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26 decembrie 2020

How to calculate discount

today I'm going to show you how you guys can calculate that routine you came across different shops differently or anywhere and they said we have this item this price and there's like 20 percent 30 percent discount so how you guys can calculate how much will be the discount and how this whole thing works okay guys so today I'm going to explain you for example if you go to a shop and they said we have an item which is 250 you can say to another  whatever you want so they send up under the price is 250 and they said we are killing 40% off in that case guys how you guys can calculate how much they'll be the 20% and how much will be the discount price so there is a simple formula for this column so discount is equal to is equal to original price price multiplied with rate of discount okay guys so original price multiplied rater is calm so in that case the original price stays and brittleness count is 20 so original price is 250 and then we have some multiplier and joy because this is 20% so we have to make in 2  3 videos so 250 multiplied point to 0 the answer will be inspecting so discount is this is $50 that so $50 discount is on this price here guys so testing the testicle model for discount original price multiplied with rate of discount that's me find out how many eyes can calculate the sale price guys super Munna phone for sale price is original price - discomfort guys so original price is 250 guy so I will perform and ready to teacher and then discount price we calculate it it is 15 order so 200 deep - you guys so the original price will be 200 so so sorry this is the same price so same price will be so same price is the 200 time so that's  for sale price sale price equal to original price - this comprised eyes so guys I hope you understand this concept of base counter. thank you 

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