How to earn money with wealthy affiliate
22 ianuarie 2021

How to make money with wealthy affiliate

I'm going to show you exactly how I've made 4000 tween 8 and $66 on and I've actually used 100% free method to make this money . trustpilot review . If you're actually looking for a free 100% free way to make money online that actually works then this video is perfect for you because I'm gonna walk you through exactly what I did and show you a step-by-step what you have to do to actually make the same to actually make this work for you as well so you  see here that they have paid me 972 dollars for the month of January last year this was my best month so far with and then overall I have made four thousand three in it and sixty six dollars and just so you see that this is legit I'm gonna just go to the wealthy affiliate website here to my account and then show you inside of my affiliate dashboard that this is in fact real I just see that I've made another commission just a couple of minutes ago apparently so I've made 94 dollars today 23 dollars 50 yesterday and 193 dollars in the last seven days and if you scroll down here and this is basically my all-time stats for 2019 2020 and you see that I have made four thousand three and eighty nine dollars fifty yeah it's a little bit more now I just said I have made another Commission in the last couple of minutes so the numbers are a bit wrong now but this is this is how much I've made overall from this program and I'm just gonna tell you now I didn't this wasn't like by doing no work I actually had to put in a little bit work but it's I I actually spend like two days to set all of this up and and with two days of work actually making recurring commissions every month now so I see the first month was $64 and then the second month three hundred and seventeen dollars and so on and then every month I kind of get these commissions with two days of work with which i think is very good and if you don't want to put in any work then nothing's gonna work for you online so just click away and don't watch this but I think for two days of work four thousand three hundred and eighty nine dollars and it will be even more in the future because this is past and recurring I think it's pretty good so let's actually talk about what actually the platform is if you haven't heard about I'm just gonna tell you quickly tell you what this actually is so what they feel it is a training platform that teaches people how to make money blogging so they're gonna teach you on their website so when you sign up you get access to their training and then they teach you in their training how to actually set up a blog here those are all different lessons different courses and they're just gonna tell you step by step how to actually build a blog and then how to monetize that blog by using affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is basically when you promote someone else's product and whenever somebody clicks your affiliate link to actually buy the product then you get a commission that's basically how affiliate marketing works and that's what we're gonna do in this video as well but I personally I don't have a blog myself I have checked out this website I actually went through their training and I saw that as very good at is step by step and that's exactly what people need when they start out so I feel very good about promoting this program and I personally just run a YouTube channel because I love to do videos and I don't like to write as much so I think YouTube is a better platform for me as opposed to creating a blog and they also have some training about how to start a YouTube channel and all that kind of stuff and so I decided to actually just promote this platform because they also have an affiliate program and make some money like this so um that's what we're going to talk about in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to make money by promoting wealthy affiliate and make use of their affiliate program so they have a very cool affiliate programs one of the best out there that I think I'm just gonna show you exactly how it works so if you sign up it's actually free to sign up we wanna show you later how then you can go to the to the dollar sign here and then click on on program details and then you get to this page and you see actually how the program works so you basically earn revenue by referring people to wealthy affiliate so you refer people to actually start a free membership with and then at some point when they want to have more training then they can sign up for a premium membership and that's when they have to pay $49 per month and you actually get a commission you almost get 50% of what they pay so when somebody signs up you get $22 50 per month for everybody that signs up as a premium and you actually get this for a lifetime so if somebody signs up today with your link and then they are on well fulfill it for two years they're learning they're building their blog and you get paid $22 fifty every single month that they are on this platform actually paying for the Premium Membership you can also get a $175 if they decide to go for a yearly membership plan which is a little bit cheaper per month and you see that they have a conversion rate of one and eight so for every eight free members that you refer you get one premium member on average and that's actually 12% which is also very good and for every premium member that you get you actually get on average $100 plus paid out which is also very cool and as I said this you can do this actually for free because and those are actually commissions that you get when you yourself have a Premium Membership but when you have a free membership you also get paid commissions if you refer people and then they pay for premium but you get paid a little bit less you get paid half as much so if you all have a free membership yourself so you don't pay anything yourself then you get 11 dollars and 75 cents per month and if they pay for premium membership you get 87 dollars 50 per per per sign up and what I actually would tell you if if you want to spend $0 making this work then sign up for a free membership and then get some of the traffic going the method  I'm going to teach you in this video and then actually when you start seeing commissions then actually sign up for a premium membership and then you look your commissions will actually go up from $11 75 to $23 50 so then when you actually have some revenue coming in then you can actually you can also create a Premium Membership and then you you make more money chillin they also have an affiliate program that teaches exactly how to promote their platform and then they have some kind of calculator that you can use to kind of see how much the earning potential is with this platform so for example let's say we get five free member ships every day and 12% of them upgrade to a premium membership which is about the average as we've seen up top here and they stay for an average of six months then we get a monthly income of two thousand three hundred and eight dollars which is pretty cool and if you actually scale this up and you do you get like 25 as free members per month then you make over 10k per month just promoting this platform which is also very cool so we see that we have a very cool affiliate program so let's now actually talk about how we actually get traffic to this program to our affiliate link so this is how I get traffic like I said I have a YouTube channel and I do YouTube videos and have I've made one video about wealthy affiliate but I'm gonna show you here so if you actually go to my youtube channel then let's actually type in wealthy affiliate review so after I've done a review of this platform I actually went through the training and I saw this is a very good program so I decided to make a review video and you actually see that I'm ranked number one for wealthy affiliate review you can type in wealthy affiliate review in your browser and you will see that my video will come up as the first video and like I said I can teach you exactly how to actually get ranked on the first on the first page on the first like rank number one because I've been doing this for a while now and I kind of figured out how to actually get ranked number one so if we click on this video then I kind of explain how this program works what it is exactly and if you go to the description of this video you see I have links there and if you actually go to this link click on it and then sign up and then you will be signed up under me and whenever people upgrade to a premium membership that that's when I get money and that's actually the two days that I talked about I spent two days actually writing a script for this video and actually recording the video editing it and then uploading it so that took about two days and I've uploaded uploaded it in May 2009 teen so far I got a nine thousand eight hundred views and that made me a bit over four thousand dollars so far so that's my personal method and I'm I'm I know that maybe you think now okay I show my face here I don't want to be on the Internet I don't want to show my face on YouTube then I've got news for you you don't have to show your face it also works without showing your face so and also people are going to say that okay you have like sixteen point three case absque Reiber 'he's probably when I've done this video I had like 4k or something but it's also works if you have zero subscribers and I'm just going to show you an example so if you type in wealthy affiliate review then you see there are many videos and let's check out this one for example Gabby Ella she's done a video two years ago and she actually has only 230 subscribers and this was actually I think this is her only article  so if you actually check out her channel here we see she only has one article so she had zero subscribers when she made this video and now this article has over 19,000 views two years after she's uploaded and you see that she is also an affiliate link down below in the description here so I can assure you that she has made a lot of money with this video probably maybe even more than I have made with my video so far so you don't need subscribers to make this work and and you can create a free youtube channel that's totally for free and another thing i want to show you is that you don't even have to put your face out there I mean it does help when you put your face out there because it builds trust but I'm just gonna show an example about a video that I did because when I started on . I also didn't put my face out there so let's go to one of the videos that I have made some time back so back when I was doing Instagram marketing I've done a video about a proxies provided that I use so I made a video about the best proxy for Instagram automation so if we click on that video sorry then you see that I haven't I've just created a PowerPoint presentation and then I've I've just talked over the video and I kind of explained some stuff I gave some value I gave some information and then at some point I actually told my audience the exact Instagram proxy provided it I am personally using so here it says where should I buy proxies this is the one that I was using that worked very well for me so I promoted it and you see here I have a link down there get your Instagram proxy here so if you click on that link you actually get to the page where they can buy the proxy and I'm just going to show you how much money I've made with this specific video and you see I have made three thousand eight hundred and forty three dollars and a little bit more actually this was paid out to me so far so with one one video that I haven't even showed my face and I also didn't have a lot of subscribers there I've made three thousand eight hundred forty-three dollars again I didn't make this overnight this is just kind of passive income now because I've made this video November 2018 so this was over a year ago and it's still getting views it's still making me money so this is something you can do as well you don't have to put your face out there as long as you give some value and then you actually implement the methods that I'm going to teach you in this video so another thing I did to actually promote the video into actually rank number one it's actually go to quorum this is a questions and answers website where people basically just type in any question and then random people like me for example will just answer their questions so if you if you type in wealthy affiliate. wealthy affiliate then you see all the questions that people have about wealthy affiliate and see you kind of really make money with wealthy affiliate so what you do is actually go to their question and then click on answer and then actually type an answer in here and then eventually after we answer you promote your website or your blog article I wouldn't recommend to just direct link to your here I mean I have seen some people doing that and apparently you don't get banned here yeah so you can try that as well but I'm assuming that most of your answers will get actually reported as spam because you actually just insert your affiliate link here so if you do this method you and make sure to actually give a valuable answer I can give you an example here you can see I have made I have some content on here I have actually answered some stuff so this was the first answer that I've given here somebody asked do I have to pay something for using wealthy affiliate I gave them an answer what I think is exactly what they want to know and then at the end I said check out this video if you want to learn more if you want to learn more about wealthy affiliate and then I just inserted my wealth theory review video and you see this answer already got one eight hundred and fifty five views so actually people are seeing this answer and they get to my video and then when they go to my video they actually will see more information and then if they decide to actually give this program a try they  might use my affiliate link down below here and I will make money cool so this is how I get traffic this is how I promote this I'm going to show you in a later point of this video how you can also use other methods to get free traffic to your link so I'm just gonna interrupt the video for just a second here we're gonna continue in a moment but I'm trying to get to know my audience a little bit better and actually find out what kind of videos you guys want me to actually make so if you actually enjoyed this video so far make sure to give it a thumbs up and also go to the comment section down below and type in more like this so that you guys can tell me that you actually want me to make more videos just like this where I kind of show you step-by-step how you can use free methods to actually make money online so if you actually enjoy this video type in more like this in the comment section and also subscribe to the channel so you don't miss the new videos that I put out and that's actually it and let's continue with the video so if you also want to get traffic from YouTube that I have an entire video for you that teaches exactly how I do my review video and how I actually am able to rank number one and actually get a lot of traffic to my affiliate link and the reason why you actually want to do a review video is because when people see that this Pro I'm exists see any product they type in for example wealthy affiliate review and then your content will come up and the people that actually see your video are people that already know about the platform and they are actually thinking about joining it so you already have people this is called hot traffic so the traffic the people that see your content they have buyer intense so they're actually thinking about buying it so you don't have to convince them you just have to give some extra information and then kind of push them over the edge to actually give this program a try so this is why review videos work perfectly and in this video I'm going to leave a link to this exact tutorial down below in the description I teach exactly what I do to create a review video and as you've seen my review video here as an example is ranked number one for all kinds of keywords ranked number one for wealthy villa review number three for wealthy affiliate and all those traffic comes actually from search traffic so they are not my subscribers those are people that actually type in wealthy affiliate review cool so you can find this video down below in the description and now I want to talk about how I actually get people to click on my link because when you just give information about a product then maybe they think okay very cool I want to try this product but I but they will just go to to the browser and type in wealthy affiliate and then and then they will just sign up like that but what you actually want to do is get people to use your link because only when they use your link then you will get the Commission eventually so what you have to do is to give them a bonus this is to actually give them extra value just if they click on your link so what I did in my video I'm gonna show you again here at the end of my video I talked about if that if they want to actually try out this program that can create a free membership and if they actually use my link in the description here they get over five hundred dollars worth of bonuses from me if they use my link so I actually put together four different courses that people can get if they use my affiliate link and so what they then have is like an you have an extra reason to actually use my link so now you think probably okay I don't have courses to give away I don't have anything to give away so what you can do is actually go to I de piel are calm and there you can actually get bonuses so you can you can get some stuff for free there you can also buy some stuff so what I did I bought those courses that I think they're they have some good information in there and so I signed up there and then that you see they have ebooks videos graphics and you actually get the rides here to give that stuff away for free or directly charge for it  if you want to so this is where I got my bonuses and then I just created a PowerPoint slide here put in the pictures and then I actually yeah just gave them the offer you can sign up with my link it doesn't cost you anything more but it's actually for free and then we need to sign up for a premium membership then I'll send you a message and give you all of those bonuses for free so this is how you actually get people to click on your link we have to actually give them a bonus so next thing I want to talk about is how to actually use some more free traffic methods to get traffic to your links so what I do is I simply use YouTube and Quora what you can also do is use Google if you have a blog you can use Pinterest I personally haven't done any Pinterest marketing but I know that people are actually using Pinterest to promote this so if you go to Pinterest and we type in wealthy affiliate then you see that there are different posts about wealthy affiliate and I'm sure they have some affiliate links somewhere in there and they make money by using free traffic from Pinterest then Facebook of course you can go into Facebook groups and actually talk about wealthy affiliate and promote it this way what I always tell people is don't don't include just your affiliate link actually give some value and then link to your youtube video your review or whatever you're doing or your blog article and then you get more traffic to your actually plat your platform where you can promote your link you can also use Instagram you can use tik-tok I mean take a look at something new that's coming up right now many people are using it to also make money so you can try out some different free traffic methods so how to actually get started with this again now I'm going to show you affiliate marketing alive in action because I actually I actually do what I what it is what's the saying I I preach what I do I practice what I preach so you can actually use my link to sign up for wealthy affiliate if you want to promote this program and again what you get if you use my link is you get basically personal help for me so if you are signed up with your free membership  and you will get a message from me welcoming you here and then whenever you have any questions you can just type in like can you just message me and I will help you out so so you see here I have different people asking me questions and I will just help them out here so if you want direct help from me about how to actually promote this give your tips and stuff then you can use my link you will also get the free courses here that I've talked about before you get the affiliate marketing course the Instagram course the Clickbank course and the You Tube course and those are all courses that show you free traffic methods that you can use to promote any affiliate program you can also use it to promote wealthy affiliate that's why I think those courses are cool if you are promoting this this program I mean if you want you can also use those courses to give away as a bonus for your YouTube video or whatever but you can also create your own bonuses or go to a DPL our comm yeah so I also leave a link down there that says wealthy Philip walk through this is another video from Kyle which is the CEO of or the founder of wealthy affiliate so you kind of get to know what this platform really is again if you want to build a blog this is perfect so you can actually learn there how to build a blog and make money with that blog and you can also earn while you learn so you can kind of document your journey and kind of promote well fulfill it next to building your blog so you can actually make money while you actually learn which i think is very cool and if you actually want to try this out make sure to go to the comments section and type in I'm in so that I know that actually that there are so people you're taking action on what I teach in my videos I would find that very cool and also give the video a thumbs up if you actually found some value in this video and again if you want to join you  can use my link you don't have to use my link I mean you can also just type in well if they fit it and sign up like this but if you use my link you get some personal help for me and also some free courses and that's actually it that's all I wanted to show you in this video I know many people are looking for free ways to make money online and and this is a free way there's absolutely nothing you can actually do this 100% for free because you can make money with the free membership and what I also want to tell you is it's not gonna be like you're not gonna make money to tomorrow this is gonna take time you see I've made my video a couple of months ago and now I make a 500 dollars every single month with this program but I have actually spent two days with knowing I'm not gonna make their money back tomorrow so you have to put in work upfront and then you will make the passive income in eventually like down the line .


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