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13 ianuarie 2022

How to alleviate suffering?


    Overcome emotional pain, find a place in yourself where there is joy

How to deal with the emotional pain you end up experiencing? How to make it bearable? Would it be enough for you to find a place in yourself where there would be joy in living better the hardships, wounds, or even sufferings that your life causes?

A reflex: escape.

Feeling emotional pain is very uncomfortable. When we feel these emotional pains, the first thought is usually to want to get rid of them. Is it really a solution?

It's a way to at least give the feeling that the pain is gone. However, running away or avoiding perceived negative emotions is like putting a bandage on a wound that has not been treated properly. Abused, it can get worse quickly. As long as you're blindfolded, you won't see. When you have physical signs you will say that you need treatment. Why wait?

Not everyone is equal in pain in today's society. If you have back or headaches, you will be asked to rate your pain from 0 to 10. The evaluation will help you know what medications are needed to reduce or eliminate the pain you are experiencing. It is recognized that we do not all have the same pain tolerance threshold, meaning we do not have the same sensations.

Contrary to popular belief, women are more sensitive to pain than men.

Some are perceived as "harsh", often with negative or positive connotations. However, the pain is not related to the severity of the injury itself. So it depends on your personal sensitivity.

So it is with emotional pain. We are not all the same, not all of us have the same degree of sensitivity, some are even hypersensitive.

Emotions perceived as true.

Emotional pain is much and often underestimated. If you do not verbalize about your emotions or feelings, it is difficult to see the signs of this suffering.

This suffering can take many forms: it can make you hyperactive or, conversely, hypoactive, irritable, aggressive or demotivating, for example.

It can also be expressed using the body itself, which is why we are talking about somatization. When you somatize, your body is the one that complains and there are many ways to warn you: stomach pain, skin problems, back pain ...

To calm and soothe (emotional pain), words are usually not enough. It will have to go through the body.

Find a place in yourself where there is joy.

Once you've embraced this emotion, you can really tame it. Embracing an emotion does not mean letting go, but rather taking time to observe what is going on inside you when you feel it.

Find a place in yourself where there is joy and joy will quench the pain.

  Find a place in yourself where there is joy.

 This is the beginning of this learning that will allow you to adapt later, otherwise learn to implement appropriate strategies to tame it. Because this phase is not pleasant for you, it is not uncommon to try to escape by avoiding experiencing your painful emotion. Remember that this phase is the first step that will allow you, later, to find a place in yourself where there is joy and, therefore, to have learned to really regulate this emotion. .

We can't leave a place we never agreed to go. We cannot free ourselves from a suffering that we never agree to acknowledge.

To find a place in yourself where there is joy means to look at the situation with optimistic eyes. It forces you to be optimistic. The advantage of this way of acting is that it will reduce your anxieties and give you hope ... and therefore will make you feel happy: a beautiful virtuous circle to be implanted.

Relieve emotional pain.

 It's not always easy to do, is it?

This requires you to start being kind to yourself (this isn't always easy to do either ... is there a connection?).

 Knowing how to protect yourself emotionally, knowing how to take your feelings into account and take care of yourself is fundamental. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to be environmentally friendly with yourself and to respect your values ​​and needs.

When you are really upset, you can turn to others. Sharing emotions socially allows you to not feel alone and to feel calm faster. However, when we feel morally ill, we tend to avoid others and keep that suffering to ourselves. Talking to others also allows us to clarify the situation that caused these emotional pains.

Learn toyour implement strategies.

Gradually you will learn to find the strategy that allows you to find “a place within you where there is joy and use that joy to Burn the pain.

Until you find your own strategies, here are some ideas for relieving the emotional pain you feel:

Use meditation.

The benefits of mindfulness meditation are many. This technique can reduce any type of pain (moral or physical). To help you, you can use meditation for painful emotions.

 Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

When you train, they secrete endorphins and enkephalins. These two hormones released when you do sports reduce the sensations of pain. Endorphins and enkephalins are hormones that help inhibit the perception of pain. The more intense the physical effort, the higher the endorphin rate: here, therefore, a completely natural anxiolytic. What sport? Endurance sports are the ones that allow a better increase in endorphin levels. So try cycling, swimming, running, doing them in moderation and for at least 30 minutes. Once these hormones are secreted, the effects can last up to 6 hours.

  Listening to music.

Listening to your favorite songs generates positive emotions and therefore activates dopamine production. Dopamine is a hormone involved in the reward circuit that makes you feel good. Music also helps reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, it would reduce stress by 65%.

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