ask them to visit Costco or Trader. Well, there was no Amazon and it took a moment to see what happened when we gave them blood samples. And you know, it's kind of a story. And we found that there are certain foods that trigger inflammation and there are certain foods that don't trigger inflammation. And we found out that the big red one was real. 

That there were many dietary supplements that were very, very helpful for him in losing weight. Preventing Inflammation This culminated in Paradox Plant becoming, and still being, a monster hit. And the fascinating thing about the paradox plant is that most people definitely eat it, you know? There's a concept of green, right? Eat your greens and there's not much difference in what's green, you know? And of course you're studying. Your research has taught people that there's a lot more, you know, scientific differences. It's not just hearsay or a lot of people call it pseudoscience. So what are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about plants? If you haven't read the Plant Paradox, you know, those foods that people think are healthy, but in fact, there can be more to them than meets the eye. As you know, there is a big 

shift towards a plant-based diet. The problem is that people forget that they don't want to eat plants. They have no interest in providing us with food. That's not why they're here. There were plants. First, they were really good before. They are ONE animal, their first enemies were insects and they don't want insects to eat them. They don't want their children to be eaten by insects. And then they have a built-in defense system. I was very interested in what these proteins called lectins were. And lectins are one of the main ways plants protect themselves from being eaten, which literally makes animals sick. On several fronts. In fact, lectins are very useful for crippling insects, so 

crops, for example, got me interested. Up until 10,000 years ago no human had ever eaten grains or beans because cooking is known to only partially destroy them, but in agriculture if you look at humans it's 10,000 years old. Most people. They were about six meters high. Our brains were 15% larger than they are today. Wow. In the two thousand years since agriculture came along, we've shrunk a full meter, and our extra brain size has never returned. Mmm, the interest is intriguing. And if you look at actual foods, what is the list of some foods that also contain lectins? Yes, our higher selves, most grains and pseudo-seals have optional items that they usually have in the hall and there are two grains that have no lesson, millet sorghum and they are completely safe. Most 

beans and legumes are full of lectins, but pressure cooking can destroy them. They are soaked and fermented. So people say, you tell people not to eat beans, you know I cook beans in the pressure cooker a few times a week. We distribute water equipment and then it becomes very useful for me. I'm not confirmed, plant Predator, don't get me wrong. When someone eats with me, they know I'm with some plants, but you need to know who your friends are and who aren't? And if they can be spread through cooking techniques, then so be it. For example, nightshade, nightshade is American ice cream, potatoes, 

eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, goji berries. In fact, all evening primroses, skins, and seeds in general have playful lectins, and many skin and seed cultivars are Italian peelers and DC tomatoes. Native Americans in the American Southwest always peel their chili peppers before eating them or grind them into chili powder. Therefore, in South America, these techniques are known as Inca and Quinoa. Quinoa has always been soaked and fermented. They let it rot before cooking it to disperse it. Lectins and is because studies have been done on them or they know what they feel like. So they decided how to adjust the food and prepare the food. Yeah, you know, 

It's amazing how someone with arthritis can have a case like that. An example. They are also deprived of nightshades, especially tomatoes. And in five days they leave, it's strange. You know my arthritis is much better. We have a wife. Oh, I'm talking about the Oregon nurse at the Paradox facility who just had severe migraines and had a huge garden that mostly grew zucchini and tomatoes. And she did it with the tomato and zucchini flavor she covered every year. And when I first met her, I was like, oh my god. You know, food is one of the best ways to deal with migraines. Where is it? We got rid of him and his migraines went away. So wow. Next 

she said look you know I really like my zucchini tomato taste you know what I can do? I thought they were gone. Let's do an experiment and we can make half your zucchini and tomatoes. In the usual way. Squeeze, cook another batch and see what happens. So she ate her plate, made a portion, and you know she called me and said this is amazing. You know I got it back. I said well now we have to do an experiment and we want you to eat your normal portion and the next day she called me sacred cow. I spent all night in bed with migraines and she said you know how you know I don't want to, that's what I've been studying most of my life. So it's like an expression. Is food medicine? Yes, food is medicine. And one of the 

A big parallel is that we are what we eat, but we are what that thing ate about eight years ago. We have been growing our own food for at least 50 years. We breed our meat animals very differently than we used to. For example, a hundred years ago or throughout history, grass-fed beef is completely different from corn and soy-fed beef. One of the things that really surprised me early in my career was seeing people eating organic chicken and still suffering from autoimmune diseases. They have rheumatoid arthritis or lupus 

and we took all their stuff but they ate their organic chicken anyway and then left, we waited a minute. They are fed organic corn and organic soy. We took out the organic chicken and that was the final straw that stopped her autoimmune disease. Hmm that's very interesting and also because I know you mentioned that organic standards aren't what people really think. Can you provide context to explain it to the audience? yes buyer Warning number one. There is no law dictating how long a cow has grass before it can be declared grass. Now there's literally no wasting bites. Well, you're on the grass one day and then you take them to the feed yard for the rest of their lives for fodder, corn and soybeans, and 

it's still legal to say that. It's so interesting. And it's the same with chicken, isn't it? And the sugar measure? So yeah, free range doesn't mean anything. Opt for organic, free-range chicken whenever possible. Match it up in a layer with 100,000 other chickens. As long as they are not caged and the law says you open the door to that 8 x 10 ft shed, five minutes every day and the chicken can come out. Not even a guarantee, potential, potential. Now the chicken is on the other side of the warehouse, you can't go there, and I raised chickens and hens. Once indoors, they won't stick their heads in to look around, but that's the definition Congress passed in 2007 for 

organic, free-range chickens. It gets worse. If you feed them organic grains. If organic grains are double the price of conventional grains, you could switch to their animal feed or conventional grain and still label it organic because you thought it was better. Organic chickens no longer need to be fed antibiotics. It's a federal law. However, there is a loophole in the law that if the vet thinks one of the chickens is sick, hundreds of thousands of chickens can be given antibiotics to treat the chicken the vet thinks is sick. hmm And guess who's paying the vet now. Do you have the company of big chicken farmers? Yeah right. Man, so if people listen to this and 

leave, okay, but now I think I don't know. to eat protein. I don't know what kind of veggies to eat, it's a shrinking world of options, and most importantly, you know, with the advent of social media, everyone claims to be a nutrition and health expert, and they obviously aren't . Especially as a surgeon inside the body and you see the consequences of things. What advice do you have for people to eat quality foods? And how to avoid it? what to look for If you can't trust organic labels, you can't trust vegetables. I mean we are tacticians. First step, second step. Step 3 to incorporate healthier eating habits into their lives. First of all, the more leaves, the better. More organic leaves, we can eat better, go to the farmers market, meet the farmers, talk to the farmers. I was 

in Phoenix, Arizona a few years ago and I was speaking at an American Heart Association meeting and they had a farmers market and they were selling chickens and eggs and I went and said what do you feed your chickens and they said , What do you think? I do not know. does not matter. They work for us and I said oh I love you. You know they said why feed chickens? You know, chickens were introduced to farms to go out and eat bugs and eat grass and then come back to lay eggs and be pets. They worked for a living, you said, sure, you know, they work on our farm. And I said well, you know, I'll take all ten people around you. Yes, you see, I'll give you a sad example. Recently 

One person had a big fan of ours on the social media we use and it really changed their life. Because she followed the advice we gave her she is not a patient and then recently complained on social media about the diet not working anymore. She was in pain and it was really bad so I called her and said what's wrong? You know that doesn't sound right? And she said, well, I started seeing a naturopath, and the naturopath said I need more animal protein, and I don't eat a lot of animal protein. So I actually bought chicken and beef from a farmer who says it's all organic and I said it's all organic what the farmer said was 

all mad chicken. Oh yeah and I said I'll tell you it's just a joke. I called her up and said, "Has he ever supplemented his diet with grains and he said, well, I'm not sure." He said, of course, that you can't just make a cow on grass. You definitely can't fatten a chicken skewer. Ambassador. So yes of course I supplement her with organic muesli and she was shocked so she called me. She said oh my god those farmers tried to kill me and he said ok it's not. I know you bought it, but don't eat it. Call me back in a week, she calls me back. She said you wouldn't believe him for five days. 

I haven't, you know, I was pain free, she said she was, you know, I Nation. was converted. What was that? Which was the case, you are what you eat, but you are what you eat eight. So what, what, what diseases did you see? And the disease, have you seen the exact opposite? I mean, because of the diet, I'm sure the list goes on. Yes, you have to give Connie what you want. I saw. We have experience and I am releasing this information and 90% of people with an autoimmune disease or more than one autoimmune disease go on a mission within six months following the recommendations of the phytotherapeutic paradox and 90% it's not bad, not bad. It's phenomenal. We've had marvelous experiences of remission from cancer, not to take credit for the percentage, I 

'm not saying we're curing cancer, but we've certainly seen dramatic changes. Dramatic changes in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease and following this program are not perfect. But big changes. And one of the most interesting things you talked about is the idea that all disease starts in the gut. Correct me. And the common denominator of leaky gut. Correct me. In your experience of over 10,000 surgeries, you must have noticed some common denominators between patients who are doing well and those who are not. So what things did you see in the body? It's a lot more common than most people realize that if they're watching or listening to it, they're dealing with it right now before it gets bad, just so they can sort of mentally realize it. So, in my first book, Doctor Swings is the evolution of nutrition. I loved the dainty little sayings and one of the sayings that 

applies to fat ass. They're built to hold fat in the gut, they're lucky, and people carrying fat in the gut are literally a sign of leaky gut, and we're actually putting fat in the gut. Unfortunately, as fuel for our immune system to fight what passes through our gut wall, it can increase the amount of fat in the gut with fat around the heart arteries. And I wrote about this in The Longevity Paradox, how fat in the heart is extremely closely linked to developing coronary artery disease, and if you have coronary artery disease and have had it, you will most likely develop poor memory. Loss with age, yes, 

direct direct connection. Yes, and what's fascinating about this direct correlation, as you mentioned, is that people have been asking about things like skin, acne, rashes or itching, and you mentioned that it's a reflection of what's inside the gut. Can you talk about that too? yes: So the lining of your gut is really our skin, exposed and protected. If you think of our mouth on your butt, that's the same area as a tennis court inside you. So what a cell, thick, a cell thick, and it's just, you know, almost literally translates to transparent, and these cells, even though they're one cell, they're all together with what we call tight connections, they are glued together. But lectins, including the work 

Dr. Fasano from Harvard shows that if lectins can attach, these spaces can open up, and now you have a space between the three cells and foreign proteins that bacteria made, particles bacteria called LPS can pass through. And the amazing thing is that 80% of our entire immune system, all of our white blood cells, are in our gut because that's where the problems start. So we have a whole army waiting, and that army is fighting. These things cause inflammation, and if you have inflammation in the gut, you're going to have inflammation in the blood vessel walls, you're going to have inflammation in the joints. And what I mean by the energy paradox, you're going to get neuroinflammation, inflammation in our brain. And that's why there are so many of us. 

Now I walk around with brain fog and fatigue. depression and anxiety. So there is a direct connection between what happens in the gut and us, just like with acne. Acne is just a good sign that you have it. When you have blisters in your gut lining and your body is trying to tell you, hey, something is fishy here. So what is good nutrition to optimize the Land Paradox Diet? Let me tell you that so many people suffer from severe cystic acne. It dissolves very, very quickly. So you don't have to take Accutane for these things because I've been taking Accutane for years and found that it affected my mood. Oh yes, it cut my energy. I think it's because of a lot of them. So yeah, 

I had horrible acne as a teenager and probably took antibiotics for 10 years, unless you know, you don't know what it's doing to me. Yes, but yes, it was a treat. So what are our weapons? Ah, my favorite food. I know you've dedicated a few, your favorite is olive oil. It's true. yes The sole purpose of food is to get olive oil in your mouth. yes wow Well, olive oil, carrier oil, and olive oil are referred to as oleic acid. It's monounsaturated fat and nothing particularly interesting, but it does contain polyphenols. It's these amazing botanicals that I've studied in my career that are probably the most relaxing, to use a better word. Reverse the existing compounds 

and olive oil. It happens to be one of the best sources of polyphenols, but there are other good polyphenols out there. For example, chocolate is full of polyphenols, dark chocolate or dark milk chocolate. The chocolate is gone and the darker the better. Black coffee full of polyphenols T is full of polyphenols. Any dark-colored berries full of polyphenols, like blueberry artery, are the best raspberries right after. So all dark greens are actually full of polyphenols. So eat lots of green vegetables. I tell my patients I wish you were a gorilla living in Italy. That means eating lots of leaves and drizzling with olive oil. As for protein, I know you're not on a high protein diet. Correct me. 

But you know, there are a lot of fads and diets, especially people trying to be nutritious, especially in their 20's. You know, mostly a lot of men, women too. Know they work. You eat a lot of protein. The goal here is get your protein, get your protein, get your project. What do you think are the most effective or healthiest proteins to put in the body and do you think eating meat on a daily basis is dangerous? Again, you need to be mindful of where your protein is coming from. We must find cattle to graze. I prefer wild fish like wild salmon, wild prawns, wild clams, believe it or not, oysters and clams, or a good source of any source. So no, farmed seafood. Wow, don't just catch wild Alaskan salmon by law, wild has to be something people 

should be wary of organic salmon. Otherwise, it means it grew and fed organic corn and soy. So you see Scottish organic salmon or Canadian organic salmon or Norwegian organic salmon. No, do not do that. What about eggs? If you can find eggs with omega 3 or real baked eggs, the eggs are great, but the yolk is the best part of the egg. So I tell people to make three and a white omelet and mix it in. Lots of polyphenols, with herbs and spices and with olive oil. So overall this is a good option. Nobody doubts that a gorilla or a horse has a lot of muscles and I have news for you gorillas, or all they eat are leaves and they look 

worn out. Hence the idea or myth that we must consume animal protein to be healthy. It is not true. Do I eat animal protein? Yes, maybe I had wild shrimp for dinner with the monstrosities last night. A big salad. Imbued by Olivier. Well, when it comes to sugar. Yes, happy to share with the public. How dangerous is sugar at the cellular level? So I've spent a lot of time with the energy paradox and talked about the evils of sugar, but people don't realize it. Table sugar is actually two sugars in one. One is glucose and the other is fructose. Well, most people are familiar with fructose from high fructose corn syrup, right? But it's still high in fructose. Corn syrup is about 55% fructose and 45% glucose. 

What people don't really know is that we consume massive amounts of fructose in fruit and wheat in large amounts of fruit 365 days a year. Fruit was bred for its sugar content. You mentioned blueberries, the average organic blueberry is now the size of a grape. Growing up that year, there were small, bitter things that were so bitter. You had to give them half a cup of sugar to make them edible, right? So we really need to be aware. 50 years ago we didn't have fruit all year round. have seasonal fruits and are now shipping to us from all over the world. So we can have fruit 365 days a year, but we're not made for that. 

In fact, there are entire textbooks depicting great apes as gorillas. They only grow during fruiting season, and fruiting season only happens once a year, even in the jungle. So when people want to start, for example, losing weight is one of the first things. I asked them to prioritize fruit and it really makes a big difference. So getting rid of it for free, getting rid of the fruit is the opposite of what most people thought. 

Or rather, I'm talking about Reverse Juice. Everyone has a juicer, so put the fruit in the juicer. Take the juice and discard it and take the pulp which has all the polyphenols in it and then mix it in yogurt or cheese yogurt or mix it in your smoothie and get an ice cube tray 

and fill it and freeze. Then you put them in and then just throw in some of these things. Wow, that is an intriguing inverted juice. Most will refuse if they wish, but then you get all the benefits. Without sugar, what about that celery juice phenomenon? I am sure you have heard about it. So think about it. Yes, believe it or not, celery is sick. Celery contains a very unpleasant irritant called psoralen and celery. voters. They burn their hands so badly that they actually have to wear gloves to avoid hand injuries. Wow, so the thought of consuming cosmetics. Chemistry doesn't make sense to me. Still, even in relation to all these other aspects of human health, I would say number one, especially 

diet. Health's greatest student, if you will, but what about things? For example water consumption during sleep and your study and research of what you have found regarding optimal concentration and efficiency in relation to sleep and water consumption. Sleep is therefore extremely important. But one of the things that people unfortunately don't know, and I've been talking about the energy paradox, is that we go through a cycle of sleep cleansing, colon cleansing in a period called deep sleep, and so on. is literally being brainwashed, imagine that. like a dishwasher that cleans the garbage in our brain. The brain actually shrinks by about 25% during a deep cleanse, which literally removes toxins from the brain. When we sleep, we are actually talking about lymphatic circulation and 

deep sleep. It usually occurs at the beginning of the sleep cycle. I noticed that you have a spooky sound. Lord, you too? Yes. Kind. Here it is. However, you can actually track when your deep sleep occurs for most people, which is at the beginning of the sleep cycle. You'll need a lot of Iron Blood to perform this wash. When you eat, most of your blood flow is directed to your intestines. In fact, it takes a lot of energy to digest food. I'm old enough to remember that when we eat lunch, we eat lunch. After eating, we couldn't even bathe for an hour. It's true. We convulse and we die, right? And there was actually some truth to that old wives' tale because so much blood is shunted into your stomach. When you exercise actively, you run the risk  

of not getting enough blood in your legs and getting cramps. So it's true. You have to remember that. When we get too close to bedtime, all of our blood flow goes to the gut and we go through this brainwashing cycle, so I'm a person like Dr. Dale Bredesen, who wrote The End of Alzheimer's Disease? and Dr David Perlmutter. New World Grain, Brain really wants people to not eat within three hours of bedtime. So you're almost done digesting and all that blood flow you need to your brain is doing an amazing cleanse for your brain, and what about the hours of sleep? 'Cause I know, you know it's different. If you sleep from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., versus. If you sleep from 10pm to 6am, I've heard various people say that 

You know, even if you go out at 8am, most people don't understand. It's true. Even if you do it after a while, you get it. Don't keep doing the same thing internally based on your ability to see, because yes. But a lot of it has to do with people finishing their meal. This is certainly not the case. There is not much difference between night owls and morning birds when it comes to behavior. It really makes sense when the last meal matters most. This measures the inner clock, so to speak. Actually more than external interest. Now the water intake. Yes, believe it or not, gorillas get all their water from leaves and horses get most of their water from grass. So the idea that we should drink eight full glasses of water every day is one of those wonderful myths that 

doesn't actually have any physiological basis. I prefer to get most of my water from plants because they already filter the resulting water. In fact, if you have water, I recommend San Pellegrino sparkling water, which actually has the highest sulfur content of any water and, according to recent tests, is the purest water ever tested. All environmental pollutants, so it's really more than you know what it is. Alkaline water and alkaline water is one of the funniest myths out there, so our pH is a very balanced dial. If you look at we have an alkaline water pH expert and you're kidding, those are the bad guys right? Always laugh. He said you should drink. 

Oh aka. The pH anchor, water with a pH of 9, has no effect on changing the pH of our body. You can do a lot more just by taking a baking soda. If you really want to change your pH, it makes sense. Now I have one last question for you and it's so good. Many thanks to dr. Gundry as he puts it. A large portion of our audience is enterprising and obviously requires a lot of mental prowess. Very energy efficient. And a lot of people aren't as concerned with smoking cigarettes as they are with smoking, drinking alcohol, marijuana, or overusing anything in our research. What are you thinking right now Either at a neurological level or at a cellular level in terms of long-term effects? Alcohol is a good neurotoxin 

and there is only one article. I read this morning that there are new strains of marijuana, strong strains of marijuana. Now you're being shown, and they absolutely have a negative effect on mental functioning, not just temporarily, but potentially permanently. So let's be careful when it comes to alcohol. So I think a glass of red wine is an extremely important part of anyone's diet, but if you don't drink, don't start. There is a very good human study. If we look at people, they should drink two glasses of red wine a day or two glasses of non-alcoholic red wine. Alcohol was removed or the equivalent of alcohol in gin and an examination of her gut microbiome and inflammation. And both wine drinkers and non-alcoholic wine drinkers have been shown to have 

better gut microbiome diversity and less inflammation than gin. The tanks were useless. I am sorry. So if you're buying an alcoholic beverage, use a red wine or spirit you've come into contact with. Much like dark tequila, or like bourbon or whiskey, this makes sense because believe it or not, wood contains polyphenols, which is why they're colored alcohols. In fact, they are much better for them than simple. It goes pretty fast and the vodka is useless. Unless you want to get dressed because you want to have a good time a few hours ago. Exactly. Good. And then two questions before we close here are five questions from our Doctor Gondry. Favorite food at the moment and 

What are your five favorite dishes at the moment? As I mentioned in the Energy Paradox, one of the most interesting findings is that pistachios have the highest levels of melatonin, melatonin. Believe it or not, I quote, melatonin, the sleep hormone, is the mitochondria's best protector. So eat your pistachios. Second, mushrooms contain amazing polyphenols and melatonin and that amazing prebiotic fiber that our gut bacteria love. Absolutely. feed your brain So that's three. Asparagus is in season. Asparagus is packed with the prebiotic fiber that our friends love. So this is a different one. Artichokes and artichoke hearts can be one of the best ways to feed our little friends. It 

applies to bad food. Try, try, try to stay away now. Gluten content, foods containing grains. If you eat grain, take sorghum and millet. We are inundated with simple sugars and processed foods. When it was taken out of the packaging it was so finished. If you read a label and look for the sugar content, number one, artichokes don't have a label. There is no label on the lettuce or mushroom head. Yes, there is no labeling on the avocado. So that's the first rule number one, number two. So if you look at the label, don't let the gram of sugar fool you, the label has changed. You have to look at the total carbs and the serving size and it will tell you how 

much sugar is in this product and you will be shocked at how much sugar is actually in the product. I love it. We're sorry. And one last question before we wrap up with our last one, what is Dr. Steven Gondry? Yes, if you could briefly explain that to us. Right? Maybe yesterday, so I didn't get anything for breakfast. I had nothing for lunch. Seriously, yes. As a snack I had some nuts with a glass of red wine. And then for dinner I had this monstrous tuna filet in olive oil with Parmesan cheese on top, then I had grilled wild shrimp on the side. Sprinkle the lamb with a few mint leaves. And the reason you fast is why, what did you ask for the power of fasting. First, fasting has been around since the days of records, and even before the time of mortgages, most major religions practiced a fasting program. 

But not just my research, but very extensive research by other people shows that if we can shorten our measurement period from the time we start eating until we stop eating in the morning or evening to about 6 hours a day. The health and wellness benefits are astronomical. And I expend a lot of that paradoxical energy proving why we should be doing this. And the good news at Energy Paradox is that we hold you by the hand and teach you how to slowly but surely suppress your consumption pattern. I love it. very cool dr Gundry. And where can people learn more about you if they connect with you and want to know more about you? But you have to, yes they can come to the dealer wherever you get the pods. 

  You can go to Dr. Günther My nutritional supplements and diet products company is gundry We have reached YouTube channels. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter, so they also do a cooking show, right? Yes / Yes. On Youtube. We have a cooking show on YouTube. Yes I like that. Very cool. Be sure to write the last few words of the description below for people watching. It's like man I'm inspired. I want to heal. What should I do? What is Dr Gunther ? He is the ultimate word of wisdom for anyone to act one way or another and from the first step. No thank you. This is advice. I need to think about optimizing our diet. Well I think some people try to do too much and jump in with both feet and usually fail. If you were to start an exercise program I wouldn't 

send you to a gym and give you 500 pounds and say ok I want you to do 20 right? And do you know printing machines that you didn't know about yet? A long time ago, when you couldn't, neither could I. But if I give you five and a half miles go, yes I have it, and next week we'll go 10 pounds. Yes, I understand that and you work step by step. The same goes for a diet program. We can take as many small steps as possible. It's like skipping cereal tomorrow and seeing how I'm doing, and we've been doing that for a few weeks. We can better prepare people to put greens in their mouths. Eating green vegetables will make you thin. I love it. Thank you De I appreciate the roof because you exist. I appreciate the boys. Like 

, comment, subscribe, follow Dr. Grand Jury in the description below and highly recommend it. I consult all his books. Energy Paradox is also linked in the description below, until next time live strong with passion and see you in the next inspiring episode. Thank you for joining this video and if you find this content valuable, uplifting and inspirational to take charge of your life. Is this the next level? I have exciting news for you as some passionate growers themselves have officially launched our brand new on-demand training which you can access absolutely free at Exactly there. You will learn how best to grow your personal or professional brand online, just like I learned watching you, some of the most successful people in the world, here on the show. That's exactly what we did. Also visit here.  

 I promise you will be impressed and don't forget, don't forget there are three ways to get in touch with me even more. First of all, you can now send me your most burning trade or trademark question toll free at the number shown on the screen and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Secondly, if you would like to be interviewed on the show, you can apply immediately in the description below and apply to share your story, brand or company. Right here, with an audience of millions we've helped, seasoned entrepreneurs and writers like you, and remember, opportunity comes with the ability to work with us and help nurture one. . Through our partnership with Food for America. Again, you can click the link in the description below titled Interview. Application to learn more and last but not least number three. If you would like our team to advise 

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