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19 aprilie 2022

How to make Dale method friends?


   How to make friends and increase your aura with others? Analysis of the advice of the American writer and expert Dale.

To be loved by others when you arrive in a new neighborhood, a new city, a new job ... This is everyone's goal. Thanks to Dale, an author and speaker dedicated to personal business development, this goal is easy to achieve, and has been around since the 1930's. you go. .They always win the sympathy of the people. 

6 ways to make friends 

Be interested in others.

As the author put it when he introduced his topic: “You will make more friends in two months if you are really interested in others than if you could ever win. It may sound simple, but it builds people's interest in being a real listener, making them more likely to share their emotions later. 

 What could be more effective than a smile in bringing warmth to a room. nothing could deter the power of communication we have when we smile at our interlocutor. nothing could be simpler: think of the positive things and do not hesitate to praise others because they share all these thoughts (but without lying).

.For Dale, a new way to play in your favor would be to leave more room for the other in the discussion and, as a result, learn more about him, which can only be beneficial. To do this we reduce “me and me again” and use “you too?

Remember the person's name.

 It's definitely something that seems the simplest ... yet. At work, as in the neighborhood, it's easy to forget the name of the person you meet every morning. So, to give weight to his message, let's do a little memory work, because the vast majority of people are sensitive to the use of the name.

Making others talk about themselves.

 There is a theory that other people are more interested in talking about themselves than anyone (or anything else). That is why, in society, Dale emphasizes that it is welcome to ask questions about the person in front of us. It may seem superficial, but one of the best things about a good communicator is that people talk about themselves.

Make others matter.

 No public praise is needed for this last point, only real praise and attention. There is nothing like kindness to show others that you care (even a little) about them.

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